Awesome scientific environment written in Python, for Python!

Spyder Python for Mac

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Download Spyder Phyton 5.5.0

Spyder Python for Mac

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  • Latest Version:

    Spyder Phyton 5.5.0 LATEST

  • Requirements:

    macOS 10.15 Catalina or later

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    Pierre Raybaut / External Link

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Spyder for Mac is a powerful scientific environment written in Python, for Python, and designed by and for scientists, engineers, and data analysts. It offers a unique combination of the advanced editing, analysis, debugging, and profiling functionality of a comprehensive development tool with the data exploration, interactive execution, deep inspection, and beautiful visualization capabilities of a scientific package.

Beyond its many built-in features, its abilities can be extended even further via its plugin system and API. Furthermore, Spyder for macOS can also be used as a PyQt5 extension library, allowing developers to build upon its functionality and embed its components, such as the interactive console, in their own PyQt software. Core building blocks of a powerful IDE!

The easy way to get up and running with Spyder Python for Mac on any of the supported platforms is to download it as part of the Anaconda distribution and use the conda package and environment manager to keep it and your other packages installed and up to date.

Features and Highlights

Work efficiently in a multi-language editor with a function/class browser, code analysis tools, automatic code completion, horizontal/vertical splitting, and go-to-definition.

IPython Console
Harness the power of as many IPython consoles as you like within the flexibility of a full GUI interface; run your code by line, cell, or file; and render plots right inline.

Variable Explorer
Interact with and modify variables on the fly: plot a histogram or time-series, edit a dateframe or Numpy array, sort a collection, dig into nested objects, and more!

Find and eliminate bottlenecks to unchain your code's performance.

Trace each step of your code's execution interactively.

Instantly view any object's docs, and render your own.

Also Available: Download Spyder Python for Windows

  • Spyder Phyton 5.5.0 Screenshots

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What's new in this version:

New features:
- Drop support for Python 3.7
- Drop support for PyQt < 5.10
- Improvements to the logic that checks available updates and the update messages
- Improvements to the syntax highlighting for match/case keywords
- Improved compatibility for the standalone installer with Windows Server 2016
- Additional information about Spyder available through spyder.appdata.xml

Important fixes:
- Fix Outline Explorer Display variables and attributes option
- Fix disabling completion and linting providers
- Fix errors when removing language servers configurations
- Fix Editor replace all occurences when using backslashes
- Fix errors when restarting external kernels
- Fix error when using the Online help with Python 3.11
- Fix debugging after errors via the %debug magic
- Fix compatibility with Python 2 environments/custom interpreters
- Fix application window disappearing when changing monitors
- Fix PYTHONPATH manager logic to get user environment variables and detect possible site-packages directories

- Possibility to release constraint of qtconsole
- Spyder not working with IPython 8.17.1
- Disabling one completion and linting provider prevents showing completions
- Unchecking Display variables and attributes in outline does not work
- Spyder 5.5.0 release
- Replace urllib with requests package when checking for updates
- Debugging after error broken in Spyder 5.4.5 due to missing 'tb-frame'
- Spyder update not checking in conda-forge
- Add link to Sphinx documentation from Preferences related to docstring
- asyncio.exceptions.InvalidStateError: invalid state when restarting external kernel
- Kernel error when using a Python 2 interpreter
- PermissionError when trying to set icon for files in Files pane
- test_get_user_environment_variables fails in autopkgtest/schroot environment
- Update Jedi dependency upper bound
- Compatibility of Spyder standalone 5.4.4 with Windows Server 2016
- PermissionError when trying to reload a file
- Incorrect syntax highlighting of the words "match" and "case" outside of match/case structures
- Unable to import psycopg2 due to mixing packages from different Python installations
- Errors are not captured when searching for pylintrc file
- Above 5.4.3, Spyder launch stuck when loading Pythonpath manager
- Internal problem when searching for package in Online Help pane with Python 3.11
- AttributeError when connecting to Jupyter Lab kernel and restarting it there
- KeyError when adding and removing language servers
- ValueError when accessing second level Numpy objects in Help pane
- re.error when running some searches in the Find/Replace widget
- Spyder GUI window disappears when changing monitors

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