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MindNode for Mac

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MindNode’s clean interface lets you capture and connect your thoughts with ease. The expanding canvas and smart layout keeps up with your ideas, no matter how big or complicated. And when you want to say more than a thousand words, your photos and stylish stickers are right at hand. Great Brainstorm with MindNode for Mac!

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The app lets you stay organized by easily rearranging your thoughts and folding away any distractions. Use notes for additional detail, find ideas quickly in the outline view and get things done by turning your thoughts into tasks. With iCloud Drive you have all your documents on all your devices. Should you feel the need to share, MyMindNode lets you upload an interactive version of your documents. And finally, MindNode for macOS supports a wide range of document formats you can import from and export to.

Features and Highlights

Smart Layout
Nothing’s worse than a mind map so cluttered you can’t read it. With Smart Layout your mind map will automagically be kept tidy and the tool’s infinite canvas will keep up with all your ideas.

Expressive Visuals
Thinking happens primarily with images and their associations. So you can use stickers to express your ideas, even color-matching them with all the themes, or simply use your own photos.

Intuitive Interface
The app’s Interface is a model citizen. With support for fullscreen mode, iCloud Drive and file versions, VoiceOver, and many more system features, Mind Node fits seamlessly into your world.

Quick Tasks
Turning your ideas into tasks is super simple. And once you know what your tasks are, you can easily export them to dedicated ToDo apps like Things, OmniFocus and Reminders.

Extensive Notes
If you have more to say, add a Note to your idea. You can even format the text and add links. Creating a visual outline for your next blog post has never been easier.

Simple Outline
With the outline sidebar you can easily browse through the largest document. Expand or collapse what you need, zoom in on the stuff you’re looking for, and search your entire document.

Effortless Sync
No matter if you’re on the go and want to use your Apple Watch or iPhone, or if you want to do creative work on your iPad or Mac. You can access the latest version of all your mind maps from all your devices using iCloud Drive.

My MindNode
You can publicly share interactive documents. Best of all, they are available via the web through MyMindNode service. So whom-ever you’ll send them too, they’ll be able to explore your ideas without having to install anything.

No matter where your data is coming from, or where you want to continue working on it—you can import from and export to a wide range of documents like FreeMind, OPML, OmniFocus, Things, PDF, and Markdown.

Note: 30 node limit per document. Requires 64-bit processor.

  • MindNode 2023.3.6 Screenshots

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What's new in this version:

MindNode 2023.3.6
- Made it easier to attach a node to others while dragging
- Improved the vertical centering of many fonts, especially some Japanese fonts
- Improved the contrast of the first-level nodes in the Neon theme
- Ensured that folded nodes correctly update their location when dragging a parent node in Manual Layout
- Fixed a bug with Zoom to Fit
- Fixed a bug that triggered relayouting of a mind map when dragging a node in manual layout
- Fixed a bug that would end in spaghetti layout after dragging a folded node

MindNode 2023.3.5
- Improved tooltips
- Ensured the correct text alignment, when re-attaching a node
- Fixed the colors of the built-in Retro Theme and thereby ensured legibility
- Fixed a bug where nodes would become unresponsive after search (when the node has been unfolded through search)

MindNode 2023.3.4
- Fixed a bug where rewiring sibling nodes via drag & drop wasn't possible

MindNode 2023.3.3
- Fixed a bug where not all nodes would be dragged in Manual Layout

MindNode 2023.3.2
- Copy/paste support from macOS to visionOS
- Fixed a bug where the level 2 node order in MindManager imports would be wrong
- Fixed a crash when entering the tutorial

MindNode 2023.3.1
- Added support for OmniFocus 4
- Printing a node with no text no longer prints a placeholder text

- a bug that prevented the background color from being printed on subsequent outline pages and not only the first page
- Ensured node titles are readable if a mind map is printed without its background color
- and improved the import of XMind documents
- text focus ring in the link panel on macOS Sonoma
- unexpected MindNodeID sign-outs

MindNode 2023.3
- Added a main menu item to open MindNode ID in the settings
- Increased the horizontal padding for the Outline when only the Outline is shown
- Improved the sharing/export UI - with a new icon, a Send a Copy button, and a help button

- Fixed a bug where parent nodes would not correctly reload their task progress, after deleting a child task
- Fixed a crash when setting "Print every mind map on a separate page" in the print panel
- Fixed Reminders Export on macOS 14
- Ensured the Sticker Picker only updates the Recents section after closing

MindNode 2023.2.4
- Improved the performance when editing long node titles
- Ensured the license banner always shows the correct and full information
- Ensured text has the correct typing attributes after replacing selected text in a node title
- Ensured the correct (left-aligned) text alignment for new child nodes, when the parent has an image attached and center text alignment

- the jumping of the notes icon when changing the image position
- creation of Emoji attachments from the full-size outline
- the layout of the link panel on macOS Monterey

MindNode 2023.2.3
- Fixed a crash on launch due to a 'damaged app error'

MindNode 2023.2.2
- Added the option to change the dock icon while the app is running
- Perform zoom-to-fit when smart magnifying by double tapping on an empty portion of the canvas
- Improved link editing workflow
- Ensured right-clicking on a task indicator shows the correct context menu
- Ensured control-click on a node shows the context menu

- a bug in the layout after a text bundle import
- a bug that didn't allow to turn off grammar checking
- a bug where Quick Entry would crash on launch
- a bug that prevented underline and strikethrough to be applied to the notes of a node

MindNode 2023.2.1
- Fixes a crash on launch bug for Quick Entry

MindNode 2023.2
Dark App Icon:
- New setting to automatically match the dock icon to light or dark when the app is open.

New Sticker Picker:
- Stickers are now easier to find with categories and we've added several new stickers.

Links in Outline:
- Add links to websites and open them directly from within the outline. Additionally we greatly enhanced link support on the mind map as well.

