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Sometimes latest versions of the software can cause issues when installed on older devices or devices running an older version of the operating system.

Software makers usually fix these issues but it can take them some time. What you can do in the meantime is to download and install an older version of Blender 2.69 (64-bit).

For those interested in downloading the most recent release of Blender for Mac or reading our review, simply click here.

All old versions distributed on our website are completely virus-free and available for download at no cost.

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If you have any questions or ideas that you want to share with us - head over to our Contact page and let us know. We value your feedback!

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What's new in this version:

3D View:
- Fix #36278: X,Y Direction wrong after bpy.ops.view3d.viewnumpad. (r58596)
- Fix #36277: Right click no longer selects the camera. (r58614)
- Fix #36499: Proportional edit circle was drawing behind objects in some cases. (r59360)
- Fix #36409: Continuous Grab problem with arrow keys. (r59546)
- Fix #36632: 3D Viewport does not show textures in "Texture" shading mode. (r59740)
- Fix #36732: Auto depth feature misbehaves on orbit with mouse cursor outside the model. (r60159)
- Fix #36736: You can still transform objects while navigating view with Maya preset. (r60168)
- Fix #36718: Wrong lighting on text objects. (r60201)
- Fix #34663: Cannot rotate view while using Knife tool with Maya preset. (r60207)
- Fix #36773: Dolly breaks in quad view (r60249)
- Fix #27536: GLSL object space normal maps have wrong shading. (r60261)
- Fix #36939: Objects with nodes appear in gray in viewport, using Solid shade, and the Blender Engine (or Game Engine). (r60542)

- Fix #36538: Discontinuity (Euler) Filter - never ends - (deadlock?). (r59427)
- Fix #36613: View select/all shortcuts not working in graph editor with the maya key configuration preset. (r59704)
- Fix #36754: animation not evaluated on object two levels down in dupligroups. (r60222)
- Fix #32346: Node animation, removing nodes keeps f-curves. (r60495)
- Fix #36919: Cannot delete keyframe of animated simulation parameter if simulation has been disabled. (r60506)
- Fix all actions created when keyframing now have their "id-root" set appropriately. (r60501)
- Fix: when deleting all keyframes of an f-curve, the f-curve was incorrectly deleted if it had a driver. (r59761)

- Fix #36391: Removing an armature with a custom bone shape object would not decrement the object user count when removing the armature. (r58992)
- Fix #36663: Bone properties sometimes vanish when mousing into properties window. (r59939)
- Fix #36906: AutoName operator do not update the display of the bone's name in the Bone Properties. (r60485)
- Fix double-free happening when having proxy with motion paths. (r59135)

- Fix #36148: Collada instance nodes are not scaled properly during import. (r58743)
- Fix wrong usage of the set attribute with multiple UV sets. (r58829)

Curves / Metas:
- Fix #36007: ends of curves do not fit. (r58997)
- Fix #36384: Inconsistent curve fill behaviour. (r59152)
- Fix #36317: Keyframing metaball elements did not work yet. (r59024)
- Fix #36438: Adding Metaball when unit scale is smaller than 0.01 seemingly hangs Blender (r59307)
- Fix #36747: Curve bevel and extrude issue. (r60193)
- Fix #36900: Single spline handle can't be "scaled". (r60467)

File I/O:
- Fix #36455: OBJ fails to import relative paths on ms-windows (r59147)
- Fix #36636: Incorrect assignment of Smoothing Groups on export. (r59743)
- Fix #36755: EXR Layers are not fully updated on scene load or image refresh. (r60234)

Game Engine:
- Fix #35563: Object colour setting for objects and fonts not using colour management like materials. (r58425)
- Fix #36151: "Distance model not carrying over to standalone" reported by Florian Schneider (drjaska). (r58428)
- Fix #35472: Sun variance shadows does not work in game engine.(r58523)
- Fix #21488: Pumpkin in Gamekit Tutorial flips upside down. (r58558)
- Fix #29575: Object not drawn in game engine. (r58563)
- Fix #18804: Shadow type faces cast onto invisible faces (non-GLSL).(r58610)
- Fix #33215: KX_MeshProxy.transformUV() argument ValueError. (r58975)
- Fix #32360: Standalone Player switches not working. (r59862)
- Fix #35522: Broken game engine compatibility since 2.66a on some ATI cards. (r60054)
- Fix a memory leak with PyType_Ready_ADD. (r58837)
- Warp Mesh not working. (r59126)

