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GoodSync for Mac

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What's new in this version:

GoodSync 10.10.9
- Added MidServer, FileServer GoodSync platforms and distributions
- Added License Activation via Browser for BusinessClient, FileServer, MidServer
- Fixed popular crashes
- All latest GSTP changes from GoodSync Windows ver 10.10.9

GoodSync 10.10.6
- More fixes to license file permissions
- Fixed Activation error: Cannot write fixed license: ... Permission denied (error 13)
- Properly block auto-run for current job when showing modal dialogs
- All latest GSTP changes from GoodSync Windows ver 10.10.6.

GoodSync 10.10.3
- Added Apple Notarization to distribution files, required for MacOS 10.15 Catalina
- Licenses: new licensing scheme with per-GsUser licenses, just like in Windows
- Browse Dialog: Fixed file size error on multi-select check/uncheck
- Browse Dialog: Fixed file system browse multi-select for non=absolute filters
- Added Hotkeys for Collapse/Expand of Sync Tree: Gray '+' '-' '*' '/' or Cmd '=' '-' '0' '9'
- Auto Settings: Clear Auto Settings, only if Folder Coords on edited side have changed
- All latest GSTP changes from GoodSync Windows ver 10.10.4.

GoodSync 10.10.1
- Fixed Saving connection settings in Account setup dialog was not working
- Fixed SMB file system usernames and passwords values were removed on GoodSync restart
- New Job dialog: changed to look like GoodSync for Windows New Job dialog
- All latest GSTP changes from GoodSync Windows ver 10.10.1.

GoodSync 10.10.0
- Fixed 'Time To Reconnect' Job option was ignored and did not make it to sockets
- GSTP: Fixed 'Socket Timeout' error on long file operations such as computing CheckSum
- Fixed Job Renaming when running was causing crashes
- All latest GSTP changes from GoodSync Windows ver 10.10.0

GoodSync for Mac 10.9.9
- Fixed GS could not start if we cannot resolve all permissions issues
- Fixed Job Options validation was broken: Encryption settings was not saved
- Fixed GS did not do proxy test after proxy settings were changed
- Fixed several miscellaneous crases
- All appropriate changes from GoodSync Windows ver 10.9.

GoodSync for Mac 10.9.8
- More GSTP-3 protocol Client and Server fixes
- Fixed Pause button was shown during Analyze of one job from the current group, even if stopped
- Fix Job Group UI issues, it was broken
- Fixed GsExplorer copyright string
- Show License Agreement and Privacy Policy in as links to web site, same as in Windows
- All appropriate changes from GoodSync Windows ver 10.9.8

GoodSync for Mac 10.9.3
- DMG installer: Do not ask user to drag GoodSync to Applications, use double click instead
- Browse dlg: Add Mega Cloud file system
- Browse dlg: Fixed several bugs and crashes
- Browse dlg: Fix Cancel connection button did not work for remote file systems
- Affiliate Id: improved Affiliate Id propagation from download to the installed GS
- Fixed Send Email after Analyze/Sync may not work via while Screen is locked
- Make GS on Mac not start if it cannot load accounts/jobs/options file, like GS on Windows
- Added Test SMTP button to Preferences dialog
- Fixed Export Jobs was not exporting Accounts, so Import Jobs could not work properly
- Allow resizing Left/Right action columns in sync-tree table
- Fixed miscellaneous errors and crashes

GoodSync for Mac 10.9.2
- gs-server: Fixed Incremental Analyze did not work for gs-server + On File Change
- gs-server: Fixed wrong paths passed in GetFileCheckSum
- GSTP + OTP: Fixed of Device Authorization was lost, then client can cycle on re-Auth
- GS Connect Web UI: Added Delete Old Devices, that is, devices not seen for N days
- GS Connect Web UI: multiple bug fixes, improve usability
- GSTP sharing: Fixed Sharing did not work, if default forwarder was used
- GSTP sharing: Implemented CanShare flag: Grantor user allows Share to be further shared
- GSTP sharing: Relax format of From Folder, do not require file:// prefix
- Amazon Cloud Drive: Fixed Conflict 409 in Analyze after stopped Sync

