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Sparkle for Mac

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  • Latest Version

    Sparkle Pro 5.5.1 LATEST

  • Review by

    Daniel Leblanc

  • Operating System

    macOS 10.14 Mojave or later

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  • Author / Product

    River SRL / External Link

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Sparkle for Mac will change your mind if you thought building websites wasn't for you. The tool is the intuitive site builder that lets you create sites for your online portfolio, team or band pages, or business and clients. Skip the tedium and design a gorgeous site that works right out of the box. The app turns your design into a live site on the fly, no coding and no jargon. You don’t need to know about code or other web programming concepts: Sparkle makes sites happen.

The app’s ease of use comes from all the built-in components that make setting up a website with rich media and great typography a snap. Sparkle for macOS is about building entire websites, not just individual pages. For example it’s easy to share your site header or footer across multiple pages and integrate analytics.

A modern website is more about the structure and content than about a “theme” or “template”, but a blank page can be daunting. "This is why we launched to feature beautiful designs you can work with, and we have just added a bunch of new designs sporting 2.0 features."

Note: Limited functionality in the unregistered version. Requires 64-bit processor.

  • Sparkle Pro 5.5.1 Screenshots

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What's new in this version:

Sparkle Pro 5.5.1
- SEO check to mention that at least one image should be on the page
- developer option to avoid putting images in subfolders of the images folder

- page generation of video elements for the different cases
- page generation for multiple dropdowns in a form
- background shift not working correctly on some mobile devices
- page generation for parallax in some cases
- of domain parking check during publishing setup
- Other performance and stability improvements

Sparkle Pro 5.5
- extraction of images from PDF pages, to a gallery or an image grid
- rounded corners option for videos
- ability to drag and drop movies to grid inspector
- ability to import options from a text file, for option selection form elements
- ability to slide through images in a gallery lightbox, like for grid galleries
- settings option for user interface language preference
- work around for bugs in some FTP server causing upload of many images on every upload
- work around for some web host setups preventing automated FTP setup
- work around for a popular mobile browser breaking Sparkle's video player

- Improved handling of video and image files in Image/Video Grid

- Instagram setup issues
- publishing very large websites
- image transparency rendition in canvas vs generated website, in some cases
- layout issues
- excess memory use in publishing large websites
- pages outline not restored to collapsed position when restarting Sparkle
- loading a page with many mp3 players in password protected pages causing server errors
- text being pasted along with image, when copied from certain sources
- website importer getting page name wrong when the page contains Google Ads
- menu inspector not switching to the correct options for "equal size" setting
- option selection form element starting with an empty item
- multiple option selections and sliders with the same variable name not being sent in a contact form
- text wrapping in Chrome
- video with autoplay not starting in popups in some cases
- video inspector behavior with multi-selection

Sparkle Pro 5.2.5
- Fixed crash

Sparkle Pro 5.2.4
- transition speed setting to the lightbox of the Image/Video grid
- workarounds for Chrome and Safari bugs

- background images not being shown on non-retina displays
- crashes when using variable fonts on macOS 10.14 and 10.15
- gallery labels not showing in some cases
- other crashes

- Improved Instagram setup

Sparkle Pro 5.2.3
- incorrect layout generation in some cases
- vertical alignment of text that contains icons
- issues with Instagram integration
- crashes

Sparkle Pro 5.2.2
- Fixed publishing setup crash in some cases

Sparkle Pro 5.2
- Improved project file loading and saving performance
- The website importer can now import audio files
- Added lightbox support in popups
- Added lightbox support for stock photos and remote images
- Improved publishing setup

- font and typography issues
- Instagram support
- minor user interface glitches on macOS Sonoma
- issues related to style copy/paste
- crashes and improved stability

Sparkle Pro 5.1
- Added keyboard support in Image/Video Grid lightbox
- Added fallback to IPTC metadata in EXIF Smart Field
- Renamed Twitter to X

- performance and stability
- AI generator
- FTP setup

- excess memory use when publishing
- dragging images from Photos
- drag and drop of pages across projects
- many other minor issues and crashes

Sparkle Pro 5.0.5
- Added layout block option to mask the contained elements

- checking for parked pages during publishing setup
- the size of the generated CSS
- the performance of saving and publishing
- the integrity and stability of the project file

