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What's new in this version:

Acorn 7.1
New Stuff and Changes:
- The Export window now has a share toolbar item, so you can send your exported image direct to Mail or other apps (10.15+).
- The Export window has a new "Copy to Clipboard" button in the lower left corner.
- Added support for Mozilla's MozJPEG encoder in the Export window (and also available via AppleScript via the "web export" command).
- Acorn is a lot faster at opening up animated GIF and PNG files with lots of frames. It also uses way less memory when doing so now on your M1 Macs.
- The sheet for adding filters is now a popover. This is awesome if you're on MacOS 11 or later and you're tired of seeing your image being dimmed out when you bring it up.
- When using the rotation dial in the shape inspector, it will always round to nice whole values. But if you want super precise values when using the dial, hold down the option key.
- New fussy pref: "Use PDF import window with New from Clipboard". This is awesome if you have PDF data on the clipboard and you want to get a preview of the image or change the DPI of the rasterized PDF or even give it a background color.
- The action menu in the filters and shape processors inspector will now let you enable and disable all filters. In addition, the controls for the filters will become disabled if you turn off their visibility.
- Updated the fuzzy matching algorithm for the Command Bar so it gets slightly better results.
- If you have Acorn's color picker up, Command-Shift-C will close it (or bring it back up if it's already gone. It acts as a toggle now!)
- Double clicking on a color in Acorn's color picker will now dismiss the color picker.
- Updated the iOS presets in the new image window.
- The AppleScript paste command now returns a layer object when the clipboard contains something that'll make a new layer.

- Made some tweaks to how Acorn's color sampler works when picking images out from the screen, where previously things might get wonky with certain display setups.
- Fixed a problem where Export option for a background matte wouldn't work for Animated GIFs.
- Fixed a problem where a font name in the font popup for background windows might change on you when it didn't make sense to.
- Fixed a problem where the "Lock dimensions" setting wasn't saved along with a crop preset.
- Fixed a problem where selecting a gray color profile on export would remove the alpha channel from your image.
- Fixed a problem where the "Fill expansion with color" option when resizing a canvas could add just a bit _too_ much color to your image.
- Fixed a problem where painting might not show up correctly on certain layers after moving them around a bit.
- Fixed a problem where copying a layer to a mask could remove the original layer if the original layer and mask were on the same row, resulting in a sad outcome.
- Fixed some problems where changing the text color might not work.
- Fixed some problems where the Touch Bar wouldn't show the right controls for the Pencil tool.
- Cleaned up some shape layer handle drawing when resizing multiple selected shapes.
- Fixed problem where duplicated layers would get a blank name.
- Fixed problem where histograms weren't showing up on 10.15.7 after Apple's Security Update 2021-002 Catalina was installed.

- Shape shadow offsets no longer clamp to 200/-200 pixels.
- Cleanup of some tool icons.
- The zoom to fit shortcut is now 8% more accurate.
- Tweaked the way histograms are drawn a little for the Levels filter.
- Previewing some RAW files should be faster now.
- The slider for the Exposure setting in the Dodge and Burn brushes now looks and acts like the other sliders in that inspector.

Acorn 7.0.3
New Stuff and Changes:
- New option in export for PNG files: Crush / übercompress. This toggle, which has always been on by default, will allow you to turn off the advanced compression routines for PNG files. This is awesome if you just want a quick and dirty PNG and don't care about file size
- Updated shape handle cursors for @2x displays
- In the shape inspector, clicking on the stroke checkbox no longer sets a default stroke value to all the selected shapes. Now it just keeps whatever value was already there
- Updated Polish localization
- New hidden pref for controlling the resolution of PDF data on the clipboard: defaults write com.flyingmeat.Acorn7 newDocPDFClipboardResolution 600 - where 600 is the DPI you would like the PDF to be rasterized at

- Fixed problem where dragging and dropping an Illustrator .ai file into Acorn's canvas would cause it to lock up
- Fixed an issue when toggling between floating inspectors where the current tool wouldn't always load
- Fixed a little UI glitch when using the keyboard while changing the quality of a JPEG in the export window
- Fixed a problem where the tool icons in the bezier menu in the tools inspector wouldn't match the current dark/normal appearance settings
- Fixed a problem where option-dragging a text shape to duplicate it wouldn't copy over the stroke settings
- Fixed a crasher when using the Smudge tool on M1 Macs
- Fixed a problem where the values from quality slider for HEIC files in the Save As… sheet wasn't being passed along to the encoder
- Fixed a problem where the Reset All Image Metadata button in the File Info window might not work
- Fixed a crasher under certain conditions when switching the appearance of Acorn

Acorn 7.0.2
- Pinch to zoom with your trackpad now works in Export, RAW Import, and New View windows
- Double clicking on the image name in the toolbar will now zoom the window on MacOS 10.14 and 10.15
- When making new shapes, pressing the ESC while you've still got the mouse down will cancel the creation of that shape
- Acorn is better at importing SVG files that were created from Apple's SF Symbols app
- Exported animated GIFs will now loop forever

- a problem where changes in the color picker for the value field wasn't updating the color
- Acorn does a better job at fitting the content size to the window when the Window ▸ Zoom Window menu item is used
- a problem where the wrong cursor could come up when modifying an anchor in a bezier path when it's first being created
- a problem where the cursor for the Bezier Freehand tool might not show up
- a problem where the y value of a drop shadow might be displaying incorrectly if you had the canvas origin set to top left
- a problem where you couldn't disable a matte background in the new export window
- a regression from Acorn 6 where you couldn't drag an existing bitmap layer into another layer's mask
- a problem where you couldn't save a crop preset
- a problem where exporting as WebP wouldn't keep the alpha channel
- German localization fixes
- an issue where the FPS for animated GIFs wouldn't be set correctly on some images

Acorn 7.0.1
- Fixed an issue where drawing with the pixel tool might cause the last pixel placement to disappear
- Fixed a problem where the Show Registration Certificate menu item wasn't showing up
- Fixed a crasher when using the Hue Shift shape processor under certain conditions
- Acorn will now throw up a warning if it can't make a layered screenshot because of system security preferences
- German localization fixes

