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AnyDesk for Mac

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Download AnyDesk 6.2.0

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What's new in this version:

AnyDesk 6.2.0
- macOS native window and tab management: reorder tabs, drag-n-drop tabs between windows
- Follow mouse cursor feature: When activated, the monitor selection follows the remote mouse cursor
- Follow remote window focus feature: When activated, the monitor selection follows the remote focused window
- Reminder Tile to install the anydesk service

- Fixed crash on session start
- Mouse cursor issues when session recording is finishe

AnyDesk 6.1.2
New features:
- New option to transfer image in native (Retina) resolution

- Mouse pointer coordinate transfer issue on multi-monitor system is fixed
- Bug which may cause image rendering glitches is fixed

AnyDesk 6.1.1
- Address book supports moving and copying items via drag'n'drop
- Create desktop shortcuts for AnyDesk sessions via drag'n'drop
- 'Auto-adapt Resolution' option in Display menu is now supported

- Error which prevented some users from starting AnyDesk is fixed
- Error which prevented some customers from accessing Address Book is fixed
- Privacy feature availability is now properly reported for older macOS versions
- AnyDesk doesn't light up the remote screen when only 'File Manager' feature is used

AnyDesk 6.1.0
New features:
- macOS 11 Big Sur support
- Apple Silicon Macs support

Fixed Bugs:
- Fixed bug when comment was not being asked on closing the session
- File Manager UI layout issues fixed
- Accept window layout fixes

AnyDesk 6.0.3
Fixed Bugs:
- Separated settings for incoming and outgoing automatic session recording
- Security improved for configurations with AnyDesk service installed
- Fixed bug when remote mouse cursor has a wrong shape when using specific applications

AnyDesk 6.0.2
Fixed Bugs:
- Improved Settings for Interactive access
- Fixed menu actions for File Transfer and VPN sessions
- Main window startup position issue fixed
- Custom client overrides for session permissions fixed
- Fixed Screen Recording permission detection for Chinese users

AnyDesk 6.0.1
- Support for improved connections to iOS devices
- Fixed disabled context menu on Speed Dial items

AnyDesk 6.0.0
New Features:
- Two-factor authentication
- Wake on LAN
- Hide individual item groups in Speed Dial

Fixed Bugs:
- Fixed bug when keyboard layout does not match to input into Unattended Access password dialog
- Fixed issue which prevented renaming of Speed Dial items
- Fixed issue when sleeping mac reported incorrect online state
- Improved Preferences window behaviour

Important note:
- We plan to discontinue macOS 10.10 (Yosemite) support soon. AnyDesk strongly recommends you to upgrade your system.

AnyDesk 5.6.0
New Features:
- Drag'n'drop to Applications folder installation method is offered by default now (legacy install method is still supported)
- - "Install AnyDesk Service" menu option added
- VPN support added
- Run user script when TCP tunnel is connected
- Support for connecting Two-factor authentication enabled hosts

Fixed Bugs:
- Fixed bug when admin password was asked several times during the install
- Grey bounds inside remote session window are no longer sensitive for mouse motion and clicks
- Tags displayed correctly in Address book thumbnail mode
- Fixed application crash on macOS Big Sur beta
- Fixed issue with edit of Favorite items list

AnyDesk 5.5.4
- Change log not available for this version

AnyDesk 5.5.3
New Features:
- Thumbnail view mode has been added to Address Book
- Option to disable automatic startup of AnyDesk has been added
- Split Full Screen experience enabled for Connection Window and Address Book

Fixed Bugs:
- 'New Window' function now works for older macOS versions too
- Keyboard input from mobile devices improved
- Fixed visual glitches in main window
- File Manager shows warning when Full Disk Access permission missed connection type icon displayed correctly
- Fixed bug when Unattended access password sometimes not accepted
- Fixed Installer bug which might lead to unexpected admin authorization requests

AnyDesk 5.5.2
- Change log not available for this version

AnyDesk 5.5.1
Fixed bugs:
- Fixed a crash when user account picture is not set

AnyDesk 5.5.0
New Features:
- Address Book new design
- TCP Tunnels
- System Information
- Start/Stop recording during the active session
- New About window design

Fixed bugs:
- Network Discovery security improved
- Fixed remote restart issue
- Accept window security improvement
- Fixed Password change UI for unattended access
- Fixed Proxy configuration settings UI
- Mouse scroll sensitivity adjusted
- Optimised power usage for mac laptops

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