Network monitoring app that can perform scans to discover connected devices

Network Radar for Mac

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Download Network Radar 3.0.4

Network Radar for Mac

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  • Latest Version:

    Network Radar 3.0.4 LATEST

  • Requirements:

    macOS 10.15 Catalina or later

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  • Author / Product:

    Witt Software / External Link

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    Network Radar.dmg

Network Radar for Mac is an advanced network scanning and managing software. Featuring an easy-to-use and streamlined design, the all-new Network Radar for macOS has been engineered from the ground up as a modern Mac application.

All you have to do to use the program is to click the Scan button. No configuration is required. However, Network Radar is more than a simple IP scanner. It comes with useful tools, such as Ping, Portscan and Whois. In addition to that you can send commands to your devices with the click of a button. Use Wake On LAN with every Wake On LAN capable device and shutdown, restart or send other Macs to sleep, even if they are not within your local network.

Once the tool has scanned your network, it lists all found devices. Select one to see more details, such as IP, IPv6 and MAC address, vendor name, DNS name, mDNS names, NetBIOS name, NetBIOS domain, open ports, OS version, response time, the Mac model identifier and much more depending on how much information your device and network reveals.

Let the app monitor a scan and get live updates on changes in your network. All changes are logged. You may also want to receive notifications when a device enters or leaves your network. With the possibility to configure custom rules and actions you can do things such as sending a mail to yourself as soon as your server goes offline or play a sound when a FTP Server appears in your network.

Organize your hosts in folders. You want all your iPads in one folder? Just create a smart folders and let the app do the work. By binding scans to networks, NetworkRadar for Mac always knows if a devices is reachable or not, making it easy to refresh or monitor a bunch of devices even from different networks.

Features and Highlights
  • Scan your network and retrieve detailed information on network devices
  • Run useful network tools and commands with the click of a button
  • Use the monitoring feature and get notified about changes in your network
  • Access devices from previous scans, even in different networks
  • Use the simple rules / actions system for automatic processing of devices
  • Simply connect to a device by double-clicking it in the list
  • Assign your own names and choose from provided icons or import own icons
  • Organize your hosts in folders and smart folders
  • Create scans with custom IP ranges
  • Export a scan to XML, CSV, TXT or PDF

Note: 7 days trial version. Requires 64-bit processor.

  • Network Radar 3.0.4 Screenshots

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What's new in this version:

Network Radar 3.0.4
- New: Model and OUI database has been updated

Network Radar 3.0.3
- The model id of a host will be added in more scans

- Sometimes the timeout for port scans was ignored or too high
- macOS 10.13 High Sierra is supported again

Network Radar 3.0.2
- The app is now ready for macOS 13 Ventura
- The device and vendor database has been updated

- Fixed: The app did crash when trying to presenting the Custom Scan view twice

Network Radar 3.0.1
- A new Shortcuts Action has been added that lets you check certain ports
- Adding a custom Host via a domain now adds all found IP addresses
- Long Bonjour TXT Record informations are now being displayed better
- The device database has been updated, including the new Apple Silicon MacBook Pro
- The maximum width of the IPv6 column has been increased

- Deleting a Scan could crash the app
- Hosts with the same IP address may have been added multiple times
- For some devices the Model ID information was not being displayed properly
- The Model ID Menu was not sorted correctly
- Checking the rules could crash the app in certain configurations

Network Radar 3.0
- A Shortcuts Action for checking the status of a Host has been added that can be used with the new Shortcuts app of macOS 12 Monterey
- Most of the utilities you know from Network Utility app that has been removed from macOS have been added to Network Radar to a new section
- The app has been optimised to work with Apple Silicon
- The app's icon has been updated to match the new style
- The overall user interface has been improved
- The performance of the scan engine has been improved
- mDNS Services of a Host are now being displayed in the information sidebar
- Many new icons have been added
- The ModelID is now automatically added to a Host if it is available via a mDNS service
- The device and vendor database has been updated
- The smart folder edit window has been improved