- Fixed a styling bug when dragging a node to a new parent
- Fixed a bug that incorrectly positioned a node when dragging it to a new parent
- Fixed a crash when double-clicking a node
- Fixed a bug when pasting text outline that led to wrong branch colors
- Fixed an issue with node positions after unfolding multiple nodes
- Fixed a bug with the mind map layout after adding a title to a node with only an image
- Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred when closing a document
- Filtering for tags in the Outline now correctly works when prefixing your search term with "#"
- Scroll newly created tags visible

MindNode 2023.1.2
- Added the option to export documents in specific MindNode file format versions to ensure compatibility across devices
- Better preserve existing font sizes and attributes, when applying a new theme
- Adjusted the font size of node titles when rewiring them on the canvas to better match the font size at this level
- Copy the style of existing cross connections, when creating a new one
- Improved the size calculation of the infinite canvas to ensure there's always enough room for your ideas
- Improved task and notes indicators contrast
- Improved node deletion behavior in outline during title editing
- Added our new team member Jessica to the credits

- a bug that would result in wrong colors being used for hierarchical themes, after nodes have been reordered
- a crash caused by Paste and Preserve Style when editing text
- incorrectly ordered entries in Outline Export to PDF
- a bug that prevented connection endpoints from re-attaching to other nodes
- a bug in smart link detection
- a typo in the "Magnifying Glass" sticker name, causing it to be ignored
- a bug where the already-presented purchase window would not come to the front
- broken window cascading when importing documents

MindNode 2023.1.1
- Fixed a bug that prevented entering composed characters in languages like Thai
- Fixed a crash when toggling strike-through using the main menu
- Improved the styling of the note indicator

MindNode 2023.1
Productivity Stickers:
- Brand new sticker set with 35 of your most requested stickers in the productivity category

Hierarchical Themes:
- New themes that visualize structure and bring distinguished styling to all levels of your mind map

Dynamic Reordering:
- Easily reorder nodes on the same level, thanks to sibling nodes moving out of the way of a dragged node

- Dragging multiple sibling nodes in a mind map groups them under the cursor. Similar to the behavior in the outline.
- New main nodes now use the style of already existing main nodes
- Added the option to “Toggle Sticker Tint” in the context menu
- Added an overlay with the current width while resizing nodes/attachments in the mind map
- Renamed “Manual Width” to “Fixed Width” and improved the behaviour when enabling it for multiple nodes
- Improved the way colors are generated when a theme has “prevent duplicate colors” enabled
- Ensured the correct text color of connection labels when creating and applying themes
- Ensured empty lines are kept in the node titles when a document is saved and reopened
- Fixed a bug where occasionally rows in the outline would not update correctly after drag & drop
- Fixed newsletter sign-up window not showing checkbox for accepting the privacy policy
- Fixed a bug where MindNode couldn’t be opened

MindNode 2023.0.3
- Added the option to resize all selected nodes simultaneously, when using a resize knob on the canvas
- Added the option to “Copy Selected Nodes” instead of “Copy Single Node”
- Improved the keyboard navigation on the Export dialog
- Unified the visualization of the reconnection indicator for all node shapes
- Ensured branches look correct when exporting top-down mind maps as image

- a bug where node dragging would not correctly cancel any previous reattachments when pressing Escape while dragging
- "Export to PDF" not working when triggered via Siri Shortcuts
- "Export to Reminders" not working when triggered via Siri Shortcuts

MindNode 2023.0.1
- a bug where the branch thickness for new nodes wasn’t correct
- a glitch when inserting nodes in Manual Layout
- an issue where after editing notes in the side-panel and then tapping on the outline wouldn’t update to the new notes immediately

MindNode 2022.4.3
- Added the ability to apply only the colors of a theme to the context menu in the theme selection (this will not apply fonts and styling attributes)
- Added support for reading and writing OPML from the pasteboard
- Enhanced the "Copy as Image" menu item to copy the image without background when holding the option key
- Added a zoom factory overlay when zooming the mind map with a trackpad
- Improved the behavior of styling new nodes: the style for a new sibling node is now directly inherited from the interacted-with sibling node
- Fixed unwanted animation when creating new main nodes
- Fixed a layout glitch when editing a title after inserting a node
- Fixed image picker popover positioning

MindNode 2022.4.2
- a bug where input in Japanese was aborted when hitting certain control keys like return, space, or arrow keys in the outline
- Ensured to always show the correct focus button in the Toolbar
- Improved contrast for the text insertion cursor in the Outline and on the Canvas
- Added optional toolbar items for sticker & emoji picker on macOS & iPadOS
- a crash when exporting to PDF
- a bug where pasting with style would not work correctly when creating new main nodes during pasting
- a crash when opening a picker popover from the toolbar
- a crash when dragging attachments
- disabled “Import Theme” menu item in the Themes sidebar
- Ensured proper window cascading when opening new windows
- a glitch when creating new child nodes
- Ensured tags that are not currently highlighted are deemphasized in Outline

MindNode 2022.4.1
- Ensured the sticker picker is shown in the correct size
- Fixed a bug where Paste and Preserve Style wouldn’t work
- Ensured opening of third-party documents works
- Updated the What’s New notification to not show a scrollbar

MindNode 2022.4
Refreshed interface:
- Your Mac and iPad never felt closer. An updated toolbar and sidebar unify how you interact on both platforms.

Mind map & outline:
- Pick your favorite. Start a new document as a mind map or outline and easily switch between them.

Updated for macos ventura:
- Enhance your productivity using new features like the updated photo picker.

