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What's new in this version:

Steam 12.02.2021
- Fix a bug causing P2P networking to not work for some games

- Fix steam:// URLs not being opened by Steam on startup
- Fixed steam:// URL events not being sent to currently running Steam client if sent from a different Steam instance

Steam China:
- Fixed settings dialog prompting to restart after applying when settings have not changed

Steam Input:
- Added support for the PowerA Xbox One Series X Wired Controller

- Fix bug in event sharing in Steam China

Remote Play:
- Fixed performance regression when decoding video on Windows

Steam 07.02.2021
Changes & Enhancements:
- Updated the list of AWS S3 endpoint regions
- Added a warning to the Bootable Backup Assistant that explains why macOS Big Sur volumes aren't listed as sources and directs users to our tech-note on how to create a macOS Big Sur bootable backup
- Worked around a macOS Big Sur behavior that made it difficult to identify a targeted APFS volume group after an OS update
- Worked around a macOS Big Sur bug that was causing exceptions to be thrown when running scheduled sync tasks on some systems

- Fixed some bugs with the Resolve Alias feature that was introduced by macOS Big Sur changes
- Corrected a recently introduced auto-layout bug in the Archive Handling options panel

Steam 04.02.2021
Steam Library:
- Fixed game installation sometimes failing with “Invalid install path”
- Games provided at a gaming café are now displayed in a custom collection for that site.

Remote Play:
- Greatly improved capture performance for DX12 titles like Cyberpunk 2077
- Peer-to-peer direct connections are enabled by default. You can adjust this in the Steam Remote Play Settings.

Game Properties:
- Added Build ID to the Updates page
- Fixed a bug on Linux where compatibility tool selection wasn’t displaying correctly

Steam Input:
- Improved CPU usage of Steam Input, especially when a controller is connected but idle.
- Added a new Hotbar menu mode for Joystick, Dpad, and ABXY button diamond sources. Pressing down on the bound input will toggle menu visibility, left and right will scroll through the items and hitting up will fire the selected option. Note: this feature requires the Big Picture Overlay.
- Added Touch menu mode support for Gyro, DPad, and ABXY button diamonds sources. Note: this feature requires the Big Picture Overlay.
- Added an option to controller calibration screen for enabling auto-calibration of the gyro in the background during normal use. This is only recommended when manual gyro calibration is insufficient.
- Added support for PS5 controller player slot LED
- Added a drop down in the personalization menu for the PS5 controller player slot LED allowing the player to disable it, enable it only when multiple controllers are connected, or to enable it at all times. This setting defaults to enable the LED only when multiple controller are connected.
- Reordered buttons inside the controller calibration screen to reduce the chance of accidentally changing the joystick deadzones. Also added a cancel button to discard current changes.
- Fixed Big Picture Mode getting launched when turning off a controller by holding the guide button while the Steam window is focused.
- Fixed non-gamepad HID devices such as flight sticks, racing wheels, or keyboards with analog axes being filtered out when Generic Gamepad Configuration Support is enabled in the controller settings
- Fixed an issue where a gamepad button binding could be left on until the next button press if the player pressed a button, alt-tabbed away from the game, then released the button.
- Fixed localization of Steam Input API actions being displayed in Touch/Radial menus.
- Fixed for rumble and LED effects when using PS4 controllers over Bluetooth on Windows 7
- Fixed intermittent client crash on Windows when a Switch controller is disconnected
- Fixed a crash at startup using third party GameCube controller adapters
- Fixed a crash when some combinations of controllers are plugged in on macOS
- Added a setting for extended Xbox controller support. The option can be enabled in the General Controller Setting section of your Steam settings and requires a driver installation and restarting your computer.

Extended Xbox features include:
- Support for more than 4 Xbox controllers
- The ability to bind the Xbox Elite controller paddles in controller configurations
- The ability to bind the Xbox Series X controller share button in controller configurations
- Support for trigger rumble in games using Windows.Gaming.Input API

Steam 20.12.2020
- A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded

- Added a new game properties dialog, which replaces the old dialog for all Steam games
- Fixed displaying the coming soon date for a pre-loaded game

Steam Input:
- Added support for software calibration of the PS5 controller gyro
- Fix issue with Dpad emulation in games using the joyGetPosEx Windows API, ex: Shiren the Wanderer
- Fix Nintendo Switch origins in Steam Input API not reflecting the current Nintendo/Xbox layout setting

Steam Cloud:
- Fixed an issue causing files to swap between users under separate Windows user IDs, and also with some file stored in paths with embedded 64-bit SteamIDs

- P2P connections now may attempt to negotiate a direct connection (punch NAT), if needed, to prevent connections from having very high latency. Added an option in the In-Game settings panel to control when your IP address is shared.

Server Browser:
- Fix bug causing LAN server browser search to not show any servers

- Improved performance of processing incremental Vulkan shader database updates
- Fixed several issues around skipped Vulkan shader processing continuing in the background after a game has started
- Disabled shader processing on NVIDIA while driver issues are being looked into
- Fixed long delay in UI response when hot-plugging a controller

- Disabled “Enable GPU accelerated rendering in web views” and “Enable hardware video decoding” settings on Apple M1 devices due to poor HW-accelerated performance currently through Rosetta.

