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Remote Desktop Manager for Mac

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Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise

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What's new in this version:

New features:
- Added AzureMFA 2 factors support for Devolutions Server
- Added FTP Native entry
- Added IntelAMT session
- Added Radius 2 factors support for Devolutions Server
- Added support to import VisionApp .rde and .csv file
- Added Vasco 2 factors support for Devolutions Server

- Added Allow Custom Image settings for XML and DOD data sources
- Added an option in RDP Connection and Preferences to pre resolve host name before attempting to connect
- Added Change Password and Rename Login in the users management screen
- Added Diagnostic window
- Added GoOnline/GoOffline option in the Ribbon toolbar
- Added reconnection feature on ARD and VNC session
- Added Scope to Group entry
- Added Server Feature Role as a search filter in the Advanced Search window
- Changed the selected datasource in the options for the one selected on the main screen
- Improved Devolution Drive UI
- Improved Devolutions Server Support
- Improved My Data Source Information
- Improved Quick Connect feature
- Supported macOS Sierra
- Supported UltraVNC proxy in VNC Session
- Updated Cloud account support
- Updated Dashboard look
- Updated Role information screen UI
- Updated Sessions's Information tabs
- Updated the Connection Error window UI
- Updated Users, Groups and Roles management screens
- Updated VNC sessions Advanced tab

- Blocked edit/duplicate/save an entry if it comes from an other datasource
- Fixed 2 factors issue making the Navigation tree stay Not Connected
- Fixed 2 factors SMS Validation code message
- Fixed About Window text
- Fixed Add SubConnection possible crash
- Fixed Advanced Search not being refreshed when the data source changes
- Fixed Batch Edit availability
- Fixed Ctrl + Z command in RDP session
- Fixed Data Source Settings Required Minimal/Maximal versions issues
- Fixed Devolutions Server and Devolutions DB password clearing
- Fixed Devolutions Server Data Source Refresh
- Fixed DOD Master key configuration
- Fixed DODB's available Offline Modes
- Fixed DVLS user password reset
- Fixed entry importing not always refreshing tree
- Fixed Export menu availability issue
- Fixed forum links
- Fixed group and entry copy not properly trimming the parent folder on the entry
- Fixed inherited credentials for shortcuts and private vault
- Fixed inherited credentials for subconnections
- Fixed missing ILO version control
- Fixed Navigation list and tree scrolling slowness
- Fixed need to press Caps Lock 2 times to toggle caps lock in RDP session
- Fixed Offline Mode issues
- Fixed possible 2 factors config not being saved
- Fixed possible crash pasting text with VNC/ARD
- Fixed possible crash using Advanced search
- Fixed possible crash when using an old deprecated Windows Addon
- Fixed possible crash when viewing a private vault sub connection
- Fixed possible crash with RDP session
- Fixed possible double login when closing DataSource Options window
- Fixed possibly not loading the navigation tree on App launch when using DVLS
- Fixed Private Vault Navigation showing when going offline with a DODB datasource
- Fixed private vault not always showing up
- Fixed Putty SSH Shell after connect macro not firing
- Fixed Reveal password button availability issues
- Fixed Secret Server validation issue
- Fixed send error report requiring Cloud account
- Fixed serialization issues
- Fixed shortcut copy so it don't duplicate the shortcut but create a new entry without a link to the shortcut
- Fixed shortcuts not working in private vault
- Fixed some Private Key save issue
- Fixed some RDP hang issues
- Fixed SQL Data source not going offline when not reacheable
- Fixed sticky modifier key in VNC session
- Fixed Telnet annonymous login
- Fixed the Convert Type Refactoring Action losing some information
- Fixed the MySQL prompt for Offline mode option
- Fixed UI issues in entry edit screen
- Reduced Check for update timeout
- Removed Support Automatic Graphics Swithcing option because it's a security liability

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