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Download Inkscape 1.2.1

  -  144.73 MB  -  Open Source

What's new in this version:

- 3D box and one when panning, then switching to 3D box tool
- the option 'Check attributes and style properties on Editing' was enabled and the document was edited while there was additional whitespace inside group items in the SVG code
- converting an LPE path (e.g. when exporting to PDF) to a normal object when the original path was corrupted
- ungrouping a clipped object that had been created with the option "Put all clipped/masked objects into one group" enabled
- ungrouping while the Export dialog is open

- Fixed loss of drawing data (saved in defs section of the SVG, like filters, masks, clips, gradients, ...) occurring when performing the sequence copy-paste-undo with the Export dialog open, which only became obvious after saving and reloading the file
- Fixed Inkscape freezing when starting with many fonts installed and the Text and Font dialog open
- Fixed accented characters in context menus for input fields in non-English languages on Windows
- Added back the ability to set a keyboard shortcut for swapping fill and stroke paint of an object
- Aligning objects using keyboard shortcuts now respects the current 'Relative to' setting from the "Align and Distribute" dialog
- When there are no recently used files to show, a text tells you about it now instead of the submenu just remaining empty
- Fixed some translation markup typos
- Fixed inverted alignment of page with 'Resize page to selection', and of objects bottom/top edges using the buttons in the Alignment dialog when the document y-axis points up
- Fixed guide direction so perpendicular or tangential snapping only work if you let go when the guide is tangential
- The page background opacity previously set is now respected when reopening the file
- Clicking on two different tool buttons in quick succession no longer opens preferences dialog
- Custom setting for the opacity of the drawing in outline overlay view mode is no longer lost when closing Inkscape
- Fixed a bug with ungrouping clipped objects
- Scaling the pattern object for a "Pattern along Path" path effect now affects the resulting size again
- The warning message "WHOOPS... this does really happen" no longer happens on the command line
- When dragging and zooming, there should be fewer rendering artifacts now
- Rendering should be a little bit smoother now on Windows and macOS

- The Export button is no longer greyed out for the next export, when an export options dialog was canceled while batch exporting
- Some stock markers in the Fill and Stroke dialog could not be selected or had an invalid id value

PDF Export:
- Rasterized (filtered) objects that are not on the first page of a multipage document now show up in exported PDF files
- Stray markers no longer show up unexpectedly in exported PDF files
- Marker colors are no longer changed to black in some special cases in exported PDF files

- Text that was dark blue on dark background with a dark theme in the Keyboard shortcuts preferences and the Text and Font dialog is now readable (bold instead of different color)

- Fixed the size of the text background for the measurements created by the Measurement tool when converting a measurement to objects
- The Circle and 3D Box tools work again when using Inkscape in Czech language on Linux

Windows-specific Fixes:
- Installer images updated to represent correct Inkscape version

Improvements for development / deployment:
- Translation files are now always generated automatically and available for download

Extension bug fixes:
Bugfixes in particular extensions:
- Parts of a LaTeX formula no longer become invisible when running the pdflatex extension multiple times
- A few typos in the pdflatex extension have been fixed
- The help messages and tooltips of the Interpolate, Restack and Extrude extensions have been improved

Improvements that apply to all extensions:
- Unnecessary deprecation warnings have been addressed

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