- Sometimes details about a port were not displayed correctly
- Sometimes the icons in the list were not large after restarting the app
- Sometimes the ping tool did not work as expected
- wenn man auf network klickt dann services und dann all host ist es weg

Network Radar 2.10
- The interface has been updated to match the new design of macOS 11 Big Sur
- Empty Networks can now be removed in the Network section
- Network Radar now uses the open source service of to determine the public IP address
- The minimum OS has been increased to macOS 10.15
- The system images and model IDs have been cleaned up by removing similar models
- The vendor and device database has been updated

- For some users the app did crash while launching
- Sometimes the public IP address of a network did not update automatically
- The host image menu responded slowly on some Macs
- The app could crash after activating a license
- The app could crash after launch on some Macs

Network Radar 2.9.2
- Minor bugfixes and improvements

Network Radar 2.9.1
- App did crash when launching on macOS 10.11
- When searching by certain characters the app could crash
- In some cases sorting the logs led to a crash

Network Radar 2.9
- A new option has been added to the Scan settings to change the way Hosts are identified (MAC address or IP address or IP address only)
- The Network section now displays a network’s last known public IP address
- The Response time for is now logged in the Port Scanner section
- More IoT / Smart Home Host images have been added to the library
- There is a new view option to show the status indicators with a shape to distinguish them more easily
- There is a new view option to switch to a list view with larger rows and Host images
- You can now right click on the Ping graph to export it as an image
- Last activity has been added to PDF export options
- The interface for creating new Custom Scans has been updated with options to adjust the Scan settings

- Parts of the sidebar could disappear if running on macOs 10.14 or below
- Sortation by IP address was incorrect
- In rare cases an empty windows was shown
- Refreshing a single host in All Hosts did not work
- Refreshing a single hosts sometime did stop the port scanner too early
- Sometimes the Host list was empty
- The app could become unresponsive when a DNS server timed out
- Crash when running the Ping tool
- Creating a new custom host could crash the app
- Changing PDF export options could crash the app
- Writing logs for too many Hosts at once could crash the app
- Deleting all Hosts could crash the app

Network Radar 2.8.1
- Chinese localisation has been added
- The Host status 'unknown' has been renamed to 'cached'

- Exiting the full screen could lead to a crash
- In some cases sorting the host list by response time did not work as expected
- Sometimes deleting a scan in the sidebar did not work
- Reading a Bonjour service's TXT data could crash the app
- The could crash when updating the state of the export menu

Network Radar 2.8
- You can now use the new Bonjour Browser to search for mDNS services and devices
- mDNS names module has been redone from the scratch for quicker and more reliable lookups
- Added a filter bar to sections that display Hosts from multiple Scans
- Network Radar now speaks French. Thanks Ange Lefrère
- Network Radar now speaks Italian. Thanks Massimiliano Picchi
- Notes and logs can now be hidden (default) in the properties view
- You can now start and stop a Scan from refreshing by clicking the button next to its name in the sidebar
- Error message when sending a test mail have been improved
- Exporting or printing the Host list now keeps the sort order. If search has been used, the list only includes Hosts that have been filtered
- Improved Crash handling by introducing a new crash report window
- ModelID and operating system lookup has been removed as Apple does not share these properties anymore
- The sort order of the host list is now being remembered across launches
- You can now send mail notifications via an unencrypted SMTP connection (only recommended for testing)

- The app could crash for users of macOS 10.15 Catalina during a scan or at startup due to an invalid arp cache
- Exporting to CSV did not work as expected when exporting form the All Hosts section
- If the Properties Inspector was visible at startup, the app could crash
- In rare cases some general sections in the sidebar were deletable
- In some cases the list of hosts was empty until switching to another section
- In some cases the response time was displayed higher than it actually was
- Looking up the MAC address in the ARP cache could lead to a crash
- Minor dark mode issues have been removed
- Some users had difficulties setting up the mail settings due to new values not being saved immediately
- Sometimes the host menu wasn’t enabled and shortcuts did not work
- The delete key did not work to delete or remove a Host

Network Radar 2.7.2
- Fixed: The app did crash when there was a problem with the DNS sever