Acorn 7.0
New Stuff:
An all new interface:
- Acorn now sports a unified window with a matching toolbar. Gone are the floating palettes everywhere and getting in your way. Palettes are now inspectors and can be brushed away by pressing the TAB key, and brought back the same way. Acorn also adopts many new MacOS Big Sur conventions to make it look and feel like it belongs on a Mac. If you prefer the previous behavior where inspectors are in their own windows, there is a preference to enable that.
- Speaking of tabs, Acorn has a new preference for opening up images in tabs. So now you can gather all of you open images under a single window

Über Export:
- A new export workflow gives you options for specifying a color profile (like CMYK or Gray), more formats to save as (now including WebP!), precise file size of your export, and a live preview even for PDFs. This new workflow builds on and merges the previous Web Export window, but now with tons more options.
- The File ▸ Share menu items also work when the Export window is up. So if you're just interested in mailing an image off to a friend after resizing it a little in the export window, this is a great way to go.

Animated GIF export:
- This is a new option is part of the new export workflow, and allows you to export all the layers in an image as an animated GIF. You can open up existing animated GIFs, change a single frame or apply filters to a range of frames. You can then export your GIF with the original frames per second or speed or slow it down.

New color picker:
- We built a brand new color picker from the ground up which is super accurate, supports wide gamuts like Display P3, uses 64 bits for super accurate color values (and representing over 281 trillion colors), lets you adjust RGB and HSV values without switching modes, and handles your various color profiles perfectly.

- We've always got your eyes on ways to make Acorn even faster. This time around we managed to make Flood Fill, Instant Alpha, and Magic Wand multithreaded and up to 3x faster. Filters have also been fully optimized for Metal on Apple Silicon and Intel Macs. We've also made tweaks to the Metal pipeline which should make Acorn even more responsive than ever.

Universal Build:
- We'll say it again in case you missed it, but Acorn is now full optimized for Apple Silicon Macs. It's fast

New Command Bar:
- Using the File ▸ Command Bar menu item (shortcut key ⌘⇧O) will bring up a little text window you can type in to find menu commands or other hidden commands. You can also search Acorn's help documentation with this.
- Type "h" followed by a space and then a help topic to only search documentation. For instance, if you typed "h crop" it will return all documentation related to the crop tool.
- There are some entries which do not show up in the menu bar, but which can be useful: Toggle Dark Aqua, Fill Layer, Fill Layer With Stroke Color, Feather (10px radius), Use Pixels for Ruler, Toggle Stroke/Fill, Change Canvas Background, Capitalize/Lowercase/Uppercase Text.

RAW import improvements:
- You can now Save presets for your RAW images. We've also rebuilt the import preview allowing you to zoom in and out of your image, all powered by Metal of course

New Navigation & Zoom Inspector:
- Get an overview of your whole image, at any zoom level. Move the viewfinder in the inspector to change what you're looking at on your canvas. Use the histogram as an overview for the color balances in your image.

Perspective Fix & Crop tool:
- This cool little tool will help you draw a grid on the canvas which you can use to help fix images where there are problematic perspective distortions.
- New Fussy Preference: "Use short file extensions (jpg & tif)". Now, I know what you're thinking. You're thinking "Really? Really this was added as a preference? This is what time was spent on?" Well some of you are very, very vocal about this. And for years I've tried to appease you by pointing out that this is what MacOS does by default, but still… you were never happy. But now, well I hope this preference will make your day a little better and you can focus your energies on sending me emails about other things you wish were different in Acorn. I wonder what those will be?

Good Things Got Better:
- Double clicking on a bitmap layer with the move tool will begin a scale and rotate transform for the layer. This also works with selections! If you have a selection on a bitmap layer you can switch to the move tool (or hold down the command key with a selection tool active) and double click within the selection to begin transforming it. You can press the esc key to exit the transform and undo any changes, or press the enter key to commit it.
- You can now set a background fill color when resizing your canvas. If you have more than one layer, then Acorn will use the bottom bitmap layer in your image. If there is a layer on the bottom that is not a bitmap layer, then the fill options will not be enabled.
- The brush palette now has the option to set spacing for brushes. Previously you could only do this in the Brush Designer window.
- If you use the contextual on a text box while its shape layer is active, you'll get a new menu item to begin editing that text. (This also works for Circle and Path text as well).
- Flipping layers horizontal or vertical is more consistent between shape and bitmap layers.
- Web Export now has an option to include your image's DPI.
- When saving a TIFF file, Acorn will now use the original compression settings for that file, instead of defaulting to LZW.
- When saving as a TIFF file, Acorn now gives you options for the compression: LZW, None, and Packbits.
- New preference for wether or not to change the canvas background color during full screen.
- New Rotate filter, which works on your image and generated filters. It's non-destructive, so you can always go back and change the angle later on.

Shape Layer Stuff:
- New: Text boxes can now have a background color and stroke. The text inspector now has dedicated swatches and toggles for text stroke and fill
- You can option-click the p icon in the layer list to disable shape processors. And when this happens, you can interact with shapes on the layer as well (where you previously couldn't when you have shape processors going). Disabling all the shape processors will also do this, but it can be a bit more tedious going this route.
- You can extend an open bezier path by holding down the shift key with the bezier tool selected, and clicking on the end of a bezier path
- Text boxes in shape layers got a bit of an interaction makeover. Editing and selecting text boxes should feel more natural and easy now
- More obvious selection bounds when trying to choose a shape to select
- Added a little extended handle on selected shapes to rotate them directly from the canvas. Previously, this was done by some invisible handles near the corners (which are still there in case you loved those!).
- The "Arrange Shapes in a Circle" and "Rotate" processors now let you assign fractional values for the angle and spacing attributes
- Tweaks to the Shape Creator Processor, which now allows you to create circle shapes with a radius of .5. This is awesome if you're looking to make a star field of some sort. This processor will also automatically turn on fill for shapes, if the shape palette has both fill and stroke turned off.