Other changes:
- Improved the node well and resizing indicators to always use the selected control accent color
- Improved the visibility of the separator between mind map and outline
- Improved the icons in inspector
- Improved the sticker tint color for themes with low contrast
- Fixed keeping the style of connections when pasting
- Fixed incorrect order of tags, after undoing the deletion of a tag
- Fixed a bug which cause an incorrect branch color of the node well

MindNode 2022.3.3
- a bug where zooming the outline font size with keyboard shortcuts would fail while editing text in the outline
- Updated menu item "Copy Link for Opening Document" to no longer include the document title (enabling creating keyboard shortcuts for the menu item)
- Ensured that links work properly and are selectable directly after adding them
- Ensured that focus mode isn't exited when dragging the node well
- jumping width when resizing image attachment
- wrong node ordering after reattaching nodes

MindNode 2022.3.2
- missing link popover on macOS
- a crash on launch due to failed receipt validation
- wrong zooming when entering focus mode
- cut-off text on license screen
- missing quick look preview

MindNode 2022.3.1
- Improved printing in greyscale by insuring tags are also grey
- Improved the zoom behavior by making the preset levels less sticky
- Fixed an issue with scrolling on the canvas while making a rubber band selection
- Fixed support for Spotlight indexing with MindNode's new document format

MindNode 2022.3
Emoji Stickers:
- Pick any emoji as a colorful sticker. Decorate your mind map with smileys, animals, symbols, and more.

Compact Layout:
- Brand new layout for creating organization charts and condensed top-down mind maps

- Added the ability for MindNode to reopen your documents exactly as you closed them
- Improved the behavior of the selection color to adjust immediately when the accent color is changed
- Improved the rendering of tags and added task indicators when printing and exporting the outline as a PDF
- Improved the visual appearance of the app to deemphasize the inspector tab icons when a window is not active
- Improved the visual elements in the outline to not deemphasize nodes that are currently being edited
- Updated the document file format to support Emoji Stickers and Compact Layout

MindNode 2022.2.4
- Added support for a larger font size in the Outline
- Added the ability to cancel MindNode ID registration
- Improved creating a new document from Quick Entry by ensuring that the whole mind map is visible
- Improved the appearance of the node well during Focus Mode & Tag Highlighting
- Fixed a bug where an empty node would be deleted in the Outline if it was the only existing node
- Fixed a bug which would not allow font styles to be adjusted if the cursor was in the middle of the modified text
- Fixed an issue where Quick Entry popovers would be incorrectly positioned when using an app in Full Screen mode
- Fixed an issue which would happen when moving nodes by using the arrow key + Option (⌥) keyboard shortcut

MindNode 2022.2.3
- Improved how new child nodes are created when dragging the node well
- Improved the animation when switching between sections in the Preferences panel
- Updated the visual appearance of knobs on the canvas

- a crash that could occur when moving MindNode to an external screen
- a visual glitch which resulted in a light colored Candidate window even if dark mode is enabled
- an issue where branches would be misplaced after unfolding multiple nodes at once
- an issue which caused the folding indicator to be missing
- importing of CSV documents that are missing the column header line

MindNode 2022.2.2
- Added support to start editing in the outline by simply typing
- Improved the node well to folding indicator animation
- Fixed an issue where the sidebar and outline widths would change when changing tabs
- Fixed an issue with creating nodes using the node well when using cloud-shaped nodes

MindNode 2022.2.1
- the appearance of the fold/unfold button in the menu bar
- the behavior of closing a window by not showing a save dialog for new, unedited documents
- the behavior of pasting links using the "Paste and Preserve Style" action to create a new child node
- the visual appearance of the outline when changing font sizes

- a bug where smart text shortcuts would always be interpreted when pasting text, even if they were not active in preferences
- a crash that would happen when closing a document
- an incorrect link to a support article
- an issue where an alert would be displayed stating that a document could not be saved
- an issue where the "Ignore Spelling" command would not work in the outline
- an issue with copying links that have custom text attributes
- the MindNode ID screens

MindNode 2022.2
Dynamic Node Well:
- Precisely create nodes in between pushed-away nodes. Automatically connect to the nearest node when dragging the node well. Experience the same dynamic behavior on Macs and iPads with Magic Keyboard.

Quick Entry PLUS:
- Refreshed to look & behave like the editable outline. Use the same powerful shortcuts to quickly jot down your ideas.

MindNode ID PLUS:
- Access your MindNode Plus subscription on all your devices, even if iCloud is not available on your device

- Added a new Shortcuts app action to add text to the current Quick Entry text
- Added an action to the context menu to select all nodes with a tag
- Added the ability to assign tags to a node in the context menu in the outline
- Adjusted the behavior of the "Show on Mind Map" action in the outline to make the canvas appear active
- Improved the animation of dragging & dropping a node in the outline
- Improved the appearance of notes when imported from OPML files
- Improved the search engine for Sticker Search: results will match queries better, and suggested results will be ordered according to relevance
- Improved the use of available horizontal space in the outline for text when the sidebar is very narrow
- Fixed a crash that would happen when closing a window with the ⌘+W shortcut while making a rubber-band selection
- Fixed a crash that would happen when toggling the "Include Filename" option in the Print dialog
- Fixed an issue in the outline where the wrong node would be selected after finishing editing text while navigating with the keyboard
- Fixed an issue where the "Ignore spelling" autocorrect option would be ignored when editing on the canvas and text would still be underlined

MindNode 2022.1.2
- Adjusted the behavior of the keyboard shortcut for exporting files on macOS 11 in order to fix a crash

MindNode 2022.1.1
- Added translations for the Shortcuts app actions
- Adjusted the behavior of control-clicking a row in the outline to not activate the outline
- Improved the behavior of copying and pasting an image from a web browser
- Fixed an issue that could result in the canvas and outline appearing active simultaneously
- Fixed an issue which would cause macOS to report MindNode as damaged
- Renamed the main menu action "Copy URL Scheme" to "Copy Link for Opening This Document"
- Changed default font alignment for subnodes in rainbow theme

MindNode 2022.1
Notes in Outline:
- Create & edit notes directly in the Outline. Notes can be displayed inline below the title, or inside a popover.

Medical Sticker Pack:
- 25 brand new stickers to add to your mind maps, featuring: woman with mask, scale, virus, microscope & more!

Refreshed & New Themes:
- We've adjusted all of our themes to increase contrast and added two new themes: Blackberry & Swing.