GoodSync for Mac 10.9.1
- Disk Free Space: show it in Browse dialg and Explorer for all file systems that have it
- More fixes for Sync tree initial expand for large trees
- Fixed UI hangs while jobs processes huge number of small changes (deletions or errors)
- Browse Dlg: Show Finder Favorites in Browse for local filesystem on macOS 10.12-10.13
- Browse Dlg: fixed crashes, improved performance
- All appropriate changes from GoodSync Windows ver 10.9.1

GoodSync for Mac 10.9.0
- Gs-Server: get rid of internal file:// in URL pointing to gs-server, so that gstp://comp.user.goodsync/file:///Users/folder becomes gstp://comp.user.goodsync/Users/folder
- Browse Dlg: Checking of GSTP computer for being local was not correct, fixed it
- Browse Dlg: Fixed Show Hidden Files checkbox was not working for GSTP tab
- Browse Dlg: Added full support for Encrypted folders for all file systems
- Always start GS in Full UI mode even if it was previously run in Tray mode
- Added 'Show Backup/SyncJob Groups' option in GoodSync Preferences
- Fixed GS UI can hang after repeatedly Opening/Closing of Browse Dlg
- Unix FS: Do not translate /Volumes to ~Volumes and /Users to ~Users, in display name
- All appropriate changes from GoodSync Windows ver 10.9.0

GoodSync for Mac 10.8.9
- Fixed Auto jobs may not start after computer was inactive for long time and screen is locked
- Fixed Show hidden folders checkbox was not shown in Browse dialog for the right side
- Fixed bottom toolbar options button did not work
- Encrypted Side Options: Implemented all side-options changes from windows version
- AutoUpdate: improved checking when AutoUpdate was not pushed by server the 1st time
- All appropriate changes from GoodSync Windows ver 10.8.9

GoodSync for Mac 10.8.9
- Fixed formatting of Free Space and file sizes, localize it to user country
- Improved Visual Sync tree speed, fixed some counter display bugs
- Fixed text alignment of Left Size sync-tree column
- Fixed Log View shows long error messages outside its boundaries
- Get/Set ACL GSTP: Send ACL in the HTTP body which can handle newlines in ACL
- Fixed logs could be mixed up and incorrectly flushed
- Do not add duplicate log files to support ticket ZIP file
- Fix possible hang up on SyncAfterAnalyze callback
- Add MS Graph specific advanced options to Browse dialog Advanced tab
- All appropriate changes from GoodSync Windows ver 10.8.7

GoodSync for Mac 10.8.7
- Added MS Graph file system to Browse Dlg and GS Explorer
- Fixed Support Ticket was not created in 10.8.3 official version
- Fixed problems that arise for Local Net Shares on computers with Apple File System
- Fixed: Cannot connect to local GoodSync server: server: Cannot get user: User -(undefined)-
- All appropriate changes from GoodSync Windows ver 10.8.6

GoodSync for Mac 10.8.3
- AutoUpdate: Reset installer DMG path before downloading new DMG. Not doing it may result in cycling
- AutoUpdate: all versions before 10.8.3 may have auto-update problems, so manual update is required
- Shared Memory: handle shared memory errors, it affects global job counter
- Make Goodsync GUI accept command line arguments, just like on Windows
- Mac Local Network FS: Fixed sometimes it cannot list all Local Network servers
- Fixed Accounts are shown twice for Network Shares in Browse dlg
- Browse Dialog: Fixed afp:// and smb:// display issues
- Fix Job Import GUI issues
- Implemented more precise sync-tree live counters, like on windows
- Fixed cc-runner-installer does not set jobsServerUrl by default to
- All appropriate changes from GoodSync Windows ver 10.8.3