Other Notable Quality of Life Improvements and Miscellaneous Things:
- Acorn plays nice with the System Preferences General settings for opening windows in tabs and such
- New Fussy Pref: Copying selection trims transparent pixels
- New fussy preference: "Use system color panel", which uses the system color panel. You can also hold down the command key when clicking a color well to temporarily use the opposite of whatever this preference is set to.
- Double clicking on the canvas zoom scale slider will zoom the canvas to 100%
- You can now change the color of the canvas background via the canvas's contextual menu (or the command bar)
- Pressing the '`' (back-tick) key when using a brush or pencil tool will turn it into a temporary eraser. Previously you would hold down both the command and option keys together to get this behavior, but another big image editing app uses '`' so I figure Acorn should too.
- If you have a color on the clipboard, pasting it into a bitmap layer will now fill it with the color. If you paste this color into a shape layer with selected graphics, it will set the fill color for those graphics. (Did you know: you can use the color picker loupe to put a color on the clipboard by pressing the 'c' key).
- The layers list was completely rewritten to use modern APIs. Let us know if you notice any chance behavior!
- The Hard Mix blend mode has been changed to more match the industry standard for this compositing operation
- Quartz Composer filters are no longer supported
- Using Edit ▸ Copy when multiple layers are selected will now place a composite of the selected layers onto the clipboard, as well as respecting the current canvas selection.
- Auto-select layer tweaks: If you have the preference "Auto-select layers" under the Advanced tab turned on, Acorn will automatically select a layer for you when you use the move tool to click down on the canvas. If you hold down the command key, then this setting is ignored. Conversely, if you have it turned off and you hold down the command key Acorn will auto-select a layer for you.
- Smart layer export settings will now reposition themselves when a layer or image is cropped or resized or canvas flipped
- Fixed some instances where you could modify a locked layer
- You can no longer rotate the canvas if there are locked layers
- The ruler now shows a accent color when you're moving selected shapes around, representing the selected shape bounds
- Acorn will no longer highlight shapes when you're hovering over a guide
- You can now drag and drop an app onto Acorn to open up an image with the app's icon
- Acorn will now show the startup window on reopen events if no windows are open and if the preference "Show startup window on launch" enabled
- Copying a selection on a bitmap layer now applies the mask before the image is written to the clipboard
- Holding down the option key when selecting a color profile from the Preference's default Color Profile for New Images popup will show the full path for the profile names. This is handy if you have multiple copies of sRGB installed, or any other profiles, and you'd really like to make sure you know which one you're using. This also works for the Image ▸ Color Profile… sheet, as well as the RAW Image import window.
- Improved pasting of multiple objects from one shape layer to another shape layer in another document
- Acorn will no longer highlight shapes when you're hovering over a guide
- Removed the pref for the "old brush engine". You can use the default 'defaults write com.flyingmeat.Acorn7 useBrushEngine5 1' to bring it back if you really really want it
- New Fussy Pref: "Zooming a window fits to current canvas"
- The exposure filter now uses percentages
- Acorn will now keep you from dragging layers out of locked groups
- Fixed a problem where various tile filters weren't updating the whole layer when you drew on them
- Made the filter sheet picker a bit taller
- You can now make the grid spacing up to 10,000 pixels wide for the canvas. The spacing slider also uses an exponential transformer now, so you can get way larger values now
- The canvas scale slider now uses a bit of mathematical magic to make it easier to zoom waaaay in and out
- Holding down the control key while dragging a canvas guide around will temporarily turn off snapping (and this trick works with most objects on the canvas too)
- Take layered screenshots is now on by default when using Acorn's screenshot hotkey
- If a brush cursor is less than 5px wide on a retina display, or less than 3px on an @1x display, Acorn will now show a little crosshair because those brushes are otherwise too small to see.
- You can no longer mess with layer filter settings if a layer is locked
- The export window will now auto-select the original color profile for an image, even if it was converted from a gray to an RGB color space. This is awesome if you open up a gray profile image (which Acorn doesn't support for editing normally) and you want to save it back out as the original.
- Changed the screenshot shortcut key to Command-Shift-7, so it no longer interferes with the system one for taking screenshots of the Touch Bar

Changed the default radius of the color loupe to 200pts (down from 400). If you would like the larger size back, you can paste the following into and hit return:
- defaults write com.flyingmeat.Acorn7 colorLoupeRadius 200
- Acorn no longer supports plugins written in Python

- The JavaScript interface has changed quite a bit. The CocoaScript / JSTalk preprocessor has been deprecated and the [] syntax is no longer encouraged. In fact, your script will fail using this syntax unless it ends with .jstalk or .coscript. JavaScript files that end with .js will no longer be preprocessed. (Though there is a hidden preference to always enable it: defaults write com.flyingmeat.Acorn7 preprocessJS 1
- The Cocoa Script / JSTalk bridge has been replaced with FMJS. If you have complicated JavaScript files, you might need to rework them a little bit

Acorn 6.6.3
- Compatibility fixes with macOS 11 Big Sur
- This is kind of a fix? The pencil tool wasn't erasing when you hold down the command and option keys and begin drawing (like the brush tool does. Did you know you could do this?). At any rate, it does now!
- Fixed UI issues when swapping between dark and light aqua in the add filter sheet
- Fixed a problem that cropped up sometimes when loading PDF files
- Fixed a problem where an invalid custom stroke dash setting could cause the stroke to not be drawn at all

Acorn 6.6.2
- Compatibility fixes with MacOS 11 Big Sur
- Fixed a rare crasher when editing text with the Typography palette open and replacing selected text where the font had alternate glyphs available (but unused!) in the "Glyph Variant" section of the Typography palette. This may come as a surprise, but it took a long time to figure out what exactly was causing this crash.
- Fixed an issue where rotating the canvas could cause certainly sized bitmap layers to move off canvas
- Fixed an issue where the canvas rulers might show the wrong units scale or draw mirrored when you changed the origin (via the General Preferences)
- Fixed an issue where dragging an image from Preview's sidebar would sometimes report it coming in as a TIFF file, when it was actually a PDF file. Thanks for that fun debugging session, Preview. It was a hoot.
- Fixed an issue where drawing with the pixel tool might not draw on new areas of the canvas after resizing it to make it bigger

Acorn 6.6.1
- Pressing the 'c' key while the canvas color loupe is up will copy the current color as a HTML hex color to the clipboard. To bring up the loupe, press Control-C, or hold down the option key while using a brushing tool.

