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Farming Simulator 15 for Mac

Farming Simulator 15 for Mac

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Farming Simulator 15 for Mac is a successful farming management simulation game, developed and published by Giants Software in 2014 on Mac and console platforms. Introducing many new elements developed after the release of the Farming Simulator 2013, this latest game managed to find incredible popularity with the gamers who want to relax while managing their virtual farm, personally controlling field machines, and growing food and produce that will maker their farm prosperous.  The most notable advancements that came with this game are the introduction of forestry and woodcutting, the ability to wash machines after a long day of work in fields, and many new pieces of equipment.

The fans of these games can become very invested in managing all aspects of their farms – from harvesting and selling field products, feeding, and breeding animals, investing in purchasing new machines and tools, and learning new ways of managing their fields. The playable environment accessible in this game has grown to hundreds of acres set in the idyllic Nordic environment. The authenticity of the daily work is greatly enhanced with the presence of 140+ licensed vehicles and farming tools from more than 40 major brands (including 20 new ones that are for the first-time part of this gaming franchise).

While the entire game can be played solo on an offline Mac, Farming Simulator 15 for macOS also has a great online component where up to 16 players can play together on a single map and help you develop and manage your farm and fields. With like-minded players, you can organize a large harvest and take full advantage of all your vehicles and tools to make a great profit during your harvest season.

Even though Farming Simulator 15 for Mac was released so long ago, it is still played by many gamers today. One of the reasons for this popularity is the presence of several DLC packs and expansions that have introduced many new vehicles and gameplay elements into the already large game. The game is optimized for all modern versions of macOS and can be played even on modest Macintosh configurations!

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