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Sometimes latest versions of the software can cause issues when installed on older devices or devices running an older version of the operating system.

Software makers usually fix these issues but it can take them some time. What you can do in the meantime is to download and install an older version of Ultimaker Cura 5.5.0.

For those interested in downloading the most recent release of Ultimaker Cura for Mac or reading our review, simply click here.

All old versions distributed on our website are completely virus-free and available for download at no cost.

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What's new in this version:

New features and improvements:
Engine Plugins:
- Introduced infrastructure for Engine Plugins; Plugin developers can now hook into and change the actual slice process using a programming language in which they feel comfortable: C++, Python, C#/.NET, Dart, Go, Java, Kotlin, Node, Objective-C, PHP, Ruby
- In this initial version, plugins can hook into the following engine slots:
- Modify generated gcode, postprocessing it per layer
- Generate Infill patterns
- Modify extrusion paths
- Listen to a broadcast of all Settings
- Cura plugins can now easily add new Settings and extend existing dropdown Settings. Users are now warned if a previously saved project file depends on a plugin and that plugin isn't installed in the Cura instance that tries to load it.
- To showcase this new infrastructure we introduced a Gradual Flow Engine plugin; This plugin prevents sudden drastic changes in flow transitions. You can find it under your bundled plugins and the new gradual flow settings can be found in the material category when all settings are visible
- Do you want to participate in the discussion about the potential and possibilities? You can join the discussion on GitHub here.
- Introduced the following new settings:
- Gradual Flow Enabled, Gradual Flow Max Acceleration, Initial Layer Max Flow Acceleration, Gradual Flow discretization step size, are to finetune the Gradual Flow plug-in.
- Top Surface Outer Wall Flow, Top Surface Inner Wall Flow, Top Surface Outer Wall Speed, Top Surface Inner Wall Speed, Top Surface Outer Wall Acceleration, Top Surface Inner Wall Acceleration, Top Surface Outer Wall Jerk, and Top Surface Inner Wall Jerk settings can be used to tune the top surface of your models.
- Small Top/Bottom Width reduces jerky motions in small top/bottom surfaces, with Small Top/Bottom On Surface you can exclude the setting on the surface
- Group Outer Walls will bundle types of walls in the same layer reducing travels, thanks to the contribution by @Arcari55
- Enable Fluid Motion, Fluid Motion Shift Distance, Fluid Motions Small Distance, and Fluid Motion Angle are settings for printers with smooth motion planners like Klipper. It's hard to show the changes in preview, but we encourage you to check it out.
- Updates in the available supported OSses:
- Introduced Max OSX builds for ARM64 (M1 support), next to our existing X64 builds. With major contributions from @TheSin
- Introduced a single Linux build removing the need to have a different modern and regular Linux build.

Setting improvements for Ultimaker Printers:
- UltiMaker printers with UltiMaker Materials have faster-predicted printing times as a result of a number of changed printing speeds
- UltiMaker configurations with limited intents in the past like AA 0.8 cores, now have more intents available
- Updated printing temperatures for UltiMaker printers to be more uniform
- Updated Support Interface Settings for UltiMaker printers
- Introduced a support material tag, so support is automatically printed with support material
- Default has been updated to Balanced to reflect the perfect harmony between these visual, engineering, and draft profiles.

Quality of Life Improvements:
- Use Tab to navigate between settings in the Per Model Settings window
- Introduced Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V next to the current multiply behavior
- Arrange your models in a grid with the same orientation with Grid Placement
- A message that shows when your Removable Disk is out of space and prevents incomplete gcodes from being saved
- Add Printer and Printer Settings windows are now resizable to fit in more start/end gcode in an orderly way
- Restored the color picker tool when creating custom materials
- You can now scroll through long messages, and can easily close them if you finished reading
- Searching for materials and plugins in the Cura Marketplace has been improved
- "This Setting Is Hidden Because" icons were missing in the settings visibility for Windows and Mac
- Only one file could be loaded and you could not load multiple files if they were mixed STLs and Project Files
- It seemed like models could be multiplied more than 99 times, there is now a limit
- It's now more clear if Cura is syncing materials over the cloud
- It's not possible anymore to send a printjob to a turned off cloud connected UltiMaker printer

More Features:
- You can now sponsor the Cura team from the Application Switcher, and Help menu
- Infill behavior close to the skin to prevent jerky motions and visible overextrusion
- The About Dialog includes more build information for Cura developers
- Introduced more hardware info like system, release, version, processor, and CPU cores to the logging to improve troubleshooting.
- Updated supporting certify libraries
- Introduced a new Post Processing Script; Limit XY Accel for bed-slinger printers, contributed by @GregValiant
- Introduced the machine name in the gcode headers, contributed by @smartin015
- Extruder settings are cached to speed up slicing, contributed by @sesse
- Bug Fixes
- Bug Fixes that improve Printed Part Quality
- The first support layers were printed incorrectly if adhesion was set to None
- Some improvements to the Zseam for user-specified or the sharpest corner seam alignment
- The support was printed before the brim when the origin was at the center of the buildplate
- Printers with a high resolution value would incorrectly print embossed features,
- The flow would unexpectedly increase after a bridge was completed.
- Bridging settings would not be applied to the first skin layer if the infill density was set to 0
- The skirt height could collide with some models and could be printed in support
- A brim would be too small if the extruder was not defined
- The Initial Buildplate and Printing Temperature would not be applied correctly when printing One-At-A-Time

Bugs resolved since the Beta Release:
- Updated some settings for UltiMaker printers to prevent infill from being exposed, introduce a visual mode for PETG, and prevent stringing for PETG and ABS
- Fixed the upgrade script for UltiMaker materials that would cause configuration errors
- Updated the arrange algorithm to work better with larger models
- Prevented future crashes caused by the new gradual flow plugin with some active printers
- Fixed Linux Legacy crashes for open file dialog due to OS icon style
- The Linux Appimage had an unnessecarily large file size
- The top layers where not showing distinct inner and outer walls in the preview.
- A printjob with a different raft extruder could cause a printjob to be considered too large to print
- A project file with an intent would not be loaded correctly
- Moved the position of the Target Machine name in the start gcode to predicted time and material use for some printers
- Restored the ColorDialog to prevent an SDK break

Other Bug Fixes:
- You could not load some Marketplace materials with intents on the UltiMaker printers like BASF 17-4PH
- For some Linux versions it was not possible to add a 3D printer
- Fixed the installation screen for DMG installation because it still had the old logo.
- The minimum support area was not working correctly for tree support, contributed by @ThomasRahm
- Support Horizontal Expansion would be hidden but influenced the warning values for Support Interface
- The shadow in One At A Time printing sequence would not correctly resize with the skirt/brim size
- Fixed a bug where it was not possible to select the support structure with basic setting visibility
- Removed the option to change the Brim Distance in the per object setting until a better solution is available
- Fixed a slicing crash if the skirt was larger than the buildplate