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Caffeine for Mac

Caffeine for Mac

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Caffeine is a small but useful desktop utility that enables the user to control sleep, dimming and screen saver timings of their screen. With one click on the menu bar icon you can prevent your screen of ever going into sleep mode, and if you wish to access the properties of the Caffeine for macOS, just hold down Command key while clicking on it.

This incredibly lightweight application (with size of around 250 KB) is not useful only for Mac laptop users that want to have better control over their battery life by tight management of their screen power usage, but also to desktop users who don’t want their data to be showcased on screen too long if they are not sitting and working on their Mac. Configuration screen of Caffeine is incredibly simple, offering just few options – launch app at start, launch app at login, notify user when this app is launched, and set time duration how much the app will remain active after you turn it on by simple clicking on it at your menu bar (from few minutes to indefinitely). As an added feature you can also set up a timer for deactivating Caffeine for Mac, for example after your work hours are done.

Even though this app does not offer anything groundbreaking, its simple execution and ability to tweak one part of Mac OS X system that can affect anyone makes it very attractive to a large amount of people. Give it a try.

  • Caffeine 1.1.3 Screenshots

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What's new in this version:

- Support for macOS Mojave, Catalina (including Dark Mode)
- Release is now Notarized by Apple
- Hardened Runtime enabled for security
- Updated menu bar icons to improve appearance on Retina displays
- Improved experience when prompting for accessibility permissions
- Added Help & Feedback area to enhance user support

- Icon occasionally remains highlighted after closing menu on macOS Sierra and later