- Added a slight delay before tasks disappear after being completed when viewing the outline with the "Show only open tasks" filter
- Added support for automatically changing URLs pasted in nodes into links
- Added the "Tasks" section to the export screen
- Added the option to reveal tasks in Things after exporting them by using the Shortcuts app
- Disabled the zoom control for the canvas when the outline is in full-size mode
- Improved automatic scrolling to the text cursor in the outline with long texts
- Improved the appearance of exported images by adding padding around the edges of the canvas
- Improved the appearance of the node well so that it's aligned with the branch
- Improved the behavior of the canvas when removing or folding a node in the outline to display the next selected node
- Improved the legibility of outline text when exporting or printing a PDF
- Improved the performance of the outline with large documents
- Improved the scrolling behavior in the outline to keep selected or visible rows on the screen when adjusting settings like filtering or zoom
- Fixed a bug where it was not possible to copy in the outline when using the free editor
- Fixed a delay that would occur when switching between formats in the "Export to" dialogue with large documents
- Fixed an issue where it was not possible to split a title in the outline with the return key while text is selected
- Fixed an issue where the canvas would flicker when triggering "zoom to fit"
- Fixed an issue with the "Find and Replace" action, where text would not be replaced
- Fixed some visual glitches and reduced lag when resizing the outline
- Fixed visual glitches that were visible on nodes when scrolling and zooming

MindNode 2022.0.1
- the layout of the Notification Center widget
- Increased the size of the document preview image in the Notification Center widget
- the "successful import" notification when importing via URL scheme to make it clearer which type of file was imported
- the color of a selected node to make it clearer whether a window is active or not
- the context menu "Search with" action to use the user's preferred search engine

- a bug where selecting the footer area in the outline would always create a new node
- an issue in the outline where a node would not change color to indicate it has been selected
- an issue that prevented undo/redoing while filtering in the outline
- an issue where a selected node on the canvas would be displayed with sharp corners rather than rounded when the outline is open
- an issue where mind maps imported from Markdown files would have an incorrect layout
- an issue where the canvas would shift when opening the outline
- an issue while dictating where text would only appear at the end of a statement

MindNode 2021.5
- Added a tooltip with a sticker's name when browsing stickers
- Fixed a bug that prevented the editing of main node titles created by using the Force-Touch gesture or the Option-click shortcut
- Fixed a bug where a node title could be accidentally edited while not in edit mode in the outline
- Fixed a crash which would happen when an autosave popover would try to be displayed
- Fixed an issue in the outline when adding subnodes to a node that has tasks, new subnodes will now also have tasks
- Fixed an issue where nodes would be incorrectly ordered and overlap each other on the canvas after merging in the outline
- Improved an animation in the outline when moving a row up
- Improved compatibility with MindManager files
- Improved the appearance of the outline in full-size mode on large screens. Full-size outline is now wider on large screens.
- Improved the behavior of copying and pasting nodes from a mind map into the outline
- Improved the performance of editing node titles on the canvas while the outline is visible in large documents
- Removed the "Share" menu for built-in MindNode themes

MindNode 2021.4.1
- Fixed a crash that would happen when adding images to empty main nodes
- Improved the alignment of nodes with several lines of text and stickers
- Improved the performance of editing large documents in the outline

MindNode 2021.4
Optimized for macOS Monterey:
Enjoy macOS Monterey's new features in MindNode. Use the Shortcuts app to export documents and share tasks without launching MindNode.

Sticker Search:
- Sticker search has been supercharged to take advantage of natural language processing, and improved localization support

- Added support for the "Duplicate", "Duplicate Single Node", & "Copy Single Node" actions in the outline
- Added the ability to start editing the top selected node in a multi-selection
- Fixed a bug that disabled the font picker when the node was using an unknown font
- Fixed a bug which made emojis disappear when adding them at the beginning of a node title
- Fixed a bug where dragging nodes to the same location could result in an undoable action
- Fixed a bug where folded nodes could not be unfolded after having been duplicated
- Fixed an issue where mind maps would be cut off in exported PDFs
- Fixed an issue where text-editing would end unexpectedly after performing a merge/undo/delete action
- Fixed an issue where the color of the main branch would change when child nodes were folded
- Fixed an issue with the Jump to Selection action in the outline, ensuring that node is not covered by the search bar
- Improved cursor navigation in the outline with keyboard arrows around empty lines
- Improved sticker search to be more tolerant of queries with typos
- Improved the behavior of the outline to prevent merging nodes if notes, tags or images are present to prevent data loss
- Improved the display of pill shaped nodes so that they do not cut off image attachments
- Improved the interaction with folded nodes when tapping the footer below them, indenting nodes when the parent node is folded, & adding a node to a folded node
- Improved the performance of selecting a node in the outline
- Improved the performance of the outline with long segments of text
- Improved the placement of the folding indicator with cloud shape nodes
- Improved the placement of the text cursor when clicking on a node title
- Improved the preview image of themes
- Prevented automatic scrolling to the last edited node in the outline after scrolling & folding another node
- Updated the MindNode team credits images & added our newest team member
- Updated the minimum required OS version to macOS 11

MindNode 2021.2.3
- This update adds support for smart text shortcuts in the outline, improves several keyboard shortcuts, and much more.
- Adjusted the Option (⌥) + Delete (⌫) shortcut to perform the "Delete Single Node" action in the outline
- Added support for smart text shortcuts for tasks, notes, & tags in the outline
- Added the ability to fold multiple selected nodes in the outline

- dragging tags by making it possible to drag them by their color indicators
- legibility of text in the outline by ensuring that the color is adjusted if the theme background has changed
- manual width adjustment of multiple nodes
- the performance of editing large documents in the outline

- a bug where the title of a node would be replaced when trying to fold a child node with the Option (⌥) + . shortcut
- a bug where the knobs could become frozen on the canvas
- an issue where MindNode would freeze while creating a node with a Force click
- an issue where Emojis would disappear after adding them to a node
- an issue with the sticker picker which would make it look empty after searching
- a bug where creating links with Command (⌘) + K would sometimes not work
- an issue where highlighting a tag not assigned to any nodes resulted in all nodes being highlighted in the outline
- Refined the appearance of a dragged node making it simpler to see where it will be dropped

