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OpenDrive for Mac

OpenDrive for Mac

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OpenDrive for Mac is a service providing you with 5GB of free cloud storage to view, share, and collaborate on your documents. Access your data from anywhere and from any connection. Upload new files or manage your existing ones. Manage folders and create and edit documents with online office suite, all without installing any software.

OpenDrive for macOS also lets you share your files and folders with anyone through links. You can also create account users and manage their direct access to specific folders.

Features and Highlights
  • Online Drive
  • Upload, Create, Edit, Replace, Move and Preview Files
  • Syncing of Selected Files and Folders Across Multiple Computers
  • Automated Backup
  • Sync and Backup Scheduling with Email Notifications
  • Play Music and Videos
  • Upload New File Versions
  • Create Folders and Subfolders
  • Zero Knowledge Encryption Folder (AES-256 File Encryption with a Custom Key)
  • Public, Hidden and Private Permission Assignment for Each File and Folder
  • Share Files and Folders
  • Search Files and Folders
  • Trash and Restore Files and Folders
  • De-duplication
Note: Limitations 5GB Online Storage.

Also Available: Download OpenDrive for Windows

  • OpenDrive 2.2.9 Screenshots

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What's new in this version:

OpenDrive 2.2.9
- Added Support for MacOS 14.0 (Sonoma)
- Updated to use the latest version of FUSE
- Dropped support for MacOs 10.12 El Capitan and Sierra 10.13

OpenDrive 2.2.3
- Fixed issue with occasionally being unable to login when using Big Sur.
- Added support for MacOS v12 – Monterey
- Re-added support again for El Capitan

OpenDrive 2.2.2
- Updated to use the latest version of FUSE
- El Capitan no longer supported due to FUSE dropping support
- Improved installation for M1 Macs

OpenDrive 2.2.1
- Updated FUSE to support Big Sur
- Improved details in logs
- Improved stability

OpenDrive 2.2
- Added option to enable 2 Factor Authentication in a future release
- Added support for symbolic folders
- Updated to use the latest version of FUSE
- Fixed issue with temporary files checkbox
- Fixed issue with temp files not being visible
- Fixed issue of backslashes in file names not showing in filenames after upload
- Improved stability

OpenDrive 2.1.14
- Added option to rename files and folders with leading spaces in the name
- Added option to rename files and folders with special characters in the name
- Improved logging, notifications & stability when upgrading

OpenDrive 2.1.13
- Added support for Catalina
- Fixed issues with email notifications sometimes displaying incorrectly
- Fixed issue with restore from trash option not appearing
- Improved stability

OpenDrive 2.1.12
- Added additional logging details
- Fixed issues with quitting Sync & Backup Manager not terminating
- Fixed issue with updating app checking all needed files are present
- Fixed issue with email notification settings not displaying correctly
- Added function to email status of backup/sync task
- Improved stability

OpenDrive 2.1.11
- Added Support for Mojave Dark Mode
- Reverted creation date update and will add enhanced in a later release
- Added additional detail to logging
- Fixed deleted files getting resync’d
- Fixed error with background folder updates in some cases
- Improved stability

OpenDrive 2.1.10
- Fixed issue with Finder uploads not working with Mojave users having large storage plans
- Fixed issue to retain proper file creation date when uploaded via Mac app
- Fixed ability for Mojave users to open app in side bar
- Fixed incorrect storage volume size display to show the correct size
- Added option to rename files containing prohibited characters in file and folder names
- Other minor fixes

OpenDrive 2.1.9
- Fix issue with folder properties window control
- Crash dumps now collect more detailed information for faster fixes

OpenDrive 2.1.8
- Make hourly uploads default vs. continuous
- Improve reliability of incomplete uploads to complete

OpenDrive 2.1.7
- Fix for access permissions being wrong for some files
- Fix for secure files accessiblity if app crashes
- Fix for app freezing in certain scenerios
- Fix for errors if uploading files over a couple GB in size
- Fix for ‘Trust This Computer’ prompt after it is already selected one time
- Overall Stability improvements
- Other minor fixes

- Increased tolerance for upload process
- Increase stability if local computer lacks free disk space for copies

- Fix for update prompts
- Fix for occasional crashes

- Fix for viewing Secure folder
- Fix for branding issue

- Fix for occasional crashes

OpenDrive 2.1.6
- Supports MacOS High Sierra 10.13.x
- Fix for unable to open SBM in menu bar
- Fix for occasional crashes

OpenDrive 2.1.5
- Fix for 995 invalid file size error when opening Excel and Word files
- Add option to not run on startup
- Fix for unable to access menubar icon
- Fix access for secure files if wrong password entered
- Fix for Mac running Parallels
- Fix for PDF not opening/crashing
- Fix for unable to access menu bar
- Fix for Edited files not appearing in sync’d folers
- Small updates and stability improvements

- Fix for Some images uploaded get corrupted
- Fix for Sync issues
- Fix for some files corrupted in Secure folder
- Fix for app freeze and crashes
- Fix for downloading of multiple files fails
- Small updates and stability improvements

OpenDrive 2.1.4.b1758
- Fix for secure folder issue
- Small updates and stability improvements

OpenDrive 2.1.2
- Small updates and stability improvements

OpenDrive 2.1.1
- Crash reporting
- Sierra RC support
- Autoupdating
- Silent autologin
- Small fix in xattrs

OpenDrive 2.1.0
- Various sync reliability improvements
- Small fixes

OpenDrive 2.0.1
- Enhanced uploading through the Sync and backup manager
- Small fixes

OpenDrive 2.0
- Improved sync and backup functions
- Improved drag and drop functions
- Compatibility with El Capitan
- Secure Uninstall
- Updated caching
- Updated for new API
- Various performance improvements and small fixes

OpenDrive 1.2.3
- Support for El Capitan
- Enhanced syncing to secure files folder
- Improved finder integration
- Various performance improvements and small fixes

- Optimization for 10.6
- Force unmount when app is terminated
- Other small bug fixes and improvements

- Resolved issue with missing icon in 10.6
- Resolved issue with opening pdf files
- Other small bug fixes and improvements

OpenDrive 1.2
- Unlimited file size for drag and drop upload
- Other small bug fixes and improvements