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Sometimes latest versions of the software can cause issues when installed on older devices or devices running an older version of the operating system.

Software makers usually fix these issues but it can take them some time. What you can do in the meantime is to download and install an older version of GDevelop 5.0.0 Beta 143.

For those interested in downloading the most recent release of GDevelop for Mac or reading our review, simply click here.

All old versions distributed on our website are completely virus-free and available for download at no cost.

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What's new in this version:

Cloud projects now support uploading your own files:
We added support for uploading your own files from your device for Cloud projects on the web-app:
- You can now upload your own files when working on the web-app, when your project is saved as a Cloud project
- This means the web-app can be used without limits to build any game you could build on the desktop app

Newsletter and user accounts:
- Add the possibility to receive the GDevelop newsletter from the User Profile and on the Signup dialog
- We encourage everyone to check this to receive the newsletter where we'll present new features but also showcase community members, games or community events
- Improve Signup and Edit profile dialogs to show when a username is not available

User experience improvements:
- Add announcements and news in the homepage community tab so that it's easy to follow the news from the community
- "Urgent" announcements will also be displayed at the top of the home page (which can be dismissed)
- Change the name of exports to be based on the name and version of the game (available for english character set only at the moment)
- Improve SVG display in Resource Store for dark themes
- Add a link in the new version dialog to open the release notes on GitHub, to benefit from browser automatic translations
- Rename object variables expression names to differentiate between number and text variables
- Add missing translations for some messages shown when renaming an object
- Display a super thin or invisible scrollbars for the toolbar and tabs, according to the browser
- Improve display of black icons on dark themes

Updated Premium plans for cloud services:
- We updated the free and premium subscriptions: each tier benefits from Cloud Projects, Online Leaderboards, Automated Builds, Player Feedback, Game Analytics and more

Other improvements:
Improve game templates visibility:
- Add 2 new actions in the Desktop menu "Create an empty project" and "Create a project from a template"
- Templates are now displayed at the top of the Build section
- The button "Create a project" in the Build section now directly opens a blank project
- Remove the limit of 16k tiles in a tilemap
- This includes an upgrade to the PixiJS tilemap extension to version 3.2.2
- Add "Educational" tag for games on
- We now distribute versions of GDevelop for macOS for Apple Silicon and for arm64 builds of Linux, which can be downloaded from the website as with other versions
- Add a new expression: Pi number (3.1415...)

New Extensions:
Reviewed extensions:
- Camera impulse
- It can be used to simulate earthquakes or impacts

Community extensions:
- This extension converts a text object to Time/Date/Month
- This extension checks if the version of the game on is different from the current game version. This allows for a basic update check for PC and mobile builds of games
Pushable/Pullable Box:
- This extension allows the user to convert an object to a pushable or/and pullable box. This new extension replaces the now out-of-date "Pushable Box" extension

Time Detector:
This extension by @MudkipWorld detects the current:
- Time of the day
- Day of the week
- Month of the year

Record movements:
- This extension allows the user to record objects' movements and recall them back to make a reverse time mechanic

- This extension allows to make a variable that is a reference to another

- This extension adds actions and conditions for more fine grained control over object picking

Geolocation extension:
- This extension allows to get precise geolocation data from the player

Flip Gravity:
- This extension allow to flip platformer character gravity upside down

Extensions updates:
Sprite Based Lighting:
- Follow extension's best practices and prevent unexpected behaviors

ToogleSwitch, AutoTyping, CursorType, ObjectSpaner:
- Fix useless "Change" prefixes in actions full name

Make it rain:
- Updated description

- Use noise based shaking, fix an issue when scrolling and add multi-layer features

Draggable Slider:
- Fixed SetMinValue and SetMaxValue (descriptions were swapped)

Add expressions for more properties and some actions:
- Length of track
- Thickness of track
- Height of thumb

- Change the opacity of halo when pressed or hovered

- Fix a crash at a scene change

New asset packs:
- Void Collection by FoozleCC
- Skullcup by Wesxdz
- Lucid Icon pack by Leo Red

- New game example Plinko
- The Plinko example showcases the physics behavior and how it along with other tools, like the object shake extension, can create a fun and juicy game

It also features:
- Physics engine 2.0
- Object shake
- Particles
- Simple scoring system
- Leaderboard
- Text input object(For leaderboard name)
- Ball Cup Boom (v1.0.3): Modified vibration to 25 ms

- Fix tile maps layer filtering
- Fix browser automatic translations crashing the app
- Update "Submit New Extension" link to redirect to new submission format
- Fix useless "Change" prefix in some actions name
- Fix the action to tween the number of a scene variable
- Fix the wording of the layer field when the layer is not optional (though it has a default value: the base layer)
- Fix points coordinates inputs not losing focus when moving points on the preview
- Fix Safari/iOS unable to load some images in the app
- Fix parameter to specify the P2P port not being an expression
- Fix the name of the "End Opacity" condition of the particle emitters
- Fix tile maps with rectangular tiles