- excess memory usage
- the centering of background video
- gallery images not loading in some cases
- grid element code generation in multi-device websites
- the regression of performance in preview
- many other crashes and bugs

Sparkle Pro 5.0.4
- Improved project file stability
- Improved performance of drag and drop of pages

Sparkle Pro 5.0.3
- Changed SEO assistant recommendation from AVIF to WebP
- Improved preview performance for very complex pages

- "Show on all pages"
- anchor references for layout blocks
- calendly integration
- many sources of crashes
- dragging page bottom not refreshing thumbnails
- excess memory use
- issues with galleries
- site search with some kinds of page content

Sparkle Pro 5.0.2
- Improved project file stability
- Added fix for variable width fonts not working correctly in Safari

- project migration issues
- issues with image/video grid
- many crashes

Sparkle Pro 5.0.1
- AI generator mixing business name/type when used from the new document window
- HTML tag not being saved in a text style
- the background clip effect with fixed images
- grid cell background color persistence
- a crash when quickly closing a project file with thumbnails still being drawn
- drag and drop in the layers panel of an element visible in multiple pages
- excess memory use when publishing
- text generation issues
- publishing issue for old basic/one licenses
- play on scroll for lottie animations
- multi-device text wrapping
- page limit for personal licenses
- parallax effect extending the page height
- parallax causing horizontal scrolling
- parallax performance issues
- potential project corruption when dragging a page from one project to another
- text effects with parallax
- undo for grouping

Sparkle Pro 5
- Jumpstart your website creation with our revolutionary AI-powered website generator, Figma plugin, and enhanced website importer, designed to accelerate your projects from the get-go
- Captivate your audience with the stunning new image and video grid, complete with an immersive lightbox experience that showcases your media in the best light
- Boost your visitor engagement with new interactive click actions and popup control, plus new form elements and a versatile calculator for forms, for a more dynamic and personalized user experience
- Experience lightning-fast website performance and boost Web Vitals and SEO, thanks to the removal of jQuery, addition of AVIF image compression, and variable width font support, ensuring your site is a cut above the rest

- a brilliant new icon
- image/video grid with multi-device and lightbox support
- generic grid layout block
- AI-powered website generator
- Figma import plugin
- layout block anchors
- layout block snap scrolling
- horizontal background shift for boxes
- full width sizing for text boxes
- background remover features: bokeh, foreground defocus, solid color background
- anchor smooth scrolling with easing
- layer panel filtering
- text link hover/active/visited states
- video with popup behaviors: autoplay when opening, auto-closing popup when autoplay ends
- text effects: background clip and knockout
- hover support for button image
- “force download” option for file download
- form slider
- calculator smart field, for forms
- date range option for popups
- box and layout box blending mode
- new interaction options: media control, social sharing, text message sending, expand/collapse layout blocks, run js code (developer option)
- subject and body to the “open email” on click action

- website load/save performance, particularly for large project files
- animations: parallax clip, one time reveal and subtle fade
- layout block editing
- accessibility: font icon name is added to SVG
- website importer
- text handling: HTML Tag is now per paragraph
- SVG rendering
- performance of the published page: removed use of jquery on initial page load and lots of other baseline features, added variable width font support, AVIF image compression, browser-native lazy image loading, removed secondary js file, updates for current attention to web vitals, about 1/3 fewer images generated
- Updated font index, now over 1600 fonts

Sparkle Pro 4.5.9
- occasional publishing crash
- occasional startup crash
- blog index generation causing some elements missing in the index page in some cases
- gallery labels not showing in some cases
- elements having per-user limitation after disabling password protection
- text list generation in some cases
- smart field popover not always opening

Sparkle Pro 4.5.8
- Added generation of discovery metadata for all blog feeds
- Significantly improved memory usage during publishing

- animations in password protected pages
- blog post ordering
- bullet lists in some cases
- incorrect clipping of elements with fade animations in some layouts
- countdown flipboard when the number of days is over two digits
- font for placeholder text in dropdown-list when no default value is set
- importer stalling when site has an incorrect certificate
- incorrect element frame when adding a rotated element into a group
- incorrect missing fonts dialog in some cases
- layout regression causing layout shift and lower pagespeed scores
- memory use after closing project
- parallax animations edge cases
- text wrap in blog posts
- video in-file storage vs. in external location

