The MacOS X kernel extension, preventing sleep when you close the lid

NoSleep for Mac

NoSleep for Mac

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NoSleep for Mac is a lightweight system utility for macOS laptop users that can help them to take full advantage of their hardware and apps even when their laptop lids are closed. While the majority of Mac users prefer automatic pausing of all apps and placing macOS into sleep whenever their laptop lid is closed, in certain situations this default action can hinder your work or personal needs. By leaving OS active when the lid is closed, you can take full advantage of the apps that are running. Many users are also satisfied with this app because it prevents the so-called “accidental doze” effect that can happen when your lid is angled to be very close to the keyboard.

While the procedure for turning off the automatic sleep feature exist, hidden deep inside macOS customization options, the majority of Mac laptop users are not bothering in spending time learning this complicated procedure. Instead, an app like the program can help them achieve the same functionality with just a few clicks of their mouse, or even activate automatic preference for keeping OS on when certain conditions are met. This app is optimized for use on all MacBook laptops and is available on Mac OS X 10.5 or later (Intel only).

Installation and Use

NoSleep for macOS is a very small app that when active resides directly on your status bar with the very appropriate “Zz” icon. Clicking on it you can easily turn off or on the NoSleep mode, enabling you to precisely control whether your apps will be suspended after each closing of the lid. In addition to the usual About and Updates tools, it is recommended that you visit Preferences area because there you can set up advanced behaviors such as running the tool automatically on AC or Battery power, turn on password authentication on each display opening and even start the app on each system startup. This last option is especially useful to users who want the app to be active at all times, transforming their MacBook into a laptop that is always functioning at full power, with all of its apps performing their jobs without interruptions, remaining connected to the internet, and more.

It is important to note that managing the status of the OS sleep function with No Sleep app can only be performed with your mouse and interaction with the taskbar icons. There are no built-in options for toggling the sleep state with a keyboard shortcut.

Features and Highlights
  • Lightweight system utility for all MacBook users.
  • Turn on or off the automatic OS sleep feature on MacBook laptops.
  • Enhance the functionality of your MacBook.
  • Setup automatic removal of OS sleep feature when your MacBook is connected by AC power.
  • Built-in lock screen feature for securing your laptop against unauthorized access.
  • Optimized for use on all modern MacBook models.
  • Available on Mac OS X 10.5 or later (Intel only).
  • Developed in Open-source environment.
  • 100% Free!
Note: Requires 64-bit processor.

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What's new in this version:

- Added Apple's notarization