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SugarSync for Mac

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Download SugarSync Manager 4.1.1

SugarSync for Mac

  -  27.2 MB  -  Trial
SugarSync for Mac enables mobile consumers and professionals to backup, sync, access and share all their files on-the-go, instantly and securely from any Mac, PC, or mobile device (including iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows Mobile devices). The app users can sync music, photos, movies and other files in ANY folder and access and share those files via the cloud, providing a Cloud service that matches the way people currently organize their folders and manage their digital lives. SugarSync’s file sharing and collaboration tools also allow users to share any folder or file with a simple URL via social networks, email, instant messaging and more.

SugarSync for macOS offers 5GB plans for FREE, and paid plans for larger storage needs. All of the program’s mobile apps are free to download, as well. 5GB of online storage and backup, with up to 500GB for paying customers. Earn 500MB extra FREE for each referral to the tool.

Features and Highlights

Powerful and Simple
Sync just a few folders or sync all your folders. Simply right click on any folder to add it to the app. The entire folder is continuously backed up in real time providing you access to your folders anytime, anywhere, from any PC, Mac, iOS, or Android device. Start editing a file on your office PC and finish it at home on your home Mac.

Secure File Sharing
Whether it’s to collaborate on team projects, distribute view-only files, or simply post links to documents on the web, you have complete control over how you share your files. Invite specific people to access your files and control whether they can only view them or edit them too. Don’t need to restrict access? Generate a public link so that anyone with the link can view your files.

Mobile Productivity
Get stuff done on-the-go. Use Sugar Sync on your iOS or Android phone or tablet to access, share, and manage your files from anywhere. Edit a file and it’s instantly updated so you'll see the latest version when you're back at the office or at home.

Note: 30 days trial version. You can store up to 5 GB of data using a free account.

Also Available: Download SugarSync for Windows

  • SugarSync Manager 4.1.1 Screenshots

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What's new in this version:

SugarSync Manager 4.1.1
- Streamlined installation on macOS
- Improved error messages for 2FA issues
- Fix for sync issues after macOS upgrade
- Fix for missing Windows system tray icon

SugarSync Manager 4.1.0
- 2FA support (coming later this month)
- Improvements to sign up process

SugarSync Manager 4.0.3
- Added hotkey shortcut for Preferences
- Various UI improvements
- Internal code cleanup

SugarSync Manager 4.0.2
- Added silent upgrade as an option for updating SugarSync
- Added alert when OS shutdown while SugarSync is syncing
- Added ability to turn on/off daily summary emails from within the folder share dialog
- Added support for drag and drop within subfolder view
- Added support for macOS Big Sur
- Fixed excluding subfolders to.... exclude subfolders from syncing
- Fixed multiple SugarSync shortcuts installed on Windows
- Fixed how we calculate folder sizes
- Fixed a crash when calculating a users quota
- Fixed macOS mission control black desktops

SugarSync Manager 4.0.1
- Updates to identify Public Links with the same name
- Improved upgrade experience of the desktop app
- Improved client startup speed with no internet connection
- Improved macOS uninstaller to clean up all files upon uninstall
- Fixed quota discrepancies between desktop app and web app
- Desktop app shows a link to the status page when it can't connect
- Various UI improvements

SugarSync Manager 4.0.0
- New look and feel across all of our apps
- Recent activity shows an overview of your file activity
- Added hover states to the activity icons to give more details to what SugarSync is doing
- Misc bug and crash fixes

SugarSync Manager 3.11.2
- macOS Catalina support
- macOS case sensitive file system support
- Fixed quota calculations with purged Protected Folder backups
- Thumbnail logic improvements
- Added exception to Windows Defender upon installation
- Crash and memory fixes
- Breadcrumbs now work in all views
- Crash, memory and CPU usage fixes

Search improvements:
- Results now highlighted when opened in Folders view
- Files can now be deleted in Search view

SugarSync Manager 3.11.1
- Enhanced Protected Folder walkthrough
- OS level notifications for new shared folders
- New notification tab in settings
- Proxy updates no longer require app restart
- Crash and memory fixes

SugarSync Manager 3.11.0
- New MacOS installer
- Support for FileVault
- Updated Apple signing
- Updated how we calculate folder sizes to be quicker and use less CPU
- Updated logic for remote wiping devices
- Fixed MacOS Finder icon overlays
- Fixed various crashes at startup and when deleting files and folders

SugarSync Manager 3.10.4
- Check MacOS version to verify updates are supported

SugarSync Manager 3.10.3
- Fixed download retry bug that was causing high CPU usage

SugarSync Manager 3.10.2
- Fixed crashes for Windows 10 users
- Fixed APFS sync issues for MacOS users
- Fixed DiffSync issues
- Fixed an issue that would make status icons not update
- Fixed an issue for NAS drive syncing