Image / UV Editing:
- Fix #36286: UV face display not working for concave ngons. (r58626)
- Fix #36408: Setting `` changes saved alpha. (r59078)
- Fix #36535: Color difference when saving image. (r59401)
- Fix #36187: Crash loading large images. (r59978)
- Fix #36020: SmartUV Project is messy on a cube was using very simple/stupid check to rotate us islands. (r60035)
- Fix #36081: Ngones causes problems with lightmap packing. (r60039)
- Fix #36845: New generated blank image doesn't update preview (properties editor). (r60414)
- Fix #36435: Crash on unwrap with specific mesh. (r60483)
- Fix #36981: Removing Sample line fails during render. (r60584)

- Fix #36701: Mask pivioting doesnt honor parenting. (r60040)

Mesh Editing:
- Fix #36259: Select linked flat faces with Shift+Ctrl+Alt+F does not work in ver. 2.68 (r58551)
- Fix #36256: Checker Deselect, failed with de-selected active face. (r58554)
- Fix #36349: Separate mesh by material creates meshes with all the materials from the original. (r59139)
- Fix #36517: You can edit a texture space (Shift-T) of a linked mesh (r59314)
- Fix #36352: Inset individual, uncheck "select outer" selects zero faces. (r59330)
- Fix #36453: Scaling faces with individual origins would permanently turn of proportional editing because this combination doesn't work, but it should be only temporary. (r59362)
- Fix #36412: Pivot of active element switches to last selected face after duplicating vertices. (r59728)
- Fix #36697: Topology mirror causes vertices to jump. (r60029)
- Fix #36246: Weight tools do not mirror properly in vertex selection mask mode. (r60186)
- Fix #36211: Bridge edge loops joining vertecies that are far away. (r60210)
- Fix #36861: In face select masking circle select selects all when out of focus. (r60429)
- Fix #36894: Maya keymap delete/backspace would immediately delete a mesh element. (r60457)
- Fix #36913: GHASH_FLAG_ALLOW_DUPES assert and crash in Edge Collapse. (r60499)
- Fix #36923: Merge / Delete vertices crashes for some meshes (r60523)
- Fix #36947: "Edge Slide" bugs when "Even" is on. (r60541)

- Fix #36282: Spin error with non uniform scale add support for passing object matrix to bmesh transform operators. (r58620)
- Fix #36417: vertex weight mix modifier crash with texture mask and subsurf modifier preceding it. (r59028)
- Fix #36301: Mirror modifier does not mirror vertex normals when there are no faces. (r59547)
- Fix ##36532: Baked Cloth Sim read/sync to device for Cycles to Render, causes geometry errors. (r59777)
- Fix #36356: Faces not drawn with constructive modifier + dynamic paint. (r59971)
- Fix #36299: Skin Modifier causes crashes in combination with multiple Subdivision modifiers. (r60063, r60066)
- Fix #36291: Applying subsurf to mesh or setting subdivisions to zero crashes Blender. (r60158)
- Fix #36759: UV Project - Specified UV Map doesnt work properly. (r60260)
- Fix #36781: Triangulation modifer creases. (r60353)
- Fix for 2 memory leaks in dualcon library (remesh modifier), quite bad since they leaked on every evaluation. (r58907)

Motion Tracking:
- Fix #36283: Crash by activating "Clear Active" in Movie Clip Editor.(r58613)
- Fix #36231: Motion tracker bug caused by uninitialized covariance matrix. (r59128)
- Fix #36587: Tracking markers fail to track near the left and right edge of a movie clip. (r59765)
- Fix for crash in track_markers_freejob (use freed memory). (r58544)
- Fix for freed memory access clearing tracks in the clip editor. (r58685)