MindNode 2021.2.2
- Ensured that a row stays selected in the Outline after deleting the last empty row
- Ensured that adjustments made to the mind map layout are saved while editing a title in the Outline
- Ensured that clicking on a node while searching in the Outline marks it as selected

- performance when editing large documents in the Outline
- performance when folding, selecting, & editing in the Outline of large documents
- the "Show on Mind Map" action to center the Canvas to the relevant node
- the undo action while editing a title in the Outline

- a bug where the move up/down action in the Outline would not work when the Canvas was set to manual layout
- a crash that would happen when deleting characters in the Outline
- a crash which happened changing spellchecking settings
- an issue where Sticker Search would not use localized keywords
- an issue where using Focus Mode in the full-size Outline would break scrolling
- an issue with drag & drop with RTL languages
- an issue with alphabetically ordering child nodes on the left side in manual layout

MindNode 2021.2.1
- Correctly hid unsupported features in Legacy Mode
- Continued to improve Outline performance
- Disabled node sorting actions during text editing
- the layout of the Quick Entry draft popover
- the Outline context menu
- searching in the outline by adding a hint to remove filters to view more results
- Drag & Drop in the Outline by allowing spring-opening of folded nodes

- a layout glitch on the screen shown after successfully subscribing
- a crash when creating a new document while "show only open tasks" is enabled
- an issue where text formatting would be lost when ending text editing
- an issue where the hierarchy was lost when dragging nodes in the Outline
- an issue where new nodes at the end of the Outline would be deleted if they had an image, but no text
- an issue where filtering settings would not work in the Free Editor and Legacy Mode
- app freezes when the Outline is open
- how main nodes are sorted after undo
- the Outline Drag & Drop indicator for right-to-left languages
- visual glitches when using MindNode in High Contrast Mode

- Prevented triggering most outline actions during Drag & Drop
- Unified the Outline Drag & Drop indicator
- Ensured that the last selected node is centered when exiting the full-size Outline
- Ensured that a document cannot open in the full-size Outline if the Editable Outline feature is disabled
- New documents created in full-size Outline will not immediately start in edit mode

MindNode 2021.1.5
- We've updated the Outline search filter preferences in this update. Now MindNode will remember your settings for showing open tasks or hiding inline tags

- Made the loupe icon in the Outline search bar responsive to clicking when starting a search
- Fixed an issue where the canvas would not update its layout when text was edited in the Outline

MindNode 2021.1.4
- This update has a few improvements for the Outline, and fixes several issues.

- Added support for starting rearranging of a node from a folding indicator in the Outline
- Changed the appearance of the folding indicator in the Outline to indicate that it can be interacted with
- Disabled the task indicator for unfocused nodes in the Outline when using Focus Mode or Tag Highlighting
- Disabled the folding indicator in the Outline for unfocused nodes
- Fixed a crash which happened when creating a new child node from a folded main node in the Outline
- Fixed an issue where the Zoom-to-Fit feature would not work correctly when the left sidebar was open

MindNode 2021.1.3
- the ability to indent and outdent multiple lines in the Outline
- a tooltip when hovering over the Notes indictor in Outline
- spacing after the last Outline entry to make it easier to add new nodes

- renaming a tag using Voice Control
- expanding the selection using the keyboard
- a bug that prevented editing Notes in the sidebar
- a crash when deselecting an object
- a crash when filtering in the Outline
- a crash when closing a document

- Greatly enhanced the performance when filtering in the Outline

MindNode 2021.1.2
- This update adds a new gesture, improves keyboard shortcuts, fixes a few bugs, and much more
- Changed the keyboard shortcut for toggling the full-size outline: Shift (⇧) + Command (⌘) + 7

- a new gesture to indent & outdent in the Outline: swipe two fingers to the left or right on a selected row
- support to enable "Smart Dashes" on the Canvas and in the Outline
- a shortcut to show a node on the Canvas: Option (⌥) + click a node in the Outline
- support for folding nodes by using the toolbar button while editing in the Outline
- keyboard shortcuts for "Delete" and "Delete Single Object" in the Edit Menu
- animations in the Outline to show changes like adding, removing, and folding nodes
- support for spell check in the Outline
- Improved the appearance of the scrollbar

- the way nodes are sorted when copy & pasting subnodes
- an issue where nodes would become scrambled after activating manual layout
- an issue related to copy & pasting text in the Outline
- an issue where fonts would change after symbols or emojis
- a visual glitch that appeared when selecting another row in the Outline

MindNode 2021.1.1
- This update has several small improvements and fixes a few bugs.

Adapted several keyboard shortcuts:
- Select Previous Main Node: Shift + Alt (⌥) + P
- Select Next Main Node: Shift + Alt (⌥) + N
- Justify Text: Alt (⌥) + Command (⌘) + |
- Improved the "Show on Canvas" action in the Outline to correctly show folded nodes
- Added text hyphenation for long entries in the Outline
- Improved performance when resizing the Outline and displaying large documents
- Improved how nodes with links are synced with Apple Reminders
- Improved several menu item titles
- Fixed an issue where the text cursor would disappear in the Outline when using certain fonts
- Fixed a bug related to pressing the Command (⌘) key
- Fixed several crashes related to the Themes Panel and font names
- Fixed an issue where the "Create Connection" action was disabled while editing a node

MindNode 2021.1
Outlining [plus]:
- Capture your thoughts in a hierarchical form directly in the Outline. Add, remove, indent, and outdent Nodes. Rearrange your ideas by dragging and dropping. Edit your mind map and outline side-by-side.

- The Outline has been updated with a fresh visual design. The new, linear representation makes it easier to distinguish node levels and identify the structure of your thoughts.