Steam 07.12.2020
- Improved preallocation disk space performance when installing or updating content
- Improved performance of Steam overlay, macOS and Linux web browsers
- Fixed videos from not starting automatically when browsed to

- Fixed downloading for developers on some networks using local content servers

- Fixed some game manuals opening inside of the Steam client instead of in the user's browser
- Fixed shelf dropdown rendering from displaying without a background

Server Browser:
- Changes were made to harden the server browser protocol. Gameserver operators and anyone who writes custom clients that speak this protocol (A2S_INFO, S2C_CHALLENGE, etc) can read this post.

Steam Chat:
- Fixed Windows issue where voice hotkey may be erroneously triggered if unset
- Fixed macOS issue preventing setting of voice hotkey when cleared

Steam Input:
- Added support for PS5 Controllers to Steam Input including trackpad, gyro, lightbar, and rumble functionality
- Added a directional swipe mode for use with trackpads and gyro
- Improved support for games that use raw input for controllers
- Fixed the Xbox Series X controller showing up as 2 separate controllers
- Fixed controller input for some games using embedded Chrome

- Fixed unintentional overlay activation in Apex Legends after returning to the game via alt + tab then pressing shift

- Updated steam runtime to v0.20201203.1
- Improved the filtering of available compatibility tools in the game properties dialog
- Fixed launching of non-Steam games over Proton 5.13
- Fixed games not getting stopped via the 'Stop' button in the client
- Added auto-migration of Steam libraries using the old 'SteamApps' directory casing to 'steamapps' when possible (Proton#4206). Users will be warned if the transition is needed but auto-migration fails.
- Improved how host LD_LIBRARY_PATH settings are picked up and transformed for the Steam runtime
- Improved host LD_LIBRARY_PATH support
- Fixed blank UI windows appearing at startup on some systems

Steam 28.10.2020
Steam Library:
- Fixed custom logo position and size not working on first game page load

Steam Overlay:
- Fixed overlay performance issue with certain framerate/vsync combinations

- Fix bug causing some Windows laptops to fail to connect with certificate errors

Steam 23.10.2020
- Fixed remote code exploit in Chromium Embedded Framework freetype library

Remote Play Together:
- Fixed inviting more than one player to a game

Steam Input:
- Improved support for games using Windows raw input APIs
- Unity games using the Rewired plugin should upgrade to the latest release, version

soldier runtime 0.20201022.0:
- Fixed libtheora performance problem (misconfiguration)
- libcapsule: fixed start failures caused by leftover NVIDIA driver pieces (steam-runtime#282 steam-runtime#275)
- steam-runtime-tools: pick the correct DISPLAY and XAUTHORITY, fixes Gnome+Wayland and related problems (steam-runtime#283)
- scout runtime 0.20201022.1

Steam 15.10.2020
- Fix videos failing to switch to fullscreen on Windows after a monitor connection/disconnection

- Fix Steam overlay causing crash at startup of certain OpenGL games

- Fixed bug causing SteamNetworkingMessages() to always return NULL
- Fix bug causing some Windows laptops to fail to connect with certificate errors

Steam 06.10.2020
- Fixed the Steam Client window starting minimized when the client is run after first install on a Windows machine

- Improved the alignment of controls in the play bar on game pages
- Fixed one instance where achievement unlock percentage was not shown on game pages
- Added Edit Review button to personal review on game pages
- Changed the context menu when viewing screenshots to browse to file if the screenshot exists locally

Chat Filtering:
- Steam and games which leverage the Steam Text Filtering API now filter strong profanity and slurs shared by users you don't know, replacing them with hearts and asterisks. You can enable their display in the Community Content Preferences, where you can also customize what words are filtered, and whether to filter messages from Steam Friends. For more background on these features, read our blog post.

- Changed download throttling setting to be a custom value in Kbps

- Fixed a crash bug if app shutdown exited very soon after starting, while SDR network configuration fetch in progress
- Fixed bug with certificates expiring on long running processes such as dedicated servers

Steam Overlay:
- Fixed a crash when switching between Direct3D 11 and 12 or vice versa in Serious Sam 4
- Fixed macOS crash when certain Metal framework API's are used by game

Steamworks SDK:
- Fixed some Javascript key fields not being set correctly by ISteamHTMLSurface

Steam 03.09.2020
- Fixed an issue where the game list is sometimes displayed much too wide

- Fixed a display issue with some track names when users were running in Brazilian Portuguese, Latin American Spanish, or Simplified/Traditional Chinese

Steam 30.08.2020
- Fix for EA Play

Steam 28.08.2020
- Added support for EA Play
- Fixed acquiring free DLC from Steam store using in-game overlay web browser
- Fixed bug that could cause Steam to crash at shutdown time
- Fixed runaway memory usage in steamwebhelper process when a corrupt proxy auto-config script is encountered
- Fixed bug that could cause Steam to hang at shutdown time
- Fixed game installation failing in certain cases when creating symbolic links
- Fixed Steam client account button formatting incorrectly when Steam Wallet balance changes
- Fixed a possible crash in Steam Overlay when taking screenshots in DOOM: Eternal
- Fixed Download Region being forced to “Argentina” in certain circumstances
- Fixed Steam client window initially showing as translucent rectangle when opened on a secondary display set to a different DPI value than the primary display
- Improved updating game content when disk space is low and another Steam library folder on a different disk is available
- Improved handling of game launches from executables or other launchers. This fixes several issues including the game not receiving the Big Picture version of the overlay even if Big Picture is active

- Improved sorting for games with non-English titles
- Added the ability to dismiss a Play Next library suggestion
- Added Steam Points Shop link on supported games
- Added ability to grant Community Awards to Activity and Community feed content
- Stop displaying entries in a game's activity feed for friends that have been unfriended or blocked
- Games with manuals will now include a link to the manual in the Additional Content section of their game details page

