Plex’s music player, now works with ChatGPT for playlist creation

Plexamp for Mac

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Download Plexamp 4.9.3

Plexamp for Mac

  -  98.9 MB  -  Freeware
  • Latest Version

    Plexamp 4.9.3 LATEST

  • Operating System

    Mac OS X 10.11 or later

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    Plex, Inc / External Link

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Picture someone with an immense passion for music, pouring their heart, soul, and technical expertise into crafting a personalized music player designed specifically for audiophiles like themselves. That's precisely what they accomplished with Plexamp for Mac.

Now available for FREE to music enthusiasts everywhere, Plexamp for macOS transcends being merely an app; it's a playground for them to delve into their music library, uncover new tunes, and revel in a beautifully designed user interface. A select set of features within the app has been reserved exclusively for Plex Pass members.

Key Features

Sonic Marvel
Meet the neural network that delves deep into their music collection, powering fresh features and enhancing existing ones. Why settle for generalized metadata to discover similar artists when they can explore the genuine connections between artists, albums, and songs using our advanced sonic technology?

Radio Enthusiast
Our Sonic data forms the foundation for Track Radio and Album Radio, both of which play albums that share sonic similarities.

Mix It Up
Have their server compile recent favorite albums into unique mixes, or journey back in time and create historical playlists.

Time Capsule
Indulge in musical nostalgia with reminders of album birthdays. Discover what albums were released 20, 30, or even 50 years ago.

Album Organization
Recognizing that not every album fits the same mold, we now categorize albums by type on the artist's page.

Music on the Go
Take their music with them on the road with CarPlay and Android Auto. With robust offline support, they can download hours of their favorite playlists or stations for companionship during off-grid adventures.

Visual Delights
Experience their music collection in a whole new light with UltraBlur backgrounds, a variety of mesmerizing visualizers, and four distinct visual themes catering to every taste.

Seamless Playback
Enjoy loudness leveling, true gapless playback, smooth fades, and more. Custom pre-caching ensures that their music keeps playing, even when life takes them through tunnels.


Is Plexamp FREE?
Absolutely, Plexamp is completely FREE. However, please be aware that certain advanced features require a Plex Pass membership, a worthwhile investment.

Do I Need a Plex Media Server for Plexamp?
The answer is both yes and no. Tidal subscribers can use the app without a media server setup. However, to access and play your personal music collection, you will need one.

What is Plex?
Plex serves as your ultimate hub for streaming movies, TV shows, sports, and music. It stands as the most comprehensive entertainment platform available today, accessible on nearly any device. Plex is unique in offering free, ad-supported movies, shows, and Live TV, while also simplifying the process of searching for and adding any title from any streaming service to your Watchlist. With over 13 million monthly active users relying on Plex as their entertainment guide, expect new discoveries and recommendations from all your favorite streaming apps, personal media libraries, and beyond.


Yes, you get a lot of amazing features for free with Plexamp app. But a lot more are unlocked with a Plex Pass membership. Take a look and take your pick.

Plexamp for All - FREE
  • Gapless playback
  • Loudness leveling
  • Sweet Fades
  • Advanced pre-caching
  • Smart playlists & stations
  • Unlimited streaming
  • Visualizers
  • UltraBlur Backgrounds & Themes
  • Android Auto & Carplay
  • Chromecast & AirPlay
  • Siri
  • Write to NFC tags
Plexamp with Plex Pass

Features Unlocked with Membership - Upgrade for $4.99 / Month
  • Artist & Album Mix Builders
  • Sonically similar artists/tracks/albums
  • Super Sonic
  • Sonic Sage
  • Sonic Adventure
  • Downloads
  • Guest DJ
  • Aural Fixations
  • Headless Plexamp on Raspberry Pi
  • Lyrics
  • Autoplay
  • Home screen customization
  • Ten-Band Equalizer
  • Related Tracks
  • Server Features
  • Track & Album Radio
  • Sample Rate Matching
  • Custom music player for audiophiles.
  • Free access for music lovers.
  • Beautifully crafted interface.
  • Sonic technology for music analysis.
  • Track and Album Radio.
  • Mix creation and historical mixes.
  • Nostalgic reminders.
  • Organized albums by type.
  • Visualizers and visual themes.
  • Gapless playback and loudness leveling.
  • Offline support.
  • Some features require a Plex Pass membership.
  • Media server needed for personal collections.
  • Limited access without Tidal subscription.
  • Monthly subscription fee for advanced features.

Overall, it has decided to reserve its advanced features, such as the AI-powered Sonic Sage playlist builder, downloads, and artist/album mix builders, exclusively for its paying subscribers who opt for the $4.99/month Plex Pass subscription. This subscription not only grants access to these music-related enhancements but also offers a comprehensive set of features to elevate the overall Plex experience.

These include DVR recording for Live TV, the ability to skip movie and TV show credits and intros, premium music features, and various advanced technical capabilities. The FileHorse review team highly recommends this outstanding music player app.

Also Available: Download Plexamp for Windows

What's new in this version:

- Desktop: Show tab labels at larger display sizes
- Desktop: Transition smoothly between screens
- Android: Navigation between screens is snappier and follows system transitions

- iOS: Improve reliability of first voice command in some cases
- Possible crash related to EventSource processing
- CarPlay: Re-enable library switching
- Speed up loading albums on artist page
- When TIDAL is source, search result categories couldn’t be expanded
- Minor improvements to Sonic Sage sample prompt generation
- Speed up first network-related actions when starting the app on a new network
- Fixed a visual glitch on the player screen for Android 10 devices
- Improve styling and accessibility of badged tab icons
- Navigating quickly between settings pages could cause issues
- Updated translations

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