A Virtual Property NFT Trading Game for Mac

Upland for Mac

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Upland for Mac

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    Upland - A Virtual NFT Property Game LATEST

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    macOS 10.14 Mojave or later

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    Uplandme, inc / Upland for Mac

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Upland for Mac is an innovative blockchain-based game that allows players from all around the world to purchase and trade with virtual properties that are mapped to the real world. This land management game gives everyone a chance to get dreamland properties in a digital realm and tie to them a real-world value that is provided by the game economy that runs on the EOS blockchain.

Often described as property-trading, city-building metaverse, Upland for macOS provides players a chance to explore cities, purchase land, and engage in trading using newly crafted NFT land tokens.

To start playing Upland for macOS, users are first required to register for a new account, which will also provide them with their own Upland Wallet where they can host their land NFTs and UPX coins (the primary currency of Upland that cannot be traded outside of this game ecosystem). Once inside the game, players are welcomed with the intuitive and simple-to-use interface where they can explore land properties of the entire real world. They can find their dream locations and see if they are free for purchase, already owned, or even available on the marketplace.

Available plots of land are marked with several colors that signify their exact status. Properties can be Unminted (bright green) which means that they were never purchased by any player, or Minted, which means that someone has previously purchased it but they may or may not be available for purchase.

The land plots can be marked as “FSA” (Far Start Act) and are available only for purchase by new players with status Visitors and Uplanders, Dark Green (owned by someone but available on the secondary market), Blue (owned and minted, but not available on the secondary market), Dark Blue (land that is fully owned by the player), and Grey (locked and not minted, not opened for general sale to users and are reserved for future sales and auctions).

Users are encouraged to purchase land in several cities, and the game frequently offers treasure hunts that can be resolved by purchasing the correct land plot in the area that is marked by the treasure map.  Those treasure hunts can come in three tiers – Standard (for all Upland players), Limited (available only for free and new users), and Exclusive (accessible only by Uplander+ accounts). Many actions performed inside the game will provide new UPX coins, the main currency of the game.

Upland for Mac can be accessed for free on any modern internet browser, including Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, and others.

Also Available: Download Upland for Windows

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