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InSSIDer for Mac

InSSIDer for Mac

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If you’re an IT technician, then you’ll find a lot of use from InSSIDer for Mac if you need to enhance a wireless network’s performance. This application assists in identifying areas which interfere with the strength of a wireless signal in a negative way.

Basically, It gives users information about wireless networks in their area. This information may include the name, security method, and broadcast channel of these networks. To check the signal strength of these networks, users can look at the graphs next to them.

If your neighborhood has wireless routers that utilize the same range of frequency, then you may have a problem with overlapping broadcasting channels. This will cause there to be lower efficiency amongst them.

Another thing the InSSIDer for macOS tool can do is find channels that other networks are using. Then users can manually choose a channel that doesn’t overlap.

Specific networks can be chosen from the list. That way, the RSSI of the networks can be tracked throughout a longer period of time. As a result, networks near your area can be identified and then you’ll have a better chance of establishing a good connection.

It comes with a GPS feature that lets users pinpoint their own location and see the geographical coordinates of networks it has detected in your local area. The GPS lets you export this information to other applications using KML files.

When several networks are detected by InSSIDer for Mac, the filtering feature can be used to choose the information you’d like to see. It just takes a couple of clicks to show the devices of a particular vendor as well as the devices which utilize a specific frequency range or security type.

It is easy to use the program’s interface because it can run without needing too many resources. It can even run in the background and not impact the system’s performance at all.

In conclusion, In SSIder is a useful and effective application for letting users see important details about local wireless networks. In addition, your adapter’s signal strength can be optimized too.

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