- Fixed an error where some tracks with localized Japanese names would show the international name instead of the localized name when running in Japanese
- Fixed errors with the display format and ordering of tracks with metadata when using the built-in music player
- Improved support for track, album, and artist metadata extraction from all supported audio formats

Steam Input:
- Fixed an issue where Switch Controllers could lock up in games that send rumble off commands each frame
- Added an implementation of Jibb Smart’s Flick Stick. To use bind the right joystick to Flick Stick and the Gyro to Mouse.
- Added Flick Stick template configurations for PS4 and Nintendo Switch controllers
- Added support for using Flick Stick and Mouse Joystick modes with Steam Input API games

- Fixed "Clear Download Cache" action having no effect
- Fixed a regression with transparent visual selection for SteamOS overlays and on-screen keyboard causing invalid rendering on NVIDIA configurations
- Fixed “STOP” button in the Library having no effect for non-Steamworks titles
- Fixed localization placeholder string appearing on the game launch dialog during Vulkan shader processing
- Fixed a bug where Vulkan shader processing could sometimes get stuck
- Reduced Vulkan shader processing memory usage with the AMD radv driver
- Updated fonts to fix vertical alignment
- Steam runtime 0.20200720.0
- pressure-vessel: bring host VDPAU and VA-API drivers into the container
- pressure-vessel: Improve mechanisms for comparing runtime libraries with host
- pressure-vessel: Choose a correct and for newer runtimes
- Vulkan Shader Pre-Caching:
- Fixed processing progress indicator display on game launch
- Now processes local source pipeline database on driver update

- Added check to automatically set SteamVR as the default OpenXR runtime if it is installed and nothing else is already set as the OpenXR runtime.
- Added check to automatically enable access to SteamVR from app containers (such as Chrome sandboxed processes and UWP apps.)

Steamworks SDK:
- Removed sending duplicate lobby game data to the Steam backend for newer Steamworks titles

Steam 31.07.2020
- Reduced sensitivity of chat filtering in supported games
- lowered CPU overhead of some Steam Input API call patterns. This works around a performance issue in Death Stranding

Steam 28.07.2020
- Fixes an issue with launching games

Steam 23.07.2020
- Fix an issue with chat in certain games

Steam 10.07.2020
- Note: This update has been re-released on July 15th to fix an issue causing web views to crash and reload in certain conditions on 32-bit versions of Windows and new installs of Steam.

- Fix Steam chat windows sometimes not showing when activated if the chat window was created during a full-screen game
- Removed the "Music Details" menu option. Soundtrack content can still be accessed through the Library
- Fixed an issue with repeated "Friend is now playing" notifications when playing a game with a friend that is in Invisible mode or has their game library set to private.

Steam Input:
- Fix inverted Softpress activators firing when inputs are inactive
- Add visualization of Softpress activator values in the configurator when adjusting the threshold value
- Improve the Mouse delta binding feature to allow for larger mouse deltas, this should allow for binding a controller action to a 180 degree turn first/third person camera games
- Add a Soft Press activator that triggers on a threshold for an analog value, allowing for an arbitrary number of analog threshold bindings. This activator is available under the Soft Pull binding slot for triggers and the Outer Ring binding slot for joysticks or trackpads and overrides the normal threshold settings for those binding slots when bound
- Added a relative mouse delta binding – this is useful for mouse/kb style games where you want to click on right click context menu option

Remote Play:
- Fixed invisible I-beam cursor on some computers
- Added tooltips for the controller overlay buttons

Big Picture:
- Fixed broken localization token for uninstalled games
- Fixed the overlay activating after taking a screenshot

- Fix OS detection when running on macOS 11 beta. Steam will currently treat it as macOS 10.15.

- Updated 'scout' steam runtime to 0.20200604.0
- Improve security of the /tmp/dumps directory (used by the client to write crash reports - CVE-2020-13982)

Steam 08.07.2020
- Fix Steam chat windows sometimes not showing when activated if the chat window was created during a full-screen game
- Removed the "Music Details" menu option. Soundtrack content can still be accessed through the Library
- Fixed an issue with repeated "Friend is now playing" notifications when playing a game with a friend that is in Invisible mode or has their game library set to private

Steam Input:
- Fix inverted Softpress activators firing when inputs are inactive
- Add visualization of Softpress activator values in the configurator when adjusting the threshold value
- Improve the Mouse delta binding feature to allow for larger mouse deltas, this should allow for binding a controller action to a 180 degree turn first/third person camera games
- Add a Soft Press activator that triggers on a threshold for an analog value, allowing for an arbitrary number of analog threshold bindings. This activator is available under the Soft Pull binding slot for triggers and the Outer Ring binding slot for joysticks or trackpads and overrides the normal threshold settings for those binding slots when bound
- Added a relative mouse delta binding – this is useful for mouse/kb style games where you want to click on right click context menu option

Remote Play:
- Fixed invisible I-beam cursor on some computers
- Added tooltips for the controller overlay buttons

Big Picture:
- Fixed broken localization token for uninstalled games
- Fixed the overlay activating after taking a screenshot

- Fix OS detection when running on macOS 11 beta. Steam will currently treat it as macOS 10.15.

