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MarsEdit for Mac

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  • Latest Version:

    MarsEdit 4.6.3 LATEST

  • Requirements:

    macOS 10.12 Sierra or later

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    Red Sweater Software / MarsEdit for Mac

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MarsEdit for Mac is a weblog editor for macOS that makes weblog writing like writing an email - with spell-checking, drafts, multiple windows, and even AppleScript support. It works with various weblog systems: Blosxom, Conversant, Manila, Movable Type, Radio UserLand, TypePad, WordPress, and others.

Features and Highlights

Rich And HTML Text Editing
Whether you love HTML or can't bear the sight of it, MarsEdit's editor will thrill you. If you prefer the best of both worlds, you can switch easily between the two.

Think Outside The Browser
Browser-based interfaces are slow, clumsy, and require you to be connected to the internet just to use them. Browsers are perfect for reading web content, but not so great for creating it. If you're serious about your blog, you need a desktop blog editor. If you're lucky enough to have a Mac, nothing is more powerful or more elegant than MarsEdit for macOS.

Wildly Compatible
Works with WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, TypePad, Movable Type, and any blog that supports a standard MetaWeblog or AtomPub interface.

Perfect Previews
Build a template to match your blog, then let the app's live preview show you how your posts will look before you publish them. Use Markdown? The tool will preview that, too.

Your Editor Or Ours
Combine the power of the app with your favorite editor. Integrates cleanly with BBEdit, TextMate, WriteRoom, TextWrangler, or any editor that supports the ODBEditor suite.

Media At Your Fingertips
Quickly scan your iPhoto, Aperture, Lightroom, or Flickr libraries, and insert images into your blog post with the click of a button.

Easy File Uploads
Upload images and files directly to your blog, or attach them to a post for automatic upload-on-publish. The app will even resize them to suit your needs.

Re-Blog It!
Add “Blog This” bookmarklet to your web browser's button bar. Now when you discover something cool, you can start a new Mars Edit post with the click of a button.

Offline Freedom
Write when you want to, without an internet connection. Fine-tune your masterpiece on the boat, plane, or train, and publish when you get back online.

Note: 30 days trial version.

  • MarsEdit 4.6.3 Screenshots

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What's new in this version:

MarsEdit 4.6.3
- Fix a crash that could occur when refreshing a blog with certain types of media items

MarsEdit 4.6.1
- Fix an issue that caused the scroller for "Always Show Scroll Bar" to appear white in Dark Mode
- Prevent a scenario that could cause the preview window to remain visible after the last document is closed
- Fix a line-wrapping issue in the document status bar area when a window was made very small
- A new per-blog setting controls whether the Title Field is shown and hidden automatically

MarsEdit 4.6
- New Color Scheme preference to choose Dark, Light, or System appearance
- New Share Extension supports opening images from the Share menu of other apps
- Improve appearance of color preference indicators on a future update to macOS
- Fix a bug that caused incorrect character count when HTML entities were included in post
- Fix an issue that caused the Media Manager selected blog to change unexpectedly specific improvements:
- Title is now hidden by default until post exceeds 280 characters
- Added support for creating new categories

MarsEdit 4.5.9
- Avoid displaying the crash reporter dialog when the app is force-quit by the system or user
- Updated status bar text throughout the app to use standard system font
- Check for Updates now includes a link to Version History when there are no new updates
- Fix an issue where the font picker could get stuck on the preferences-based font settings
- Fix a bug that caused the inferred title of a title-less post to be one character off

MarsEdit 4.5.8
- Improved performance and reliability of main window preview of blog posts
- Large images are now constrained visually to fit the width of the Rich Editor
- Added reset buttons in preferences to restore default fonts and colors
- Search now matches when words are found separately in a given post
- Improved VoiceOver accessibility of font preferences
- Errors pertaining to blog configuration or networking now include buttons to open blog settings or network log, respectively
- Prevent a hang that could occur when trying to upload an attachment on a blog that only supports the legacy Blogger API
- Now displays an error instead of crashing when a blog returns an unexpected value when downloading a post
- Fixed an erroneous "Unsupported API" message in preferences
- Fixed a bug that prevented the site icon from loading for some blogs
- Fix a visual glitch with the Post Kind popup menu
- Fix a bug that caused a double error alert when refreshing an unconfigured blog
- Scripting: Fixed a bug that prevented setting category names on and other systems that don't support adding new categories

MarsEdit 4.5.7
- the Set Date panel to default to Today again as it used to
- an issue that prevented Quick Post documents from prompting to save changes
- the Preview Window's default template to be dark styled in Dark Mode
- an issue where "View on Web" would go to the web home page instead of the specific post

