BitTorrent client which allows anonymous peer-to-peer by default

Tribler for Mac

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Download Tribler 7.13.0

  -  74.9 MB  -  Open Source
  • Latest Version:

    Tribler 7.13.0 LATEST

  • Requirements:

    Mac OS X 10.10 or later

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    Tribler Team / Tribler for Mac

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Tribler for Mac uses Tor-inspired onion routing to search and download torrents with fewer worries or censorship. Tribler is a social community that facilitates filesharing through a peer-to-peer (p2p) network. When the application program is started it will automatically start searching other users that have the app running on their computer.

When a connection is established it starts exchanging information. First it exchanges personal information (such as your avatar picture, your friends list, download history, etc.) and information about files that are available in the network. These files can be personal, shared files, but also files that one has received from another person.

The information about the discovered files and persons is available in the program. By browsing through the files and persons each user can find their prefered files and users. The Tribler for macOS program helps you by giving extra information about each item (whether it is a file or a person) and also shows what other users think about it. When you find a person you like you can add him as a friend. An interesting file can be downloaded and will be available in your library. When you press download your computer will make an inventory of which computers actually have this file (or a part of it) and then will download the parts from the different computers.

What makes Tribler different from others?

Tribler for Mac is developed at the Delft University of Technology and the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Fundamental research to network technology, P2P networks, video streaming, user interaction helps us to integrate state-of-the-art knowhow into the software. "We aim for an open source, fully decentralized peer-to-peer network, available for everybody, in every part of the world."

Also Available: Download Tribler for Windows

What's new in this version:

Instant search with superior result quality:
- Experience lightning-fast local search queries, now 100x faster than in the previous release (because of broken feature)
- Enjoy real-time, remote results from other peers as they appear instantly
- Benefit from an advanced ranking algorithm that considers multiple factors, such as title structure, creation date, and the number of seeders/leechers
- Discover similar results for known content categories, now conveniently grouped for an improved UI experience

Improved Stability for a Smoother Experience:
- This release of Tribler is set to be the most stable in recent times. Our development team has successfully identified and resolved numerous obscure bugs that previously led to crashes and freezes. We're confident that this version of Tribler will impress you with its enhanced stability and reliability.

- 100x speedup for full-text search queries with better quality
- Upgrade the TagComponent to the KnowledgeComponent
- Added edit metadata GUI elements
- Update Popularity community
- Add Tribler translation to Spanish

- Fix invalid health records infect Tribler nodes and spread from machine to machine fixed
- Add ProcessLocker to ensure that no more than one Tribler GUI/Core process runs locally at any moment
- Hopefully fix CoreConnectTimeoutError: Could not connect with the Tribler Core within 120 seconds
- Tribler Core process continues to work after the GUI process crash
- Fix TriblerProcess.is_running()
- ConnectionResetError: Connection lost
- TimeoutError on getting torrentinfo
- OSError in SocksServersComponent: error while attempting to bind on address
- Incorrect tracker status shown on Tracker tab
- Add Logging for Slow Database Sessions
- Handle no space available situation on upgrade
- Consider HealthInfo with negative seeders and leechers as invalid
- The get_circuit_slots method of DebugEndpoint should handle the case when tunnel_community is None
- Properly stop the non-primary process
- Detect slow coroutines and freezes in the asyncio loop
- Fixes: AssertionError "transport is not None" in aiohttp/
- Temporarily increase the core manager API port check timeout to be sure it is big enough
- Profiling of slow coroutines
- Fix the step interval of DiscoveryBooster
- 100x speedup of EdgeWalk.take_step() by caching results of GigaChannelCommunity.guess_address()
- Add extended logging to call
- Send events to GUI only before shutdown and in the proper order
- Skip on_tribler_exception if EventsEndpoint is shutting down.
- Decrease the frequency of the downloads request
- Check on the ancient version
- Fix "The connection to the Tribler Core was lost"
- Ignore old responses for the DownloadsPage
- Stop sending requests after shutdown
- Suppress ConnectionResetError
- Make KnowledgeRulesProcessor less aggressive
- Add queue for multithread processing
- Fix crash on Ubuntu while selecting File Chooser
- Fix empty saveas issue
- Read the language file in utf-8 encoding.
- Check EditMetadataDialog on closed
- Fix KeyError for translations
- Refactor the Downloads page
- Add a description to the error when trying to download a newer version of the channel
- Fixes "Labels on Discovered channels are missing"
- Fix FileNotFoundError
- Fix KeyError when clicking on a personal channel
- Fix invalid handle when there is no torrent metadata
- Use a separate misc table for the KnowledgeDB
- Add reprocess feature for KnowledgeRulesProcessor
- Add CONTENT_ITEM relation
- Fixes the download torrent dialog behavior after closing it by clicking somewhere outside the dialog area
- Fixes FileNotFoundError when displaying the settings page
- Handle IndexError
- Fixes The Tribler window does not unminimize when clicking on a torrent file
- Fixes ConnectionResetError
- Fixes the space bug in the Sentry Scrubber
- Fixes UnicodeDecodeError in on_tracker_error_alert
- Print Queue is full once per 5 seconds
- Accept error values of any type in TriblerProcess.set_error
- creating large torrent files
- WatchFolder PermissionDenied
- Add Magnet Dialog disappears until restarted
- Fix Eva InvalidStateError
- Avoid incorrect padding
- Rewrite window geometry restoring
- Handle incorrect tracker URLs
- Fix "bencoded item count limit exceeded"
- Fix stack overflow for a torrent with a deep directory structure
- RuntimeError: nested asn1 error
- Fix initialization of Ipv8Endpoint in RESTComponent
- Tribler becomes unresponsive with a large tags.db
- Fix error while attempting to bind on address
- The Upgrader might not copy some files
- Tribler is asking to upgrade version too frequently

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