- Updated 'scout' steam runtime to 0.20200604.0
- Improve security of the /tmp/dumps directory (used by the client to write crash reports - CVE-2020-13982)

Steam 03.06.2020
- Fixed multiple issues around CS:GO and Dota 2 when running in China

- Fixed creating shortcuts that include non-ASCII characters

Steam Input:
- Fixed regression related to dpad mode and user created deadzones

Steam 01.06.2020
Remote Play:
- Added an option to share your IP address and attempt to establish a direct connection. The connection will still be relayed if NAT traversal fails or the relayed route is faster.
- Throttle downloads on the client while streaming, if that option is enabled in the Download settings
- Prevent downloads on the client while streaming, if "Allow downloads during gameplay" is not enabled in the Download settings
- Changing Remote Play settings on the client will affect any current streaming sessions
- Reduced the cursor scale when streaming to mobile devices

- Improved routing for P2P connections
- Connections to the local user now go through internal loopback instead of being relayed over the Internet
- Fix crash bug when attempting P2P connection to self
- Fix bug causing excessive pings to be sent if connection starts timing out

Steam Input:
- Fixed hang enumerating some rare USB devices on Windows

- Fixed hang on SteamVR startup on Windows 7

Steam 14.05.2020
- Fix crash when page search bar is dismissed while a search is in progress

- Added a new library shelf "Play Next", which recommends unplayed games from your library (similar to the Steam Labs experiment of the same name)

Steam Overlay:
- Fix an OpenGL game crash that could be caused in rare cases after a screen resolution change while the overlay is not up

Steam Cloud:
- Fix to have Steam use the correct local relative path for game data for some games on linux

Steam Workshop:
- Fixed workshop downloads never finishing in some cases

- Turned off running in Game Theater for configuration, dedicated server, editor, and manual launch options

Steam Input:
- Fixed compatibility issues with Thrustmaster’s Thustmapper software

Remote Play:
- Fixed broadcasting on macOS for systems with network interfaces that have both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses

- Fixed some cases of text not displaying in Steam client dialogs

Steam 27.04.2020
- Allow selection and copy of text from news popups

Steam Chat:
- Fixed voice chat audio issues when system is under heavy load

Steam Cloud:
- Fixed possible Steam client crash when playing a game using Stats and Achievements while in Offline Mode

Steam Overlay:
- Improved Steam Overlay and FPS counter performance for games using Vulkan async compute (such as DOOM Eternal)

Steam Input:
- Added a binding listener mode to the controller configuration selections screen. To use, hit listen button then hit the gamepad input, keyboard, or mouse key you would like to bind.
- Added joystick visualization to the controller calibration screen
- Added ability to display screenshots in the mouse cursor position binding screen. Screenshots can be scrolled through with left/right arrow keys.
- Added support for the Thrustmaster ESwap Pro and Giotek VX4 PS4 Controllers
- Added support for the PDP Afterglow Wireless Switch Controller (over BT only)
- Fixed bug with automatic action set switching based on cursor visibility when multiple controllers are connected
- Fixed the desktop version of the on-screen keyboard stealing focus from windows it is typing into
- Fixed bug with reading the L2/R2 buttons on the Victrix FS Pro fight stick
- Fixed a bug where we saved out incorrect mouse cursor position bindings when the game wasn't running or when running the Steam Input configurator outside of the Big Picture Mode overlay.
- Fixed Steam Link App touch screen radial menus activating selections before thumb is lifted and center menu items not being activated

Remote Play:
- Improved performance and smoothness of Remote Play Anywhere
- Added optional touch controls for Windows tablets (enabled in the advanced client settings for Remote Play)

Remote Play Together:
- Show the name of the game being played in the overlay when started from Big Picture

Remote Play Mobile:
- Added the ability for touch control virtual buttons to also activate a left stick, right stick, or trackpad. (Useful for games where you fire, aim, and move at the same time.)

Big Picture Mode:
- Fixed Partial Controller Support games displaying a keyboard indicator in the library grid view
- Fixed family view pin screen not accepting mouse/touch input
- Fixed several localization issues

- Fixed prompting for microphone permissions on Mojave (10.14) and above

- Fixed crash bug when closing listen socket if poll groups are used

- Filtered out Oculus SDK launch options while SteamVR is running using a non-Oculus headset

Steam 03.04.2020
- Change log not available for this version

Steam 26.03.2020
- During game install allow the user to pick a different language if they’ve changed the per-game language setting or previously installed the game in a different language
- Fixed a rare crash Steam could cause in some Steam VR helper processes when Steamworks is initialized in an unexpected manner
- Fixed Steam client crash when errors are encountered in audio encoding or decoding when running a game using Steam Voice
- Fixed achievement notification images for some games
- Fixed the achievement section of library game pages not updating when a user gains an achievement
- Fixed intermittent failures in broadcast, YouTube and other web video playback. If you are currently or have previously experienced this please ensure that the “Enable hardware video decoding” setting is enabled in the Interface tab of settings.
- Updated embedded Chromium build in Steam to 79.0.3945.117

- Decreased the number of network requests made when initially loading a game page
- Added the ability to resize the game list by dragging the divider between the left and right panels
- When viewing game details for a demo, added a section with a link to the main game.
- Fix formatting of game reviews displayed in activity feed
- Fixed long lists of trading cards not properly wrapping in game activity sections
- Fixed What's New section not resizing properly when Automatic display size is selected
- Fixed the play bar freaking out when scrolled to the top on very short windows when viewing game details for games with very little content in the right panel

- Improved the performance of large chat room groups

Steam Cloud:
- Fixed using multiple Steam accounts on one machine under the same local user – if the game files are written to a common (non-Steam) location, they were previously mixed between Steam accounts
- Fixed inability to download files greater than 256MB