- Improved color pickers in the Inspector
- Improved support for files from other apps that use Markdown
- Fixed an issue where the Inspector would close when the icon of the open section was clicked

MindNode 2020.6.1
- Improved how Tag names are exported in text-based file formats
- Improved how the Node Well looks while nodes are being dragged
- Fixed an issue with opening links while editing node titles
- Fixed an issue with how links are highlighted after being added
- MindNode has been fully localized in Thai. With this addition we now support 15 languages

MindNode 2020.6
- MindNode 2020.6 adds support for macOS Big Sur with a refreshed user interface, updated App Icon, and a brand new Widget

Refreshed Interface:
- Fits right into the new macOS Big Sur user interface design and adopts a custom Accent color. New fully resizable Sidebar.

App Icon:
- A shiny new App Icon that fits perfectly in the macOS Big Sur Dock

- Add the new MindNode Widget directly to your Notification Center. Quickly access your pinned and recent documents.

- Added support for exporting to plain text, RTF, and TextBundle when using Apple Script
- Added the option to restore default settings in Shortcuts preferences
- Added the option to reopen the "What's New" screen
- Improved the parsing of Notes when using the "--" Shortcut in the Node Title
- Improved how the Sticker Picker behaves when using MindNode in full-screen mode
- Improved the appearance of Outlines when exporting to PDF
- Improved the order of Nodes after alphabetic sorting
- Fixed a few layout issues with the Newsletter Signup screen
- Fixed an issue where Nodes would disappear after zooming
- Fixed a layout problem with the "Empty Tags" placeholder
- Fixed an issue where MindNode would try to import a Theme that is already installed
- Made it easier to distinguish active and inactive states of the Notes sidebar
- Updated the description of the MindNode Legacy Format on the export screen

MindNode 7.3.3
- Improved the placement of the Sticker Picker when the toolbar is not visible
- Fixed a branch drawing issue
- Fixed a few bugs related to outline mode, drop-down menus, and the inspector button for RTL languages
- Fixed a crash that happened when a document was reloaded from iCloud Drive
- Fixed a bug where XMind files could not be imported

MindNode 7.3.2
Improved visual tags:
- Highlighting a tag now also indicates nodes that are folded

- Adjusted the preferences panel to ensure all supported languages are legible
- Improved rubber-band selection color in Dark Mode
- Fixed a bug where new nodes could not be created after cancelling dragging
- Fixed an issue which made branches look tangled after pasting
- Fixed an issue where straight branches in an embedded, top-down layout had an unnecessary curve
- Fixed a problem with exporting files to Ulysses which resulted in an empty share sheet

MindNode 7.3.1
- Fixed a crash in the onboarding tutorial

MindNode 7.2.1
- Added support for characters from any language in tags
- Ensured that the node width updates after changing the image position
- Fixed an issue with pasting in the Free Editor
- Fixed a drawing glitch when exporting mind maps with underlined nodes to PDF or image
- Fixed the positioning of title resizing knobs after toggling the width manually
- Fixed a crash when interacting with the color panel after hiding/closing the inspector
- Fixed an issue which would cause MindNode to freeze when showing notes via the popover

MindNode 7.2
- This release improves keyboard navigation and fixes several longstanding issues. On iPad, this version adds full trackpad support
- Added the ability to move and mirror multiple nodes at once via keyboard shortcuts
- Improved importing of photos
- Optimized storage size of newly added photos
- Reduced the blurriness of node text in lower zoom levels on non-retina screens
- Improved tags to be displayed in the same order on a node as they are in the sidebar
- Improved sticker & image alignment for nodes with long titles
- Improved zoom performance on large documents
- Fixed a bug that triggered showing the save dialog when closing a new, unchanged document
- Fixed a bug when resizing title and sticker/image
- Fixed a bug which led to transparent main nodes after dragging
- Fixed a typo in the Things export window & made various export windows non-resizable
- Fixed a crash when renaming a personal theme
- Fixed a glitch in the newsletter sign-up window

MindNode 7.1.1
- Fixed a crash when displaying the outline
- Fixed a crash when applying a theme

MindNode 7.1
New Node Shapes:
- Use the all new hexagonal and octagonal node shapes for a fresh way to highlight your ideas

Image Position:
- Arrange sticker and images where you want them, below or next to your idea

- Added information overlays to replace modal dialogs
- Improved the description of advanced text shortcuts
- Improved importing of text lists
- Improved the drag-and-drop feedback when dragging items onto the canvas
- Fixed a bug where the color picker in the border inspector would show the wrong state
- Fixed a bug where "Fold All Completed Tasks" did not fold parent nodes with a single child node
- Fixed a bug which resulted in pixelated images when exporting
- Fixed a bug which turned anchors in URL links into tags
- Fixed a glitch when pasting nodes in vertical layout
- Fixed a layout issue when importing several images in manual layout
- Fixed an undo bug related to toggling tasks

MindNode 7.0.4
- Fixed "Copy URL Scheme" when a document is stored in a subfolder
- Fixed a drawing glitch in the Quick Entry window
- Fixed auto-dismissing of the dictionary popover when using "Look up…" during text editing
- Improved the width of the tag-popover
- Improved the resizing behavior of the Quick Entry window
- Improved the layout of the welcome screen

MindNode 7.0.3
- Fixes a bug that caused missing stickers in sticker picker
- Align '+'-buttons in sidebar with content

MindNode 7.0.2
- Improves "Select All" in tag highlight mode
- Fixes Spotlight integration for MindNode documents
- Ensures the welcome tutorial is not shown above all other windows

MindNode 7.0.1
- Adds support for including tags when printing or exporting an outline
- Fixes a crash when deleting or renaming personal themes
- Fixes paragraph spacing on the upgrade screen
- Improves contrast of unfocused nodes in Focus Mode
- Ensures the tags view is correctly refreshed after a document update
- Improves the newsletter screen in dark mode
- Improves the tag sidebar in dark mode
- Improves Quick Entry introduction screen
- Fixes a bug where selecting text would end text editing
- Fixes a crash when trying to open a linked file
- Fixes previews of MindNode documents in QuickLook
- Ensures tags aren't renamed to have no title

MindNode 7.0
Visual tags:
- Categorize and add more context to your thoughts. Use tags to prioritize ideas and bring focus to a related group of ideas that are otherwise not connected. Using our tag-highlight mode you can focus on selected tags to discover new connections.

