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Buildbox for Mac

Buildbox for Mac

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    Buildbox 3.5.7 LATEST

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    macOS 10.12 Sierra or later

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With Buildbox for Mac, the goal was simple: to design the ultimate video game maker that allows anyone to make a video game. There is no coding or programming required. All the tools you need to complete your game is inside the software. It is not only accessible for anyone to use, it also creates hit games. There have been multiple number one hit games created with Buildbox including Color Switch, Damn Daniel and The Line Zen.

To keep things simple – It added the creator tool. The creator allows you to pick and choose the variables, create a skeleton of your game, and it instantly inserts placeholders to help you get started. This tool automatically sets up everything for you. You’ll have access to a visual map of your game, from the start screen menu and gameplay levels to the game over screen. From within the creator, you’re able to double click on a particular screen to open it for editing or reroute the order of your game however you want.

Features and Highlights

How Does It Work?
Creating games in drag & drop software is as easy as making a PowerPoint presentation. It only takes a second to add a new character, enemy, object, platform, decoration, power-up, effect or background into your game, simply drag and drop the image into the level editor. You can also easily edit their properties if needed and test out the game throughout the entire process.

What Games Has It Made?
Since it’s public release in January 2015, It has created more than 150 hit games that have been featured by Apple, broken the top charts of the app store and picked up by major publishers.  It’s an impressive feat, and more than all the other game builders combined. Notable games made with Build box are Color Switch, Damn Daniel, Slip Away, Ball Jump, The Line Zen, Phases and Endless Sky.

Who Is It For?
By design, The program is intuitive. Anyone can use it. Unlike any other game maker, you don’t need to be a tech genius to use it (though it has many of those as customers, too).  Simply put, Build box is popular with anyone who loves games.

Character Settings
Different types of animations and effects can be easily added to your character with Buildbox for macOS. Edit the hit zone or collision shape of your character. Make them shoot, move or jump in a special way. Add different sounds for your character’s action like jumping, shooting, or a ground collision sound for when the character hits the ground. Gameplay effects can be attached to a character also. Choose Shadow to add a light effect on your character like in game Phases or add the Auto Tilt option to make the camera shake when a character is defeated.

Multiple Character Settings
It features multiple character support. This option allows you to add multiple characters into your game and control how players interact with them. Each character can have unique powers and abilities by setting the desired options in the character gameplay settings. Choose how to unlock the character, if it’s going to be available for free or with in-game currency and different movement effects.

Scene Editor
In the scene editor we have place holder graphics based on your set gameplay style. It’s kept extremely simple with nothing more than a character, a platform, a single enemy, and a particle effect for good measure. The place holders make it easy to quickly add or duplicate items and build out your scene however you wish. The outliner option enables you to view all of your game’s layers, hide them, lock into place, or group and rearrange.

Debug Mode
It includes all the developer tools you’ll need to not only make games, but make outstanding games. By clicking on the small bug icon on the Scene Editor, you’ll enter the debug mode and have full view of all of the collision shapes of your objects. This collision viewpoint enables you to see the skeleton of your game. Using this view you’ll be able to easily make sure your gameplay runs smooth and there are no unnecessary bumps or transitions your player might endure while playing.

Node Menu Editor
The node menu editor allows you to completely customize your game layout. Adjust the settings to choose all of the menu screens you’d like to include, click to add new screens or double click to go directly to the level editor to edit. The menu system is also color coded for easy reference. Green represents UI menu and blue indicates a gameplay screen. You can drag and drop menu screen connections to reroute their order as well.

Menu Animations
With the app you can add interactive animations to make your game truly stand out. Animate your menus or create complete cut scenes with new key frame animator. It only takes a quick click to open up the menu animation editor and begin recording a character hopping onto the screen and set it play every time the game is started. It make it really easy to customize each animation with a detailed graph of the movement that can be edited in free mode to make actions more precise or free flowing.

Coins are more than just a way to keep score, in Buildbox. Features allow you to add and customize any object you want with a set action. Actions can completely change how a player interacts with an item. Simply drag and drop an item into the editor and set its action as a coin. You can easily have your character collect coins and then offer larger packages of coins for sale. It also included advanced power-ups, continue and checkpoint system with in-app purchase options.

