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Yahoo Widgets for Mac

Yahoo Widgets for Mac

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    Yahoo! Widget Engine 4.5.2 LATEST

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    Marian Marinescu

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    Mac OS X

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Yahoo Widgets for Mac allows the end users to add numerous widgets to its computer, which can in turn give them access to up-to-date information and weather forecasts, or work as a clock, calendar, quick searching tool, or perform just about any other task that you can think of.

⚠ Note: This product is not developed anymore and might not function properly.

This famous desktop enhancement program already supports more than 4000 widgets that can expand the functionality of all operating systems.

Yahoo Widgets for macOS started its life under the name Konfabulator, which changed after Yahoo bought its development team and integrated this powerful widget engine into its popular ecosystem of online aps and services.

Between 2005 and 2009 Yahoo Widgets managed to attract large user base that used this great app for bringing many useful tools on their desktop – from system management, sensor readings, clocks, calendars, RSS feeders, Webcam viewers, dedicated timing apps, time zone calculators, battery sensors, calculators, and more.

During those years developers from all around the world had ability to integrated their apps with the powerful Yahoo Widgets API and offer their products on the app listing pages.

However on March 2 2012 Yahoo announced that Yahoo Widget Engine and Yahoo Widget Gallery will shut down in its entirety, with wish to move all of its users to the newly announced Yahoo Connected TV widget platform.

Save time with live updates right on your desktop
  • Your favorite info comes to you
  • No need to surf around for what you use most
Convenient at-a-glance view keeps your Widgets in line
  • Get all of your personalized updates in one place
  • Neatly organize your Widgets along any edge of your desktop
Choose from more than 4,000 Widgets. Make it all yours
  • The most Widgets available anywhere online… more than 4,000 and growing fast!
  • Weather, games, web cams, radio, scoreboards, calendars, mood rings… if you can imagine it, there's a Widget for it!
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  • Yahoo! Widget Engine 4.5.2 Screenshots

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What's new in this version:

- Implemented text speedup for Mac.
- Fixed event.key
- Added support for numlock modifier on keyboard, mouse, and drag events
- map the window levels correctly (mac only)
- Added timeout property to XHR.
- Added JSON object (from
- Leopard support
- Fix issue with unlocalized "Preferences" submenu in system tray.
- Allow CSS to affect text alignment even in non-wrapped text objects. Only works with a minimum version of 4.5 or later.
- Fix issue where saveImageToFile() couldn't deal with scrolled frames.
- Fix localization of preferences dialog title.
- Fix localization of dialog title when iTunes is not installed.
- FINALLY support ctrl-a and ctrl-e in the evaluation field in the debug window on Windows.
- Always set system.event when minVersion >= 4.5. system.event is, however, considered deprecated. You should always use the event passed to your handlers.
- Implement URL properties to expose a URL 'cracking' API, i.e. you can access the components of a URL.
- Get Drag/Drop working for window objects (Windows only?)
- Allow 0 as a valid length value in CSS. It's supposed to be valid.
- Only print warnings about elements being in widget and metadata files if the values actually differ
- Changed XPath to work to spec. It wasn't returning the correct result for string() functions.
- Added window.getCurrentMousePosition()
- Added window.close()
- Added widget.createWindowFromXML()
- Lazier GC on minimum version or 4.5 or greater.
- Added onPreferencesCancelled.
- We now properly propagate exceptions thrown in the ready state callback of an XMLHttpRequest through to the open or send call that may have called it.
- Fixed issues with text files getting double linefeeds.
- Made sure the main window doesn't get shown if hidden and form() is called.
- Fixed issue where we couldn't parse XML with DOCTYPE, particularly for vitality.
- Added Display object and various functions to allow you to get the display list.
- Added Rectangle object to allow you to do fun things like union and intersection. Wahooo!!!
- Fixed various canvas drawing issues.
- Now allow canvas to render another canvas via drawImage.
- Ubiquitous mouse handlers.
- No more crashing when calling removeChild on context menu items.
- No more crashing when passing an anonymous function to URL.fetchAsync().

Known Issues
- On Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard), a call to Flash's IsPlaying() method always returns false ' even if the Flash object is, in fact, playing.
- Flash's readystate reporting cycles through all five states, even if the Flash movie does not exist.
- Flash quality method is not returning proper information.
- HTML is not supported on Windows 2000 or Mac OS 10.3.9
- No IME support for Flash or HTML