Network Radar 2.7.1
- Minor bugfixes

Network Radar 2.7:
- Hosts can now be pinged via the DNS name instead of the last known IP address which make it easier to track changes outside of the current collision domain
- Placeholders can be used in mail notifications to insert a host's properties
- You can now remove the status menu from the status bar using drag and drop while holding down the command key
- A default watch image rule has been added
- The device database has been updated

- The app’s launch time has been increased
- A database issue that could crash the app has been fixed
- Sometimes the reveal button was hidden

Network Radar 2.6.2
- Added a button to remove custom host images
- Exporting to CSV can now be sorted
- Integrated the LittleSnitch Internet Access Policy
- Updated vendor and device database

- Enable/disable menu bar icon did not work after the latest macOS update
- Right clicking on a custom image did not work when using the control key

Network Radar 2.6.1
- The German Localisation has been improved.
- The license GUI has been improved. (Website Version only)
- The devices database has been updated.

- For some Networks the Subnet Mask and the Broadcast IP was exchanged.
- The app did crash with certain services that do not have a description.

Network Radar 2.6
- New Network section with all Networks and its Scans
- New Services section that gives you an overview of all Services found and its Hosts
- A short description has been added to every Service
- More Log messages have been added for new Hosts. I.e. it is now being logged if the Host has been found in the ARP or DNS cache
- Options have been added to chose what is being displayed in the last row of prints and exported PDFs
- Prints and exported PDFs now include the response time of each Host
- Subnet Mask column has been added to the Networks list
- The average response time of all Hosts of a Scan has been added to the Scans info
- You can now see the log messages of all Hosts of a Scan in the Scan info
- You can now stop a Scan from refreshing by clicking the X button next to its name in the sidebar
- A refresh of a Scan in monitoring mode can now be stopped without stopping the monitoring
- From now on the timeout you set in the preferences is the default value used by every Scan unless you change the timeout in the Scan's settings
- Minor interface improvements for macOS Mojave's Dark Mode
- More and improved help text here and there
- Some new image rules have been added
- The sort order of interfaces for new Custom Scans has been improved
- The status type ‚uncertain‘ has been renamed to ‚unknown‘
- You can no longer update your database form network Radar version 1.x to the new database type in version 2.x

- Some users were unable to choose a custom host image or add new ones
- The app could crash when selecting a custom host image
- 'Services' was missing in the CSV export options
- Although a Scan was deleted, its Hosts could still appear in Smart Folders and the All Hosts section until the app was restarted
- In some cases the ping interval was ignored and the progress indicator was wrong
- Refreshing a single Host did not always work via the File menu
- Refreshing a single Host did not work outside of its Scan
- Some Hosts appeared twice in the list
- Some properties were cut off in the CSV export window
- Some rules that checked the status of a Host did not work in the German localisation
- Switching between different sections could crash the app for some users
- The Quick Scan button did not work with certain types of VPN
- The value of the the end or start IP of a Custom Scan was not validated and could result in Scans that would not refresh
- There were some GUI issues in the Smart Folder edit window

Network Radar 2.5.2
- New: Icons from Network Radar for iOS have been added to the image collection
- New: The readability in Dark Mode has been improved
- New: You can now send a test mail using the SMTP settings in the Rules preferences and get more detailed error messages
- Fix: Some users were unable to change the attached Network of a Custom Scan
- Fix: The app could crash in when selecting certain types of Hosts

Network Radar 2.5.1
- New: Network Radar is now ready for macOS 10.14 Mojave, including dark mode support
- New: Improved Network Scan name when using something else than a wi-fi connection
- New: As always the vendor and MAC database has been updated
- Fix: Pinging a Host did not work when its Scan was currently being refreshed
- Fix: Sometimes the app did crash when setting an image by the user or automatically in the background

Network Radar 2.5
- New: Network Radar is now ready for macOS 10.14 Mojave, including dark mode support
- New: Improved Network Scan name when using something else than a wi-fi connection
- New: As always the vendor and MAC database has been updated
- Fix: Sometimes the app did crash when setting an image by the user or automatically in the background

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