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Tux Typing for Mac

Tux Typing for Mac

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It is easier to teach children when you make lessons fun and exciting. Typing is no exception either. There is an application called Tux Typing for Mac that makes typing fun for children to learn. Tux is the main character of the software. He is synonymous with the penguin logo of the Linux operating system.

As words drop down from the sky up above, the user must type out these words before they hit the ground. Once a word is typed out completely, it disappears before hitting the ground. The faster you go, the more words that you save from getting eaten by Tux.

When you go to the main menu of the Tux Typing program for macOS, it lets you choose a level of difficulty. You can start out as a Space Cadet (easy) or go all the way up to Commander (hard). The various levels of difficulty will challenge you in typing complete words and letters of the alphabet. You will even be tested on which finger you use to type each letter.

There is no feature to modify the word lists of the Tux Typing app, so you have to use the word lists that were programmed into it. However, the developers of the software have said they’re working on an update to allow you to add your own wordlists, so look out for that in the near future.

Several different languages are available in the software. Some are major languages, while others are less popular languages. The main languages available include the following: Brazilian Portuguese, English, Bokmal, Armenian, Russian, Nepalese, Lithuanian, Jamaican, Swedish, French, German, Spanish, Danish, Czech. You might be surprised by the languages you find in this desktop software.


It has a lot of unique-looking games with their own backdrops, effects, and sounds. That way, you can see something different with each game that you try out. But you won’t really care so much about the appearance as you progress through to the more difficult levels and games. Some experienced typists even have difficulty getting through the advanced levels.

Therefore, children will continue to be challenged as they progress to higher levels. The words will come down from the sky at a rapid speed by that point. Children and all other users will be forced to type at rapid speed just to keep up.

The latest release of Tux Typing for macOS features several new lessons and word lists. You’ll even find new music files and updated HD background images for the exciting fish game.

In the upcoming Tux Typing 1.8.0 version, it features a new word list editing program called GSoC 2009. This is the update that will let you modify the word lists with your own words.

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