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Sometimes latest versions of the software can cause issues when installed on older devices or devices running an older version of the operating system.

Software makers usually fix these issues but it can take them some time. What you can do in the meantime is to download and install an older version of GDevelop 5.0.0 Beta 140.

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All old versions distributed on our website are completely virus-free and available for download at no cost.

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What's new in this version:

GDevelop 5.0.0 Beta 140
New features:
- Cloud projects: save and load projects directly on your GDevelop account
- You can now subscribe to GDevelop premium accounts with PayPal

- Add support for the Android 12+ splashscreen icon (add it in the "Icons and thumbnails" of your game)

Improve a lot the performance of the physics engine:
- Internally, we replaced the Box2D library with the WebAssembly version
- It fixes a crash of the old Box2D library when a lot of objects with the Physics2 behavior were created
- The same version of Box2d (2.3.1) is still used so there should not be any behavior change

- Add a checkbox to seal an instance (make it impossible to select it on the canvas), in the instances editor
- Minimize in game/real cursor flickering when showing/hiding the cursor
- Add tween actions for camera zoom and camera rotation

Homepage improvements:
- Improve the project list with more context actions and better display for local projects
- Rework the "Play" section to display Liluo games

- Add actions to change the tile map dimensions
- Display errors directly on the event shee:t when a bad object is chosen for a parameter of an action or a condition
- Improve search and replace in event sheet
- Fix a bug that hangs GDevelop when replacing with an empty search text
- Allow to replace with an empty string to mimic a "Delete search text" feature

Add monetization tab in game dashboard:
- Allow to enable or disable ads on the game page if published on
- In the future, games that generate enough revenue will be able to opt-in into "revenue share", so that as a creator you can start earning from your game sessions
- This also this allows to maintain free publishing on for all

- Crypto Api: (Note: this has nothing related with crypto currency)
- Add Random Integer In Range
- Add Random Float In Range
- These new expressions provides a more random number than Math.random() which is what the built-in functions use
- That randomness does come at a cost of performance so be aware of your usage of this
- PinchGesture: Add an extension to move the camera or objects with pinching gestures
- Chat Bubbles: An extension for creating dynamic chat bubbles
- Record: Allows recording game footage, and saving the clip on the player's computer
- Voice Recognition API
- Sprite based lightining: An extension to make a tiled light effect

- SmoothCamera: Add the action "Move the camera closer" to fix the 1-frame delay when moving or jumping
- Health: Allow changing Max health and an expression to return Max Health
- Checkbox extension: Includes updates based on Draggable Slider extension
- ValuesOfMultipleObjects: Added size expressions
- Width (min/max/average)
- Height (min/max/average)
- Advanced jump extension:
- The air jump behavior lets platformer characters jump in mid-air
- The wall jump behavior lets platformer characters jump and slide against walls
- The horizontal dash behavior makes platformer characters dash horizontally
- The dive dash behavior makes platformer characters dash toward the floor
- MarchingSquares: The fill action now change the field the same way as other drawing tools do
- MakeItRain: Update to new author format

- New game template: Ball Cup Boom
- Sort 4 balls of the same color into a cup to make it explode
- Complete all 10 levels to complete the game and climb the leaderboards
- This game was inspired by "Sort It 3D"
- New game template: Spherez
- Shoot the blocks before they touch the ground. Aim carefully to earn extra balls and power-ups. What is the highest level that can you reach on the leaderboard?
- Add a new example for the Newgrounds API extension
- Add an example for the Chat Bubble extension
- Add a voice recognition example
- [Not-a-Vania] Reworked to use a tile map collision mask object
- [platformer-with-tilemap] Reworked to use a tile map collision mask object
- [platformer-with-tilemap] Change the camera system by a linear camera following the hero
- [PlatformerPainter] Upgrade the marching square extension to have better collisions
- [QIX] Upgrade the marching square extension to fix a collision issue

- Upgrade the Android SDK used to build games, so you can publish games using the latest "API level" required by Google on the Play Store
- The AdMob extension was also upgraded to include the "AD_ID" permission now required by Android 13
- Lots of Tilemap related fixes:
- Fix handling of Tilemaps with invalid resources
- Fix handling of Tilemaps having empty tiles margins
- Show place-holders for tile map with invalid resources in the instances editor.
- Give a better default name to tile map collision mask objects.
- Add a border around the tile map collision mask objects in the instance editor.
- Fix the loading of tile map atlases that was aborted when the image contains unused pixels at the right or bottom
- Fix the tile map collision mask debug rendering that wasn't refreshed when there was no collision condition
- Fix the collision mask of rotated tiles that were sometimes misplaced.
- Fix raycast condition not working properly on objects with multiple hitboxes
- Fix orange outline sometimes appearing around the scene editor canvas
- Fix exported WebManifest file having a syntax error when the game description has line breaks
- Fix json resource removed from project resources although it is used in event
- Fix starters shown at the bottom of the example list on Firefox
- Fix Asset cards text color to be visible on light theme
- Fix Add condition/action buttons overflowing outside of their column on small screens
- Fix display of the examples/starters on small screens
- Fix layer names in drop-down lists were translated even though they are defined by users
- Fix manual export URLs crashing the app on web
- Fix rendering of the home page on Safari
- Add the unit (milliseconds) in the Tween behavior action parameters
- Fix colors of expanded/collapsed arrows on event sheet. (Thanks @BWPanda!)
- Fix the extensions search bar that was only using the first 30 tags
- Clarify the name of the actions to resume a paused sound/music