- Cleaned up a problem where the wrong move cursor was showing up on the canvas

Acorn 6.6
New Shape Processor Filters:
- Hue Shift. Shift the hue of your shapes by a configurable amount. (Available for MacOS 10.13 or later)
- Flip. You can flip your shapes vertical or horizontal, using the flip axis of either the canvas, processed shapes, or the shape itself
- Fill, which lets you change the color a shape fills with (and if it fills at all)
- Stroke, which lets you change if a shape draws a stroke, how wide it is, and the color
- Blend Mode, which will change the blend / compositing mode for all processed shapes
- And finally, if you double click on the canvas when Shape Processors are active, it will now bring up the Shape Processor palette

Other New Things:x
- The Mask to Alpha filter has a new invert invert colors option. Normally mask to alpha will convert the black areas of your image to transparent, and the white to opaque (with gray somewhere in-between). With the new Invert Colors option, Mask to Alpha will now convert the white areas of your image to transparent, and keep the black opaque. This is great if you are scanning line line drawings from your own artwork, and want to make the backgrounds transparent.

Minor Stuff:
- Acorn does a bit of database cleanup now by default when saving in the Acorn image format, which will result in smaller files in some cases
- Color profiles are now included with PSD exports (thanks to the folks at The Iconfactory for the patch!)
- When resizing your image to something rather larger than normal, Acorn will ask to make sure that's what you wanted to do. (Acorn already did this for new documents, but it's super handy when resizing or changing your canvas size as well).

Improvements to PSD export:
- Pasting an image into the New Image window will create a new image with the contents of the paste. This has always been the case. The new thing is that any open New Image windows will now close.
- The Save Panel brought some old tricks back! If you Save a new image, or Save As… an existing image and enter the file name and type out a changed extension, Acorn will notice and auto-select the right file type from the format popup. This had been broken on 10.15 and sandboxed versions of Acorn previously. But no more! (Hat tip to Rich Siegel for the workaround).
- The Edit ▸ Fill… command now picks the right fill color to use (instead of possibly the stroke) from the tool palette color well. (Also- in case you didn't already know, pressing Option-Delete will automatically fill a bitmap layer with the current fill color. It's a nice shortcut to have around).
- Minor and mysterious QOL fixes involving fonts, color profile sheets, pixel tool drawing, and redrawing on 10.15
- Bezier shapes now draw their outlines and handles when manipulating anchor points and their associated handles
- Removed the 'Mix' filter

- Fixed a problem where the File ▸ Revert command might not set the canvas dimensions to the correct dimensions
- Fixed a problem where the text selection drawing would be pretty wonky if you had changed the line height of a text box
- Fixed a crasher where the OS would tell about non-existent color profiles, and then Acorn tried to use these ghost profiles
- Fixed some issues where applying a font to text where there are no valid glyphs would leave the font popup button in an interesting state
- Fixed a problem where the eraser tool might not restrict itself to selections
- Fixed a couple of little brushing issues with the tablet and blend modes
- Fixed a bunch of issues where SVG parsing would fail with complex paths. Also added support for the line-cap attribute when importing SVG files
- Fixed a problem when exporting all layers as SVG
- Fixed a problem where dragging SVG files onto the canvas wouldn't import the images correctly
- Fixed an issue with web export windows not displaying correctly for 16bpc images on 10.15

Acorn 6.5.3
- Fixed a problem where "Edit in Acorn" from Photos on 10.15 might not work
- Other minor 10.15 cleanups and fixes
- Fixed an issue when printing or exporting as PDF when some layers had non-normal blend modes
- Acorn is a little less aggressive about writing out extended attributes to remember things like the zoom scale between file opens
- Fixed a possible crasher in the brushing engine when using the smudge tool

New hidden pref to take layered screenshots without window shadows:
- defaults write com.flyingmeat.Acorn6 layeredScreenshotIgnoreShadow 1

Acorn 6.5.2
- Fixed an issue where the tool inspector would sometimes draw multiple inspectors at the same time
- Deep color compatibility fixes for MacOS 10.15 Catalina
- Fixed an issue where palettes wouldn't show up correctly on MacOS 10.15 Catalina if you had multiple displays connected

Acorn 6.5.1
- Compatibility fixes for MacOS 10.15 Catalina
- Fixed a problem where transparent gradients on shape layer shapes weren't exporting as PDF correctly
- Fixed a crasher that could occur when trying to create an image from the FaceTime camera
- Fixed a problem where certain brushes weren't drawing in a straight line when you press the shift key while drawing
- Minor crop + bounds snapping fixes
- Fixed a problem where Acorn wasn't letting you enter math for the image resize fields
- Fixed a problem where Acorn wasn't loading unsigned plugins

Acorn 6.5
- The Clone tool now has an opacity option
- Crop improvements: You can now set the DPI of an image while cropping, and alignment guides now appear when rotating your image in a crop
- The Perspective Transform command has a new option in the palette to show / hide the grid. It also gets a new palette that shows up when invoked
- Feathering selections: The Select ▸ Feather… menu item has been removed and you can now control the feather on a selection right in the selection palette
- End caps for bezier paths: You can now change between round, square, and butt end cap styles for bezier paths. These new options are right under the join style in the path options section of the shape palette. Also, it's now easier to see the selected state of the line join and cap styles
- You can now use the anchor select tool to drag and select multiple anchors
- New Image Panel improvements: We've increased the accuracy when changing from one unit to another (ie- inches to centimeters) as well as added an option to view the resolution field as pixels per inch or pixels per centimeter
- The PDF import window now shows the pixel dimensions of what your new image will be (and updates accordingly when you change the DPI)
- We've added a new advanced preference which tells Acorn to load 3rd party Image Units

