Transmit for Mac is a full service FTP client for the OS X platform

Transmit for Mac

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Download Transmit 5.0.2

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What's new in this version:

New features:
- Improved support for macOS 10.13 High Sierra
- Freshly redesigned conflict resolution panel, including a more-obvious Skip button
- Added support for all OpenSSH formatted key file types
- Added a warning when deleting items in the Rules and Clouds sections of Preferences

- Fixed an issue that could cause the activity toolbar button to continuously pulse after operations had completed
- Added support for showing completed transfers if a group was cancelled before finishing

- Can now edit resolved symlink files
- Closing an unsaved file in Transmit’s editor now correctly close the file after saving

macOS 10.13:
- Resolved a crash that could occur when logging into Panic Sync (thanks for your help, Apple)
- Various animation fixes
- Fixed Finder tag colors not loading on fresh user accounts
- Transmit Menu can again be configured to start at login

- Fixed an issue where skip rules were not being applied properly to file synchronize operations
- SSH key with passphrases no longer requires multiple unlocks during the same session
- Migrating from Transmit 4 to 5 now updates the Spotlight metadata files
- Download Automator actions no longer revert file save location to Desktop
- File Sync: Operations that will transfer no files now complete successfully
- Duplicate Servers from History are no longer shown when searching Servers list
- Transmit Disk: Resolved an issue that could prevent Finder windows from automatically opening directly after new install
- Fixed an issue where the trial dialog may appear even if registered

Dropbox: Resolved and issue that prevented Sign-In with Google accounts
SFTP: Fixed an issue with parsing file names from Paramiko SFTP servers
SFTP: Improved parser compatibility
FTP: Applying permissions to multiple selected files now works as expected
FTP: Resolved an issue that prevented connection to Strato (and other) servers over IPv6
Google Drive/OneDrive: Fixed an issue that caused excessive memory use during upload operations
OneDrive for Business: Resolved an issue that prevented creating multiple, different servers
Rackspace: Resolved a crash when disconnecting network during multi-part upload

OAuth-based Servers synced from another device no longer continually prompt for login
Modified how Sync Encryption Identity is stored in Keychain to mitigate a possible Keychain error

Many transition animations are now removed when “Reduce Motion” macOS accessibility setting is enabled
Hidden folders now display the proper size on various protocols
Resolved an issue with toggling Regular Expression in file filtering
Pasting multiple remote URLs now displays in expected order
After connecting to server, the menu item for switching back to server list is no longer disabled
Fixed and issue where clicking tabs quickly in batch rename causes redraw bugs
Pasting an http:// URL into Server address field no longer switches protocol to WebDAV when it is valid
Fixed an issue that caused the Quick Connect Cancel button to be disabled
Server list addresses no longer get overly compacted after opening a top-level group
Link in ‘About Transmit’ window now properly opens in the browser
Other improvements and fixes

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Stay up to date with latest software releases, news, software discounts, deals and more.