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Download MPV Player 0.35.0

  -  22.52 MB  -  Open Source

What's new in this version:

- This release requires FFmpeg 4.0 or newer
- For packagers: Note that mpv's build system is only supported on Python 3. If you use the bootstrap.py script it will take care of this, otherwise you need to explicitly invoke the build system using python3 waf.
- This release adds the Meson build system as an alternative to waf. It is supposed to be feature-complete but please report any issues you encounter.

- vo_gpu_next: add new libplacebo-based renderer
- build: add meson build support
- vo_gpu_next: forward Dolby Vision metadata to libplacebo
- ao_pipewire: add PipeWire audio backend
- ao_sndio: readd this audio output again
- vo_gpu_next: apply film grain if such metadata is present
- drm: context_drm_egl: add support for enabling VRR
- demux: add support for R128 replaygain tags
- x11: support X Present extension
- af_rubberband: add support for new engine in rubberband 3.0.0
- hwdec/drmprime: add drmprime hwdec-interop (commonly found on SoCs)
- various: support binding functions keys beyond F12
- audio: support hotplug events for multiple AOs
- sub: use Unicode linebreaking for non-ASS subs and OSD
- vo_gpu: hwdec: add Android hwdec utilizing AImageReader
- vo_dmabuf_wayland: add wayland VO displaying dmabuf buffers (vaapi or drm hwdec only)
- lua/console: add history deduplication

- filters: re-add vavpp hardware deinterlacing auto-filter (for --deinterlace)
- swresample: don't forcibly clip audio on every conversion
- ytdl_hook: always set HTTP headers to fix yt-dlp on certain sites

- libmpv: remove opengl_cb API and other deprecated symbols
- lua: remove deprecated mp.suspend(), resume() and resume_all()
- build: raise minimum libplacebo version requirement to v4.157.0

Options and Commands:
- vo_gpu_next: add --target-colorspace-hint to facilitate HDR passthrough
- vo_gpu_next: new tone mapping options 'auto', 'spline', 'bt.2446a' and add --tone-mapping-crosstalk, --inverse-tone-mapping
- vo_gpu: add --gamut-mapping-mode and --tone-mapping-mode
- options: add 'always' choice to --stop-screensaver
- options: add --osd-playing-msg-duration
- player: add --cover-art-whitelist option
- x11: add --x11-present option

- ao_openal: enable --openal-direct-channels by default
- options: only apply --sub-visibility to primary subtitles
- options: make --cover-art-auto=exact the default
- vo_gpu/hwdec: rename and introduce legacy names for some interops

- vo_gpu: deprecate --gamma-factor and --gamma-auto

- vo_gpu: remove --gamut-clipping, --gamut-warning, --tone-mapping-desaturate and --tone-mapping-desaturate-exponent (replacements available)
- vulkan: remove --vulkan-disable-events
- Fixes and Minor Enhancements:
- context_drm_egl: use gbm_surface_create_with_modifiers
- context_drm_egl: add support for BGR surface formats
- vo_gpu: vulkan: open DRM render fd when using VK_KHR_display
- client API: use symbol visibility attributes
- vo_gpu: hwdec_vaapi: add dma-buf modifiers support
- wayland: fix various issues that could lead to jitter
- osc: fix cache displaying 60s in some cases
- player: make --keep-open=always work with --loop-playlist
- opengl: support driver debug message under OpenGL ES
- vo_gpu: opengl: fixes for OpenGL ES version and extension handling
- f_decoder_wrapper: support frame rotation metadata (used by JPEG)
- wscript: switch shaderc checks to pkgconfig
- vd_lavc: enable hwdec for prores by default
- vo_gpu: add HOOKED_gather for custom shaders
- wayland, x11: sanitize window title for valid UTF-8
- win32: apply geometry position to content instead of window
- filter_kernels: add cosine window
- vo_gpu: hwdec_vaapi: don't probe formats for irrelevant endpoints
- vo_gpu: hwdec: load hwdec interops on-demand by default
- stats.lua: graphs: fix bad rendering due to division by 0
- hwdec: warn on unsupported --hwdec option value
- x11: fix --screen-name option
- x11: avoid wasteful rendering when possible
- video/image_writer: add JPEG XL support
- stream_lavf: enable ipfs, ipns and rist protocol support
- osc.lua: fix crash when calling osc-tracklist while idle
- player: add jxl, tiff, tif to list of image extensions
- various: switch to new AVChannelLayout structure
- lua: command_native_async: always run callback asynchronously (edge case)
- context_x11egl: remove supposed transparency workaround
- vo_gpu: fix 3DLUT precision
- drm: avoid drmModeAtomicCommit races by blocking
- drm_common: skip cards that don't support KMS for autodetection
- hwdec/dmabuf_interop_gl: support basic multi-plane formats
- misc/random: switch to internal xoshiro rng implementation
- ytdl_hook: improve track detection
- ad_lavc: strip non-normalized floats
- mpv.metainfo.xml: add XDG appstream metadata manifest
- mac: avoid unnecessary unsafe conversions; fixes crash in debug builds
- af_scaletempo2: fix crash when the number of channels increases
- wayland: correctly handle non-CLOCK_MONOTONIC clocks
- x11: fix --on-all-workspaces option
- sd_ass: improve handling of subtitles with unknown duration
- hwdec/vaapi: improve probing of supported sw formats
- demux_mf: enable support for QOI, PHM and HDR images
- demux_mkv: add AVS2 and AVS3 to tag list
- TOOLS/lua/autoload: fix incorrect duplicate file loading behavior
- demux/codec_tags: support more WAVEFORMATEXTENSIBLE tags
- sd_ass: never mangle colours on RGB video

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