- New Polish Localization courtesy of Leszek Klich
- Better support for editing images from Bear
- Tightened up the pixel edges a shape will snap to on creation (specifically bezier path or rect shapes)
- Adjust a text box to have a non-zero line height will no longer clip the top of the first line (for new text boxes only; existing text boxes will keep the old behavior)
- The blinking insertion point for text boxes and paths is a little bit thicker now
- Kerning is now on by default for new text boxes (previously it was disabled). You can turn kerning off by editing and selecting the text, then using the Edit ▸ Font ▸ Kern ▸ Use None menu item. Additionally, the Command-Option-[ and Command-Option-] shortcuts can be used to tighten and loosen the kerning on selected text (while editing it)
- Improvements to how the aspect ratio is kept when placing a crop preset on the canvas and then swapping the orientation with the 'x' key
- No longer showing a modal dialog box when a trying to change a locked layer. An in-canvas notification is now shown instead
- Web Export now lets you explicitly set the quality of your image when exporting, in addition to the already existing slider. The quality setting lets Acorn know how much compression to use when exporting your image
- The DPI for certain presets have been increased from 72 to 300 dpi
- Text padding changes. Prior to Acorn 6.5, text boxes had a 5 pixel inset which would make glyphs show up 5 pixels to the right of where the logical location of the text box was. This meant that when you left aligned a text box below a filled box, the starting glyph wasn't exactly where you'd expect it to be. In Acorn 6.5, new text boxes are created with a padding of 0 pixels so alignment will always happen as you'd expect. Existing text boxes keep the 5 pixel inset for compatibility's sake
- The default new document size has been changed to be whatever half the size of your display's pixel dimensions are

Acorn has a new hidden pref for auto-saving of all file types, not just Acorn:
- defaults write com.flyingmeat.Acorn6 autosaveNonNativeImages 1
If you're using this on lossy file types like JPEG, your image will degrade over time because each time you open and save your image, details are lost.

- Fixed a problem where Smart Layer Export wouldn't work when an extension was not given in the file name
- Clearing the document edited state when using the Revert menu item
- Fixed a problem where adding a control point to the curves filter wouldn't show up right away
- Fixed a problem when using the pencil tool on 10.13 and later with the blend mode set to copy
- Fixed some little issues with Automator actions
- Fixed an issue where undo wouldn't always work when moving control points for a bezier path
- Better selections in text boxes when line and paragraph spacing are non-default values
- Fixed an issue where empty windows would sometimes come up when you launched Acorn
- Fixed a problem where setting the paragraph spacing to 0 while editing a text box would sometimes fail
- The File ▸ New from Selection command now copies over the correct DPI from the copied image
- Fixed an issue where the DPI of your image could change when using the Image ▸ Resize Image… menu item, and you didn't really want it to
- Fixed a problem where the Reselect command wouldn't work
- Fixed some issues when setting specific kerning on characters
- Fixed a problem when exporting an image as PDF when a shape layer had a layer filter turned on
- Fixed a possible memory leak when exporting via Web Export
- Fixed a minor bug where the cursor wouldn't update when you cleared a selection by pressing the ESC key

Acorn 6.3.3
- Fixed a problem where selections might show up when exporting as a rasterized PDF
- Fixed a problem where Acorn could (seemingly) randomly crash when moving selections
- Fixed a problem where Acorn could write a bad compressed PSD in certain cases

Acorn 6.3.2
- Fixed a problem where instant alpha wasn't working on deep color images
- Fixed a problem where starting a new oval selection with the shift key down wouldn't make a circle selection right away
- Hey did you know holding down the shift key when a selection is present will add to the current selection? And holding down the option key will remove from the selection. And holding both option and the shift key will perform a union to an existing selection
- Fixed a problem with the brush palette where you the softness slider was enabled for brushes which don't have a softness setting
- Fixed some problems making deep color images when running on 10.11

Acorn 6.3.1

- Fixed a bug when printing and a layer would come out smaller than expected
- Fixed PDF export bugs
- Improved color accuracy when using the Curves filter, and improvements when using it with 64 and 128 bit images

Acorn 6.3

New Masking Things:
- Portrait Mask support! If you have an iPhone running iOS 12 which takes Portrait photos with the camera, Acorn will now detect and open up the Portrait Matte as a mask for the image! You can then enable this mask to block out the background and add fancy backgrounds or custom blurs for your image
- New menu item to move a layer mask to a regular layer. Select the layer with the mask, hold down the Shift and Option keys, and choose the Layer ▸ Eject Layer Mask menu item. This menu is also available under the action menu of the main palette window, and in the canvas contextual menu
- Drag and drop out layer masks! If you have a layer mask selected, you can now drag it out of the layers list into it's own layer or even move it to another layer mask. Hold down the Shift key to move it to a layer that doesn't already have a layer mask. Hold down the option key to make a copy of it
- Hold down the shift key when clicking on a mask to toggle it on or off.
- Did you know? You can hold down the option key when clicking on a mask to toggle direct visibility of it. A normal click on the layer mask again (or any other layer) will turn it off
- You can drag and drop a mask onto the trash icon to delete it
- You can drag and drop a mask onto the + icon to copy it
- When a mask is selected, pressing Command Delete will remove it
- Exporting layers will now export the mask as well (via the File ▸ Export ▸ Export All Layers… menu item). And you now have the option to apply the mask on export

New Brushing Things:
- Acorn has a brand new brushing engine with much improved performance when running on MacOS 10.13 or 10.14 Mojave
- A whole new category of "Basic Round" brushes ranging from 1px in size up to 5000px
- Four new hand crafted bristle brushes
- Saved brushes now have an opacity setting that can go along with it
- The brush palette now has options for setting flow, softness, and the blending of the currently selected brush

Indexed PNG Images in Web Export:
- Reduce the number of images used for PNG export, and save in file size! When exporting as a PNG you now have the option to "Index PNG Colors" which will reduce the bit depth of your image while also reducing the file size. Make an image that's 90% smaller than the original