Steam Input:
- Increased responsiveness of Switch Controllers when alt-tabbing
- Added support for the Victrix Pro FS with Touch Pad.
- Fixed some cases where Switch Controllers could lock up Steam on Windows

Steam Networking Sockets:
- Fixed a bug that could cause a P2P connection to drop if a relay went offline while in use

Remote Play:
- Added a controller overlay with mouse mode, on-screen keyboard functionality and more! Default way to bring up is a long press of the Back button and can be configured in Remote Play settings.
- Added the option to record/playback input from the controller overlay when on the Windows login screen
- Added loading screen tips for useful functionality, including which button opens the overlay
- Added additional detail when running install scripts during PC to PC streaming
- Added Steam Overlay to the streaming client in Remote Play Together.
- Reduced audio dropouts when streaming microphone input
- Fixed sending controller input to the remote side in Remote Play Together
- Fixed muted audio when streaming after an RDP session
- Fixed controller overlay showing up automatically when connecting
- Fixed doubled up controller input when doing PC to PC streaming
- Fixed black screen when streaming from a locked computer
- Fixed Play button saying "Stop" instead of "Connect" when the stream stops unexpectedly
- Fixed crash in Remote Play Together when one or more player has a controller connected
- Fixed characters being doubled when typing in foreign languages.
- Fixed remote client discovery when using link-local ipv4 addresses (IP auto-configuration)
- Fixed low audio volume when starting the stream
- Fixed VR games getting auto filtered during a VR session when a Remote Play spectator is connected.
- Fixed several stability issues during launching, task switching, overlay, and shutdown of various games.
- Fixed custom cursor size on specific games such as Heroes of Might and Magic III HD Edition.
- Fixed player names displaying in the wrong position for InGame and Snooze status.

Big Picture Mode:
- Added plumbing to use the desktop client’s image cache for games. Game icons should now load quicker and start working in offline mode.
- Added the ability to rumble controllers in the “Reorder Controllers Dialog”. Controllers which support LED color such as the DS4 will also have the controller’s LED color setting reflected in the controller image.
- Fixed navigating community content panels for games w/ mature content
- Fixed some cases where the Overlay would not come up when using a controller w/ gyro bound to mouse in Steam Input

- Fixed incorrectly adding non-Steam app screenshots to SteamVR
- Fixed some hybrid 2D/VR games not appearing in the VR UI

Steam 11.02.2020
- Fixed non-Steam games sometimes appearing unavailable for Remote Play
- Fixed steamwebhelper CPU/GPU usage in Steam overlay while the overlay is not visible

- Fixed Activity section not appearing in game details when Family View is enabled
- Fixed "Load More Activity" button not loading more activity
- Fixed some display errors for soundtracks with track names containing unusual characters
- Added support for playing back soundtracks containing .m4a content
- When installing a game, Steam will now immediately sync your Steam Cloud files in the background instead of waiting potentially until the first launch of the game.
- Minor layout and visual changes
- Stop showing "library in use" message for non-Steam games when a shared library is being used

Big Picture:
- Fix issue with the Big Picture Overlay in games w/ launchers
- Fixed crash when viewing Community Connect in Library
- Fix an issue where the on-screen keyboard would not work with mouse or touch input when a controller is attached
- Add a Capslock/Altlock mode to the on-screen keyboard which is enabled by double tapping the shift/alt keys.
- Remove the “Turn Off Controller” option from the power button menu for controllers which don’t support the feature
- Add filter a for Steam Play white-listed games to the Big Picture Library’s filter list on Linux

- Hide games hidden by Family View from SteamVR (prevents them from showing up in SteamVR Home and other VR quick launch game lists).
- Hide automatically created VR shortcuts when the original manifest has marked them hidden.
- Mark hidden shortcuts to VR games as hidden in manifests created by Steam.
- Steam overlay will now show download status when starting an application that is updating or installing.
- Eliminated spam related to the desktop overlay on Windows 10
- Fixed issue with Quick Launch in SteamVR showing certain overlay applications

- Fixed intermittent Steam client and overlay crashes for certain system configurations
- Fixed some keyboard control keys not being handled correctly by Big Picture browsers

Remote Play Together:
- Added ability to invite players by dragging them from the friend's list into the Remote Play Together window

Steam Link:
- When a Steam Link connects, the default view is recent games that are optimized for the connecting device. This can be changed in the advanced streaming settings on the Steam Link app or hardware.

- Fix a bug with multiple P2P connections from the same peer

Steam 17.01.2020

- Fixed the overlay not working correctly or crashing some DXGI/DX12 games in upcoming Windows Insider builds
- Support a LAN event using DNS injection on to set up a local explicit caching proxy for downloads
- Fixed "Open the screenshot uploader after closing a game if screenshots were taken" setting not being honored in some cases

- Added sort by Steam Review to shelves and app grids
- Added Library What’s New settings dialog which makes it easier to find and manage per-game news priorities
- Added a setting to show only product updates in Library What’s New
- Added Windows drive letter to the "Size on Disk" label shown on installed game portraits
- Played/Unplayed filters no longer include/exclude games that were installed but never actually played
- Improved performance of library artwork precacher
- Improved library filtering for Korean game titles when typing in Hangul
- Fixed an issue where removing the last non-Steam game from a collection would cause it to spontaneously reappear at a later time
- Fixed non-Steam games with the "Include in VR Library" checkbox checked not appearing in dynamic collections with VR hardware support selected
- Fixed hidden achievements sometimes still appearing as hidden in the activity feed even after being achieved
- Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause the wrong audio to play from a multi-disc soundtrack when playing an individual track
- Fixed games that have updates set to "Only update this game when I launch it" not showing in blue in the game list when an update is required
- Fixed the "View Additional Artwork" button not working correctly for some soundtracks
- Fixed some partner event summaries not rendering properly in the activity feed and What's New section
- Added [h2] and [h3] rendering for partner events and announcements
- Fixed a case where changes to game collections were not reflected in Big Picture Mode