Sparkle Pro 4.5.7
- broken home page layout in complex projects in some rare cases
- menu position incorrect in generated page in some layouts
- blog post cloning to have it preserve title link
- referencing assets from CSS with some developer tools customizations
- using "paste style" while editing text

Sparkle Pro 4.5.6
- Added support for importing a site made with frames

- default date format for smart fields to be based on system international settings
- compatibility of password protection with different web host configurations
- editing performance of large sites

- importer issue with importing images from websites with image hotlinking protection
- password protection settings not correctly saving notes
- the generation of the blog index layout and css
- layout blocks in combination with animations, shadows and filters
- consent banner to always lay above popups in the published page
- countdown with redirect causing PHP error in some cases
- clipping of elements transformed by scroll parallax options
- gallery thumbnails disappearing on some devices with a single device project
- files being republished on some FTP server
- vertical mis-alignment for FontAwesome/Material Design icons in some cases
- menu in a footer element visible on all pages not drawing correctly in the canvas
- mobile autoscaling interfering with mobile device pinch-to-zoom
- layout issue in very complex page layouts
- crashes related to grouping/ungrouping and undo

Sparkle Pro 4.5.5
- a problem with links from popups not working in some cases
- an error in pages caused by cookie banner consent buttons
- crash on older macOS versions at the end of the publishing process, if publishing fails

Sparkle Pro 4.5.4
- importer ability to scan hidden links (for example in drop-down menus)
- option to clear list of downloadable files from the files menu

- autoplay of video in chrome, for videos lower on the page
- copy/paste of a gallery with labels
- incorrect link for downloadable files in password protected pages
- hamburger menu image generation in a password protected page
- lightbox autoscaling
- password protection setup in a new project
- android compatibility issues
- layout issues
- other bugs and crashes

Sparkle Pro 4.5.3
- Updated integration instructions and dashboard link
- Improved website importer resilience

- the pagination in preview for site search and for the blog index
- layout of icons in text with mobile autoscaling
- per-user visibility with some elements
- drawing of a white line in images a rare case
- layout issues with popups
- layout issues with forms in password protected pages
- incorrect interaction of scroll locations with elements with parallax
- crash when all pages are excluded from publishing
- other crashes and bugs

Sparkle Pro 4.5.2
- Added a Google Fonts and FontAwesome privacy notice

- issues with layout of rotated elements
- incorrect clipping of elements with parallax
- ability to delete blog index and pagination by grouping them and deleting the group
- mouse hover of a button not keeping popup open
- visibility of elements with access limitation in a page that didn't have password protection
- crash when resizing search results
- animations firing immediately in popup that shows automatically
- a crash while publishing
- other crashes

Sparkle Pro 4.5.1
- footer corruption
- password protection
- blog-related crashes

Sparkle Pro 4.5
- macOS Ventura compatibility
- workaround for Safari showing scrollbars in modal popups

- support for mixed script text (roman plus CJK or emoji text)
- stability of layout block editing
- site search fuzzy string matching
- mobile autoscaling
- stability of the website import process
- image resolution selection for some Android phones

- parallax with stick to top headers on some old browsers
- some issues related to the use of password protection
- dark mode color support in some complex cases
- Google Tag Manager support
- "Show to All Users" to be available on all pages, not just the password protected ones
- layout issues in the blog the index with complex layouts
- popup shift related to system configuration for scrollbar visibility
- site generation for some combinations of smart fields, popups, elements visible in multiple pages and pages in folders
- crashes related to text wrapping
- crashes related to text list indentation
- many other crashes and bugs

Sparkle Pro 4.2
- option to import a full website from File menu
- filtering visible canvas elements based on logged in user
- group-specific page following login
- combined pages and layers view in the left sidebar
- option to not password protect sensitive data
- scrolling of layers list to the selected element
- support for Google Analytics 4
- support for Meta/Facebook Pixel
- support for Matomo analytics

- Improved user interface for password protection options
- Improved user interface for the Arrange settings
- Updated FontAwesome to version 6.1.1
- Fixed setup
- Fixed snipcart product validation
- Many other bug fixes

