Launcher, iTunes controller, macros, pop-up folders, multiple clipboards, and more

Butler for Mac

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Butler for Mac

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  • Latest Version:

    Butler 4.4.7 LATEST

  • Requirements:

    Mac OS X 10.8 or later

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    Many Tricks / External Link

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Butler for Mac is a do-it-all utility for macOS. Launcher, iTunes controller, macros, pop-up folders, multiple clipboards, and more.

You can access applications and any other kind of document by browsing fully customizable system-wide spring-loaded menus, pressing hot keys, clicking hot corners, or entering abbreviations. Butler for macOS will learn from your habits and remember what you want a certain abbreviation to do (e.g., enter "abo" to launch "Address Book"). The app offers you a way to manage your bookmarks without depending on a certain browser. In contrary to a browser's bookmark collection, the tool's bookmarks are always accessible through its system-wide menus, hot keys, etc. And you'll certainly become addicted to accessing bookmarks by entering abbreviations. Butler also lets you access the bookmarks of every single browser there is for Mac OS X.

Adding files or URLs from your web browser to the tool's configuration is stunningly easy: Just drag them to the active screen corner (default: top left), see the program's main window open, and drop your items somewhere within your configuration. The app's predecessor "Another Launcher" was the first application that let you search the web from the menu bar. But if your menu bar is too crowded for an input field, you can also use hot keys to pop up dedicated web search windows. Butler supports a large number of search engines by default, but you are not restricted to those? you can easily add your own search engines.

Butler for Mac lets you access items you have previously stored in your pasteboard, effectively turning your pasteboard into a stack. You can also take a snapshot of your current pasteboard and keep it for good. This feature is particularly useful for text snippets you need to enter on a regular basis. You can use the program to move and copy files, control iTunes, access the system preferences, change the current user, and so on. But the app really shines when it comes to customizing its behavior. Is your menu bar too crowded? Use the tool's docklet. Do you want a menu for each mounted volume? Do you want a menu to pop up when you press a certain hot key? Do you want all running applications in your menu bar? Or do you prefer doing things with your keyboard only? Whatever kind of interface you prefer, the app is at your service.

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What's new in this version:

- Resolved a conflict with System Settings in macOS 13 Ventura. (Hat tip to Junichi C.) On a related note, the "System Preferences" Smart Item currently isn't the prettiest on macOS 13: It displays raw filenames, and it doesn't show individual icons for most panes. This is because the new "System Settings" has been rewritten as a monolithic app, where the file-system-level preference panes are merely placeholders, which makes the whole thing a lot less accessible. We are still pondering ways to deal with this change. In the meantime, the Smart Item works even though it looks like a work in progress.
- Worked around an issue in recent macOS versions that prevented custom icons from scaling down as expected
- Fixed a bug that rendered Butler partially unusable on macOS 10.9. (Nevertheless, we recommend at least macOS 10.10 for modern Butler versions. If you're on macOS 10.9, you might be better off with Butler 4.2.2.)

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