A virtual Metaverse game where players can play, build, own, and monetize!

The Sandbox Game for Mac

The Sandbox Game for Mac

  -  Freeware
The Sandbox Game for Mac is a F2P gaming experience and an asset editor that allows players to experience a decentralized gaming ecosystem that empowers creators to share and monetize voxel assets and gaming experiences that are made digitally unique using Ethereum blockchain technology. Enjoy!

The Sandbox Game for macOS is accessible from inside the web browser and can therefore be played on a wide array of Macintosh and MacBooks, with the bare minimum of GPU hardware present. The experience of playing it can include countless video game genres, from open-world exploration games, action, adventure, puzzle, multiplayer, community events, and many others. The visual style of the game utilizes eye-catching voxels – three-dimensional polygons that can be used to create stunningly stylish and detailed environments from small rooms to large open worlds.

What is SAND?

In-game objects and experiences created inside this title are called ASSETS and they are marked with SAND ($SAND)- a unique ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain and a main utility/governance token and the currency of the entire Sandbox platform.

What is NFTs?

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are virtual tokens minted on the blockchain for digital scarcity, security, and authenticity. They are unique, indivisible, and non-interchangeable — allowing true digital ownership of in-game assets.

What is a LAND?

A LAND is a digital piece of real-estate in The Sandbox's metaverse. Game designers use LAND to build digital experiences, such as games or dioramas, and also populate it with ASSETs.

The core opportunity that The Sandbox Game for Mac offers to players is to purchase and own their own digital plot of land. This land can become a host for their own gaming experiences, and even a place where other players can spend their in-game resources or crypto assets. This enables players to not only have true digital ownership of in-game assets, but also a digital money-making machine.

How to earn in The Sandbox?
  • Play GAMES, earn rewards
  • Build GAMES, monetize them
  • Create ASSETS, market them
Development of new areas, items, and game modes requires users to download two Mac editors – “VoxEdit“ for modeling, animating, and texturing 3D objects, and “Game Maker”, a larger editor for the creation of levels, gameplay modes, and various in-game scenarios. This intuitive game development platform can provide countless tools and services to not only seasoned artists and game designers but also complete novices who can use VoxEdit and Game Maker to learn all basics of the modern game development.

As of the time of this review, The Sandbox Game has finished its first Alpha Season 1 event, and developers are working hard on the arrival of Alpha Season 2 event that will open signups to anyone who wishes to participate, add more unique in-game experiences, more Play-to-Earn rewards, and many surprises.

Also Available: Download The Sandbox Game for Windows