Sparkle Pro 4.1
- email/phone/number validation for form text input
- placeholder color for form dropdown list
- progress indicator when publishing user accounts
- warnings when changing footer or visibility could make pages longer
- support for calendly v2 API
- ability for ecwid category browser to go full width
- ecwid default category for product browser
- copying original SVG source in pasteboard when copying box or image containing SVG
- german/french/italian documentation links

- site search text snippets
- page performance by adding workaround for browsers loading images hidden on devices
- reliability of layout blocks behavior
- user interface layout, clarity and translations

- downloadable files not published in some cases
- password protection and login page incorrectly added automatically sometimes
- performance issues with parallax video while video is not loaded
- preview occasionally not showing images or other content
- generation of more images than necessary in some edge cases
- page access control showing the wrong group selection
- footer element position and page length growth issues
- constraining of element position when dragging them out of layout blocks
- youtube videos in lightboxes
- layer panel indentation on macOS 10.15 or earlier
- importing pages where no text color is set
- countdown timer format
- blog index layout issues
- blog tag filtering links
- mobile auto scaling for some devices
- layout block edge cases
- incorrect site search pagination
- separation of SEO keywords
- Snipcart product.json generation
- text style ordering on multi-device projects
- undo for color changes
- crashes

Sparkle Pro 4.0.7
- Added support for password protected vimeo videos
- Improved checkboxes to report their label in the form email
- Improved discrepancies of height of text lines with icons between canvas and browser

- blog index preview with tag filtering
- checkboxes with the same variable name to report distinct results
- contact form email sent via server with PHP8 on linux servers
- custom patterns for background boxes
- footer items not resising when visible on multiple pages
- layout with full width elements in some cases
- parallax with one time animation and with video
- popup auto hiding after animation in some cases
- popup fixed to the bottom with autoscaled devices
- stick to top groups in some case
- typewriter animation not preserving final space
- undo when moving layout blocks

Sparkle Pro 4.0.5
- password protection settings and functionality
- layout issues related to text and icon fonts
- blog tags inspector not visible in blog index page
- gradient color picker
- background video on mobile devices
- link to page top in popups
- layout accuracy issues
- parallax with device autoscaling
- crashes related to publishing setup and completion

Sparkle Pro 4.0.4
- Layer panel to Sparkle One 4 license
- counting of audio files to summary view
- support for saving publish settings to the project file

- Improved load performance of pages with autoplaying video

- "Move to Layout Block" in multidevice projects
- page indentation for pages in sections
- user account management allowing multiple users with same login name
- bottom margin on iOS on fixed popups
- element selection order when moving to layout block
- peak memory usage during publishing
- file attach in contact forms for IIS servers
- icon popup filtering
- blog tag filtering to allow removing filters
- blog index update in some cases
- jumpy animation of fixed popup on iOS devices when address bar collapses and appears
- Layout Blocks spacing issues across devices
- layout issue in pages with galleries
- layout issues with mobile auto scaling
- one time animation+parallax issue
- ordering of blogs tags on blog index page
- dropdown options selection
- password protected video playback for some server/proxy configurations
- popup close causing scroll to top
- preview of tall password protected pages
- visibility persistence for search engine inspector
- icons layout issues
- Layout Blocks toolbar icon on 10.9-10.15
- issues on macOS 10.9-10.11
- localization issues
- crashes

Sparkle Pro 4.0.3
- tag order when adding blog tags to blog index page
- post login/logout pages when site has multiple login forms
- menu in sites with many menus and multiple folders
- "fix to bottom" elements vs. phones with safe areas
- popup closing immediately on Android Chrome in some cases
- password protection per group visibility sometimes showing wrong selection
- FTP deletion of files on the server when renaming a folder
- layout of overlapping elements in some cases
- countdown page redirection not working when countdown page in a folder
- shadow for icons in text
- font or size change of icons when adding a link
- lack of encryption for gif images in password protected pages
- "fixed" popups shifting horizontally in browsers that show scrollbars
- SEO check for home page with targeting turned off
- footer element shift in some cases
- cookie banner inspector to allow changing scroll activation offset
- scroll locations for auto-scaled layouts
- coordinate rounding causing slight shift of rotated elements when reloading a document
- upgrade messaging
- gallery image generation on devices over 2000 pixels wide
- some kinds of drowndown options in contact forms
- password protection to work with PHP 5.6+
- footer positioning on multidevice documents when adding a new page
- spam bot detection in some cases
- text scaling in auto-scaled devices
- login form inspector
- impossibility to select the reply to option in contact form inspector
- several crashes