Improved PDF Export:
- Instead of rasterizing everything to a single bitmap layer which is then turned into a vector-less PDF, Acorn will now mix vector layers with bitmap layers. What this means is that you can have a fancy background imported from somewhere, and have text on a path (or circle) and other shapes that aren't turned into bitmaps which can look bad at lower resolutions. What you get now is a PDF that can be zoomed in and scaled, and all your shape layers will retain their sharp edges. This does mean that shape layers don't get to have filters on them though. Which is a bummer, but we think it's worth the tradeoff. Some blend modes are also not supported. But, we've got this instance covered with the next bullet point. Which is the next line below. Please read on
- New "PDF (Rasterized)" option when exporting, enabled by holding down the option key when clicking on the options popup. This is the old behavior, where a bitmap image is created from your canvas and then stuffed into a PDF

New Things:
- Improved speed with 64 bit images on MacOS 10.14 Mojave
- Now using visual effect views in the palettes, which lets the background color bleed in. However, if you have "Reduct transparency" turned on in the Accessibility System Prefs, then we'll skip the whole background bleeding in thing

More Stuff:
- Improved accuracy with the Curves filter
- More precision when picking out colors on Retina displays with the canvas color loupe
- Various MacOS Mojave UI fixes
- Fixed a problem where web export of images with a layer which has a blend mode of Soft Light gives a preview that doesn't match the canvas
- Fixed a problem where Acorn could quit unexpectedly when cropping an image
- Fixed a problem where you couldn't control-click on a ruler to bring up the units contextual menu
- Fixed a problem when using the Share menu in other applications to send very large images to Acorn

Acorn 6.2.3

- Just a super small update to fix some registration things.

Acorn 6.2.2
- Various MacOS Mojave 10.14 compatibility fixes
- Fixed a selection problem for OS X El Capitan 10.11
- Fixed various palette drawing issues
- Fixed a problem where some images would become corrupt when rotating them
- Command-clicking a layer mask's thumbnail now makes a correct selection out of the mask (previously it was inverted)

Acorn 6.2.1 Build 13201

- Fixed a problem where the brush designer couldn't open on 10.11
- Various MacOS Mojave 10.14 fixes
- Fixed an issue where the star and rect toolbar icons were swapped on 1x displays

Acorn 6.2 Build 13189

Little New Things:
- New Appearance preference when running on Mojave: Pick either Dark Aqua, Aqua, or System to follow the system setting
- The Rotate shape processor now has a cumulative option
- The text palette now has a fill option right above the stroke field. Hurray- no more moving to the shape palette to turn strokes on and off

- Improvements to zooming your image in and out with the ⌘-1 through 5 shortcut keys
- Better integration when editing from and auto-save
- If no documents are open, and you drag and drop a file into the layers palette, Acorn will now open up that image
- Turned off the behavior where the selected tool is saved as part of the image, rather than global for the app. This means switching between open images will always keep the currently selected tool
- Additional preset scale levels have been added to the Command+ and Command- shortcuts, which helps out on the lower end
- The scale buttons (next to the canvas scale slider) will now stop at a point where the image is zoomed to fit
- Acorn will now show a little warning on the canvas when you copy 100% transparent pixels to the clipboard
- Canvas notifications are now shown at the top of the canvas instead of smack dab in the middle
- Web Export uses fancier scaling, so the edges of circles that butt up against the last column of the image don't get blown out when the image is scaled down
- When auto-save is turned on, non-native images (JPEG, PNG, TIFF, basically everything other than .acorn files) will open up as unsaved new images. This is to keep from re-encoding lossy image formats, and automatically losing data in general. If you enjoyed the previous option, you can turn off auto-save in the General tab of Acorn's preferences window
- The subpixel anti-aliasing option for text boxes has been removed when Acorn is running on MacOS Mojave 10.14 (Apple has removed subpixel anti-aliasing from the system and made it impossible for Acorn to support)
- When using Smart Export on single layer via the Export… button, the option to always smart export when saving is now available via the export sheet
- Super minor: The web export window will now default to save your image in the same folder the original image was opened from

- Various MacOS Mojave 10.14 fixes
- Fixed a relatively small drawing problem with ovals
- Fixed a problem where you could make an empty selection on layer masks
- Fixed a problem where the color loupe would sometimes show up when you press the option key over a palette
- Now supporting the new drag and drop stuff from Photos on MacOS 10.14, so we can all enjoy full res images
- Fixed a problem where the Close All menu item was unlocalized
- Zoom to fit refinements for folks who have their scrollbars set to always show
- Fixed a problem where web export wouldn't remember the "Remove metadata" settings between uses
- Fixed a problem when opening certain PDFs and creating an image out of the first page
- Fixed some rounding errors when drawing selections
- Fixed flickering when selecting text
- Fixed a problem where View ▸ Draw Shape Vectors wasn't working correctly with Metal
- Fixed a bug where clicking the mouse with the control key down wouldn't bring up the contextual menu on the canvas
- Fixed a problem where the pencil cursor would go away when drawing
- Fixed a scaling issue with text boxes

Acorn 6.1.3 Build 13013

- Added the placeholder "$layername$" to the smart layer export settings field (which works just like "$filename$" does). Read up on Smart Layer Export for more info.

- Fixed a problem when making a very slow crop, and then you hit the shift key to constrain it to a square, and then out of the blue the crop decides to flip itself. You did nothing wrong, it just happened. And you knew not why. But no longer, for it works as you'd like now.
- Fixed a problem when using a crop preset with keeping the aspect ratio would break when you got to the edge of the canvas.
- Fixed a problem when copying a selection from images where certain image properties were present.
- Fixed a problem where flattening layer filters wouldn't sometimes work when had a selection that was previously moved.
- Fixed a problem where there would be some visual tearing when using the crop tool.
- Fixed a problem where using the named color "windowBackgroundColor" for brushing would fail.
- Fixed a problem where Copy Merged would sometimes fail.
- Fixed an issue where using the gradient tool on a layer mask wouldn't show up right away.
- Fixed an issue where the Metadata window could show the wrong image capture date.
- Fixed an issue where Acorn's QuickLook plugin could crash with files from Acorn 1.0.

