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Sometimes latest versions of the software can cause issues when installed on older devices or devices running an older version of the operating system.

Software makers usually fix these issues but it can take them some time. What you can do in the meantime is to download and install an older version of iTerm2 3.4.0.

For those interested in downloading the most recent release of iTerm2 for Mac or reading our review, simply click here.

All old versions distributed on our website are completely virus-free and available for download at no cost.

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What's new in this version:

New Features:
- There's a new pane in Preferences calls Shortcuts where you can define Snippets and Actions. A Snippet is a piece of text that you can paste from the toolbelt, status bar, or from the Edit menu. Actions are similar to key binding actions, but can be invoked from the toolbelt, status bar, or Edit menu.
- Search results, marks, and annotations are now indicated in the scroll bar
- There's a new "Composer" feature that lets you quickly open a scratchpad to enter a command
- Adds support for flow control in tmux 3.2 and "pause mode" that will automatically pause sessions in tmux integration that get very far behind with the ability to catch up quickly. NOTE: tmux 3.2 has not yet been released.
- In the Minimal and Compact themes, you can now drag the window by grabbing the edge of the tab bar near the window border
- Add "Add Trigger" menu item, which lets you quickly create a highlight trigger
- You can now set a custom tab title on a profil
- There is a new profile preference to configure whether mouse reporting of clicks and drags are allowed
- There's a new preference to focus a window when you right- or middle-click in it
- Add support for IntelliJ IDEA, VSCodium, and Sublime Text 4 as Semantic History editors
- You can now swipe with two or three fingers between tabs, like in Safari
- Curly underlines are now supported
- Adds support for DECRQSS
- DECSCUSR 0 now resets the cursor to its default setting
- Tmux integration windows will now keep their size the same as you create or destroy split panes
- Adds a preference to exclude iTerm2 from the dock and cmd-tab app switcher only if all windows are hotkey windows
- Show local time in the context menu when you right click on a timestamp in microseconds since epoch
- Add a menu item "copy with control sequences"

- Various performance improvements
- Window restoration made more reliable
- The Python API now uses a Unix Domain Socket instead of a TCP socket for better performance. The security model has also changed: apps can authenticate via Applescript or you can choose to allow all programs running locally to use the API.
- Use a single daemon process for all sessions instead of one per session. This reduces the number of process IDs used and also improves the time to launch a new session.
- Background images are significantly faster when not using the GPU renderer
- Most table views now allow multiple selection
- The number of search results is now shown in the Find on Page UI
- Dynamic profiles now works with symlinks. Even the DynamicProfiles folder itself may be a symlink
- Exported scripts now have a more secure container format that signs the entire file except the signature itself
- Improve cold launch time
- Countless minor improvements and polishing
- Big Sur supported
- Permission is now requested before various possibly destructive or annoying activities are done in response to control sequences
- Don't snap window size to the cell grid when it gets resized by an Accessibility API
- Only use touch bar mitigations for keypresses originating from the built-in keyboard
- The profile preference "Send text at start" is now an interpolated string
- The profile preference "Custom command" is now an interpolated string
- The feature where the scroll wheel sends arrow keys when in alternate screen mode now works even when alternate screen mode is disabled
- Enable window shadow for transparent windows
- When resizing the window while scrolled up in to history, keep the text in the top left locked in position
- Show a brief message when automatic profile switching takes effect
- Send a newline before sending the curl command to install shell integration to clear out any existing command
- Disable GPU renderer for obscured windows when using the integrated GPU
- When a tmux pane fails to split, don't detach
- Remember tmux window sizes when reattaching
- When disintering a buried tmux tab, put it back in the right position in the same window it came from
- Draw outline on right hand side of last tab in minimal theme
- Hide subpixel antialiasing UI on big sur because Apple took it away from us
- Draw window borders on big sur in light theme

Bug Fixes:
- Fix a discrepancy between the legacy and GPU renderers. When an emoji with default text presentation follows an emoji with default emoji presentation, CoreText renders the emoji with the emoji presentation while the GPU does not. Use the default presentation always.
- Detect hostname changes. Fixes the git status bar component breaking
- Fix support for multiple broadcast domains in Python API
- Full screen windows in the Minimal or Compact theme did not used to get restored properly and now they do
- Fix how 24-bit colors are reported to work with vim
- Saved arrangements that contain local changes (such as those made with Edit Session) will now pick up changes to the original profile
- Fix a bug where inline images and OSC 8 hyperlinks didn't get restored reliably when restarting the app
- Improve support for zero-width joiners in Emoji
- Fix a memory leak of inline images when restoring windows after restarting the app
- Fix a bug where Swap With Session didn't work on tmux panes
- Fix a bug where quickly resizing tmux windows would increase the bottom margin
- Fix a bug where Window > Resize Window would cause tmux windows to resie incorrectly
- Fix a bug where windows are not movable after exiting native full screen
- Add crlf after sixel image
- Fix shift-return in profiles window to open a window instead of a tab
- Fix a bug where tmux windows would change sizes unexpectedly when using horizontal/vertical character spacing

Things Made Worse:
- Support for macOS 10.12 and 10.13 dropped