Sparkle Pro 4.0.2
- auto-upgrade to v4 license for some AppStore customers
- contact form direct SMTP connection for some mail servers
- memory leak in preview
- duplication of popups shifting content
- background color for buttons
- password protection post logout page
- background color of text incorrectly changed
- images with fixed positioning on iOS
- mis-diagnosed "insufficient disk space" when publishing with password protection
- crash when opening SVGs
- crash when deleting a dropdown option while editing it
- z-index for modal/fixed nested popups
- support for Safari 9 and 10
- incorrect text size on iOS in rare cases

Sparkle Pro 4.0.1
- Added opening and closing a different popup from within a popup

- incorrect upgrade pricing shown in the AppStore version of Sparkle
- unavailability of 14 day trial in AppStore version of Sparkle
- login form to not work when there's no login page
- gallery label not being shown in some cases
- password protected downloadable file sizes in some cases
- PDFs in password protected areas downloading instead of showing in the browser
- publishing crash in some cases
- organization metadata generation
- validation issues with the generated code
- edge cases with layout blocks
- sending email to SMTP servers in some cases
- copy/paste and duplicate element not updating text wrap

Sparkle Pro 4.0
- Add protected pages to your site, and manage user accounts. Add a login form and custom content only visible to logged in users.
- The new AI-powered image background remover runs locally on your Mac, takes mere seconds, and makes full use of the Apple Silicon neural engine
- New SEO Assistant features help you optimize your site for search engines. Tighter underlying code and device layout improvements help your site become more visible.
- From video playback while scrolling to dark mode support and FontAwesome icons, a long list of new features to help you improve your website in many directions

All new features:
- password protected pages and user management, to add member areas or restricted content
- SEO keyword targeting, to optimize content for organic search
- playback with scrolling for video elements, lottie animations and page background video
- support for Dark Mode color theme
- AI-powered image background remover
- new Sparkle icon
- 6 new responsive, Dark Mode aware designs
- Layout Blocks for more agile layout
- website summary view
- ultra wide 1920 device
- device size customization for wider device layouts
- auto-scaling for mobile layout
- Fontawesome and Google Material Design icons
- Smart Fields for logged in users
- PayPal subscription support
- one-time popup open across visits (using a cookie)
- blog tags, blog index filtering by tag
- publishing draft blog posts
- improved blog RSS feed compatibility with feed readers
- organization metadata
- form dropdown selector
- form file attachments
- new SEO checks
- element visibility specific to Dark Mode
- element visibility based on user login status
- countdown with number of days
- pexels stock image integration
- reference nearest image for EXIF data extraction
- support for Safari 15 theme color and tab bar safe area
- map location loaded from image EXIF
- per-folder CSS size optimization
- facebook verification metadata
- improved Web Vitals metrics for your website
- improved resiliency of publish location storage
- improved compatibility with international domain names (IDN)
- removed IE 8/9 and Android 4 support workarounds

Sparkle Pro 3.1.7
- crash on Monterey when clicking on the contact form password field
- typewriter popup not showing correct values when first opened
- incorrect stick to top functionality when multiple sticky groups have different visibility on different devices
- incorrect parallax functionality in some cases
- incorrect upload of some files when publishing multiple times in the same session
- popup auto-scaling in multi-device layouts
- minor layout issues
- crashes

Sparkle Pro 3.1.6
- minor compatibility issues with macOS Monterey
- layout issue in some instance
- some popup issues
- canvas and layout issues with text wrap