SugarSync Manager 3.10.1
- Change log not available for this version

SugarSync Manager 3.10.0

- New analytics platform
- Bug fixes to multiple Protected Folders screens (text and layout issues)
- Fixed MacOS crash issues on installation
- Fixed top crashes in 3.9.8
- Fixed SugarSync not launching minimized
- Updated name of CrashUploader to SugarSyncCrashUploader
- Updated behaviour of high priority items in file transfer to work with concurrent transfers
- Network Attached Storage sync (NAS) for SugarSync Business accounts

Concurrent uploads and downloads:
- Business accounts will be able to up/download up to 5 files at once
- Individual accounts will be able to up/download up to 3 files at once

SugarSync Manager 3.9.8
- Fixed a scenario that would delete files
- Fixed another memory leak
- Fixed a high CPU situation
- Fixed multiple crashes
- Cleaned up unnecessary entries in log files

SugarSync Manager 3.9.6
- GDPR flows for marketing opt ins added during account creation
- Show when caps lock is on when creating or entering password
- Orphan files can be managed in the Deleted Items tab
- Cleaned up Windows installation files
- Fixed an issue preventing total size of Deleted Items not showing for some users
- Fixed an issue with MacOS users being asked to create a new workspace
- Fixed an issue with MacOS crashing when a user quit SugarSync

SugarSync Manager 3.9.5
- TLS 1.2 support
- macOS is now built as a 64bit app
- Fixed sorting in Protected Folders
- Fixed unaligned text in various languages
- Fixed multiple crashes that have been submitted by users
- Fixed 2 memory leaks that were causing excessive memory consumption

SugarSync Manager 3.9.1
- Added Protected Folders
- New font and color tweaks to left navigation column
- Icon added next to storage meter to show which email address you're signed in with
- UI tweaks in Gallery view
- Fixed translation issues for French users
- Fixed autostart not autostarting
- Fixed a memory leak issue
- Fixed multiple crash issues that have been submitted by users
- Fixed multiple misc bugs

SugarSync Manager 3.9.0
- Added Protected Folders
- New font and color tweaks to left navigation column
- Icon added next to storage meter to show which email address you're signed in with
- UI tweaks in Gallery view
- Fixed autostart not autostarting
- Fixed a memory leak issue
- Fixed multiple crash issues that have been submitted by users
- Fixed multiple misc bugs

SugarSync Manager 3.8.5
- MacOS support for High Sierra and APFS
- Added support for command-line option to prompt proxy dialog box append "-showProxy=true" to command line arguments
- Added support for custom folder icons on MacOS
- Fixed shared folder recipient unsyncing folder after app restart
- Fixed multiple crash issues that have been submitted by users
- Fixed multiple memory leaks that were causing excessive memory consumption
- Fixed multiple misc bugs

SugarSync Manager 3.8.4
- External Drive support for SugarSync Business accounts: USB flash drives, External drives, SD cards, etc all supported
- Updated QT engine
- Whole new crash reporting tool created to track/categorize crashes this will allow us to fix crashes much faster than having to reproduce them in house
- More tweaks to Icon Overlays to get them to display and be in sync with the Desktop App
- Fixed Gallery thumbnails not loading
- In-App notifications for when a new folder is shared with you
- Fixed Public links in Apple Mail bug on MacOS
- Fixed Automatic renaming bugs
- Fixed more crash issues

SugarSync Manager 3.8.2
- Added an email validator when sharing folders
- Added information in empty tabs
- Added bolded results in search on File Transfer screen
- Added new analytical engine
- Fixed an issue with inaccurate versions being reported
- Fixed support links for Japanese users
- Fixed misc UI issues
- Fixed more crash issuesFix unnecessary window activations

SugarSync Manager 3.8.1
- In-App notifications for Trial expiring soon, Account past due and account over quota
- When downloading files, we now pre select them in Finder/Explorer after downloading is complete
- Reduced CPU usage
- More crashes fixed
- Resolved an issue with copy and pasting multiple files

SugarSync Manager 3.8.0
- Lots of UI cleanup (alignment, menus, tooltips, and colors)
- Lots of crashes fixed

Photo thumbnails - Goodbye ugly generic icon, hello thumbnails! We now show actual thumbnails of each photo that we can:
- ALL JPG photos will show a thumbnail (other file types will be supported later)
- Once enabled users can manually specify the thumbnail size with a slider in the bottom right corner and enter full screen gallery mode

Supported image file types:
- Cloud files - Currently only jpg/jpeg files
- Local files - jpg, png, tiff, bmp and many other image tile types

File versioning - Say goodbye to using the Website for accessing previous versions of your files. Now it is simple and easy to retrieve an old version of a file:
- We have added an icon that shows which files have previous versions
- Clicking on the version icon or selecting versions from the context menu will pop up the versions page

Fixed the priorities in the File Transfer system:
- Previously starring items would not work 100% of the time, this fix should resolve that

SugarSync Manager 3.7.4
- Updated app for MacOS Sierra support
- Known issue: Overlay icons and context menu is broken, will fix this in the next build!

SugarSync Manager 3.7.3
- Updated TRUSTe logo
- Updated silent installation parameters

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