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    macOS 10.12 Sierra or later

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Sometimes latest versions of the software can cause issues when installed on older devices or devices running an older version of the operating system.

Software makers usually fix these issues but it can take them some time. What you can do in the meantime is to download and install an older version of iTerm2 3.3.0.

For those interested in downloading the most recent release of iTerm2 for Mac or reading our review, simply click here.

All old versions distributed on our website are completely virus-free and available for download at no cost.

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What's new in this version:

New Features:

- A Python scripting API has been added to enable extensive configuration and customization
- A scriptable status bar has been added with 13 built-in configurable components
- Two new themes: Minimal: Reduces visual clutter. Modernist; Compact: Moves tabs into the title bar to save space, while preserving the general appearance of a macOS app
- Session, tab, and window titles have been revamped to be more flexible and comprehensible. You can now configure them separately and select what information is shown per profile. They are integrated with the new Python scripting API.
- Tabs may now have icons: either an icon indicating the running app, or a fixed icon per profile
- The display of Sixel images is now supported
- Add menu item to arrange split panes evenly. In tmux, this uses the tiled layout
- Greatly improved support for background images: they may now span split panes and you can adjust how they are scaled to avoid stretching
- Add support for reporting keystrokes with CSI u
- New type of trigger added that turns text into a hyperlink
- New type of trigger added that adds annotations to the matching text
- You can now export a recording of your screen from the Instant Replay panel
- A new toolbelt tool, Actions, provides shortcuts to frequent actions like sending a snippet of text
- You can now search preferences. There's a search bar in the top right of the window
- Add a new utility, "it2git", which allows the git status bar component to show git state on a remote host. Install the utilities and then view ~/.iterm2/it2git for further instructions
- Add touch bar mitigations: haptic feedback, key click, and blink cursor when touching esc.
- Replace the system font picker with an easier- to-use custom one
- Search now remembers your 10 most recent queries and offers them as suggestions
- Adds support for crossed-out text (SGR 9)
- Add support for automatically restarting a session when it ends

- Numerous visual improvements
- Update app icon
- You can now change the color preset from the Open Quickly window
- Added an advanced pref for the height of the underline cursor
- The state of various terminal emulation flags is now exposed in Session > Terminal State
- Remove the bell icon from tabs more aggressively
- Various pages of preferences have been rearranged to make more sense or be more visually pleasing
- A new menu item lets you configure cmd-+ and cmd-- to adjust the underlying profile rather than only the current session
- By default the tab bar now stretches to fill the available width so it looks more like a native tab bar. You can change this in Prefs > Appearance
- Add a new proprietary control sequence to bounce the app icon only one time
- Add support for setting the proxy icon by control sequence
- Add support for broadcasting passwords to multiple sessions from the password manager. Off by default
- Update " Compatibility" key mapping for option left and right arrows
- Add support for natively drawn Powerline glyphs, allowing you to use any font and still get the fancy arrows. They also align properly with other elements, which the Powerline fonts do not always do
- Cmd-clicking on filename[line,column] will now open the file to the specified line and column
- Add "use transparency" as a profile setting for newly created windows
- Adjust how underlines are drawn to have a more correct baseline offset
- Add an advanced pref to swap find next/find previous behavior (since the default does not conform to macOS norms)
- The default scheme for URLs when you cmd-click is now https rather than http. You can change it with an advanced pref
- Sparkle updates now use EdDSA signatures. DSA signatures will be phased out soon
- Add an advanced preference to show a hint with split pane direction in menu items
- Add an option to preserve window size when tab bar shows or hides
- You can now use the password manager when entering a password for secure copy
- Adds support for the DECRQM control sequence
- Performance improvements for long scrollback history
- iTerm reports itself as a VT200 supporting Sixel in response to DA1
- Doesn't block the main thread when checking if the text under the cursor is an existing file
- Avoid blocking the main thread when creating a new session
- Performance improvements for box drawing characters when not using GPU renderer
- Performance improvements for opening long lists of color presets
- Change natural text editing keyboard preset to include cmd-left and cmd-right
- Work around a bug in tmux 2.9 that would crash the tmux server when changing panes
- When the current tab is closed select the one to its right, like standard macOS tabs
- Work around a macOS quirk where the equals sign on the numeric keypad is not treated as a numeric keypad key
- When tabs are very narrow, prefer to show the tab label over the new-output/bell icon
- Add an advanced setting to handle spacing combining marks properly ("Detect base unicode characters with lookup table")
- Respect System "Prefs>Dock>Prefer tabs when opening documents"
- Reduce default fast paste speed
- Revamp titles in tmux integration mode. Pane titles and window names are now distinct when using tmux 2.6 or later. set-titles and set-titles-string is now respected
- Allow Highlight triggers with "Instant" enabled to fire more than once per line
- Add a profile preference to disable paste bracketing
- When semantic history is configured to run a command and the command fails, you can now see the output
- Add an option to log Automatic Profile Switching messages to the scripting console
- Use Menlo in advanced paste and in the notes tool