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Remotix for Mac

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Remotix for Mac

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  • Latest Version

    Remotix 6.0 LATEST

  • Review by

    Daniel Leblanc

  • Operating System

    Mac OS X 10.7 or later

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  • Author / Product

    Nulana / External Link

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Remotix for Mac is a fast and powerful application to easily access multiple Macs (and PCs) from your own Mac. Now with RD gateway and multiple computer observer. Packed with Remotix Cloud for anywhere access.

Note: Remotix has been rebranded to Acronis Cyber Protect Connect.

Complete Apple Screen Sharing support - including macOS login, clipboard synchronization, Apple adaptive codec and multiple display configurations. Advanced RDP implementation with RD Gateway, clipboard sync, bidirectional sound, file system and printer redirection. Automatic Bonjour server discovery and network scanners make it easy to find and connect to other machines. Complete SSH tunneling support with public-key and password authentication Remotix Cloud - allows users to access all their computers from anywhere.

Features and Highlights

Apple Adaptive Codec
If you have an average or slow internet connection, Apple adaptive codec provides the best remote desktop experience.

Multiple Displays
Have two, three or nine displays? Not a problem. Use combined mode to see them all or select each one separately.

Remote Multi-touch
Zoom, pinch, pan are all propagated to the remote machine.

Curtain Mode
You can lock remote screen to secure the operations.

File Transfer
Share files, images, texts, URLs between your Mac and remote Mac using drag and drop.

Session Select
If there is someone on remote Mac, you can select whether to ask for sharing the screen or to start your session separately.

Rich Pasteboard
Remotix for macOS automatically shares the pasteboard between your and remote machines. Including pictures and RTF.

Integrated Encryption
The app is the only client to support Apple Screen Sharing built-in encryption.

Note: 15 days trial version. Requires 64-bit processor.

  • Remotix 6.0 Screenshots

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    Remotix 6.0 Screenshot 1

What's new in this version:

Remotix 6.0
Streamlined UI:
- The whole Remotix UI was redesigned to be simpler and more intuitive

File Transfer:
- The complete file manager with ability to transfer files between local and remote machines. File transfer goes without network round-trips, so it's lightning-fast even on slow networks and a huge amount of small files

Keyboard Mapping:
- Use your local machine shortcuts on the remote machine. For example, you can use Cmd+C and Cmd+V Mac-specific shortcuts while connected to Windows

Session Recording:
- NEAR connections now support recording remote sessions into file for archiving or analyzing purposes. You can play the recorded session using Remotix

Multiple Displays:
- If remote machine has multiple displays, you can now see them all (NEAR connections)

Display Resolution Change:
- Change remote display resolution on the fly (NEAR connections)

Cloud Keychain:
- Store your connection credentials in Remotix Cloud and automatically access them across all your devices. The credential storage is fully encrypted with AES-256 with your personal password and no third party has access to it

Cloud Groups:
- All your connections, including Remotix Cloud, are now organized in groups. The groups are also presented in Remotix Hub

Session Select:
- If there are multiple users on the remote machine you now can select the session you want to connect (NEAR connections)

Automatic Discovery:
- Nearby machines with NEAR protocol enabled are found and displayed automatically

Remotix 5.1.1
- Compatibility fixes

Remotix 5.1
- Remotix now supports macOS Mojave Dark Mode!
- macOS Mojave compatibility fixes

Remotix 5.0.7 Build 20720
- Compatibility fixes

Remotix 5.0.6 Build 20680
- The upcoming macOS Mojave compatibility fixes

Remotix 5.0.5 Build 20266
- Fixed RDP authentication issues

Remotix 5.0.4 Build 20047
- Connection type is now displayed in viewer window title
- NEAR smooth quality fixes
- RDP audio recording improvements
- Stability improvements

Remotix 5.0.3 Build 19994
- Change log not available for this version

Remotix 5.0.3 Build 19990
- RDP EGFX leak fixes
- RDP EGFX hardware H.264 decoding fixes
- Stability improvements

Remotix 5.0.2 Build 19933
- Fixes for Ctrl+Alt+Del menu display
- Added diffie-hellman-group-exchange-sha256 SSH key exchange method
- Added HMAC-SHA-256, HMAC-SHA-512 support for SSH connections
- macOS app settings storage bug workaround
- SSH/RDG gateway credential saving fixes
- Crash fixes
- Stability improvements

