A singleplayer battlefield style game for your Mac Computer

Ravenfield for Mac

Ravenfield for Mac

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    Ravenfield B5.1 LATEST

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    Jack Taylor

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    macOS 10.12 Sierra or later

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Ravenfield for Mac is a fast-paced tactical first-person shooter set in a world of simplified visuals, bright colors, and engaging tactical challenges, in which player is tasked to defeat opposing AIs. As of the time this review is written, this fully single-player game is still offered as an Early Access title that is still undergoing significant development updates. However, even the unfinished package that is offered to a worldwide audience at a premium price is enough to attract considerable attention and praise.

With a wide variety of gameplay options, intuitive commands, great enemy AI and well-crafted pacing, Ravenfield for macOS is regarded today with overwhelmingly positive sentiment. The most common related games to this action title are not Call of Duty and Battlefield games that have promoted heavily scripted sequences and lack of gameplay freedom but are instead often compared to highly tactical Counter-Strike games.

The setting of Ravenfield for Mac revolves around numerous environment types through which the player will traverse many times over in various challenge missions on foot, ground vehicles, aircraft, and even watercraft. The lead character of the game is the Blue commander, who must lead the way in the battle against the Red opponents.

All characters in the game are modeled very simply, with bright colors and easy-to-spot silhouettes. One of the core features of the game is its advanced ragdoll physics that can greatly affect troops on both sides of the battlefield. And to make the combat encounters more interesting, the number of combatants is not set by the mission givers. No, the number of participants on the battlefield is set by the power of your Mac hardware, which can lead to some of the most massive FPS battles ever seen in modern gaming.

During its time in Early Access, the Ravenfield game receives major content upgrades every 4-6 weeks. These updates include new missions, weapons, vehicles, and maps. One of the goals of this program is to slowly build to the more advanced features such as custom map support, Steam Workshop integration, Conquest mode, and more.

Mac gamers who are interested to challenge themselves in a well-crafted single-player FPS game should look no further than Ravenfield. Lightweight and fun, this game can today run on almost any Macintosh, including older MacBooks.

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