Light Effect
It’s the little details that make all the difference. With the software, you have everything you need to truly zero in on the details that count and make something unique with your game. One of the best ways to do that is with effects.

Custom Fonts
Use the font builder within Buildbox to create custom fonts to use in your game. Create in-game labels, text for when you pick up coins, display your total coin amount or score. You now have the option to use multiple fonts throughout your entire game. All of the fonts available are all fonts already installed on your computer, choose any new fonts and just install them as you normally would on your computer and they will also appear in the font editor.

Much More
With your purchase of Build box, you get all of the developer tools you need to make amazing games. Easy to use drag and drop software allows anyone to jump right in and start creating without prior coding or technical skills. There’s no limit to what you can do with this powerful game builder.

Note: 15 days trial version.

Also Available: Download Buildbox for Windows

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What's new in this version:

Buildbox 3.5.7
- Fixed a compile bug where using a reserved folder name was preventing submission to Apple
- URL Buttons now function on all platforms when the full address is given. If you leave out elements of the address, www or http for example, we do our best to fill those in for you, but we don’t guarantee that.
- Fixed situations where certain Pinned Attributes were not showing on the attributes panel, maintaining their changed values, or capable of being pinned in the first place. Pinning an attribute on a node allows individual instances of your object to have different values from other individual instances of the same object. Meaning that changes to the parent should not propagate to the children.
- We updated the In App Purchase Node – the previous version was passing server callback information to the outputs instead of the standard true/false boolean values. We have kept the advanced information available as a new 3rd output. You will need to drag out a new version of the node to get the updated (3 output) version.
- Fixed an issue where commas were being removed from text fields

Buildbox 3.5.5
- Added ability to purchase and repurchase Consumables
​- Added new set/check Unlock status nodes
​- Purchase Node updated to In-App Purchase node using new API
​- Unlocks and purchases of all types can be saved to Game Data which solves an Apple rejection complaint
​- Game data is synced to iCloud Keychain and Android Backup and automatically restored, allowing users to continue their game across multiple devices
​- Moved Restore Purchases into its own easy-to-use button
​- Buildbox JS API updated for System.inAppPurchase which provides success/fail callback and reason; old System.purchase has been deprecated.
​- APIs updated to the latest Apple and Google requirements
​- Fixed related in-app purchase crashes and other errors

Buildbox 3.5.3
- Social login from Safari
- System error that incorrectly changed null values to 0’s
- Node fields not saving values (example: Position Limiter Node)
- Importing Nodes directly to Node Map
- Importing sound files into Sound Nodes
- Importing image files into Animation Nodes
- Ability to multi-select and then edit more than 1 asset at a time
- Missing Attributes when selecting more than 1 asset
- Missing decimal places in numerical fields
- Missing Texture preview in the Sub Scene Manager
- Keyboard Shortcuts including Duplicate and Delete
- Asset List search now hides all folders and shows all applicable assets
- Tab functionality on the Attributes Panel
- Multithreaded implementation of ad presentation logic
- Point Light and Spot Light in the Smart Editor
- All Font edits are now done from the Font Editor
- Renaming Folders now properly shows the new name
- Export flow after canceling an export
- Windows Export stall when moving the COPPA popup
- Multiple Problems when using non-English system languages
- Adding Brainboxes no longer expands all groups
- Facebook link on Welcome Screen

Buildbox 3.5.2
This update includes fixes for:
- Assets once again load on demand (not on launch)
- Drag and Drop Animation Bug
- Further Optimized loading times
- Manual Value Entry
- Missing Font Editor fields
- Missing Keyframe Animation Fields
- Moved all font editing back to Font Editor

Buildbox 3.4.4
- Global Sharing via Buildbox World Export
- Updated Home Screen with links to Instagram, TikTok and more
- Added Default Images for UI screen buttons with color attribute option
- The UI Joystick Move node now has a built-in Receive node
- Improvements to Sound and Circular Move node UI
- Improved ‘enter text here’ attributes in nodes
- Added a ‘UI Labels List’ custom attribute option
- Adbox now included at the bottom of the waterfall for all ad-enabled games