Sparkle Pro 3.1.5
- display of elements with scroll animation at page load time
- layout of fixed-position backgrounds in Firefox
- blog index sizing in some cases
- text editing layout occasionally not updating when switching device
- label animation for galleries using the slide effect
- layer order when ungrouping groups
- layout in relation to rotated elements
- multi-line button layout when in groups with links
- pressing enter when editing the label of radio buttons and checkboxes reverting to previous text
- automatic detection of publishing settings on some web hosts
- crashes on macOS Mavericks 10.9
- other smaller bugs and crashes

- support for macOS Monterey
- documentation links for French and German

Sparkle Pro 3.1.4
- some popup issues
- minor layout issues
- Many other minor bug fixes

Sparkle Pro 3.1.3
- Fixed minor compatibility issues with macOS 10.9-10.12

Sparkle Pro 3.1.2
- Added multi-selection functionality for "Show on blog index" option

- SEO assistant flagging animated popups
- Safari preview issues
- several layout issues
- canvas rendition of images with alpha
- crash after free trial expiry
- license not recognized after a free trial
- free trial button visibility logic
- the copy RSS feed button producing an incorrect URL
- developer options not respecting a custom folder setting
- instagram integration
- multi-line text button label spacing
- nested one-time animations
- one-time animations in scrollable popups
- text wrapping not updating in some cases
- menu dropdown not working in some multi-device setups
- shopping cart image generation for Snipcart in multi-device projects
- other crashes

Sparkle Pro 3.1.1
- Fixed layout issue in some instance
- Many other fixes and improvements

Sparkle Pro 3.1
- resizable sidebar (macOS 10.14+)
- "deny" consent button to cookie banner, for compliance with regulation in many EU countries
- position at which scroll effect starts (top/middle/bottom)
- "filename" smart field where it was missing
- forced restart when Sparkle is moved or renamed in the Finder

- map integration to support API-key based basic maps
- memory use on some iMacs (macOS 11.3+)
- Instagram integration
- performance when editing large projects
- performance when dragging labels in galleries with large images
- contact form spam resilience
- compatibility with some third party integrations
- compatibility with browsers

- inability to open old project files on some Macs
- missing document icon
- footer editing issues and page bottom becoming very tall
- canvas alignment and equal sizing tools to ignore locked elements
- lightbox close button color in light background mode
- clipping of rotated content with scroll animation
- flicker while publishing (macOS 11+)
- issues with the blog index page
- excessive memory use when opening some websites
- site search for older PHP versions
- text inspector issues on Apple Silicon Macs
- some popup issues
- issues with undo/redo when editing text
- animation-related flicker in Safari
- incorrect layout in some cases
- Many other fixes and improvements

Sparkle Pro 3.0.8
- excessive memory use
- crash caused by upcoming OS release
- dragged element to adopt visibility of the new container group
- canvas rendering of background filters for full width boxes
- issues with blog index and posts
- depth for fixed popups
- loss of cross-page language references, when moving a page to or from a section
- modal/fixed popup alignment in some cases
- popups with multipage visibility
- broken one time animation in some cases
- page numbering in search results
- startup freeze with some projects
- other crashes

- Improved site search results and ranking
- Added work around for Safari bug with animated buttons
- Added work around for Chrome and Firefox bug with fixed backgrounds

Sparkle Pro 3.0.7
- compatibility with some SFTP servers
- memory leak
- crash when switching blog posts to summary view
- gallery label animations
- popups with animated contents
- element animations not starting when in group with animation
- modal/fixed popup size
- modal/fixed popup layout with border and backdrop filters
- scrollbar showing on modal popups in Firefox
- crash when changing opening hours in local business settings
- layout of multi-line buttons with empty lines
- blog index layout and order
- lottie animations in pages in a folder
- text wrap when switching blog layout/summary
- canvas rendering of right aligned menu elements with indent
- block quote copy/paste in documents with multiple devices
- code generation for strings with block quote in some cases
- blog post author name/email/publication date not updating
- more crashes