- Improve the contrast of status bar text in Dark Mode
- Disable Quick Look in "Uploaded" section of Media Manager because it doesn't work properly yet
- The selected blog in Preferences now automatically switches to the selected blog in the main window

MarsEdit 4.5.6
- an issue where an unedited document might be marked as edited
- a crash that could happen when configuring a blog with an invalid URL
- a crash that could occur when refreshing a WordPress blog with ICO format images in library
- an issue where the main window's refreshing progress indicator could get stuck
- an issue where the specified author of a post was not saved/restored on local drafts

- Revise the style of prompts in the post editor to use a more standard format
- Avoid a hang in the app when trying to publish a post to an improperly configured blog

MarsEdit 4.5.5
- Quick fix to prevent a crashing bug that could occur when the main window's post list is empty

MarsEdit 4.5.3
- Restore ability to drag files from the Uploads list to the post content or featured image
- Fixed a crash when dragging images from Apple Photos in the Media Manager
- Fixed a problem that caused JavaScript to be disabled in the Blog Preview for some users
- Control-clicking an item in the Media Manager now selects it before presenting a contextual menu
- Fixed a bug that caused the post editor window to become frontmost after it finished sending to blog
- Fixed a bug that prevented all tags from being deleted from an already-published WordPress post
- Scripted replacement of text in plain text editor now preserves selection
- "Edit Read More Content" menu item now works even if the text content area was not focused

MarsEdit 4.5.2
- Improved performance when loading a large number of freshly synced media item
- Can now separately specify the number of media items, posts, and pages, to download/sync from a blog
- Fix a bug that caused the wrong image to be dragged/inserted when selecting items with a search filter in place
- Fix the sort order of posts when using the search/filter in the main window
- No longer showing media items in the main blog post list when searching for posts
- Fix a crashing bug when selecting "View on Web" for a blog with a home page URL that has a space in it

MarsEdit 4.5.1
- A quick fix for a crashing bug that could occur when navigating the main menu bar in the app

MarsEdit 4.5
WordPress-specific improvements:
- Existing media items from your blog are now synced and available in the "Published" tab of Media Manager
- Post password can now be set from the MarsEdit document options side panel
- Fix a bug that attempted to publish using invalid author ID after switching target blog
- Can now drag from Media Manager to Featured Image either as new image or reusing existing published image
- Improve accessibility of featured image by setting proper file name based on original file

General media management improvements:
- Images from the "On My Mac" tab can now be dragged directly into a post without opening the Upload Utility
- Fix a bug that caused some images dragged from the Media Manager to get long alphanumeric names
- The list of attached files now updates as images are being uploaded
- Fix a bug that prevented some images from being resized correctly on Apple Silicon Macs.
- Items can now be dragged with a single click/drag even when the window is not active
- Now showing better thumbnail images for non-image file types

Miscellaneous fixes:
- The "Add Category" field now suggests completions from among the list of existing category names
- Support VoiceOver access to menu items that are hidden by default
- Improved reliability of preview template downloading for
- Fix a bug that prevented the date of newly published AtomPub posts from showing correctly
- Rename the "Split Post" functionality to use "Read More Tag" terminology
- Fix a bug in preferences showing the wrong values for Retina-based image size constraints

MarsEdit 4.4.13
- Improve reliability of in-document anchor links in blog preview window
- Protect against a possible crash when inserting image from the Media Manager
- Fix a bug that prevented setting custom field values via AppleScript from working
- Fix full keyboard accesss navigation of the "New Blog" window
- The HTML editor now strips problematic 0x0B (vertical tab) and 0x0C (form feed) characters

MarsEdit 4.4.12
- Improve the VoiceOver accessibility of Preferences and Blog Settings
- Fix a bug that prevented custom media folders from working on Apple Silicon Macs
- Fix a bug that caused blank values in the the Author column of the main post list
- Fix a bug that prevented newly added blog from becoming selected in the main window
- Avoid a hang-up that occurred when trying to download a preview template with no blog configured
- Custom field values can now be set on a post via AppleScript
- Selecting "New Post" from the app's Dock icon menu now activates the app as well
- Increase the text size of labels in the Media Manager

MarsEdit 4.4.11
- Fix text appearance glitches in Rich Text editor when using Typewriter Scrolling
- Fix a crash that could occur when opening Preferences with an outdated External Editor setting
- Fix some layout issues in the crash reporter dialog

MarsEdit 4.4.10
- Quick fix to address a crashing bug when opening posts for editing on macOS 10.12 and 10.13