Movie Clip Editor:
- Fix #36605: Segfault when border selecting markers in the "graph" mode when no track is active. (r59651)
- Fix muted footage in MCE still was reading the frames from disk. (r60188)

Nodes / Compositor:
- Fix #36264: New modulo math node not viewable in GLSL mode. (r58716)
- Fix #36267: Connecting value node to reroute node makes value node non-functional. (r58763, r58764)
- Fix #36266: First undo in compositor decrements usercounter without a reason. (r58991)
- Fix #36146: Cycles SSS Shader Node - Scale Value Input Box - to sensitive. (r59031)
- Fix #36468: "Buffer Groups" option changes compositing output. (r59188)
- Fix #36589: Node Editor displays incorrect Material name when Pinning. (r59590)
- Fix #36609: glsl materials with reroute nodes not working correct. (r59669)
- Fix #36639: Textures not reloaded after fixing paths. (r59737, #36639)
- Fix #36628: Muting bump node alters material visibility. (r59742)
- Fix #36113: Translate's wrapping has 1 pixel gap in X and Y after scale node. (r59823)
- Fix #36692: Crash with split viewer compositing node and rendering. (r59964)
- Fix #36694: Texture node groups tend to crash Blender a lot. (r59983, r60058)
- Fix #36700: z-depth not rendering properly at (n*256)+1 dimensions. (r60049)
- Fix #36706: Prevent invalid sockets in the FileOutput node by removing sockets without storage data. (r60064, r60065)
- Fix #36739: Delete new nodes added via the Add menu or toolbar if the subsequent transform operator is cancelled. (r60197)
- Fix #36797: Make linked node groups local does not work (r60324)
- Fix #36850: Material Node Editor Crash Always. (r60468)
- Fix #36968: Shortcut search inconsistency node-editor. (r60574)
- Fix for writing to freed memory enabling texture node tree. (r58655)
- Fix issue with EWA filtering in compositor which disabled alpha. (r59261)

- Fix #36383: Add object to group check for dependency cycles did not work correctly when the group contained two objects duplicating the same group. (r59002)
- Fix #36308: Custom hotkey "Set Object Mode" - "Object Mode" doesn't work properly. (r59530)
- Fix #34462: Crash when switching modes via mix of TAB and spacebar menu. (r59628)
- Fix #36189: Link group, delete instanced object, link group again would not create an instance. (r59773)
- Fix #36699: ASCII-character "|" blocks parenting.(r60031)
- Fix #36537: "Grid Floor Scaling" can have some unexpected behaviour on new objects. (r60157)
- Fix #36758: Add Group Instance crash (r60212)
- Fix #36771: Prevent 'Apply Transform' for Objects with a linked mesh. (r60227)
- Fix #36749: Joining objects with more than one uv map depends on list order. (r60288)
- Fix #36793: Missing update on undo with proxy object that is not using a proxy group. (r60345)

- Fix #36260: 2,300 Objects Makes Blender Unresponsive (outliner being slow). (r58855)
- Fix #36288: Renderlayer toggles behave unexpected in Outliner. (r58861)
- Fix #36486: Outliner doesn't allow to expand Hierarchies of armature if it's present on 2 Scenes. (r59207)
- Fix #36672: Outliner allowed to toggle linked group visibility.(r59878)
- Fix #36709: Renaming multiple objects in the outliner halts the interface. (r60092)
- Fix crash happening when clearing parent in outliner modes which doesn't support this. (r59112)

- Fix #36274: Empty particle texture slots should not have any influence, same as for materials, world, lamps, etc. (r59026)
- Fix #36451: Particle system crashes blender. (r59102)
- Fix #36479: Particle instance Modifier random position snaps objects to 0 position. (r59713)
- Fix #36625: Particle Instances ignores Group offsets. (r60230)
- Fix #36630: Particlesystem - boids - goal - collision. (r60392)
- Fix #36853: Undo not working for Particles Hair - Free Edit. (r60436)

