Quickly catalogs your entire media and disk library, and your backup archive

NeoFinder for Mac

NeoFinder for Mac

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NeoFinder for Mac rapidly catalogs your entire disk and media library, and backup archive. NeoFinder keeps track of your documents, photos, songs, movies, and folders wherever they are stored. Catalog everything - hard disks (internal, external, USB, FireWire, Thunderbolt), server disks, DVD-ROMs, CD-ROMs, iPods, Blu-ray, USB sticks, and get a full inventory of all files, folders, and important metadata, including thumbnails for photos and video files.

Find It Now!
The most powerful Find options to locate your digital treasures. Tell the app what you are looking for and get the best results. You can even search for duplicates! NeoFinder also searches Spotlight, to find local files as well. Smart Folders are available, too!

Proven Technology
More than 70,000 customers and companies in 100 countries use the tool. Try the app now, and if you like it, buy your license and keep using your catalog database.

The app easily handles thousands of hard disks, server volumes, DVDs, Blu-rays, RAID, CDs, anything. Millions of files? Terabytes of data? Yes, this product can!

The app generates beautiful thumbnails of your photo archive (including RAW formats!) and other images, such as PDF, EPS, and AI. NeoFinder also catalogs and searches Adobe XMP, IPTC and EXIF metadata, as well as GPS geotags for the Geo Photo Management. Generate beautiful Photo Contact Sheets.

iPhone / iPad
Only the app is also available for the iPhone and iPad! Keep your NeoFinder catalogs with you all the time, and search them wherever you are More...

Music Organizer
Catalog your songs, metadata included (MP3, AAC, FLAC, ALAC, AIFF, WAV, SoundDesigner 2, Broadcast Wave Format BWF), with ISRC, cover art, and lyrics. Catalog Audio-CDs as well. Quickly find all of your music!

Get thumbnails of video files with the tool. Supports all QuickTime supported movie formats, including .mov, .avi, .m4v, .mkv, .flv, and others. The app even catalogs Elgato EyeTV recordings, and RED .r3d files!

Neo Finder for macOS comes with an extensive online Users Guide, and there are also the FAQ, license Q&A, video tutorials, and more available right here. And if that is not enough, ask the support team, or follow us on Twitter and Facebook!

Find photos and videos taken at any place anywhere in the world, using a street level map. Export your photos as KMZ for Google Earth, and much more.

Share you're the app database in your network with other Macintosh computers, and even with Windows machines (using the side-kick abeMeda for Windows)!

Integrate the tool into your existing workflows. The app can catalog disks right from the Finder, freshly created disks from Roxio Toast, or drag out a file directly from the app into the Finder, Apple Pages, Keynote, Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Quark XPress, or others.

Use Neo Finder with AppleScript or special Find-URLs. Run Find operations, check the results, or even catalog disks automatically, it is all possible.

Note: Can catalog up to 10 volumes. Requires 64-bit processor.

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What's new in this version:

New Features:
- QuickFind is able to search just the selected Catalogs, and be limited to certain file types
- Display Filter is always active, can hide folders, use multiple parameters at once. Name filter remembers last used values
- Adds "Concertina," a visually pleasing web gallery template
- Catalog Olympus ".ORI" RAW photo files, get thumbnail and metadata
- Catalog GoPro ".GPR" and ".gpr.dng" RAW files, get thumbnail and metadata
- Catalog Canon and Sony ".HIF" high-res files, with thumbnail and metadata
- Catalog text contents of Apple Pages, Apple Numbers, Apple Keynote, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Powerpoint files
- Use image based watermarks along the text when exporting photos. Images can be positioned in any corner, and with a transparency
- Export the current visible video frame in the integrated video player
- Cataloging or Updating a Catalog adds the name of the computer to the catalog. This helps when you catalog volumes with generic names like "Macintosh HD" on multiple Macs
- "Save Copy as..." copies files and folders directly from inside of NeoFinder. This allows you to quickly copy a very large number of files and folders to a new destination
- Built-in software updater uses the latest "Sparkle.framework" version with expanded encryption
- Photo Contact Sheet with enhanced visual options

Updated Features:
- If Apples ProRes Video Codecs are installed, cataloging speed for Sony MXF video files is massively improved
- If Apples ProRes Video Codecs are installed, the Video Contact Sheet can use Sony MXF video files
- Video Contact Sheet is available for ".mts",".m2ts",".m2v",".mpg",".mpeg",".ts" video files
- Icon View can display three additional fields: EXIF Lens Name, Camera Name, and Camera Maker
- Sort the Icon View, Gallery View, and Details View by EXIF Lens Name, Camera Name, or Camera Maker
- The Contextual Menu for an Album has the option to create a photo contact sheet
- Photo Contact Sheet remembers the selected page setup, especially the paper size
- Getting all files, photos, or movies in a folder or entire Catalog doesn't overwrite the Found Items anymore, but uses a "Collection" item that is more flexible, and can be shown in separate windows, too
- Reading text-based ID3 tags in MP3 files is more robust and can detect unofficial language codes used by some ID3 editors
- Open the WaterMark editor directly from the Windows menu
- Catalog color profile of MOV and MP4 video files
- Video Converter shows file details if a single file is selected
- The Media Info column in List View can be wider
- The EXIF Date Time editor can write all three EXIF date values (and not just the proper EXIF Capture Date) with a hidden setting

- Display Filter recognizes Audio-CD tracks as song files
- The LIBRARY section remembers if it was closed, and stays closed when NeoFinder is launched again
- No longer tries to rotate or use the EXIF editor on Hasselblad .3FR image files, which cannot be edited
- Massively reduced the amount of memory needed while exporting a large web gallery
- Fixes a problem where the EXIF capture date of certain RAW formats was really the EXIF creation date
- Editing or removing GPS GeoTags show better error message if a file is write protected
- Fixes a problem where reading the height and width of losslessly rotated photos could be wrong
- Fixes a problem where multiple custom XMP Annotations imported (!) by abeMeda for Windows were sometimes incorrectly placed in a single field
- Fixes a problem where in Imported Catalogs from other applications sometimes not all folders were shown in the LIBRARY
- Fixes a problem in the Yoyotta CSV Importer, when the CSV file was written by the latest Yoyotta version
- Fixes a problem where the Details View could display the wrong Fill Bar values of Catalogs after scrolling
- Fixes a problem where the photo contact sheet could forget to add the last few items, depending on the exact settings and page size
- Fixes a problem in the Video Converter, where the destination size parameter was sometimes ignored
- Fixes a problem in the Cataloging Settings when Updating a Catalog, where "Save as Default" didn't always work if the Preferences window was also open
- Fixes a problem in the detection of image file sequences
- Upgraded to the latest version of EXIFTool
- Works around multiple bugs in Apples Xcode 14.2
- Works around a bug in macOS 14.4, where menus weren't always drawn properly by macOS
- Fixes many minor issues
- NeoFinder 8.6 requires Mac OS X 10.14 "Mojave" or newer, Intel or Apple ARM M1, M2, or M3