Remote Play:
- Fixed cursor scale on different resolution displays
- Added client-side screen magnifier for the toggle magnification controller binding

Remote Play Together:
- The host can see all controllers connected in the Remote Play Together session
- The host can drag and drop any player's controller to change its slot. This helps some games where the first identified controller or the first slot is locked to the primary game character and the group only brought a single controller. This also help cases where a player leaves the session with their controller and the host needs to take over input in the abandoned slot.
- Added error message when trying to join a game that is unavailable due to country or Family View restrictions

- Fixed a crash caused by certain types of P2P connection failures

Steam 16.12.2019
- Fix URL bar displaying on HTTPS pages when ‘Display Steam URL’ setting is disabled. Steam URL bar will now respect the setting unless on a page with a security issue in which case it will always show to display the error
- Fix steamwebhelper crash causes when requests are unexpectedly canceled

- Allow creating shelves for shared libraries
- Disable screenshot slideshow in app hovers if Low Bandwidth or Low Performance mode is enabled
- Fix some cases where mismatched header images were cached for some games
- Fix duplicated game activity items from sometimes appearing
- Allow Family Sharing of tools
- Fix new categories created in small mode or Big Picture mode not being properly saved when switching to normal mode
- Fix recently played but disallowed by Family View games not appearing in the Recent Games shelf (or the MRU jump list) when Family View is enabled at startup
- Fix rendering of steam award images in news updates

Remote Play Together:
- Hosting on Windows and Linux automatically starts a Steam Voice chat with invited players when available. Invited Friends can optionally join and accept the voice chat in a single click
- Players in the session are visible to all players for adjusting Steam Voice Chat mic volumes
- All players’ status is now updated to show that they are playing the game together in the Friends List
- Fixed host not being able to adjust the last player's input settings in some cases
- More players fit in the vertical scrolling area
- When a Remote Play Together session is already running, trying to invite a different friend to a different game allows the host to easily end the existing stream
- Game volume and fullscreen/windowed preferences are remembered across sessions for the client
- Family Sharing can now be used in conjunction with Remote Play Together

Steam 05.12.2019
- Fixed an issue where the overlay could become stuck on top of the game in Red Dead Redemption 2

Steam 28.11.2019
- Fixed issues downloading and running games with localized content

Steam 21.11.2019
- Added "Expand all" and "Collapse all" options to context menus for collections in the games list
- Added a filter option to split family shared games in the game list into sections by owner
- Fixed non-Steam game shortcut icons not displaying when set from an .exe file
- Fixed status in playbar showing "downloading" while unpacking a preloaded game

- Fixed several causes of steamwebhelper crashes
- Fixed possible client crash when there are more pending gifts than installed games
- Fixed an issue where the language drop down in the per-game settings page could be blank for uninstalled games

Steam 14.11.2019
- Brought back Small Mode library view and updated to work with Steam Collections and the new Steam Library
- Added a library setting to hide game icons in the Steam Library’s left column game list
- Fixed download progress bar and status wrapping to a second line on game pages on smaller windows
- Compressed game page links bar to one line on smaller Steam windows
- Post-game summary, game review reminder and other dynamic content on game pages will now fill only one column on wider Steam windows
- Fix playtime not updating in play bar on game exit
- Fix incorrect number of achievements sometimes being displayed in achievements section
- Fixed occasional crashes caused when uninstalling games
- Fixed Steam client crash after exiting some AutoCloud-enabled games
- Fixed a case where game icons would sometimes not properly be downloaded and used for the game's desktop shortcut when installing a game. For for previously installed games affected by the problem, validating game contents and recreating the shortcuts should fix the issue.

- Installation support for STAR WARS Jedi: Fallen Order™
- Fixed a cause of black library/store/friends windows in the client or overlay
- Fixed intermittent client crash on startup
- Fixed intermittent steamwebhelper crash
- Fixed web based views in the client rendering with artifacts if you have the latest NVIDIA drivers and have turned on Global Image Sharpening

Remote Play:
- Fixed game audio being silent when reconnecting to a running game
- Fixed rare crash when the stream stops

Steam Input:
- Fix issue where adding an action set would prevent creating an action set layer until selecting a new action set

Steam 30.10.2019
New Steam Library:
- We're pleased to announce that the New Steam Library is now available – all players can try out the new features

Remote Play Together:
- We’re also pleased to announce that the Remote Play Together Beta is now available!