GoodSync for Mac 10.8.2
- Fixed After analyze, GoodSync expanded only two first levels of sync-tree.< br> * Auto-Update: several fixes, to make AutoUpdate and AutoInstall more automatic
- Fixed On File Change option was disabled if both job sides are GDrive
- Made System Sleep detection be more precise
- All appropriate changes from GoodSync Windows ver 10.8.2

GoodSync for Mac 10.8.1
- Browse: Fixed Browse dlg cannot Re-Browse account if Refresh token process failed
- Browse: Enable Quick Browse mode in Browse Dlg, need it for Google Drive
- Progress: Fixed item progress is not shown on start of copy operation
- Fixed crashes during syncing jobs with big sync trees
- Add clean up of old mounted Network shares, mounted by GS during update
- All appropriate changes from GoodSync Windows ver 10.8.1

GoodSync for Mac 10.8.0
- Fixed crashes on Analyze done on MacOS 10.10-10.11
- Fixed crashes on update of tree items during Sync with more than 5000 changes
- Added support to authenticate on Local Network Shares via Apple ID
- All appropriate changes from GoodSync Windows ver 10.8.0

GoodSync for Mac 10.7.9
- gs-runner: Fixed possible crashes on using non-existing shared memory during shutdown check
- gs-server: Added system Sleep/Wakeup monitor to gs-server, registering on wakeup is now faster
- Improved performance of visual Sync Tree
- New Local network file system implementation, Increase initial connection speed
- Added cleanup of previously mounted shares on GoodSync Update
- Fixed Local Network FS was un-mounting on disconnect asynchronously, now it waits
- Fixed GS hangs on sync with local network shares, mounted by user and used with another apps
- Fixed cleanup enterprise runner on GoodSync manual install did not work
- Fixed 'cannot create id with name; error on gs-runner update
- All appropriate changes from GoodSync Windows ver 10.7.9

GoodSync for Mac 10.7.8
- MS drive: Use new MS Graph for Discovery Service, as old OneDrive system stopped working with Error 401
- MS drive: improve error messages when discovery fails, instead of showing dropped connection

GoodSync for Mac 10.7.7
- Added new Google Docs FileSys, hide Google Drive v2 file system
- Explorer: Fixed GSE was unable to connect to GoodSync controller with user email used as user id
- Explorer: Fixed crashes in GSE on trying to connect to GS Connect FileSys
- Added missing File System advanced options
- Import: Re-Added Import of Old Format .TIX files
- Standard GoodSync DMG installer now removes CC-runner installation, like on Windows
- Fixed installation on double click from DMG did not wait while quarantine xattr was completely removed

GoodSync for Mac 10.7.6
- Add GoodSync Control Center Runner command line installer
- Browse Dialog: Enable Browse and Directions toolbar buttons for unattended jobs
- Fixed redundant admin password requests on GoodSync install/update process
- Fixed job Analyzed With Changes and job Synced OK icons
- gs-server Web UI: Added missing gs-server web UI resources
- Added support for multiple CC Runners, started from different system users
- This is the last version that supports MacOS 10.7 to 10.9

GoodSync for Mac 10.7.5
- Do not auto-create Sync folder in /Volumes folder on Mac, nothing can be created there
- Improved Job Options -> General Tab layout, do fewer frames
- GoodSync Connect Setup: Always delete Old Gs-Server Users, so that only new New user is left
- gs-server Unique Clients limitation: Increase it to Allowed 4 clients, show Client IP addresses
- Fixed crashes in Job Options dialog in GS ver 9
- Fixed crashes in Browse dialog in GS ver 10
- Fixed AutoUpdate was broken in ver 10.7.3, so users should upgrade manually from this version
- All appropriate changes from GoodSync Windows ver 10.7.5