Sparkle Pro 3.0.6
- Fixed crashes

Sparkle Pro 3.0.5
- Fixed crashes

Sparkle Pro 3.0.4
- Fixed payment buttons to require website address
- Fixed audio/video in popups to stop when the popup is closed
- Fixed scrolling in modal popups
- Fixed one time animations in popups
- Fixed forms in popups
- Fixed mouse out not closing popup
- Fixed in canvas paragraph spacing
- Fixed indent for multiline buttons
- Fixed hamburger menu color
- Fixed full website import stalling in some cases
- Fixed menu layout in pages moved to different section
- Fixed Smart Field EXIF flash description
- Fixed freeze on startup with complex projects
- Fixed blog index preview for multi-device documents
- Fixed blog layout and refresh issues
- Fixed window layout on older macOS versions
- Fixed text editing scrolling to the top when inserting a new line
- Fixed copy/paste style
- Fixed multi-device generation for flipboard
- Fixed crashes

Sparkle Pro 3.0.3
- Fixed some cosmetic issues on Big Sur
- Improved performance, particularly on older Macs
- Updated Google Analytics integration
- Worked around bugs in server mod_pagespeed module
- Fixed requirements for Instagram post embedding
- Added digital/physical product specification for snipcart
- Fixed border radius for input controls on iOS
- Improved Japanese localization
- Fixed access to lottie and ssh files
- Fixed website import folder name
- Fixed other bugs and crashes

Sparkle Pro 3.0.2
- Fixed website import of international domain names
- Fixed publishing getting stuck in some cases
- Fixed crash in drag and drop of typewriter events
- Fixed multi-device generation of payment buttons
- Improved interactivity of Sparkle during image compression
- Added exif image description and copyright, improved image aperture, focal length and exposure time
- Improved paragraph spacing for in-canvas drawing
- Fixed SVG optimization when SVG contains animation based on CSS
- Fixed box alpha affecting elements layered over it in some cases
- Fixed crash on launch on older macOS versions
- Fixed one time animations with links

Sparkle Pro 3.0.1
- Big Sur compatibility fixes
- Fixed activation for users of Sparkle 1.x

Sparkle Pro 2.8.12
- Fixed text wrapping, broken by Chrome 81+

Sparkle Pro 2.8.11
- Improved spam resilience of contact forms
- Updated Instagram functionality to reflect changes in their service
- Updated Youtube functionality to better adhere to their branding guidelines
- Fixed blurry initial image on videos in some cases
- Fixed initial video image occasionally used for previously published videos
- Fixed in-canvas rendering of some SVGs

Sparkle Pro 2.8.10
- Improved contact form spam detection
- Improved multi-language metadata as per Google recommendations
- Fixed initial player volume for video opened in lightbox
- Fixed issue with loading large images in Safari

Sparkle Pro 2.8.9
- Improved support for macOS Catalina
- Fixed minor layout issues

Sparkle Pro 2.8.8
- Fixed publishing to some web hosts that don't correctly support TLS 1.3
- Fixed z-index issue with sticky header on Safari in some rare cases
- Fixed solid shadow rendering in editing
- Fixed video player size constraing when using native controls and lightbox
- Fixed video autoplay to work even when video has no audio track
- Fixed video player to avoid browser local storage of volume preferences, that triggers some privacy checker tools
- Fixed corrupt video upload in some cases
- Fixed text wrapping in some multi-device layouts
- Improved performance for very long text blocks on multiple devices

Sparkle Pro 2.8.7
- Urgent fix for Chrome 79+ breaking some page layouts

Sparkle Pro 2.8.6
- Fixed text wrapping, broken by Chrome 75+
- Fixed text style ordering on different devices
- Fixed page background color transparency in dark mode on Catalina
- Fixed swiping gallery images on mobile
- Fixed copy/paste across documents to preserve text color
- Fixed layout of blurred images in fixed position backgrounds

Sparkle Pro 2.8.5
- Improved Catalina support
- Improved cookie consent to work with more embed scripts
- Fixed crashes on Macs with many CPU cores
- Fixed text lists not showing bullet points properly for pasted text
- Fixed layout of nested vertical menus with proportionally sized items
- Fixed some layouts with full width boxes and anchors

Sparkle Pro 2.8.4
- Improved support for macOS Catalina
- Improved compatibility with Safari 13 on macOS and iOS
- Improved text lists
- Improved the page import feature
- Improved German localization
- Fixed minor layout issues
- Many more improvements and fixes

