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Quicksilver for Mac

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Download Quicksilver 1.4.1

  -  6.23 MB  -  Open Source

What's new in this version:

- When a collection is (re)selected in the interface, it appears as a collection that can be managed, as though you had just created it with the comma trick, instead of a single combined object (#2092)
- Collections can be "exploded" into a list of individual items with `⌃⌘]`. This is the inverse of `⌘A`. (#2092)
- An "Explode Selection" action has been added to split collections into individual items (#2188)
- You can browse through a collection to get a better look at each item using `⌃[` and `⌃]` (#2092)
- Internal command to clear Quicksilver history (#2092)
- Preferences to control text appearance (#2162):
- Underline Matched Text
- Add Glow to Matched Text
- Always Show Name (#1391)
- Compress Long Names (#2133)

- Prevent a crash when scanning Spotlight entries with an empty query (#2158, #2160)
- Avoid mounting network volumes to resolve aliases (#2020, #2178)
- Triggers based on the Quicksilver Selection proxy can be used on other proxy objects (#2161, #2163)
- Recent documents are shown in the correct order on El Capitan (#2181)
- Keep the Preferences window on screen when switching displays (#2182, #2183)
- Abbreviations are remembered for items you've actually "used" (#2092)
- Better handling of collections when browsing history (#2092)
- More reliable tracking of position when browsing history, especially when going back for the first time (#2092)
- The collection tray will be hidden if the number of items collected drops to one (#2092)
- Show the search string when browsing history (#2092)
- Clear the search string when switching items in a collection (#2092)
- Improved interface when showing all history with `⌃⌘[` (#2092)
- Clearing interface with `⌃U` will also remove comma-trick collections (#2092, #2189, #2190)
- Finder Sidebar Items, Recent Applications, Recent Documents, Recent Servers, Favorite Servers now work under El Capitan (#2187, #2191)
- Fixed numerous crashes and freezes (#2177)

- History only stores items you've actually "used" (#2090, #2092)
- Multiple items selected with comma will be added to Recent Objects individually (#2092)
- Reusing a recent item will make it the most recent in the history instead of adding a duplicate (#2092)
- When a proxy object is used, the item it points to will be added to Recent Objects instead of the proxy object itself, which should already be in the catalog (#2092)
- When an item is removed from a collection, the next object in the collection will be selected (#2092)
- If an action shows a result in the first pane (like Get Path), the result will be added to history (#2092)
- The string value for a collection of multiple items will now be the string values of each, separated by new lines, instead of "combined objects" (#2092)
- Removing objects from collections should be more intuitive (#1123, #2092):
- `⌫` removes the last selected item and selects the next in line (allowing multiple items to be quickly removed in order)
- `⌥,` removes the most recent item from the collection, but preserves the curent selection

- New code will be checked for tab indents (#2050, #2105)
- Configure Xcode and TextMate to use tabs by default in this project (#2093)
- Allow spaces in comment blocks (#2169)
- Add support for combined objects to `-[QSObject isEqual:]` (#2092)
- New unit tests for `-[QSObject isEqual:]` (#2092)
- Eliminated some unnecessary mutable arrays (#2193)

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