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Postman 10.15.0

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Sometimes latest versions of the software can cause issues when installed on older devices or devices running an older version of the operating system.

Software makers usually fix these issues but it can take them some time. What you can do in the meantime is to download and install an older version of Postman 10.15.0.

For those interested in downloading the most recent release of Postman for Mac or reading our review, simply click here.

All old versions distributed on our website are completely virus-free and available for download at no cost.

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What's new in this version:

Collection Templates:
- Postman Collections help you organize your requests, collaborate with teammates, run test suites, and reuse components like variables to boost productivity

Easier API Authentication:
- Postman will now automatically recognize if the request you are trying to send needs authorization and will help you set it up, so you can start using APIs immediately. Gone are the days of digging through documentation just to set up authentication.

API Performance Testing:
- Simulate Real-world traffic - You can now simulate real-world traffic from your machines using Postman
- Observe API Performance Metrics - You can observe the key Performance Metrics such as Response times, Requests hit per second, and error rates. This helps you measure and improve your API Performance under the simulated load. Read more on our blog.

Universal Tagging:
- Easily organize and discover your universe of Postman artifacts. Add custom free-form tags to organize all your Postman artifacts, such as Collections, APIs and Workspaces.
- Conduct granular searches, and discover the resources you need in seconds.
- Enable faster distribution and curation of your API catalogue on the Private API Network. Add elements into the Private API Network based on tags.
- Discover elements in your API catalogue on the Private API Network with tags.

Private API Network:
- Folder Management - Decentralize the API curation process for your API Catalogue on the Private API Network. The Private API Network now supports folder-level role-based access control for more granular internal API governance.
- Folder managers can now manage individual folders belonging to their teams or product areas. They can approve elements to be published into these folders along with other folder access operations.

API Governance:
- Custom Functions - Postman’s API Governance now gives you the ability to create new custom spectral functions by providing a custom logic js file that can be reused in subsequent rule creation.
- Edit previously created custom Governance rules - You can now edit the custom Governance rules of your Postman team from the API Governance section within Postman.
- New API Governance Manager role - Utilize the new API Governance Manager role to assign the responsibility of managing your team's API Governance rules and workspace groups to the right individuals.
- Postman’s OWASP API guidelines - New addition to the Postman rule library, which can be utilized to improve API definitions by enforcing governance rules focussed on the OWASP API top 10 projects

API Builder:
- Automatic Version Publishing - Use the Postman CLI to automate version publishing to your CI/CD pipelines
- Schema to Collection Validation - Postman now validates your collection requests and responses and indicates if it is valid as per schema

Private API Network:
- Onboard teams quickly on the Private API Network - Teams can be quickly onboarded onto the Private API Network by bootstrapping the network with the list of popular Postman elements.
- Private API Network managers can also efficiently curate the network by adding individual folder managers for their different teams in a single workflow.
- Add multiple elements in a single workflow - You can effortlessly curate multiple elements to be added to the Private API Network. The Private API Network now supports bulk additions of Collections, APIs and Workspaces for a faster, more streamlined experience.
- Try out organizational APIs quickly - The Private API Network now allows you to move from the static documentation in the catalogue to the dynamic execution of the request. This allows consumers to quickly evaluate an element that they have discovered in the catalogue. With a simplified user experience for try requests in the Private API Network, you can now quickly transition from seeing an example in the documentation to trying that example in the workspace.

Platform Administration:
- Group-Level RBAC Controls - We’ve introduced an access control system specific to User Groups that delegates team-level admin functions to selected users for exclusive use within the group. These more granular permissions/restrictions will unblock groups while maintaining the least privileged access at the enterprise level.
- Members & Groups Page - The Members & Groups page now displays a single list with Team Members, Partners, and Guests for easier management, quick comparison, and more combinations for search and filtering.
- Enterprise Data Management - Super Admin users can now govern all team data, including team members' personal workspace data, ensuring greater consistency across users and preventing data loss when users leave teams.
- Billing & IT Administrator Report - We've improved and reorganized reports for easy discovery of relevant information by Billing and IT Administrators. Admins can now get better visibility into their organization's Postman usage with these Reports, which feature data on active users, user ingress/egress details, team expansion, resource usage and limits, and more.
- API Key Management - Super Admin and Admin users can now see all Postman API keys created by team members, helping you manage organization-wide API key usage with greater visibility and control.
- Manage public elements dashboard - Community Managers can now manage their team’s collection access keys in the Manage public elements dashboard. They can now turn off the collection access key feature for their team and revoke all existing keys in bulk. The dashboard now also displays a list of all of the team’s keys and enables Community Managers to revoke specific collection access keys.

- Improved and reorganized Postman-generated reports for easy discovery of relevant information. Reports enable you to understand and manage how your team uses Postman.

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