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Download Stellarium 0.20.0

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What's new in this version:

- Refactoring and updating the GUI
- Deep refactoring code, related to Solar system
- Many improvements in the code of plugins

- Almagest skyculture
- missing Ukrainian translations for landscapes
- show an altitude of perigee/apogee for satellites
- show an orbit inclination info for satellites
- support INDIGO for Telescope Control plugin
- tool for extract dates of releases with their versions from ChangeLog and update list of these releases in stellarium.appdata.xml file
- particular refresh method for Oculars plugin to see immediate changes of CCD properties
- displaying last updated TLE for users
- a SIMBAD lookup name query to the Search Dialog
- the configuration file and shell scripts to translate skyculture and landscape descriptions with po4a
- new config and GUI option to change behaviour of focusing on day spinner in Date and Time dialog
- context for name an asteroid (849) Ara to resolve translation issue
- a failure warning for Solar System Editor plugin
- Cross-origin (CORS) support to Remote Control plugin
- support for CORS preflight request to the Remote Control plugin
- a minimum near clipping plane distance: slightly improves rendering of Saturn viewed from Pan
- a GimbalOrbit for the “Observer” planets: allows arbitrary viewpoints by keyboard action
- new nomenclature items
- new type of planetary feature
- automatize for creating Windows installers and signing them
- configuring colors for ocular circles, sensor frames and text output in Oculars plugin
- a toggle action to switch visibility of Ocular GUI button bar
- allowing for assign shortcut for opening the config dialogues of plugins
- display references for proper names of celestial object in description of skyculture
- texlive-fonts-recommended to apt-get install doc
- hourly proper motion for planets, minor planets and comets
- shortcuts to change GimbalOrbit distance
- actions for rotate reticles into Oculars plugin
- modern rotational elements for Solar system objects
- linear model in the first approximation for smooth reduce the brightness of Jovian moons for get more realistic look
- partitions to the Great Circles
- properties for control of line partitions
- fixed distinct length for 30, 10, 5, 1 degree marks for partitions
- configurable thickness for partitions
- German set of navigational stars
- nautical navigation data for navigation stars
- special name for landing location (translatable string “landing site”) to avoid using “-“ as name and good look
- comet C/2019 Y4 (ATLAS) as potential superbright comet (a Great Comet)
- asteroid (101955) Bennu (provisional designation 1999 RQ36) with texture (and nomenclature some time early)
- option to hide Scripts Console at script running

- script for installing asterisms data in Western: Rey skyculture
- typos in sky culture and landscape descriptions
- restoring star labels state to default value after disabling displaying the Navigational stars data
- work AstroCalc/Transits tool for pulsars
- displaying proper name and designation of pulsars (the output format was unificate with other objects)
- scaling FOV for CCD with OAG (Oculars plugin)
- resetting zoom level in Oculars plugin when CCD frame is rotation
- name for M48
- CCD rotation issue
- wrong text placement on center of screen, when vertical offset is defined
- potential bug for updating standard magnitudes for satellites
- a spurious bad answer in Search Tool
- location manager for API changes to GPSd 3.20
- updating TLE for satellites with leading zeros in ID
- data formatting for Meteor Showers Search Tool
- selection the meteor shower from Meteor Showers Search Tool
- Corona size on HiDPI screens
- caching of precession values not being used
- color conversion for markers of meteor showers from old format
- setting thickness of lines for constellations and boundaries
- jittering labels and moons hints
- the flawed 2013 brightness model for Venus
- manage slider by keyboard in AstroCalc/Graphs[Monthly Elevation] tool
- crash when observer is on spaceship
- behaviour of draw the trails of planets
- opening User Directory in Script Console if scripts directory into User Directory does not exist
- crash with the extrainfostrings
- behaviour of Bookmarks highlights: fool protection is enabled
- enabling a reticle for eyepieces in Oculars plugin
- getting weird data for eclipse magnitude value during transits of inner planets
- viewing Phobos from Mars
- velocity value for KeplerOrbit around planets
- a few potential problems
- constellation lines for Babylonian (Seleucid) sky culture
- crash Stellarium, when meteor shower selected and you tried set date to outside the activity range of selected shower
- crash Stellarium on trying select inactive meteor shower in Search Tool/Lists
- displaying info for inactive meteor showers
- missing translatable strings for nomenclature data
- the time rate when Solar system body is selected: adjust time resetting for planet proper motion display
- GUI issue: switch off true time indicator when scene is paused
- false comet in orthographic projection
- black rendering of lunar pole
- hiding the cardinal points on “planetary observers”
- weird axis orientation of the Moon
- name of a script
- hides data in Ocular plugin: changed the priority level of drawing for Equation of Time and Pointer Coordinates plugins
- crash when observer is on spaceship and target planet is Solar system minor body
- location info string on bottom bar when observer is on spaceship
- compilation Stellarium on Solaris (Clang 9.0; SunOS 5.11)

- set of GUI icons
- list of countries (ISO 3166-1 alpha-2) and list of locations
- list of contributors
- Ukrainian translation of the sky culture descriptions
- GUI of the Satellites plugin: the color picker button was split into 3 buttons to define separate colors for info, orbit and marker of satellite
- “Save settings” button behaviour: when button “Save settings” are pressed, then emitted signal configurationDataSaved() and all plugins are saved the config data too
- scripts
- Scripting Console
- code for Orbit class: combined EllipticalOrbit and CometOrbit classes to KeplerOrbit
- list of MSVC versions for StelLogger class
- GUI for Oculars plugin and changed focus policy for Oculars GUI buttons
- GUI for Information tab: define new ProperMotion InfoStringGroup flag, and adapt GUI, settings and StarWrapper
- InfoString: improved readability (HTML symbol syntax instead of Unicode char numbers)
- GUI and shortcuts info for Oculars plugin
- GUI for Script Console
- Moon phases info: Restore/sanitize handling of named moon phases
- trails behaviour: when planet is changed the trails should be recreated
- trails behaviour: include moons of current planet into planet trails
- trails behaviour: allow limitation (early cutoff) of trail length
- behaviour for selection of meteor showers in Search Dialog (Ctrl+Alt+M) of the Meteor Shower plugin
- default list of TLE sources in Satellites plugin
- Korean translations for Windows Installer
- DSO names: synced few names from SIMBAD
- the pulsars catalog and tool for generate of JSON catalog from the original data
- SSD: synced the data by JPL HORIZON for some Solar system minor bodies

- outdated and abandoned code
- code for separate handling hotkeys from Oculars plugin
- unnecessary orbit data from Comets and MinorPlanets
- of code repetition

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