- One-time reset of Steam Skin selection when receiving this update. This avoids un-updated skins causing failures when opening the new library
- Updated embedded Chromium build in Steam to 77.0.3865.90
- Fixed find in page dialog on the store or community tabs displaying after navigating away from those tabs
- Free to Play games will now remain in your Steam Library when uninstalled. You can remove these titles by right clicking on the game’s entry in your library
- Fixed an occasional crash at launch when the user has a pending gift
- Fixed Steam client potentially becoming unresponsive for several seconds after exiting a game or after uploading a screenshot
- Reduced client hitching for users with large libraries when adding or removing games

Remote Play:
- Decreased stream latency and reduced frames dropped due to host CPU load
- Fixed launching VR games from the Steam Link
- Fixed rare Steam client crash when running the network test
- Added support for Wake on LAN over wireless connections with properly configured wireless adapters
- Remote Play Anywhere now runs over the Steam Datagram Relay network, which ensures that the best route over the Valve backbone is always used. Also, connections are rerouted dynamically to avoid maintenance disrupting the connection.
- Fixed steam client crash under certain combinations of remote play with non-Steam apps, or on the second launch of SteamVR
- Fixed rare hang in the host Steam client when starting a session
- Fixed “Streaming Launch” dialog when streaming from another computer that you’re logged into

Steam Input:
- Reduced Steam Input’s overall CPU usage when active
- Start showing the last edited configuration in the personal configuration section of the configuration browser
- Improve automatic conversions when applying configurations to different controller types – Steam Controllers will get grip bindings based on the A/X buttons, and PS4 Controller trackpads will get bindings based on the option/share buttons
- Add a Screenshot binding to the Switch Pro controller capture button in the default templates – when applying a configuration from another controller type this binding will also be automatically be added
- Added support for Power-A Fusion Xbox/Playstation 4/Switch Pro fight pads
- Fixed several bugs around action set layer switching

- Added playtime tracking for SteamVR workshop items and for SteamVR itself
- Titles that are hidden in the Steam Library will now be hidden in the recently played UI in SteamVR Home
- Changed Desktop tab in SteamVR to prefer input from the physical mouse over virtual input from the laser mouse. To switch from the laser mouse to the physical mouse, move the physical mouse. To switch back to the laser mouse, click in the desktop tab
- Deleting screenshots taken in VR now also deletes the stereo version from the local disk and the cloud. Note that cloud deletion only applies to screenshots uploaded in the future, not existing shared screenshots

- Update app launch error dialog on MacOS 10.15 to show if error was due to the application being 32-bit only
- Games that no longer run on MacOS 10.15 Catalina will show an incompatibility warning

Steamworks SDK:
- Improved parsing of localized “steam_display” strings in SteamFriends()->GetFriendRichPresence()

Steam 02.10.2019
- Change log not available for this version

Steam 18.09.2019
- Change log not available for this version

Steam 14.09.2019
- Fixed audio on the host being muted after a streaming session
- Fixed a rare Steam client crash while streaming

Steam 10.09.2019
- Fix Steam service vulnerability that allowed appending data to system-owned files
- Remove Steam service log message being written to Windows event log on service startup
- Enable search for localized game names in the Steam library
- The text entry area in the chat window now expands if you are typing long messages

Steam Input:
- Fix Steam Controller trackpad rotation slider not saving out values properly

Big Picture:
- Fix friend in-game notifications not obeying the user’s notification visibility settings

Steam 21.08.2019
- Fixes for local-privilege-escalation vulnerabilities
- Fixed underflow in calculation of size of available cloud save data

Steam Input:
- Fixed an issue where action set switches generated from in-game bindings could be lost
- Fixed a bug where the Steam Input configurator could repeatedly save out configurations while a game is running

Steam Video:
- Fixed playback of Widevine-encrypted videos

Steam 12.08.2019

- Fixed library drop-down menu no longer displaying after changing the library filter

Steam Input:
- Fixed Xbox controllers showing up twice on Mac OS X
- Removed guide button emulation using the back or start button, except when using Steam Remote Play. This feature was causing some issues with some fightsticks and retro controllers and will be re-enabled for locally connected controllers in the future

Steam 05.08.2019

- Fix details button in games grid view not working
- Fix Steam client drop down menus temporarily freezing client and showing at incorrect location when client is partially offscreen
- Fix a case where the saved client configuration could be overwritten if running Steam on multiple PCs at once
- Blacklist a problematic USB device that could cause Steam to hang

Steam Input:
- Add support for the Victrix PS4 Pro Fight Stick
- Fix Steam Controllers sometimes turning off when reconnecting to a wireless dongle
- Fix an issue in games with multiple official controller configurations where controllers that did not have their own configuration would use the first listed configuration instead of the first compatible configuration

Steam Remote Play:
- Fix several crashes
- Fix chord combinations for back / start / thumbstick clicks on MFi controllers

Steam 16.07.2019
- Improve client logic used to choose and connect to download servers, which should yield better download rates for clients with download servers close to them on the network
- Improve connection logic in friends list initialization
- Fix screenshots in SteamVR Home
- Fixed a bug where a P2P connection would not properly migrate to another relay, if the active relay went offline.
- Fixed certain web page elements continuing to render in the Steam client when it is minimized or closed to the system tray
- Improved reliability of registry saving on Linux and macOS
- Fix the SteamVR dashboard obscuring transition overlays when launching a game.