Physics / Hair / Simulations:
- Fix #36265: Smoke doesn't work if domain object has negative scale. (r58802)
- Fix #35541: Point cache doesn't load existing frames from disk if cache file name is changed. (r58830)
- Fix #36600: Smoke subframes not working with initial velocity. (r59655)
- Fix #36382: Simulation cache can not be saved for linked objects. (r59772)
- Fix #36791: Fire ignores force fields when smoke is set to 0.0 (r60316)
- Fix #36827: 2.69 bug with smoke domain, particle emitter and a force field causes a crash (r60406)
- Fix #36847: If Force Field in Ridgid Body group, crash at first frame of animation on playback. (r60421)
- Fix #36846: Adding a cloth sim to an object does not make it possible to go into Particle Mode for that object. (r60438)
- Fix for possible out of bounds read, printing a warning with pointcache header. (r58656)

- Fix #36363: ray_cast face index with n_gons. (r58950)
- Fix #36528: crash when reinitializing bmesh from mesh. (r59545)
- Fix #36387: User Preferences "Addons" panel bogs down the whole interface. (r59588)
- Fix #36584: Inputs/outputs of created node group not accessable by their names. (r59589)
- Fix #36688: First time access of brush curve in object mode leads to hard crash. (r59965, r60055)
- Fix #36492: Keymap: Issue setting operator path properties. (r59982)
- Fix #36713: Crash from adding gear from 'extra objects' addon (r60085)
- Fix #36444: view3d.viewnumpad operator should not animate. (r60156)
- Fix #36777: uv_on_emmiter make Blender crash. (r60251)
- Fix #36835: Removing an addon has strange behavior. (r60437)
- Fix #36924: Calling .define(...) on Macro subclass crashes Blender, if subclass wasn't registered. (r60518)

- Fix #36302: Multires baking to zero 0 was showing error but still was baking. (r58752)
- Fix #36394: Rendering a point density texture with a hair particle system did not work correct. (r59021)
- Fix #36454: 'Tiles' settings in Render/Performance panel don't respect keyframes. (r59296)
- Fix #36347: Blender crashes when clicking on 'render' in 'viewport shading' (r59335)
- Fix #36441: Opengl render of smoke wrong after regular render with blender internal. (r59446)
- Fix #36541: Blender internal raytrace render hangs with high ray depth. (r59472)
- Fix #36555: Preview render in properties editor did not get cancelled and restarted fast enough on resizing the editor. (r59611)
- Fix #36598: Blender render crash baking and then doing a full sample render. (r59617)
- Fix #36194: Halo material on Layer 2 produces flares on layer 1. (r59776)
- Fix #36449: Switching between render slots during render would leave some tiles black until the end of the render. (r59778)
- Fix #36717: Don't grey out AO distance property, as it affects the AO Render Pass and AO closure as well. (r60102)
- Fix #36710: Custom UI Button Not Respecting Render Layer Settings. (r60108)
- Fix #36757: Vertex coloring in preview window meshes default to black, makes preview useless. (r60206)
- Fix #36800: Closing render window during render crashes. (r60343)
- Fix #36842: OpenGL Animation Playblast renders 1 too many frames. (r60430)
- Fix #36948: Blender internal viewport render crashes holding shift+Z pressed to quickly toggle it on/off. (r60547)
- Fix for frame reporting to console was wrong when not using Render Layers in compo. (r58951)
- Fix for displacement bake buffer might be allocated twice. (r60256)
- Fix for margin which didn't work properly with normalized displacement baking. (r60257)
- Fix images didn't get clear when using multires baker from python script. (r60259)

Render: Freestyle:
- Fix #36321: 'Mark Freestyle Edge' still showing with Cycles renderer. (r58738)
- Temporary fix for gaps in strokes when objects are behind the lines. (r59373)
- Fix #36374: Read unitialized memory in Freestyle. (r59460)
- Fix #36602: crash with freestyle and full sample render of empty render layer. (r59644)
- Fix #36599: Line thickness modifier with certain blend types incorrectly calculated. (r59652)
- Fix #36649: Drivers for Freestyle parameters in Render Layer panel don't appear in Graph Editor. (r59785)
- Fix for missing filter button to visualize/hide animation data related to line styles. (r59786)
- Fix for redundant multiple animation data items of the same line style in DopeSheet. (r59787)
- Fix #36650, #36650: Animation of freestyle line thickness and linestyle did not render correct in animations, due to missing updates. (r59844)
- Fix #36727: Curve Object Scaled to 0 + Freestyle = Crash. (r60150)
- Fix for Freestyle hang up in stroke rendering. (r60383)

