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Sometimes latest versions of the software can cause issues when installed on older devices or devices running an older version of the operating system.

Software makers usually fix these issues but it can take them some time. What you can do in the meantime is to download and install an older version of Inkscape 0.46.

For those interested in downloading the most recent release of Inkscape for Mac or reading our review, simply click here.

All old versions distributed on our website are completely virus-free and available for download at no cost.

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What's new in this version:

Inkscape 0.47 brings a host of important improvements all across the program:
- Timed autosave: no more lost work
- Spiro splines: an exciting new way to work with paths, fully supported in Pen, Pencil, and Node tools
- Auto smooth nodes: a new type of node that keeps the path as smooth as possible as you move it or its neighbors
- New modes in Tweak tool: pushing and jittering whole objects, scaling/rotating objects, deleting and duplicating using the "soft brush"
- Reworked, much more usable snapping system and a Snapping toolbar
- New path effects, including sketch, hatching, envelope deformation; effects can be stacked and assigned to groups
- A huge collection of preset filters in the new Filters menu
- New cairo-based PS and EPS export: improved quality, more features supported, fallback rasterization for filters and transparency
- Spell checker for text objects in a document
- Many new extensions: restacking, calendar, printing marks, cartesian and polar grids, interpolating attributes
- Optimized SVG code options, now with their own Preferences page
- Many other improvements, usability tweaks, memleak stops, and misc bugfixes

Notable bug fixes:
- Several memory leaks are stopped, reducing the memory consumption during long editing sessions considerably. Closing the last window with a document now frees memory used by that document immediately.
- Copy/paste between Inkscape and other programs, as well as between different Inkscape instances, finally works as expected.
- No more ID clashes on import and paste: previously, importing or pasting SVG objects might sometimes distort their colors, because the imported objects referred to gradients with the same IDs as those that already exist in the document but look different. Now, IDs of all gradients in the pasted document are checked for clashes with those in the host document, and if necessary changed with all their users updated correspondingly, so such unexpected color changes will never happen.
- The visual bounding box (which is the default bounding box type used by Inkscape) of an object with a filter applied now includes the expanded area of the filter. For single blur filter (such as the blur you apply with a slider in the Fill and Stroke dialog), this expands the bounding box by 2.4*radius; although theoretically, blur is infinite, this is the distance at which the opacity of the object drops below the perceptibility threshold of our renderer. For all other filters, the area is expanded by the relative amounts you specify on the "Filter general settings" tab of the Filter Editor dialog.
- Only visual bounding box is affected; if you use geometric bounding box, you will notice no change in most cases. However, the Export Bitmap dialog always uses the visual bounding box for selection of the export area; this means that you can now export a blurred object to bitmap without any clipping of the blur.
- Bounding box calculation does not include the invisible objects, bug #252547.
- Various fixes to PS and PDF rendering of objects involving masks, patterns, and/or bitmaps: bug #208217, bug #217212 and others.
- File dialogs (Open, Save, Save as) now remember the last visited directory.
- The --vacuum-defs command line parameter erroneously deleted markers which are in use.
- No more garbage lines in Outline mode.
- No more artifacts left by the circle cursor in Tweak tool.
- The Bend Path and Pattern along Path path effects now work correctly with closed paths.

Several viewBox related bugs fixed:
- Documents with viewBox are now editable without transformation defects. In particular this affected documents created with e.g. pstoedit. bug #168370
- Resizing the page adjusts viewBox bug #167682.
- preserveAspectRatio parsing code was fixed bug #166885.
- Several fixes allow Inkscape to correctly render and edit SVG files that use currentColor in objects' style (this includes files created by gnuplot).
- Inkscape is now able to handle paths with only 'movetos', i.e. "M 0,0 M 1,1 M 2,2". These kind of paths can be used to only show markers on a path without the rest of the path visible.
- Open paths (as opposed to closed) are now correctly drawn when start and end points are equal (SVG test suite paths-data-10-t.svg).
- The shorthand 'marker' property is now correctly interpreted (SVG test suite painting-marker-03-f.svg).
- Coordinates and lengths specified in percentages are now correctly interpreted (SVG test suite coords-units-02-b.svg).
- Horizontally scrolling the canvas with a tilt wheel (present on several Logitech mice such as the LX5) in the Bezier tool will no longer finish the path being drawn.