More styles:
- Personalize your mind map with a fresh batch of stickers and a new theme

Mindnode plus:
- MindNode 7 is a free update for existing customers. New customers can unlock our full feature set with our new cross-platform MindNode Plus subscription

Free editor:
- Our free version now allows basic editing operations like adding nodes, reordering and folding

- Improves advanced text shortcuts to support tasks, notes and tags, and adds a new setting to toggle them
- Improves performance when opening and editing documents
- Fixes a mind map display issue when zooming a document on macOS Catalina
- Fixes an issue where leaving Focus Mode would scroll to the wrong position
- Fixes an issue where note indicators would stay visible after scrolling the canvas
- Fixes a hang in the on-boarding tutorial
- Fixes an issue where node wells would stay visible after unfolding
- Fixes a notes data loss issue when changing appearance

MindNode 6.1.2
- Fixes a crash when importing XMind documents
- Ensures correct branch rendering after deleting a child node with a task
- Fixes a crash when exporting Markdown documents with Asian characters
- Fixes a crash when clearing the Sticker Picker search field
- Removes blurriness when switching from small zoom levels into Focus Mode
- Fixes a bug where the bold and italic buttons in Style Inspector were disabled

MindNode 6.1.1
- Adds support for Quick Entry drafts
- Adds full Dark Mode support for notes in sidebar and popover
- Improves previews of themes with bordered nodes
- Ensures all controls in style inspector are correctly aligned

MindNode 6.0.6
- Supports opening and saving of documents using upcoming new MindNode features
- Correctly center main node of newly created documents when a sidebar is visible
- Fixes "Zoom to Fit" when a sidebar is visible

MindNode 6.0.5
- Allows using "Center Main Node" during node title editing
- Adds a new shortcut "Center Selection" that can be triggered using "Ctrl + Cmd + R"
- Retains text formatting, when exporting the outline as a PDF document
- Fixes a crash when exporting documents

MindNode 6.0.4
- The Notes popover now remembers it's last size
- Doesn't include spell-checking indicators in exported images
- Dragging a detached notes popover moves it above other notes panels
- Fixes a bug where notes could get lost when resetting style
- Improves sticker search reliability by ignore whitespaces

MindNode 6.0.3
- Improves zooming behaviour when ending Focus Mode
- Allows to change text alignment of Connection titles
- Adds keyboard shortcuts for "Hide Connections" and moving nodes to one side
- Improves first launch screens

- Fixes blurry text on retina screens during on-boarding
- Fixes a bug where the "What's New" screen would be shown too often
- Ensures the canvas color control is updated when changing themes
- Shows a detached sticker popover when the toolbar is hidden

MindNode 6.0.2
- Improves performance when adding images to a document
- Fixes the order of nodes after rewiring
- Fixes a crash when searching in outline
- Fixes a crash when creating nodes via node well
- Allows to enter Focus Mode when in Viewer Mode
- Improves the performance when editing a document with many images
- Ensures only visible nodes are selected after pasting
- Fixes blurry nodes during zooming
- Improves the display of connection titles
- Allows to create new main nodes in Focus Mode
- Improves performance when interaction with cloud-shaped nodes
- Fixes a crash when closing a document
- Uses the correct cursor when panning the canvas
- Improves the sharpness of nodes on non-retina displays
- Correctly updates toolbar images and labels based on current selection

MindNode 6.0.1
- Fixes a crash when closing a document
- Fixes a visual glitch related to branch drawing
- Fixes a crash when opening certain documents
- Fixes importing of XMind documents created with Lighten
- Fixes an issue where branches got stuck during node folding
- Fixes an outline height issue for nodes with tasks
- Improves the selection animation
- Fixes an issue that caused an incorrect node-well size
- Fixes spell checking of connection titles
- Allows to use Paste Style when Focus Mode is enabled
- Fixes a performance issue when saving or exporting documents

MindNode 6.0

Focus mode:
- Put a spotlight on one part of your mind map and fade out all the rest. Focus Mode helps you minimize distractions and stay focused to finish your thought

Hide connections:
- Reduce distractions even further by hiding all connections on the canvas

Sticker search:
- Quickly find the right sticker to make your document even more appealing

Traditional chinese:
- MindNode is now available in Traditional Chinese, increasing overall localizations to 14

- Unifies selection highlighting of nodes and connections across iOS and macOS
- Further unifies keyboard shortcuts across iOS and macOS, including shortcuts for folding, zooming and changing font size
- Supports importing of new Mind Zen documents

New shortcuts including:
- Enhances the open text link keyboard shortcut (Option-Command-K) to now also open file links
- Moves the myMindNode settings to a dedicated window (Window > Show myMindNode)
- Improves zooming and scrolling performance on large mind maps

- Ensures nodes, branches, connections and knobs are correctly animated
- Ensures correct animations during folding and unfolding
- Allows undoing node creations with Command-Z and 2-finger tap
- MindNode now correctly reopens the last open document if the app was closed in the background
- Ensures correct positions of orthogonal branches when using cloud shapes
- Fixes the "mindnode://newDocument" scheme when no filename was supplied
- Fixes jumping arrows when connections are animated
- Disables shift-click to add a node to a selection as it interfered with shift-drag to create a new connection
- Fixes drag & drop of images from external applications
- Improves sidebar resize cursor behavior
- Fixes a crash when opening the sticker picker on High Sierra
- Ensures correct text alignment, when first opening the inspector
- Ensures correct display of nodes during resizing
- Fixes animations when dragging an image out of a node at a high zoom level

MindNode 5.2.6

- Allows to extend the selection with Shift-Click
- Shows purchase state in About window

- Improves the resolution of tinted stickers in exported PDFs
- Improves performance when zooming
- Better retains the selection after undo operations
- Fixes a glitch where a node branch would still be displayed after deleting a node
- Prevents jumping of text when starting to edit a connection title
- Fixes a bug that led to lost notes when dragging & dropping an image onto a node
- Improves Little Snitch hints
- Fixes a bug that caused a slight increase of the apps memory footprint