GDevelop 5.0.0 Beta 139
- The homepage is dead, long live the homepage
- The editor homepage has been revamped
- UI changes that came along with it

Other changes:
- Tile maps collisions
- Leaderboards
- Extension editor improvements
- Add a button, in the Profile, to manage online the subscription to GDevelop services
- This allows to easily update a payment method or switch to another plan/cancel (though this can already be done from the interface)
- Add an option in the Resources editor to preload audio files in the cache without decoding
- Make radian or degree explicit in descriptions for angles
- Automatically open a scene when a project is opened
- Add an option to wait for a network request action to end before running other actions
- Add a toggle to display community extensions
- Avoid bad expression warnings in the console when using force actions without changing the force type
- Don't show objects already in a group in the selector to add a new object to this group
- Adding actions to tween the value of a scene variable or a layer camera position

- [New community extension] Pause when focus lost
- Pauses the game when the focus of the window or tab is lost. Continues when focus is regained
- [New community extension] Dialog Box
- Helps to create dialogue boxes
- [New community extensions] Animation system
- A collection of pre-made animations
- [New community extension] Make it rain
- [New community extension] Pushable Box
- [Yandex] Remove old non-working extension with a community extension
- The old one was not fully working, and unused in favor of the new one by the Russian community
- [New extension] Text to Speech
- Allows to use the system's text to speech capabilities
- Fix Camera Shake wrongly affecting the base layer rotation even if another layer was specified

- New assets are in the store: Isometric City Pack
- Fix some animations having empty sprites
- Update 16x16 dungeon tileset thumbnail

- [New game template] Absorbus
- Propel your object to absorb smaller objects, but avoid larger objects or they will absorb you!
- [Parking Jam] Remove the unused effect on layers
- [New example] Fire bullet
- Changed Flappy Bird to Tappy Planes
- Swapped out all of the art assets to Kenney's CC0 1.0 Universal "Tappy Plane" assets, and made new sound assets
- Added a leaderboard
- Fixed the opening scene transition
- Changed how the game over screen is displayed
- Update and modernize the procedural example
- Update with instructions on preview and thumbnail images

- Fix grammar for the description of the Platform behavior
- Fix typos: replace 'Musics' with 'Music'
- Fix Physics2 behavior contact detection
- Make it possible to activate and reactivate physics 2 behavior
- Fix behavior for objects modified or destroyed during events life cycle
- Make Physics2 Collision condition valid in any step of behavior life cycles

GDevelop 5.0.0 Beta 138
- Update all dark themes and rework the light theme entirely to have a modern look and feel
- Improve/fix the drag'n'drop to allow again horizontal movements to quickly move an event
- Add mass and moment of inertia expressions for the Physics behavior
- Suggest all expression types in autocompletions of expressions
- Also automatically convert number expressions to text (using ToString()) when needed
- Add WebManifest to exported web games
- This allows a game hosted on a website to have a proper icon and orientation when a shortcut to it is added to the home screen on Android or iOS
- No longer count pauses (when the tab is hidden) for the players session duration statistics
- If you missed it, the asset store has been improved in the last few versions. A big thank you to everyone in the community that gave a bit of their time to take part into some user research chats and explained their experience with GDevelop and the asset store: Doomsday, HelperMuzan, AstrowoCookie_Games, Breed, TheBeeDev, ArticMan, Hussinali121, dmendz, teo, jumpingj, Jurfix, THEspectre, Crimson Dan x (Kurimuzondan), VegeTato, Entropy.

Extensions, assets and examples:
- [BoidsMovement] Add an extension to simulates flocks movement
- [PixelPerfectMovement] Fix: top-down characters moving on a grid no longer go side way after colliding with an obstacle.
- [CursorMovement] Fix conditions were always returning true when called a 2nd time
- Add a new pack: Pixel Platformer by Wishforge Games
- Removed the "simple checkpoints" custom extension from the Platformer example.
- Add an example to show how to simulate a flock movement with the "Boids movement" extension
- [TopDownGridMovement] Add obstacles
- Add "The Conviction of Gun Dude Mobile"
- A mobile version of the desktop game of the same name, with dual joysticks to be played on a touchscreen and an adapted difficulty!
- Fire Bullet extension can now shoot multiple bullets at once
- Add the ability to shoot multiple bullets at once
- Cooldown: Time between shots (seconds)
- Bullet Quantity: Number of bullets shot at once
- Firing Arc: Range of angles that bullets will shoot. Bullets are evenly spread within this range.
- Angle Variance: Each bullet angle will be randomized in this range (degrees)
- Add expressions for new settings
- Rotate bullet is now a parameter (enabled by default)
- Changed rotate bullet from a parameter to a property
- Add paid packs by Andre Holtz
- Cleaning and fixes for the platformer example
- Replaced custom "simple smooth camera" extension with official "smooth camera" extension
- Removed the "player start" object
- Changed the first checkpoint spawn to be where the player object is at beginning of scene
- Fixed the broken climb animation

- Fix the physics engine contacts/collisions between objects not detected when they happened shortly between frames
- Fix clicks on checkboxes that are far from the label on the same line in the editor
- Fix asset thumbnail sometimes having a wrong size when navigating the Asset store
- Fix category of "Error of last save attempt" leaderboard expression