Do you need to recover deleted files in macOS?

Disk Drill for Mac

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Disk Drill for Mac

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    Disk Drill 5.4.1425 LATEST

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    Michael Reynolds

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    Mac OS X 10.11 or later

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Disk Drill for Mac can recover your data from virtually any storage device. Whatever device you lost data from, if you can connect it to a Mac, the tool can scan it and has a good chance of recovering your lost data. Even if you're currently having issues accessing your hard drive or external device directly, there's a possibility-free data recovery software for macOS that can rescue data from it. Disk Drill means recovery for all major file types and file systems.

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For fast, reliable file recovery the app comes with advanced scanning algorithms to identify and reconstruct deleted files in over 400 different file formats, including the new raw photo, videos, and audio formats. Updated FAT32, NTFS, HFS+, and APFS recovery algorithms, powered by Disk Drill's smart scans, find more recoverable files, which allows for an improved (up to a 200%) recovery efficiency.
  • The ability to recover data from devices with the T2 encryption chip
  • An increased number of supported file signatures
  • Newly supported video and raw photo file formats include
  • Support for Time Machine recovery
  • Data recovery from the latest version of iOS and Android, including iOS 14
  • Data Shredder and Free Space erasure
  • A redesigned user interface and dark mode compatibility
Restore Data on Any Internal or External Storage, iOS, and Android. Hard drive or memory card went suddenly blank or is not recognized? You may have a lost partition issue. The data might still be there, but the "map" the Mac computer needs to find the data might be lost. The program enables you to restore the lost partition and get back your data if it's still there. All mountable devices are supported. Various recovery methods are available based on the file system, even formatted drives are recoverable.

Top Use Cases for Mac Data Recovery:
  • Recover lost data from FAT, NTFS, HFS+, etc.
  • How to recover SD card on macOS
  • How to recover deleted photos and music on Mac
  • USB flash drive recovery macOS software
  • How to recover deleted files after emptying the trash on Mac
  • Easy Apple data recovery software
  • How to recover Macintosh data yourself
  • Do-it-yourself Mac files recovery software
Features and Highlights (NEW)

Disk Health
Free S.M.A.R.T. Disk Monitoring Stays Alert for Any Potential Disk Issues.

Mac Cleanup
Analyze Disk Space, Locate Unused Files and Space Hogs, Free Up Your Storage Effortlessly.

Duplicate Finder
Easily Find and Remove Duplicate Files in Multiple Locations on Your Drive.

Recovery Drive
Create Your Own Bootable USB Drive for Free macOS Data Recovery.

Data Protection
Protect Your Data with Recovery Vault or Guaranteed Recovery. Recover it for Free.

Data Backup
Create Byte-to-byte Disk & Partition Backups for Future macOS Recovery.

Note: Requires 64-bit processor. The recovery feature is disabled in the demo version.

Also Available: Download Disk Drill for Windows

  • Disk Drill 5.4.1425 Screenshots

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What's new in this version:

- The Clean Up module is completely revamped with a completely new way of visualizing your disk and locating space hogs, we call it “Tiles”
- Disk Drill now offers NAS data recovery over the SSH protocol and can scan the connected drives and RAID storages
- Disk Drill now offers Linux data recovery via the SSH protocol and can scan the connected drives and RAID storages
- New scan type in Disk Drill! We are always working on recovering more lost data from Mac system drives. You can now undelete your Contacts from the macOS app. More data categories will follow
- RAIDs with Btrfs are now supported and Disk Drill can recover recently deleted files and deleted partitions
- Many Disk Drill icons and visuals got new looks
- Disk Drill’s Deep Scan can now recover MBS (Opera Mailbox File) and EML (electronic mail format or email saved in plain text) files

- Better handling of macOS devices that run on unsupported or modified macOS like Hackintosh
- Improved internal processes when verifying iOS backup passwords during iPhone and iPad data recovery
- Better reconstructing and labeling for the following file signatures: MBOX, EMLX, EWD, and RTF
- Improved scanning of encrypted and unencrypted DMG and Sparse Image files with Apple Partition Map Scheme, GPT and MBR tables
- Enhanced recovery for PDF files with a non-standard XRef table size
- Improved recovery for encrypted SXI, SXD, SXC, SXW files
- Encrypted ODT, ODS, ODP, ODG files are detected and recovered even better now
- Better recovery for encrypted DOCX, XLSX, PPTX files
- Improved recovery for encrypted XMind files
- Improved detection of unencrypted hybrid DMG files
- Detection and recovery for XLS files created in MS Excel 2008 on macOS renders even better results now
- Recovery chances calculation for PPT files is now even more accurate
- Better discovery and recovery in Disk Drill iOS module for WhatsApp and Line messenger attachments
- Updated SSD Health Level and other improvements in the Disk Drill’s S.M.A.R.T. monitoring widget
- Optimized default display settings for discovered files
- iOS scan module got some improvements, including Skype chats recovery
- Minor improvements in Disk Drill’s dark theme
- General UI localization improvements throughout
- Much better iOS scanning stability, including detecting device disconnects
- Backward compatibility for scan sessions created in newer versions of Disk Drill
- Optimized recovery from NTFS partitions with damaged MFT (master file table)
- Subtle improvements in files and folders navigation and filtration
- Find Duplicates module is significantly improved

- Occasional crashes when scanning for PNG or MXF files
- Occasional glitches after interrupted iOS scan
- Occasional crashes when scanning FAT32 partitions and the scanned drive disconnects
- Occasional app freezing when a FLAC file type was discovered
- Minor issues with RAM during EXT4 system scan
- Exception error when scanning for RTF files
- Occasional crashes during NTFS system scan for lost partitions

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