A free secure socks5 proxy, designed to protect your Internet traffic

Shadowsocks for Mac

Shadowsocks for Mac

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Shadowsocks for Mac is a highly capable networking tunnel proxy utility that can help advanced users easily bypass firewalls and access blocked websites or services. It is a secure, fast, and reliable solution that uses the latest technologies, such as Asynchronous I/O and Event-driven programming and other industry-leading encryption protocols (including support for custom algorithms) to provide a secure environment for users.

This app is developed in an open-source environment, receiving regular feature and stability updates, and is available for various platforms, including macOS, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, and OpenWRT OS for embedded devices.

  • Fast and secure connection using industry-level encryption algorithms.
  • Flexible and customizable security with the support of custom algorithms.
  • Optimized for mobile devices and wireless networks.
  • Lightweight operations with low CPU and memory usage.
  • Support for multiple protocols.
  • Wide Cross-platform compatibility.
  • Easy deployment with many popular package manager systems.
  • 100% FREE for use.
Installation and Setup

This app is officially distributed online inside a compressed ZIP archive that users must download, unpack, and deploy on local storage completely manually.

To get this app up and running on a Mac, users must move the app to the application folder, and launch it once from there. The app provides a useful system tray shortcut icon from where users can set up their connection protocol to the local firewall infrastructure.

How to Use

Server configuration utility requires form users to provide accurate server authentication data (name, port, password) and pick the exact communication protocol they wish to use. The app features many other configuration options, which are documented in detail directly inside the app via the Help and How-To sections.

The app can be enabled to work on one of the following modes – Global mode, Oversea mode, or Blacklist mode.

User Interface

The app has a minimal user interface, with a simple drop-down menu from the system tray icon from which users can manage all aspects of the network tunneling functionality. From this menu, users can pick the available servers, pick an option for automatic blocking of ads, enable the HTTP Proxy feature, and much more.


What is Shadowsocks for macOS?
is a cross-platform compatible networking tunnel proxy utility that helps users bypass firewalls, access VPNs, use various content-blocking tools, and more.

Is it safe?
Yes! This app uses industry-level encryption algorithms to protect users' internet traffic, ensuring a secure connection.


OpenVPN for Mac – A secure and open-source VPN solution that allows users to create their own secure networks.

FortiClient VPN for Mac – Professional VPN platform for businesses and hardened network environments.

V2Ray – A popular VPN service that offers a range of features, including built-in Shadowsocks support.


This app is 100% free for personal and commercial use.

System Requirements

The open-source version of this app is optimized for macOS 10.11 and newer. It also requires Xcode 10.0+ for development purposes.

  • Secure and fast connection.
  • Customizable and flexible.
  • Low CPU and bandwidth usage.
  • Cross-platform compatibility.
  • Streamlined menu-based user interface.
  • Requires some technical knowledge to set up and configure.
  • Not all available servers are fast and reliable.

Shadowsocks is a valuable tool for users who need to bypass firewalls, access blocked websites or services, or who want to set up their advanced security features when connecting to the web. With its fast and secure connection options, customizable features, and low CPU and bandwidth usage, it provides a convenient and reliable solution for network enthusiasts who want to take full control of their internet connection.

Also Available: Download Shadowsocks for Windows

What's new in this version:

- Delay write of plist file to fix frequent notification issue on Ventura