Sparkle Pro 2.8.3
- improved publishing setup
- improved page importer
- added support for canvas page up/page down/home/end keys
- fixed layout issues with out of frame gallery labels
- fixed publishing crashes in some rare cases
- fixed occasional incorrect frame position for elements visible in multiple pages
- fixed grouping and ungrouping in multi-device pages
- fixed scroll locations not working in Firefox in some cases
- fixed text indent for right-aligned button and menu labels
- fixed sub-menu positioning in canvas
- fixed occasional canvas height issues
- fixed layouts with nested rotated elements in some edge cases
- fixed preview after navigating to a different page
- fixed cursor jumping at the top of the text block during editing in some cases
- fixed site search for gallery label text
- fixed character encoding issues in search result pages with some web server configurations
- fixed text wrapping reflow when hiding an element
- fixed in-canvas rendering of SVGs that contain text
- fixed fixed-position backgrounds on some browsers
- fixed privacy banner in some cases
- fixed TouchBar rotation widget
- fixed minor compatibility issues with macOS 10.9/10.11/10.12
- added warning when Sketch is not installed

Sparkle Pro 2.8.2
- Added right-to-left text support in the canvas and in the published page
- Added ability to place gallery labels out of the gallery frame
- Fixed publishing only changes
- Fixed excessive memory use when publishing
- Fixed TouchBar canvas zoom control
- Fixed footer elements sometimes causing editing issues
- Fixed iOS text sizing and fixed backgrounds in some cases
- Fixed SVG rendering in some cases
- Fixed contact forms sending multiple emails in some cases
- Fixed crash when attempting to print from the Finder
- Fixed uncommitted text fields losing content when window lost focus
- Fixed embed being vertically constrained
- Fixed undo/redo for some commands
- Fixed crash when setting the same name to different pages from the page outline
- Fixed publish completion notification not showing in some cases
- Fixed crash when opening files with mp3 extension but no mp3 content
- Fixed compatibility with older macOS versions
- Other improvements to stability and performance

Sparkle Pro 2.8.1
- Fixed many bugs

Sparkle Pro 2.8
- Added Instagram element
- Added Instagram support in images and galleries
- Added stock photo integration
- Added Sketch plugin to copy a design over to Sparkle
- Added Photos Extension plugin to create Sparkle image galleries from Photos
- Added site search element and search results page
- Added stick to top behaviors: overlap/stack/push previous
- Added pinning of a group to the bottom of the browser window
- Added SVG support for box backgrounds
- Added stock and custom patterns for box backgrounds
- Added option to make a text box scrollable
- Added free gradient angle for box backgrounds
- Added proportional width menu items
- Added support for removing backgrounds in images shot with portrait mode
- Added support for Continuity Camera
- Improved canvas drawing performance for complex layouts (macOS 10.13 or later)
- Added pinch to zoom in the canvas
- Improved startup performance for large projects
- Improved SVG rendering performance
- Added basic map mode that doesn’t require API key
- Added display of publishing progress activity
- Added ability to convert from one element type to another
- Added font style re-ordering
- Added the ability to import a website from the local disk
- Audio player now stops other audio players on the page
- Improved fixed background images on Android browsers
- Improved video player compatibility
- Improved page import accuracy
- Improved publishing setup diagnostics

Sparkle Pro 2.7.2
- Added support for multi-line button labels
- Fixed canvas drawing on Mojave
- Fixed align/distribute
- Fixed font not being loaded in some cases
- Fixed devices popover not showing which devices to review
- Fixed anchors and anchor navigation
- Fixed activate after consent for embed elements
- Fixed page import not working for some sites
- Fixed menu orientation issues in some cases
- Fixed a few Dark Mode issues

Sparkle Pro 2.7.1
- Fixed icons on macOS 10.9-10.11

Sparkle Pro 2.7
- Added support for macOS Mojave and dark mode!
- Added new toolbar icons
- Added support for publishing to International Domain Names
- Added drag and drop of images and video from Safari
- Improved offline compatible code generation
- Fixed FTP setup and publishing with some servers
- Fixed publishing cache, sometimes producing incorrect images
- Fixed text wrap on Internet Explorer
- Fixed Pixabay link back to original photo
- Fixed maps address lookup
- Fixed some layout and stick to top issues
- Fixed font-related crashes
- Fixed double audio autoplay
- Many other minor bug fixes

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