GoodSync for Mac 10.7.3
- Job Options -> General: Added option to Shutdown Computer after Job is finished
- Job Options -> General: Added option to limit Max Time To Run (minutes)
- Use view-based TableView instead of cell-based in sync tree, fixed a number of layout issues
- Improved Visual Sync Tree update speed, fixed delays in updating
- Fixed file systems icons size issue. Use appropriate image scaling
- File Server License for GSTP gs-server: added new License for gs-server-based File Server
- Command Line: new command line parser, to catch more errors in CL options
- Removed support for MacOS 10.9 and lower, only MacOS 10.10 and higher is supported
- All appropriate changes from GoodSync Windows ver 10.7.3

GoodSync for Mac 10.7.2
- Added new Google Team Drive file system to GoodSync and GoodSync Explorer
- Browse Dialog: Fixed Favorites popup in Browse Dialog did not work
- Browse Dialog: Fixed multi-select dest-side warning layout
- All appropriate changes from GoodSync Windows ver 10.7.2

GoodSync for Mac 10.7.1
- Amazon CD: Fixed GetMetadataEndPoint Unauthoirzed Error 401
- Added Upload Accounts to Control Center command as menu item
- Browse dialog: Do not show 'Show files/Show Hidden Folders' checkbox for destination side
- Browse dialog: Allow manual input of server address for GS Connect tab
- Fix runner crashes on update, on fast computers
- All appropriate changes from GoodSync Windows ver 10.7.1

GoodSync for Mac 10.7.0
- Added Connection Passwords Encryption option and Security tab, just like on windows
- Account Manager + OAuth2: new scheme of storing tokens and getting auth via Browser
- OAuth2: maintain Refresh and Access Token in a separate cache, not to change Accounts
- Import: Fixed Import of a single job could destroy unnamed bookmarks, thus damaging other jobs
- Fixed GoodSync localization settings drops during GS updates if was opened
- Added support for multiple gs-runners instances working on computers with more than one User Accounts
- Fixed minor memory leaks on transfer non-ARC Core Foundation objects to ARC Obj-C objects
- Explorer: Added GDrive2 file system, fixed errors on connection to OAuth2 file systems
- Explorer: Fixed GsExplorer did not respect GoodSync localization settings
- All appropriate changes from GoodSync Windows ver 10.7.0

GoodSync for Mac 10.6.8
- All appropriate changes from GoodSync Windows ver 10.6.8

GoodSync for Mac 10.6.7
- Licensing Fixes: Auto Options are not available in Free version
- Licensing Changes: Increase max files to 1000 in Free version
- Fixed Apple Time Machine volumes were added to mounted device list recursively
- All appropriate changes from GoodSync Windows ver 10.6.7

GoodSync for Mac 10.6.5
- Fixed GoodSync update may freeze and even crash during manual update on MacOS 10.7
- Make paths case-insensitive when checking for State File info between Analyze ans Sync
- Browse Dialog: reorder file systems, like in Windows
- All appropriate changes from GoodSync Windows ver 10.6.5

GoodSync for Mac 10.6.4
- Fixed Computer ID was not saved after it was changed via GS Connect Setup dialog
- Fixed GS wrote GsOnlineAcct.gsb file in local file system root, in gs-server update
- Fixed "Delete Locks after Aalyze" and "Delete Bad State file after Analyze" were not visible
- Fixed GsExplorer cannot download files from job bookmarks root
- Fix crashes in Browse dialog after connect to different tabs and switching between them
- Fix rare crashes in update process
- All appropriate changes from GoodSync Windows ver 10.6.4

GoodSync for Mac 10.6.2
- Local and SMB Browse: improve speed, fix bugs
- Fix crashes on performing some special operations
- Add stop/start service mac implementation, for CC Runner
- Fix Open left/right item did not work for Local Network FS
- Fix permissions issues after update Gs2Go on MacOS 10.13
- On Schedule: When Hour=NN is specified and Minute=0 is not specified, add Minute=0 automatically
- All appropriate changes from GoodSync Windows ver 10.6.2

