An application used to manage all your remote connections!

Remote Desktop Manager for Mac

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Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise

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What's new in this version:

New features:
- Added Amazon S3 connection
- Added application requiring TouchID authentication option
- Added configurable private vault in RDMO, DVLS, SQL Server and MySQL
- Added key modifier interchangeability features in RDP sessions
- Added new RDP engine (Beta)
- Added Remote Tools support (through DVLS or Devolutions Proxy)
- Added Wayk connection

- Added certificate details in the RDP session certificate verification
- Added information icons in the dashboard header
- Added option to disable TLS Security in RDP sessions
- Added permissions tab in the Root settings
- Added Private vault search credential mode text field to use the entry with entered name instead of prompting list of Private vault credentials
- Added shortcut to initiate a search in the connection tree by selecting the search field in the application header
- Added shortcut to the Copy and Paste menu item in the connection tree
- Added SmartReconnect screen sizing mode in embedded RDP sessions
- Added the MCDFv2 offline mode engine
- Added the possibility to rename the connection tree root in the Root settings
- Added Use SSL option in WebDav sessions
- Improved entry tree loading speed

- Fixed Apple Keychain credential settings browse button prompting for Keychain access for each entries
- Fixed Apple Keychain credential settings Check button not working
- Fixed application not starting locked even if the option is enabled
- Fixed changes not being live updated in Offline Mode
- Fixed Cisco AnyConnect session unable to find app
- Fixed crash when saving a connection with a single '' in it's Group field
- Fixed credentials not being shown in the Favorites list view
- Fixed Credentials User and Local Specific Settings type which couldn't be changed (always using Username/Password)
- Fixed CTRL key getting stuck in RDP sessions
- Fixed double credentials prompt when opening an RDP connection through the Open (Prompt for Credentials) menu item
- Fixed embedded ARD sessions never getting the focus back after losing it
- Fixed embedded LogMeIn freezing RDM
- Fixed hang when opening the entry properties view when loading logs
- Fixed issue where a user can't add en entry under a folder (even with Add permission) if he doesn't have Edit permission
- Fixed issue where an entry couldn't be added to a folder (even with the Add permission) if any parent folder didn't allow Add
- Fixed issue where multiple Closing Confirmation windows could be shown when clicking the Dock Quit item multiple times
- Fixed Open External action not working for WebBrowser sessions
- Fixed Root node and all it's children being hidden when unchecking "Include session in filter" Filter option
- Fixed Root Settings always being saved even when cancelling
- Fixed Splunk session refreshing in loop when failing to connect
- Fixed SSH Terminal F1 to F12 keys sending wrong output
- Fixed the DOD configuration view where you couldn't create a new data source
- Fixed the More tab not being shown in Credentials settings
- Fixed the Move To Another Group window not showing any groups
- Fixed white screen occasionaly happening in FreeRDP session with OpenGL

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