Battle & collect cute Axies while earning crypto!

Axie Infinity for Mac

Axie Infinity for Mac

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Axie Infinity for Mac is an online adventure game that allows players to not only catch and breed pets called Axies, but also go on quests, engage in battles of all scales, and each cryptocurrency tokens.

This innovative “play to earn” game allows everyone to access the blockchain economy straight from inside this virtual world. With built-in tools for direct gameplay, social interactions, managing digital properties, and even job platform, Axie Infinity represents one of the most unique gaming platforms available on Mac today. Download and install Mavis Hub for Mac NOW!

Even though on the surface Axie Infinity looks like a regular action-adventure title set in an eye-catching semi-3D world, this game is in fact a blockchain economic platform that rewards players for their contributions and invested time. Players are encouraged to engage in one of the four core activities such as playing and farming for love potions (one of the game’s crucial crafting ingredients), breed brand new Axies pets, selling them on the marketplace, and even engage in market speculation on rareAxies that are called Mystics and Origins.

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Direct gameplay is most present in the game’s PvP battle mode where all of the Axie Infinity players can jump into adventures and earn their own individual rewards in a form of AXS governance tokens.

Since Axie Infinity by Sky Mavis is so closely connected to the cryptocurrency markets, it requires players to create their own crypto wallets where they can deposit and sell their crypto goods. All players have access to integrated crypto markets where they can make transactions, speculate, and trade with in-game goods. Users should be aware that there are no standards on the value of the AXS token, which means that they need to use their own judgment in evaluating the worth of AXS tokens and in-game pets.

By mixing both the engaging gameplay and potentially very profitable crypto marketplace actions, Axie Infinity represents a unique game on the modern market. It is easy to play with Pokemon-esque visuals, crafting, and gameplay systems, open to both regular players and developers who want to devise new ways of offering fun, provides users with digital property rights and is potentially even profitable.

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