GoodSync for Mac 10.6.0
- GSTP: Implemented One Time Passwords (OTP) and Client DeviceId
- GSTP: You can turn on OTP in
- GSTP: Prefer Emails as UserIds, they are also used in One Time Password auth
- When OTP is On, you will receive Email with OTP every time you use a new Device
- GoodSync client will request One Time Password sent in Email
- GSTP: OTP is requested when doing GoodSync Connect Setup and Browse dialog
- gs-server: Do not ask for administrator password during server update/install
- Fix Compare item was missing in Sync Tree context menu
- Fix wrong job view was selected in right pane after job deletion from left pane
- Fix Browse dlg, New folder prompt text layout
- Fix Browse Dlg 'Bad Home FS' error after 'Show Files' check box checked
- Fix custom group tag color was not changed after it was changed from context menu
- All appropriate changes from GS Windows ver 10.6.0

GoodSync for Mac 10.5.8
- ACD: do reconnects, to fix 'Cannot Switch to SSL' error cause by ACD serves malfunction
- Fix file operations progress reporting jumpiness, make it more smooth
- Fix progress of operations with SMB or AFP was not displaying
- All UI problems and crashes found in ver 10.5.5 and 10.5.7
- All appropriate changes from GS Windows ver 10.5.8

GoodSync for Mac 10.5.4
- FTPS, Sockets: Fix Sockets SSL session reuse
- Fixed observed crashes in CC Runner and Explorer
- Browse Dialog: Fix Account names gstp://[email protected] appearing, should be without @
- Browse Dialog: Better Account Tree normalization, when GoodSync starts
- Browse Dialog: Make Delete work properly on Folder Bookmarks
- Browse Dialog: Do not allow Rename on Folder Bookmarks
- Add 'Show Backup / Sync Jobs groups' Program Option, Off by default
- Sync Tree file/folder properties: show it in a dialog
- GUI: fix some drawing problem on High DPI displays

GoodSync for Mac 10.5.2
- Fix Setup job side via drag-n-drop from Finder did not work
- Fixed sometimes GS cannot open folder via GsExplorer, if current job has encryption enabled
- Fix crash on Open File from OneDrive via GsExplorer
- Fix Browse dlg cannot establish connection for OneDrive from server list
- Fix Account Manager cannot create AccountLink, which is needed when changing UserID
- Enterprise Installer: multiple fixes for enteprise-only options

GoodSync for Mac 10.5.1
- Fix B2 credentials were lost after new App Key was generated and entered into GS
- Fix GoodSync may crash on showing Buy Now window when trial period expired
- Fix crashes on deleting job during editinfg its name in the job list
- Do not open instal/update Url if GS was installed with --no-license-agreement option
- All appropriate changes from GS Windows ver 10.5.1

GoodSync for Mac 10.5.0
- Add Checkbox to delete corrupted state file, like in Windows version
- Fix crashes on using time filters
- Fix gs-server crashes on start, trying to load missing library
- Enable Copy Original fs names option for LocalNetwork FS mounted via AFP
- Clean up system-wide semaphores during GS update, to fix rare crashes
- All appropriate changes from GS Windows ver 10.5.0

GoodSync for Mac 9.5.0
- Change version number from 5.9.9 to 9.5.0, to match version numbers of Ver 9 on Windows
- All appropriate changes from ver 10.5.0

GoodSync for Mac 10.4.9
- Mac Socket client: SSL_Write: treat Invalid Argument error as Connectivity error, for reconnect
- Sym Links + Unix FS: Allow setting file mod time of sym link
- Enterprise installer: Add --no-daemons/-d option to GS Enterprise installer script
- Enteprise: add offline activation for large clients
- Fix Browse dlg does not allow user to change Connectoid Password for BackBlaze FS sometimes
- All appropriate changes from GS Windows ver 10.4.9

