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XMind for Mac

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XMind for Mac

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    XMind 2024.01.13311 LATEST

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    Juan Garcia

  • Operating System

    Mac OS X 10.11 or later

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    XMind Ltd. / External Link

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XMind for Mac is the most popular mind mapping tool. Millions of people use XMind 2024 to clarify thinking, manage complex information, run brainstorming and get work organized. Easily create concept mind maps and share them online!

Features and Highlights

Rich Text Styles - NEW
Elevate your content with a range of text styling choices. Customize fonts, sizes, colors, add bold, italics, and strikethrough to specific text segments, highlighting important information and enhancing overall readability.

Numbering - NEW
Streamline your topic numbering with automatic numbering options. Say goodbye to tedious manual labeling and select your preferred numbering style, making it effortless to organize your ideas.

Outliner - NEW
Outliner is ideal for managing lists, organizing facts and ideas, and for goal and task management. Freely switch between outliner and mind mapping, you are superior to your former self.

Theme Editor and all New UI - NEW
You can tailor the style of themes to your preference, customize shapes, lines, colors, etc. which allows you to use it directly every time instead of repeat editing.

Enhance Image Export - NEW
Such as allowing all sheets to be exported at the same time, more size to select, and export the transparent background that can be easily inserted to Keynote and PPT.

File Link - NEW
It’s surprising that just use one mind map, you can manage all the files on your computer. When you need to search for a file later, a simple click to the topic and you will be taken to the right file you want.

ZEN Mode - NEW
It’s not easy to focus for a long time, ZEN mode helps you only concentrate on one mind map. This way all your energy will go into it and you will accomplish it perfectly.

Mind Mapping
Mind Map structure in the tool contains a root in the center, with main branches radiating from it. Besides the Mind Map structure, XMind also offers Org-chart, Tree-chart, Logic-chart, etc.

Business Charts
Business elites always encounter a lot of complex tasks. The four amazing structures of the app could help them release pressure and improve efficiency! Fishbone Chart can visually organize causal relationships among complex ideas or events.

Brainstorming Mode
With XMind for macOS, you can start the individual brainstorming easily and quickly. The most important thing of brainstorming is to focus on quantity, not quality. So it brings the Idea Factory to record and collect inspirations further and faster. A timer stays to let you control the brainstorming session time. Additionally, you can switch between day mode and night mode.

Presentation Mode
Effectively presents mind maps to audiences with a minimum of distraction, focusing on a particular topic. The Presentation Mode is an alternative "full-screen" view that allows you to browse your map with a minimum of distraction. It makes the map appear on the whole screen rather than in a window.

Gantt View
Effortlessly converting Mind Maps to Gantt Charts is one of the trump cards of utilizing the app in project management.

Themes & Fonts
The tool packs 10 amazing fonts, which beautify your mind maps magically and prevent disappointments that your work cannot reveal its own originality on another computer without fonts you used. All fonts are open-sourced and cross-platformed, which ensures your mind map looks pretty on both Mac/Windows.

Export to Office/PDF
How to make colleagues access mind maps if they don’t have the app? You can export mind maps into about 10 universal formats by the export functionality. While managing large projects, you can quickly overview all the tasks within Excel, and order them according to your preference.

Save to Evernote
Save a map as an Evernote note, including a large image, outline text, and even the .xmind file itself. You can access your maps from different devices, share them and collaborate with others.

XMind Cloud
X Mind Cloud makes it easier than ever to automatically sync files across multiple Mac/PCs. Fast, secure, and easy-to-use. Online viewing and editing in an internet browser are also awesome. 1 GB storage space.

Note: Requires Java and 64-bit processor. The free version comes with a limited set of features and tools.

Also Available: Download XMind for Windows

  • XMind 2024.01.13311 Screenshots

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What's new in this version:

XMind 2024.01.13311
- Extend the scope of "Auto Sort" switch to global when inserting labels
- Preserve Rich Text Styles during copy-paste operations in edit mode
- Preserve Rich Text Styles during updating styles

- an issue that Note might be lost when opening some old files
- an issue that the progress bar might get stuck when exporting maps split by main branch to PNG
- an issue that the Scale setting might not work when exporting maps split by main branch to PNG
- an issue that cutting function might not work while editing the central topic
- fixed some other known issues

XMind 2024.01.09392
Important Updates:
- New Templates: Explore 100+ templates designed to enhance your creativity and efficiency
- New Skeletons: Added 10+ new skeletons, experience infinite creative possibilities for structure and style

- Added Quarterly Subscription option
- Added a feature that applies the selected numbering style to sibling topics
- Added customized shortcuts for numbering
- Added an "Auto Sort" switch when inserting label
- The Matrix structure has been updated with options for "fewer borders" and "more borders"
- Optimized the experience of Image Frame
- Optimized the experience of the main menu on Windows
- Fixed an error during login
- Fixed some other known issues

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