Remotix 5.0.1 Build 19767
- Fixed an issue with inability to log in with SSH private key
- Fixed crashes on master password reset
- Fixed URL handling for RDP and RDG
- Improved clipboard handling

Remotix 5.0.0 Build 19736

NEAR Protocol:
- We're happy to introduce modern, low-latency remote desktop protocol called NEAR. NEAR brings hardware accelerated H.264 based desktop experience, network adaptivity, remote sound transfer, transparent multi-language input and automatic clipboard synchronization
- To use NEAR, install latest Remotix Agent on the target computers. For more information, check nulana.com/remotix mac

Remotix Cloud Sync:
- Remotix can automatically synchronize your server list across all your devices once you log in to Remotix Cloud

Built-in Chat:
- Chat freely with the users behind the machines you manage right from Remotix. Remotix Hub Chat, previously only available on Remotix Hub web (and Remotix Agent), now coming to Remotix itself

Hardware-accelerated H.264 support for RDP connections:
- Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 include the capability of transferring desktop picture using H.264, dramatically improving the user experience

Multiple groups:
- Stored servers can now reside in multiple groups (previously known as categories), giving you more precise way to organise them

Separate SSH and RDG settings:
- SSH and Remote Desktop Gateway servers are now managed separately from your stored computers, so once you configure SSH or RDG server, you can use it in multiple connections

High Sierra:
- Doubleclick issues are now fixed

Remotix 4.1.2 Build 19027
- Option to hide toolbar in viewer
- Option to hide application title in main window
- Fixed cursor colors in RDP connections
- Fixed possible hang on reconnect

Remotix 4.1.1 Build 19004
- Fixed scrolling with non-Apple VNC servers.

Remotix 4.1 Build 18987
- Sierra: We've fixed several issues with Remotix on Sierra, including ceritificate view display, numbers of servers in scanners. Also, Sierra brought us the ability to tab arbitrary windows and we've added the option to automatically open new viewers as tabs. Enjoy!
- Scrolling: There are several major improvements in scrolling: RDP now has horizontal scrolling and both vertical and horizontal scrolling is now inertial. We've also fixed scrolling sensitivity with VNC servers.
- Timezone: Remotix now properly detects client timezone and passes this information to RDP server. This should improve timezone redirection if you're using it.
- Other: RDP window size was not saving on close, fixed

Remotix 4.0.2 Build 18533
- RD Gateway SSL SNI servers support
- RDP TLS authentication SSL handshake fix

Remotix 4.0.1 Build 18438
- RD Gateway credentials saving fix
- RD Gateway better error messages
- Remotix does not show RDP error when disconnect is initiated by user
- RDP desktop scale saving fix
- RDP file redirection fix
- RDP file redirection folder custom was not selectable

Remotix 4.0.0 Build 18393

RD Gateway:
- This is the most long-awaited RDP feature for business users, finally coming to Remotix. It took us a lot of time to do it, but hopefully we did it right and tested enough configurations so you won't have problems with it. Just in case you do - drop us a line and we'll try to find out the solution.

Multiple Computer Observer:
- Monitor the displays of multiple computers with multiple pages and slideshow modes. Extremely useful in Mac classrooms.

Seamless Auto Reconnect:
- If network connect is lost, Wi-Fi goes away, Remotix transparently reconnects to the machine. Auto-reconnect works for both RDP and VNC connections.

RDP Live Resolution & Scale Change:
- Remotix automatically changes RDP resolution on window resize or fullscreen. You can also change the scale of the elements on-the-fly, without leaving the viewer. Note, resolution and scale change only works on non-server Windows editions, starting from 8.1.

Load-balancing Configurations:
- Previosly Remotix didn't support RDP redirection, required for large RD farms. Now, this is fully functional.

Better RDP Network Speed Adaptivity:
- RDP engine now performs periodic network speed checks while you're connected to automatically tune RDP features for the best performance.

- Zoom remote screen to the window size or fullscreen even if remote resolution is lower.

Connection Info Panel:
- We've added HUD display of current connection parameters, including current rate, total bytes used and total time connected.

VeNCrypt TLS Authentication:
- Remotix is currently the only client (as far as we know) supporting TLS VeNCrypt authentication used by ProxMox and TurboVNC.

- Addressed the long-standing issue with RealVNC "Invalid protocol message"
- You can rename "Unsorted" category
- There are a lot of small fixes here and there, and of course, new bugs!

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