- New hidden pref to coalesce brushing with tablets; copy and paste the following command into Terminal: defaults write com.flyingmeat.Acorn6 coalesceBrush 1

Acorn 6.1.2 Build 12955

- Fixed blurry icons on 1x displays
- Fixed some drawing issues when moving selections at ~87% zoom
- Fixed cases where Acorn could crash on 10.11
- Fixed a bug where editing text with the Typography palette out could cause a crash
- Fixed a problem with the Scale and Rotate command which could clip selections on the right edge by a couple of pixels under certain circumstances
- Reduced the amount of canvas flickering when using the Crop tool

- Defaulting to OpenGL for Macs who have various NVIDIA GeForce GT* GPUs (Metal proved to be a little to crashy on 10.13 for those Macs)
- New hidden pref to keep Acorn from including the Touch Bar when taking screenshots; copy and paste the following command into Terminal: defaults write com.flyingmeat.Acorn6 noCaputeTouchBar 1

Acorn 6.1.1 Build 12914
- Fixed a crasher which could occur on macOS 10.12 when using undo after drawing with the paint brush
- Fixed a problem where bringing up the feedback window on 10.13 didn't always allow you to start typing right away

Acorn 6.1 Build 12908

Metal 2 support on macOS High Sierra 10.13 and later:
- So what does this get you? Faster panning, brushing, fills, and just a general speed improvement overall. Acorn should feel more fluid, and we've even seen framerates over 160 FPS when brushing on a 2015 iMac 5k
- We've also added some new preferences to choose where the rendering happens, located under the Fussy Stuff tab. You can choose Metal, OpenGL, or Software. You can also choose if the data for your image is stored on the GPU or on the CPU (we realize this is a little ridiculous, and we'll remove these options in a future release, but they are great for playing around with right now)

Other New things:
- By very popular demand, color icons are back! They are turned on by default, but if you liked the way things looked previously you can turn off the "Color Interface" option in the General preferences tab
- HEIC/HEIF encoding support for folks running 10.13.4 or later (Save As…, Export…, and Web Export)
- Support for opening EPS files
- When taking screenshots the Touch Bar is now included if you're lucky (or unlucky?) enough to have a MacBook Pro
- Support for 30 bit image display for the new iMac Pro
- The Replace Color filter has a new option to ignore alpha when comparing colors

- Transforms are a bit faster now by drawing a low-quality transform when moving, and then a high quality one when Acorn has more time to do the rendering
- Added a new pref to turn on or off checking for important news
- Squircles
- Removed some old text styles that no longer made sense, and added some new ones (this is under the Edit ▸ Text Style ▸ sub menu. Did you know you can make your own to save in Acorn's App Support folder?)
- The App Store version of Acorn no longer has an option to purchase a 14 day free trial for $0. Various Apple App Store bugs, incomplete APIs, and a general bad experience all around caused us to think hard about removing it and we think it's best to do so for now. A 14 day free trial is still available via our website, where you can download Acorn and try it out right away

- Various little Quality of Life fixes
- Various undo notifications are now 94% more accurate
- Removed some filters which showed up in 10.13 that didn't make sense for Acorn (Hello CILabDeltaE, I'm looking specificaly at you)
- Fixed an issue where indexed PNGs were opening up empty

Acorn 6.0.4 Build 12628

New things:
- Oh hey did you notice that Acorn can now open up HEIF images taken by your fancy new iPhones when run on 10.13? Even Acorn 5 can do that, but who cares about that because you're running the obviously superior Acorn 6
- Print changes: Acorn will now automatically scale down your image for printing if it doesn't automatically fit on a single page

- Fixed performance problems with the brush tool on 10.13 and large images
- Fixed a MacOS 10.13 problem when exporting Very Large Images which have a curves layer filter attached to it

Acorn 6.0.3 Build 12551
- Fixed a crasher when dragging and dropping group layers from the layers list, when they contained shape layers
- Fixed a problem when using the exclude path function
- Fixed a problem where the Bias fields in the RAW image import window didn't allow you to enter a wide enough range of values

Acorn 6.0.2 Build 12529

- Acorn has a brand new German localization

- Fixed a crasher when merging layers
- Fixed some cases where the dither filter wasn't drawing in the right spot
- Fixed a case where flipping a selection on a bitmap layer wouldn't also flip the actual selection, which was annoying when you had irregular selections
- Fixed some unnecessary console logging

Acorn 6.0.1 Build 12466

- Fixed a problem where filling a selection with AppleScript was using the wrong color
- Fixed a crasher having to do with the Curves filter
- Better notifications when you're starting the App Store free trial
- Little SVG import fixes
- Fixed an issue where initially opening multiple documents with the same dimensions and the system prefs to always show tabs was incorrectly sizing the window
- Fixed an issue where you might crash when merging a group layer
- Fixed a potential problem where Acorn could crash when registering
- Removed some static libraries that weren't being used anymore. The net result is that Acorn is a smaller download now

Acorn 6.0 Build 12409

Text on a path:
- Our #1 feature request. It's a big thing, and it's awesome. You can use the Shape ▸ Convert To Path Text menu item when selecting a shape, or you can use the Bezier Text Tool (which is a sub item under the Text Tool button) to click on a path and then start typing.
- To go along with this, we've added a new "Graduated Font Scale" shape processor, that increases (or decreases) your fonts on your paths, circles, or even in the old style boxes. Make fancy stuff™.
- Clone tool works across layers, images, and more:
- Our #2 feature request, and another big thing. The clone tool can now work across layers, images, and can even use group or shape layers as a cloning source. If you'd like to reset the origin where the cloning starts, hold down the shift key when clicking. Using this technique, the clone tool can also function as a stamping tool. Keep the shift key held down if you'd like to clone in a straight line.
- Use the option click to define a new clone source, or just begin drawing. Shift click to reset the clone tool's origin.

