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Name Mangler for Mac

Name Mangler for Mac

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    Mac OS X 10.8 or later

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All Name Mangler for Mac wants to do is help you tame your filenames. Whether you're a photographer with thousands of "IMG_" files, or someone who needs to Windows-proof filenames, or someone who works with tons of clients and wants to use filenames to help sort client files properly, Name Mangler will help you safely—and very speedily—rename your files.

Pop-up solutions
The app makes most renaming tasks as easy as choosing your desired action from a pop-up menu, then configuring a few options for the chosen action. For example, the Change Case action offers the ability to change filenames to lowercase, to uppercase, or to title case.

Speed thrills
Name Mangler for macOS is really fast. Watch the progress bar at right to see just how fast—that's 5,000 files being renamed in just over three seconds. As fast as that is, some operations may go even faster.

Streamline operations with multi-step
Need to massage your files in more than one way? No need to run Name Mangler multiple times on the same files. Just add another step—or ten—to your action, and the tool will do everything for you, all in one pass.

Meta everywhere
Need access to your files' metadata? No problem; the program contains over 150 metadata fields available for use in your renaming actions. Certain numeric and date metadata values can even be formatted to your specifications.

Repeating history isn't always bad
The tool's elephant-like memory means you can easily access any previously-used renaming action, and reuse it with a couple of mouse clicks. By default, the app remembers your last 50 renaming actions, but you can increase or decrease this value (or set it to unlimited or off) in the preferences.

Save time with Presets
Presets let you store your often-used renaming actions in a menu for fast future access. You can load and run as saved, or modify after loading to do something slightly different.

Unlock the power of Advanced mode
Programmers and technical types can use Advanced mode to create mini programs that run within NameMangler, solving even the most complex of renaming tasks. These programs can be saved for easy reuse, too.

Note: 5 launches trial version. Requires 64-bit processor.

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What's new in this version:

Name Mangler 3.9.1
Fixes and Improvements:
- The warning dialog that appears when renaming files on a network volume can now be disabled
- Fixed a regression where date formatting in Advanced mode ignored a specified minimum number of digits and skipped placeholders under certain circumstances

Name Mangler 3.9
New Features:
- Files that cannot be renamed are now clearly identified in the main window
- Added a warning if Name Mangler cannot read metadata
- Added a warning if Name Mangler detects network-hosted files in the renaming list

Bug Fixes and Improvements:
- Changed wording in the Filter menu to more clearly explain what each item does
- Date formatting is now more reliable

Name Mangler 3.8
Fixes and Improvements:
- Droplets now get their own creation dates, instead of inheriting their creation date from the Name Mangler app itself
- Revised Services implementation to restore functionality on recent versions of macOS
- By default, the rename menu item's title is now always "Rename" or "Rename…" (depending on the 'ask before renaming?' preference), which makes it possible to assign a custom keyboard shortcut

Name Mangler 3.7.3
Fixes and Improvements:
- Fixed a regression in Name Mangler 3.7.2 where Name Mangler, as available directly from our web site, flat-out ignored its own upgrade licenses, which resulted in limited demo mode for long-term customers who had upgraded from Name Mangler 2 to 3 at some point. We apologize for the hassle, and we're in the process of refunding purchases that have been made because of the seemingly obvious, yet unintended implication that Name Mangler 3.7.2 was a paid upgrade. If you were affected and haven't received a refund yet, please let us know.
- Fixed a regression in Name Mangler 3.7.2 where the "Clear List" menu item became unavailable after renaming
- Long story short, Name Mangler 3.7.2 was cursed

Name Mangler 3.7.2
Fixes and Improvements:
- Fixed a bug that caused a crash when dragging files out of the file list

Name Mangler 3.7.1
Fixes and Improvements:
- Fixed a bug that caused a crash during drag & drop under rare circumstances
- Fixed a recent regression where dragging in manually ordered files from Finder could result in random reordering
- Various UI improvements

Name Mangler 3.7
- The main window can now be set to float above other windows (Window → Keep in Front)

