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CodeKit for Mac

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Download CodeKit 3.19

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  • Latest Version:

    CodeKit 3.19 LATEST

  • Requirements:

    macOS 10.15 Catalina or later

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  • Author / Product:

    Bryan D K Jones / CodeKit for Mac

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  • Details:

    CodeKit for Mac 2022 full offline installer setup for Mac

CodeKit for Mac automatically compiles all those awesome languages you read about in tutorials. CodeKit automatically refreshes browsers as you work. Like magic. Ain't nobody got time for slow, bloated websites. CodeKit for macOS makes them faster. Build your entire project with one click. Fine-tune the process in an intuitive, beautiful UI. Missing that one freaking comma somewhere? Find the problem fast with built-in debugging tools.

Features and Highlights

All The Cool Kids
Compile Sass, Less, Stylus, CSS, CoffeeScript, Pug, Slim, Haml, TypeScript, JavaScript, ES6, Markdown, JSON, SVG, PNG, GIF and JPEG right out of the box.

Dead-Simple Configuration
Want compressed CSS? Just check a box. Need to transpile JavaScript? Check a box. Every tool's options are available in a beautiful, clean UI. No more hacking build scripts.

Bleeding-Edge Tools
Autoprefixer for vendor prefixes. Babel.js for next-generation JavaScript. Libsass for faster Sass compiling. The best workflows are built right in.

Add Any Language
Use something that's not built-in? Easily tell CodeKit how to process files of any type, right in the UI. No stupid config files or plugins required.

Any Device
Mac, iOS, Android, Windows, Tesla, kitchen fridge... if it's got a modern internet browser, it refreshes. All major browser vendors are supported, even over SSL.

Zero Setup
No plugins, no script tags, no work. Just click the Preview button in the app and you're done. You don't even need certificates for SSL. Really.

Browser Sync
Type some text in a form and it magically appears on all your other devices, too. Click a link, it's clicked on every device. Fast cross-device testing.

Optimize Images
Losslessly optimize SVGs, PNGs, JPGs and GIFs with the best algorithms available. No setup needed; it's all baked in.

Minify Scripts & CSS
Combine scripts to reduce HTTP requests. Minify your code to reduce file sizes. All the best practices with full control over the details.

Source Maps
Minify your code, but see the original version in the browser's inspector. Works automatically with most languages and without headaches.

Scan JavaScript with the mother of all syntax-checkers. Easily customize hundreds of rules with examples and explanations right in the UI.

JSHint & JSLint
Not ready to move to ESLint? No problem. JSHint and JSLint are built-in, too. See the exact line and column number of every issue.

Easy Migration
Check one box and existing projects just work. No updating hundreds of output paths, no changing URLs on pages. It's magic.

Note: 10 days trial version. Requires 64-bit processor.

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