Render: Cycles:
- Fix #36235: Crash deactivating render layer during rendering. (r58718)
- Fix #36290: Generated texture coordinates were not sticking to the surface again, got lost in an unrelated optimization. (r58723)
- Fix #36380: Render error with sun lamp that has object scale 0,0,0. (r58931)
- Fix #36355: Render of objects with both duplis and hair would not render the hair in some cases. (r58999)
- Fix #36437: Cycles no longer rendering Emitter object (Particle Systems). (r59076)
- Fix #36545: Crash with branched path tracing, correlated multi-jittered sampling and subsurface scattering. (r59447)
- Fix #36594: 16 bit tiff not loading with correct color space in cycles. (r59643)
- Fix #36611: Cycles issue loading png file with 2 channels. (r59668)
- Fix #36137: cycles render not using all GPU's when the number of GPU's is larger than the number of CPU threads. (r59676)
- Fix #36620: sss + indirect light rendering artifacts, due to wrong correlation in the random numbers. (r59705)
- Fix #36327: Layers exclude layers animation did not work well. (r60023)
- Fix #36719: UV pass not rendering in second render layer if first render layer does not have the UV pass enabled as well. (r60110)
- Fix #36725: mismatch between viewport and render result when no world is linked to the scene in cycles. (r60176)
- Fix #36738: Object ray visibility flags not working in cycles viewport if there is only a single object in the scene. (r60177)
- Fix #36731: Border render not updating properly with persistent images setting enabled in cycles. (r60178)
- Fix #36741: cycles AO pass giving values > 1.0 with transparency. (r60198)
- Fix #36750: windows crash with empty cycles scene. (r60203)
- Fix #36790: OSL point parameters of shader nodes not initialized correctly from UI inputs (r60325)
- Fix #36822: Sky Turbidity values > 10 could result in weird behavior and crashes with the new sky model. (r60388)
- Fix #36823: SSS node now displays a warning, that it does not work on the GPU. (r60389)
- Fix #35684: Unable to use full 6GB of memory on NVidia Titan GPU.(r60400)
- Fix #36863: OSL clamp, min and max functions have wrong signature when arguments are integers. (r60427)
- Fix #36873: OpenCL render status show negative sample count. (r60440)
- Fix #36882: Gamma node not working with glsl materials. (r60441)
- Fix #36316: Dots in cycles render on certain CPUs with 32 bit linux builds. (r60509)
- Fix #36935: Rendering under Windows XP32 SP3 with latest SVN is white. (r60550, r60573)
- Fix #36962: "Render emitter" option for hair is ignored in Cycles. (r60567)
- Fix cycles too slow export of meshes with uvs when a motion vector pass is used. (r60013)
- Fix cycles issue with mapping node rotation and scale order. (r60371)

- Fix #36262: Paste strip with video or sound content from another file crashes Blender (r58565)
- Fix #36423: Audio strips contain selectable (visual) blend modes and opacity value. (r59242)
- Fix #36570: Changing the filename of a image strip doesnt refresh sequencer. (r59622)
- Fix #36124: VSE - Input Color option does not work for video files. (r59734)
- Fix #36359: Sequencer frame indicator not updating during animation render. (r59771)
- Fix #36422: Trimmed audio files (hard cut only) in a metastrip have their trim removed. (r60453)