Steam Input:
- Added mouse hover to action buttons in Configurator to display which physical buttons are related
- Rework the setting for enabling the Big Picture Mode overlay when using a Steam Input enabled controller from the desktop client. This setting now defaults to off and can be overridden on a per-game basis
- Improve handling of Switch Pro controllers when not universally opted into Steam Input - we will now toggle between DirectInput mode and the extended mode which includes gyro and rumble support depending on whether a game is using Steam Input
- Added the GetDeviceBindingRevision function, which allows developers of Steam Input API games to detect out of date user configurations. Configurations with out of date major revisions should be automatically updated by Steam to the latest official configuration, but configurations with out of date minor revisions will be left in-place.
- Added Change Player Slot binding to Steam Input. This allows a Steam Input binding to change the player’s x-input slot as seen by a game. This can be mapped to a chord for easy application across all games, and as with all bindings, be set to cycle through slots via an activator. Intended for fighting games and such where a larger set of controllers may need to be regularly and easily swapped across a limited number of player slots.
- Rework controller activity detection to require movement of joysticks/triggers instead of just deflection. Should fix wireless PS4/Switch controllers not turning off from inactivity when set down in a way that deflects the triggers or joysticks
- Fix an issue with Switch Pro controller joystick input sometimes pulling down when alt-tabbing
- Fix a rare crash when connecting a Switch Pro controller

Streaming / Steam Remote Play:
- Fix a crash when streaming non-Steam game with touch controls enabled
- Fix some other rare crash cases
- Fixed a crash when streaming a non-Steam game to the Steam Link app

Big Picture:
- Properly hide password entry text in the in-game on-screen keyboard
- Fix non-Steam Controllers receiving a Steam Controller configuration on the login screen
- Fix the “hide device” option in Controller Settings not being shown in some cases
- Fix the alignment of the Steam logo in several notifications

- Fix rare crash at exit
- Fix rare crash when a HID device fails to open when no other devices are open

Shader Pre-Caching:
- More fixes to reduce the download size of Vulkan pipeline pre-caching data

- Fix bug that would sometimes cause the app to hang

Steam 17.06.2019
- Fix regressions with network lobby matchmaking and Steam Input configuration loading

Steam 29.04.2019

- Fix Steam video player not streaming some free video content successfully

Steam Input:
- Fix an issue causing the “deregister” button to not show on the Controller Settings page
- Fix the “Cross-Gate” setting for controllers with a physical dpad

- Fix audio capture driver not enabling successfully on macOS 10.14.5

Steam 16.04.2019

- Updated embedded Chromium build in Steam to 72.0.3626.121
- Fixed the Steam updater window intermittently displaying as a small transparent rectangle if it is shown when the main Steam window is closed
- Fixed store trailer video playback on Windows when DPI scaling is active
- Fixed audio artifacts in web audio / friends notification sounds / voice chat for users with certain headsets that create multiple devices and have mono/single-channel chat output devices
- Improved wizard that helps install SteamVR and related components (such as the Windows MR driver) when VR hardware is present
- Fixed an issue with the new Steam networking system where the datagram relay configuration would never become available to the application if it was the first run after starting the Steam client
- Updates to shared installer content will now be listed under “Steamworks Common Redistributables”

- Reduced latency for 1 on 1 viewing of friend broadcasts to less than a second

Big Picture Mode:
- Added a Big Picture Mode library filter for local multiplayer games

Steam Input:
- Added a “Controller Connected” notification to the desktop client for Steam Input enabled controllers. This can be disabled under Steam->Settings->Controller
- Added a “Configuration Loaded” notification to the desktop client and Big Picture when launching a game with a Steam Input enabled controller
- Add action set layer visualization support to the controller HUD and the ability to bind beeps when applying/removing action set layers
- Fix some cases where the Steam Input Configurator could get stuck with a blank view when previewing configurations or when deleting action sets
- Fix some cases where adding/deleting action sets and action set layers could scramble which action set layer an “Apply Action Set Layer” binding points to
- Fixed modifier and volume keys not working properly as controller bindings on macOS
- Added a “Platformer” variant of the gamepad template for the Steam Link Mobile Touch Controller with pre-laid out on-screen controls
- Added filtering of unneeded template results in the configuration browser for controllers that don’t have touchpad or gyro inputs (ex: Xbox One, Xbox360, and Generic Gamepads)
- Added the ability to blacklist individual DirectInput and Xinput devices in the controller settings menu. This is intended to be used when a device either erroneously shows up as two devices or shows up as a controller but isn’t one

In-Home Streaming:
- Reduced packet loss and latency on high bandwidth streams
- Improved automatic bitrate algorithm to rapidly handle changes in available bandwidth

- Enabled Vulkan pipeline dumping and collection if Shader Pre-Caching is enabled

Steam Networking Sockets:
- Fixed issues with P2P connections sending too many keepalives on an idle connection

- Fixed kernel panic in audio capture driver when streaming on macOS 10.14

Steam 18.02.2019

- Re-enabled IPv6 content downloads with automatic fallback to IPv4
- Fixed regression in content update scheduler
- Fixed broadcast changed encoding notification to close

Big Picture Mode:
- Fixed crash opening web pages in some cases

Steam 02.02.2019
- Support using ipv6 for connections to download servers
- Fixed multiple issues in tracking Steam window and chat window position and size when adjusted by the user or automatically through DPI and screen size changes
- Fixed downloading unnecessary updates for games that self-update after initial install
- Fixed a crash related to SteamVR

Desktop Overlay:
- Added "Force Quit" button to the desktop client overlay, matching existing Big Picture functionality. Force-quitting a game can result in loss of unsaved data
- Added “Edit Controller Configuration”, which will open the current Steam Input configuration in a new window

Steam Input:
- Allow the On-screen Keyboard to spawn on secondary monitors
- Fixed a bug that could require you to hit the “Summon On-screen Keyboard” button twice before it launched

Fixed Mouse region bindings in windowed games running without the Big Picture Overlay:
- Fixed an issue where frequent rumble commands from games could cause input stuttering for PS4 controllers
- Fixed some cases where Steam Controller rumble emulation could get stuck on
- Added support for HORI Battle Pad
- Added support for HORI Wireless Switch Pad
- A

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