Bug-Fixes and Improvements:
- Name Mangler now runs natively on both Intel and Apple Silicon Macs
- Improved the Terms List field's handling of line breaks in files from Microsoft's Office apps
- The file list area's drop-down menu has been restructured for easier use
- The drop-down menu for managing the file list is now more visible, especially in macOS 11
- Numeric metadata that's actually stored as text can now be formatted, just like real numbers in metadata
- Various Dark Mode improvements, including a more-visible Rename button
- Updated in-app help with improved navigation between sections

Name Mangler 3.6
New Features:
- Added a "Group by" feature to the Sequence action. This can be used to create independent sequence numbers for files in different folders, for example.
- Single-file sequences can optionally not have any sequence number. (Focus on the "Group by" input field, then choose "Insert Laziness Indicator" from the "Edit" menu)
- Title Case conversions can now either keep existing formatting for words shorter than a certain length, or convert them to lowercase

Bug Fixes and Improvements:
- Resolved an issue that made the Rename button invisible when using Dark Mode and Increased Contrast settings. (Hat tip to William H. for finding this one)
- The file list can no longer be cleared during a renaming operation

Name Mangler 3.5

New Features:
- Supports macOS Mojave's Dark Mode
- New Filter menu item, with new option to only view files with errors or warnings
- Added a Rename/Revert Touch Bar button
- Name Mangler is now notarized by Apple and uses the hardened runtime

Bug Fixes and Improvements:
- Attempted to work around an issue that caused some users' droplets to fail in macOS Mojave. (Hat tip to Shiro W. for finding this one)

Name Mangler 3.4.1
New Features:
- Hold down Shift in the "List" pop-up menu to select Files, Folders, and Folders Contents with one click. (Hat tip to Paul H. for the suggestion.)
- Set regular expressions' free spacing mode on/off in Name Mangler's preferences.
- Change the default action (Find and Replace) to whatever you like: Set up your action(s), then hold the Option key and select File > Save Default Configuration.
- If Name Mangler is scanning a massive (hundreds of thousands of files) folder and you want it to stop, click the Rename button while the scan is in progress, and it will stop. (Hat tip to Scott V. for the suggestion.)
- New log viewer can display Name Mangler's console messages within the app; this will help us help you if you're having an issue with the app.

Bug Fixes and Improvements:
- The good/problem/error indicators are now distinct in both shape and color; we apologize for the previously non-differented indicators, which caused problems for color blind users.
- If you exclude files from renaming operations, we now present a (hopefully) much clearer dialog, letting you know that files won't be renamed.
- Updated indicators in the List pop-up menu to more clearly show what's been selected.
- Fixed a bug involving quotes when using Find in Advanced mode renaming actions. (Hat tip to Hermann W. for finding this one.)
- Fixed a crashing bug in the Enter License Code, which very few people should ever have to use. (It's left over from a long-ago promotion.)
- Fixed a bug related to manually entering a value in the Index field of the Insert or Remove action, then using the up and down arrows. (Hat tip to Ajay M. for finding this one.)
- If you're the type who reads help files, we updated the help files for this release.

Name Mangler 3.4.0
New Features:
- Create Services from Name Mangler actions, making them easily accessible in Finder's contextual menu

Bug fixes and improvements:
- Regular expression support once again includes case conversion i.e. U, etc
- Improved handling of unit conversion in bitrate metadata fields

Name Mangler 3.3.7
New features:
- A contextual menu for entries in the file list area will reveal the selected file in Finder
- Name Mangler now uses an Apple-provided regular expression feature (NSRegularExpression)

Bug fixes and improvements:
- Fixed a bug where trying to populate with the Finder selection resulted in a crash when there was actually no Finder selection
- Improved handling of newline characters in text files used for Arbitrary Terms feature
- [App Store version only] Improved compatibility with macOS Sierra
- [App Store version only] Fixed a bug where accessing the Finder selection wouldn't work as expected if Name Mangler didn't have file access permission for the selected files already

Name Mangler 3.3.6
New Features:
- Added new Total Number of Items metadata field

Bug Fixes and Improvements:
- Improved help with better layout and greatly improved navigation and search
- Fixed a bug related to preference settings and droplets

Name Mangler 3.3.5
Bug Fixes and Improvements:
- Updated the Sparkle in-app update mechanism to use a secure connection (HTTPS)
- Fixed a bug related to preference settings and droplets