GoodSync for Mac 10.4.8
- Fix Open Logs menu command did not work for Local FS if hidden files were disabled in Finder
- Fix scrolling to current item in sync tree during sync did not work properly if Log View was opened
- Fix Enterprise installer script did not work properly for GoodSync ver 10
- Filters: Use the same fnmatch code in Windows, MacOS and Linux -- for consistent results
- Add checking of System Disk Free Space and reporting of low free space
- All appropriate changes from GS Windows ver 10.4.7

GoodSync for Mac 10.4.7
- Fix Open Logs from context menu did not work for remote file systems
- Browse: better field captions, like on Windows
- Browse: Fix change root dir warning was shown when Cancel button was pressed
- Job Options: several fixes, especially in options change post processing
- Job Options: Fix side-encryption password confirmation compare not working
- Improve Job/Group menu switching in the main menu
- Fix Local network connect errors on OS X 10.7
- Reduce memory usage for Sync Tree view
- Reduce number of sync-tree view redraws on Item change events
- Speed up and improve progress reporting for file syncing
- All appropriate changes from GS Windows ver 10.4.5

GoodSync for Mac 10.4.6
- Fix GS random crashes when mounting SMB/AFP server from Browse dlg
- All appropriate changes from GS Windows ver 10.4.4

GoodSync for Mac 10.4.5
- Change log not available for this version

GoodSync for Mac 10.4.4
- Added SharePoint 2013 to Browse dialog
- Change layout of Job options to be like in Windows version. Add localization and tooltips to all checkboxes
- Fixed context menu did not show for user-defined groups in group list on OS X 10.7
- Fixed Run Parallel Threads option was not saved on OS X 10.7
- Fix some Auto options was not saved in Job Options Dialog
- Add full support of Google Drive V3. Separate GS V3 and V2 in Browse dialog
- All appropriate changes from GS Windows ver 10.4.3

GoodSync for Mac 10.4.0
- Add Compare Attributes option to Advanced Job options, Off by default
- Restore Compare ACL and Compare ExtAttr options that were removed in 10.3.9
- Folder Options: move all Local FS options (Default Permissions, FAT-like) from FS options to Folder options
- Change Job Advanced Options tab layout up to the same as in Windows ver
- All changes from GS Windows 10.4.0

GoodSync for Mac 10.3.9
- Copy Attributes: change of Attributes is now detected in Analyze
- Fix slowdown on comparing Attributes: do not compare Attributes for file systems that cannot do it
- Fix GS Explorer crashes after open item from Goodsync tree
- Fix rare crashes on changing job options after changing job type
- All changes from GS Windows 10.3.9

GoodSync for Mac 10.3.8
- Fix GoodSync crashes on attempt to run second GS instance
- Fix error handling for AFP/SMB connect errors (undefined error 0)
- Fix Mac file system monitor did not catch events on extended attrs change
- Remove Job Options Compare ACL and Compare ExtAttr, now implied by Copy options
- All changes from GS Windows 10.3.8

GoodSync for Mac 10.3.5
- gsync Runner: Fix asserts on Job change originated by the GUI
- Explorer: Fix Gs Explorer cannot connect to OneDrive
- Fix Create Folder If Not Found option did not work with Local Network FS on OS X
- Fix Start GS when Mac Starts + Start GS Hidden option did not work
- Fix Job Import did not work for old-style TIX files from ver 9/5
- Fix Import Results window stuck if it was closed with left top X close button
- Fir more crashes on exiting GoodSync
- All changes from GS Windows 10.3.6

GoodSync for Mac 10.3.3
- Fix job state was not updated after tree special operations were performed
- Fix UI issues on Mac OSX 10.7: stuck radio buttons, start screen not hidden
- Fix crashes on multiple job exclude/include to user defined group
- On Folder Connect: speed up reaction to device arrival/departure
- Fix incomplete disk information was not shown for some file systems
- Fix Group-related GUI issues
- All changes from Windows ver 10.3.5 including improved Forwarder