MindNode 5.2.5
- Fixes a crash on MacBook Pros with Touch Bar when using Chinese as the system language

MindNode 5.2.3

- Adds 'Size to Fit Content"'to main menu
- Adds ability to include notes in PDF export
- Adds shortcuts for sticker (CMD-5) and media picker (CMD-6)
- Adds actions to scroll to the start and end node of a connection
- Improves performance when selecting a node
- Improves performance during text input

-  Correctly enables cross connection end point controls, when changing the selection
-  Fixes using single file format when exporting documents via the export menu
-  Fixes a bug where the Outline would scroll to the selected node, when the task state of an other node was changed
-  Fixes a bug where paste and preserve style didn't work in context menu
-  Fixes Dark Mode support in About window
-  Fixes a crash when exporting as PDF
-  Fixes an issue with 'Open Quick Entry' not correctly working
-  Retains strike-through text when applying a theme
-  Tries to recover when sticker is not part of the document
-  Fixes a bug which lead to wrong branch layouts in manual layout
-  Ensure that a node in text editing or resizing state isn't covered by any other node
-  Selects a cross connection when clicking on it's title
-  Fixes a bug which prevented the selection of cross connections after folding
-  Fixes a drawing glitch when resizing a node
-  Fixes a crash when dragging first level nodes
-  Fixes a crash when changing selection after text editing
-  Prevents zooming the canvas when pressing the CMD-key during scrolling
-  Improves the dialog that appears when a document has missing images

MindNode 5.2.2

- Refines Dark Mode appearance on export sheet
- Greatly improves search performance
- Parses bold and italic font traits when importing iThoughts or Markdown documents

- Uses the correct font size when importing notes from Markdown documents
- Fixes an image import issue when importing MindManager or iThoughts documents
- Fixes a hang when creating connections during node editing
- Uses the correct paste behaviour when pasting text into notes
- Fixes an issue that prevented creating a new document from Quick Entry when MindNode wasn't running
- Fixes not working URL Schemes when MindNode was launched by a URL Scheme
- Fixes a style inheritance issue when "Inherit style when reconnecting" is disabled
- Fixes a crash when selecting a node
- Fixes an image loss issue when duplicating a document
- Fixes an issue with opening linked documents in right-to-left languages

MindNode 5.2.1
- Fixes slowdowns when selecting nodes or connections
- Fixes text alignment in Slate theme
- Fixes several memory usage issue
- Fixes a bug that prevented node dragging in certain situations

MindNode 5.2
Dark Mode:
- MindNode is now fully optimized for macOS Mojave's Dark Mode
- In MindNode's preferences you can adapt the appearance to your needs: use the system default or choose light or dark mode
- One new Dark Mode optimized theme (Slate) to help you better focus on your ideas

Resize Outline:
- You can now increase the size of the outline to give mind map and outline the same space
- The outline is not the only sidebar you can resize, earlier this year we also added the ability to resize the Notes sidebar

URL Schemes:
- Launch Quick Entry or import documents using new URL-Schemes - Learn all the details in our User Guide
- Use "Copy URL Scheme" in the Share-menu to create a URL to the document

Continuity Camera:
- Use your iPhone or iPad to snap photos, scan documents and import them directly into your document
- You can use Continuity Camera to add photos of presentation slides when taking notes or to add images when preparing for an exam

- Adds 5 new stickers (Apple, Cake, Clock, Pie, Tree)
- Adds support to export your tasks to OmniFocus 3
- Improves Marked 2 integration by including images in the preview
- Improves text legibility for custom highlight colors during text editing
- Allows to disable the background during printing
- Changes the "Show Notes Inspector" context menu to "Show Notes Popover"
- Highlights nodes on canvas when changing selection in outline
- Improves the sidebar layout to offer a more consistent look
- Adds a shortcut to clear the current selection (Control-Option-Command-A)

- Improves error reporting when opening a document with missing images
- Fixes a crash during node resizing
- Ensures that selected nodes stays visible, when moving them using the arrow keys
- Outline entries with a lot of text content are sized correctly
- Fixes an issue related to syncing task stats with Reminders on Mojave
- Fixes an issue that allowed giving a theme an empty title
- Shows hints for all toolbar items
- Fixes a crash when opening the photo picker

MindNode 5.1.7
- Fixes a crash when attaching a node to a main node
- Opens a new document when launching the app when iCloud Drive is disable

MindNode 5.1.6

- Ensures future compatibility of Things integration
- Fixes a Quick Entry crash
- Uses correct toolbar icons

MindNode 5.1.5
- Fixes a crash on launch on macOS Sierra

MindNode 5.1.4
- Improves Markdown export of notes to enhance Marked 2 support
- Allows to resize Quick Entry window
- Adds the ability to create a reversed cross connection when holding Option+Shift when dragging a node
- Adds ability to share a document to myMindNode and Reminders from the "File > Share" menu

- Fixes a crash when replacing text in a selection using "Replace All in Selection"
- Fixes a bug where a tinted sticker would not be updated during a dragging operation
- Fixes an issue that caused incorrect ordering of undo operations
- Fixes an issue related to duplicate images when printing an outline
- Fixes a hang when closing the print "Page Setup" dialog
- Uses correct stroke width when "Level Dependent Style" is disabled
- Fixes overlapping of branches when exporting as a PDF or an image
- Fixes an issue with xMind import
- Fixes a performance issue when selecting nodes
- Fixes a display issue when using arabic characters

MindNode 5.1.3
- Improves Quick Entry performance

- Fixes a crash when closing a document
- Hides menu items for not yet released features
- Fixes a crash when an open documents gets modified on an other device
- Fixes a crash during saving when a document is open on an other device
- No longer request two undo operations when adding an image
- Fixes a crash when pasting or dragging an image onto a node

MindNode 5.1.2
- Improves task inheritance in Quick Entry mode
- Adds Help menu item to sign