New Web Export Features:
- You can now zoom and pan and use shortcuts to change the scale of your image. There are new options to convert your image to sRGB if it isn't already, and if you are exporting a wide gamut image (such as DP3), there's a new option to highlight he colors that are out of range of sRGB (available on 10.12+ only)
- Web Export also has the option to keep (or remove) image metadata, such as exif properties

Smart Layer Export Settings Palette:
- There's now a configurable palette to setup a layer's Smart Layer Export settings (which were originally introduced way back in Acorn 3.3). You now have a movable frame that represents the export bounds of your image, and you can even give it a real name and everything from there. In addition, you can choose to have your layer automatically export as @1x, @2x, @3x, etc. sizes

New Bezier tools, stroke alignment, and boolean operations:
- You can now set the stroke alignment on shapes to be inner, outer, or center (which has always been the default you're probably used to)
- Shapes now have a new boolean operation: Divide, which works on two selected overlapping shapes. In addition to this, when you hold down the option key when using the boolean shape operations, Acorn will keep the original shapes you selected in your layer. ALSO another thing- if you hold down the shift key when using the subtract boolean operation, it'll reverse the order of the shapes, so if you accidentally subtracted things in the wrong order, you can quickly undo and then try again with the shift key
- There are now Shape ▸ Bezier Stuff ▸ Simplify Path and Smooth Path menu items, which do exactly what they say
- There's a new option under the Shape ▸ Bezier Stuff menu item: "Reverse Path". If you drew a path from the right end of your canvas, to the left, and then added text to it, you text will go right to left, and upside down. This might not be what you're after. This new menu item will instead reverse your path, so that it goes the opposite direction. Tada!
- When converting text to a bezier shape (via Shape ▸ Bezier Stuff), each glyph in the text box turns into its own path instead of the whole text block being a single path
- One last new thing- when using the pen tool + the shift key to add an anchor to a bezier shape, Acorn will now highlight where the new anchor location will show up

Load and save color profiles, view wide gamut differences:
- Color profiles. Love them or hate them, if you do enough image editing you're going to need to use them at some point. Acorn 6 makes it easier than ever to load and save profiles to your image from the Color Profile sheet. And these days with wide gamut profiles showing up from your iPhone 7, you're going to want to know what pixels are going to change when you convert your painstakingly crafted DP3 image to sRGB for the web. And that's why we've added a new previewing option in Web Export that will show up when you're saving out a wide gamut image.

Make Shape from Selection:
- This new menu item, located under the Select menu, will be activated when you've placed selections on the canvas using the various vector options (rect, oval, freehand, etc). It'll also do the correct boolean options if you subtract or add to the selection. This is awesome if you want to add a stroke to your canvas selection.

Good things got better:
- Previously modal operations (like Crop, Scale and Rotate, Wrap) are now no longer modal. You can now switch between images without having to finish a crop in your current image.
- The Scale and Rotate palette now show the x / y / width / height values of the transforming selection.
- New shortcut to crop a single bitmap layer: Command-Shift-Option-K (or you can hold down the Shift key when using the Image ▸ Crop menu item). This works when a crop is on the canvas, or with a selection. If it's a selection, the command is basically a shortcut for invert selection, and then delete.
- Instant Alpha gets two new options: the ability to turn on and off the smoothing of the edges, and a contiguous / non contiguous mode.

Other new things:
- File ▸ Export ▸ Export All Layers menu, which lets you pick a folder to export all your layers to
- Crop pixel lock & resizing. The crop palette now has an option to lock dimensions. Which you click this, it'll "lock" your crop and the final size of your image will be whatever the pixel dimensions you have set are. For instance, let's say you add a 100x100 size crop on your image, and then press the lock. Then you resize the crop on the canvas to be something larger. When you hit crop, your image will crop to what you've got, and then resize your image down to 100x100. So you can essentially set your image size at the same time you're making a crop
- New "Reflection" filter, which reflects your image as if it was on a shiny table
- New "Linear Gradient Blur" filter, which works just like the radial gradient blur… only without the radial. It's linear (see- it's right in the name that's how you know it's linear)
- Softness sliders have been added to the brush, clone, dodge, etc., palettes
- New Automator Action- "Call Filter Preset", which adds a filter preset to images via Automator
- The Filter menu now has a "Presets" sub menu
- New button in the palette to delete layers. You can also drag and drop a layer from the layers list into it for deletion
- The shortcut Command-5 will zoom to 50%. And if you're already at 50%, Command-5 will then zoom to 25%. Command-4 will zoom to 800%, and then to 3500% if you're already at 800%. However, the menu items never updated their respective titles to indicate this. In Acorn 6, now they do
- There's now an option in the text palette to invert circle text
- After transforming a selection, Acorn will keep the selection on the canvas (previous versions of Acorn would clear it)
- There's a new option in the Crop preset popup "Last Crop". This will place on your canvas the last crop you performed
- Text boxes now have an option for sub-pixel antialiasing in the Quick Config popover
- The web export window now has a proxy icon for your export data. So instead of saving your image, you can use the proxy icon to drag and drop your image anywhere that can accept the image
- You can now export CMYK TIFF images with depths of 32, 64, and 128 bits per pixel
- The Grayscale filter has a new "Black and white only" option, which works just like the 1bit filter does, but without any extra steps. This also works like a Threshold filter
- You can now use the $filename$ placeholder for the layer in in Smart Layer Export, which will replace it with the name of your document
- The info palette will now show the total pixel count, along with the amount of (uncompressed) memory your image takes up. Double clicking on the move tool (or pressing 'v' twice) will bring it up
- Double clicking or pressing enter on a bezier shape will switch to the the anchor selection tool
- New Superellipse option for boxes when they have a corner radius turned on
- When transforming a shape or selection, there are new options in the palette (and context menu) to flip your image horizontal or vertical
- Filled out the Edit ▸ Tools menu with all the available tools
- In most cases when you try an operation on a locked layer, Acorn would say 'Hey- it's locked. Do you want to unlock?' and if you choose yes it'll unlock and you can try again. In Acorn 6, if you say 'unlock' to that question, Acorn will continue with the previous operation so you won't have to try and do it again<

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