GoodSync for Mac 10.3.2
- Fix Created Support Ticket command was generating file that is too big
- Fix Root Changes Warning was shown even with empty previous connectoid
- Fix Backup job Direction popup button did not work in Options Dlg
- Fix crashes on include sync tree item command, called from context menu
- Do not use Cmd+W shortcut in GS, as it used by MacOS
- Fix current job and Selected in UI job mismatch if sort jobs by alphabet option is set

GoodSync for Mac 10.3.0
- Account Manager: use new scheme for storing and updating Folder Connect info and Options
- Account Manager: if folder credentials or options are updated in one job, it propagates to all other jobs
- Added BackBlaze file system to Browse dialog
- Add 'Sort Jobs Alphabetically' option: groups/jobs are sorted alphabetically, no drag-n-drop reordering
- Gs Explorer: many fixes for new folder connection and options
- Gs Explorer: GUI fixes for retina display, etc
- Fix some crashes
- All sync engine changes from Windows version up to 10.3.3

GoodSync for Mac 10.0.3
- Expand 'All Jobs' group on start. Select first job from the last opened group
- Fix open private key panel in Browse Dlg did not show hidden folders
- Change all URLs to https:// prefix
- All sync engine changes from Windows version up to 10.2.2

GoodSync for Mac 10.0.1
- Add file system to Browse dialog
- Add ability to move job to group, in job context menu
- Make toolbar look more like Ver 10 in Windows
- Add ability to Save/Load new job from Templates
- Fix icon display and other misc UI issues

GoodSync for Mac 10.0.0
- New Version 10 first official release
- Add Groups of jobs. Jobs in Groups are sorted
- To add a Group, click + and select Group
- To add a Job to Group, drag this Job to Group
- UI: add new icons, update existing icons
- UI: better layout, more like in GS Windows ver 10
- UI: new featues, as in GS Windows ver 10
- UI: Groups and Jobs may be renamed 'in place', by clicking on them
- UI: Add support for Full Screen mode
- Auto update with install: Do not ask for Administrator password
- MacOSX ver 10.6 is not supported, OSX ver 10.7 or higher required
- All sync engine changes from Windows version up to 10.2.2
- User Interface changes will continue in future versions, with declared goal of making it really close to GoodSync Windows ver 10

GoodSync for Mac 5.6.8
- SyncLib: Fix crash that was happening in On File Change jobs in ver 10.1.7
- SyncLib: Fix 'Cannot resolve parent' error in manual Analyze

GoodSync for Mac 5.6.7
- Fix crashes of GS or on sending email through system mail client
- On File Change: Fix OFC loop on mounted AFP shares
- Fix auto resolve 'Newer files win' option did not work for folders
- All fixes from GS Windows ver 10.1.7

GoodSync for Mac 5.6.3
- All fixes from GS Windows ver

GoodSync for Mac 5.6.0
- Gsync: fix deadlocks in command line processing
- Fixed Gsync did not work in OS X in non-service mode
- Port Latest Account Manager fixes form Windows
- All changes from GoodSync Windows

GoodSync for Mac 5.5.7
- macOS 10.12 support: Use newer NetFS API for SMB and AFP
- macOS 10.12 support: Fix User Interface issues
- Fix tree progress indicator remained in the file, even after operation completed
- Browse dialog: Add Servers button to OAuth2 file systems
- gsync: Fix gsync-runner did not handle system sleep events
- Fix gsync-runner returned disconnect errors after system reboot
- Fix crash reporter in gsync runner
- Fix some rare crashes
- Fix GoodSync Explorer cannot connect to OAuth2 file systems
- All changes from GoodSync Windows 9.9.57

GoodSync for Mac 5.5.6
- Runner: change it to running in 'gsync /runner', so that no GUI is involved
- gsync /runner can now run Auto jobs, including On File Change jobs
- gsync: Fix jobs not found in non-runner command line call
- OAuth2 file systems: store refresh and access token in connectoids, to make them exportable
- Fix GoodSync2Go cannot be activated on some portable disks
- All changes from GoodSync Windows 9.9.56

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