Sculpting / Painting:
- Fix #36225: 2.67b & 2.68 crashes at the first click-and-drug paint brush stroke -2.66 doesn't. (r58539)
- Fix #36280: Dynamic Topology crashes with active face. (r58715)
- Fix #34413: Dyntopo, smooth shading normals not getting uploaded to GPU and undo buffers. (r59245)
- Fix #34485: Sculpt strength weirdly inverted with some mesh part. (r59250)
- Fix #36577: Sculpt area plane texture mapping + random angle did not work. (r60008)
- Fix #36748: Sculpting/image painting does not respect undo steps limit. (r60196)
- Fix #36695: Scale brush stroke with maximum scale component, except layer brush where the previous algorithm is used. (r60515)
- Fix #36930: Dynamic topology sculpting with masks gave bad results. (r60548)

Text Editor:
- Fix #36656: Text editor undo error when undoing paste command (r59856)
- Fix #36742: Pasting image into text editor causes freeze. (r60173)
- Fix #36724: Ctrl+F in text editor opens Toolbar, but no longer closes it. (r60270)

User Interface:
- Fix #36269 Crash upon right click on menu and left click on item. (r58583)
- Fix #36373: Maya and max key configurations for mesh loop select did not work correct when doing an extend loop select, then doing a regular loop select, it would still extend. (r58993)
- Fix #36243: One screen should never be used by multiple windows, but this could happen when a screen was maximized to a single editor, now that case is disabled too. (r59023)
- Fix #36359: and #36359: timeline no longer did redraw during animation render. (r59027)
- Fix #36530: Texture tab refreshing problem. (r59374)
- Fix #36330: Clicking Scrolled Object Properties Tab Brings Up Wrong One. (r59454)
- Fix #36324: Theme color for label buttons are broken. (r59511)
- Fix #36595: File browser sorting with link/append would mix together .blend files and directories instead of keeping them separate like regular file browse. (r59614)
- Fix #36682: Disable shift+backspace shortcut to delete all text in text fields. (r59955)
- Fix #36641: Maya key configuration shift + LMB drag border select did not work anymore. (r59970)
- Fix #36271: Missing (+) icon for toolbar in compositing layout in default startup.blend. (r60011)
- Fix #36641: Maya keymap: Border select doesn't add to selection. (r60225)
- Fix #36226: Select Linked works not in touch with Prefs. (r60255)
- Fix #36382: Bake buttons for linked objects could be grayed out when they shouldn't be. (r60329)
- Fix #36783: Click outside splash screen to close it would not highlight the button under the mouse, and so clicking the button failed without first moving the mouse. (r60348)
- Fix for missing theme color: Expose theme color of shadow UVs and UVs of other objects. (r59842)
- Fix for window join action being interpreted as a split (r59794 r59795)

- Fix #36459: Official blenderplayer can not go fullscreen on Linux. (r59812)
- Fix #35920: Adding a new node in Node Editor failed for "High DPI" (Only Mac retina now). (r59835)
- Fix #36593: Crash duplicating window on OS X in some situations. (r59962)
- Fix #36702: blenderapplication window position and size. (r60046)
- Fix #36707: Blender Opens in fullscreen and stays like that. (r60067)
- Fix #36501: Blenderplayer can not change video resolution in Mac OSX. (r60165)
- Fix #36319: Keyboard Inputs Unresponsive When Using An Overlay Scene. (r60334)
- Fix #36891: On OS X, cmd+s or cmd+o did not work when pressing them over the text editor. (r60450)
- Fix #36852: Duplicate window crash on OS X. (r60456)

- Fix #36270: Crash with pinning. (r58629)
- Fix #36548: "Grease Pencil" Problems. (r59444)
- Fix #36551: Camera has wrong rotation in default scene. (r59445)
- Fix #36685: Crash calculating tangent space data on degenerate geometry. (r59943)
- Fix #36788: Changing the built in keying set prints "attempt to free NULL pointer" to console. (r60291)
- Fix #36826: Make screencast with quicktime output gave black flickering areas. (r60402)
- Fix #36831: Grease Pencil dont create a drawing in current frame less than 1. (r60412)
- Fix #36830: 'Reset to Default Value' on Current Area Type button causes crash. (r60420)
- Fix #36859: Grease Pencil - doesn't create frame if frame_number