MarsEdit 4.4.9
- Quick fix to address a crashing bug in 4.4.8 when opening posts on blogs that don't support the Authors popup

MarsEdit 4.4.7
- Performance enhancements for Apple Silicon based Macs

MarsEdit 4.4.6
- Fix a crashing bug affecting 10.12 and 10.13 versions of macOS

MarsEdit 4.4.4
- Reduce flickering appearance of main window preview while switching between posts
- Relative HTML Fragments can now be used within preview window e.g. to jump to different tagged parts of a post
- Fix a bug that prevented blogs from being reordered in the blogs list
- Fix a bug where changing preferences caused an open post editor to be activated
- Fix a bug where text after the "More" tag in a post would be stripped
- Fix a bug that caused some HTML elements to be made self-closing when they shouldn't be
- Fix a visual discrepancy in the height of the status bars at bottom of main window

MarsEdit 4.4.3
- Fix a crashing bug at launch on a pre-release version of macOS
- Fix a bug that prevented categories from being post on Hatena, Live Door, and other AtomPub based blogs
- Restore ability to select multiple images at once from "Published" tab of Media Manager
- Fix some bugs that could occur when attempting to publish posts with no blog added

MarsEdit 4.4.2
- Quick fix to address a crash while adding new blog

MarsEdit 4.4.1
- Fix a bug that prevented changes like setting categories from working when editing an existing WordPress post
- Fix a performance issue that could occur when publishing to a blog with a large number of posts
- Fix a bug from 4.4 that caused all blogs to show a disclosure triangle even if they don't support Page entries
- Fix a bug from 4.4 that caused Movable Type tags and slug values to not be displayed
- Fix a crash when uploading images to a blog where authentication is requested

MarsEdit 4.4
- Improved performance for blog refreshing - now shows posts as they load when possible improvements:
- Now an officially supported publishing system
- Can now edit Page and Post type entries
- Supports sending Draft status posts to server
- Supports downloading entire history of posts

Bug fixes:
- Restore ability to type to select items in the media manager icon view
- Don't support New Page menu option for blogs that don't support pages
- Restore drag and drop ability from the "Published" tab of the Media Manager
- Fix a bug that prevented all authors from being listed on blogs with more than 50 authors
- Search now matches substrings found in custom field values of posts
- Ensure the View on Web menu item is enabled whenever a published blog post is selected

MarsEdit 4.3.7
- Update Lightroom integration to support Lightroom CC 9
- Fix a problem that caused Apple Photos library to appear empty in the Media Manager
- Work around a system bug that caused artifacts to remain on the screen after deselecting text

MarsEdit 4.3.6
- Adapt to changes in that require MarsEdit to drop support for the service
- Images can now be pasted directly into the Featured Image field
- Changes to default media size constraints no longer requires typing the "pt" units after the numeric value
- Fix a bug that caused post editor's sidebar width to change to match the preview template editor's width
- Fix a bug that could cause autoresizing text fields to not grow or shrink to match text
- Fix a crash that could occur if a blog is deleted while it still has active network operations running

MarsEdit 4.3.5
- The app now notices if it's been moved or renamed after launching, and prompts to relaunch
- Fix a crash that could happen when resizing the post editor window
- Fix a bug where the display name of a title-less post was not updating
- Prevent the post editor window from being sized too small to show categories

MarsEdit 4.3.4
- Fix a crashing bug when applying certain formatting macros

MarsEdit 4.3.3
Bug Fixes and Enhancements:
- Fix a bug where the cursor jumped to the beginning of document when undoing in Rich Rext
- "Ask Text" formatting macro placeholders no longer default to the pasteboard contents
- Fix a typo and rework wording of the new blog panel
- Increase vertical spacing between items in the Categories list

Accessibility Improvements:
- Expand VoiceOver support in the "Add Blog" panel
- Remove a superfluous column from the Categories table that showed up in VoiceOver
- Improve VoiceOver announcement of the Preview Window when usin

MarsEdit 4.3.2
- Fix a problem that caused some icons to appear fuzzy or too large in the blog list
- Fix an issue that caused the built-in crash reporter to fail to launch for some users
- Refine the error message when uploading an image to Blogger fails because of their disabled API

MarsEdit 4.3.1
- Fix a crash when a blog has a favicon that cannot be rendered
- Fix a crash when opening some posts from Nifty Cocolog blogs
- Fix a visual glitch in the Find/Replace panel
- Fix a bug that prevented system highlight color from applying to Rich Text in Dark Mode

MarsEdit 4.3

This update contains a number of improvements to MarsEdit's media handling and general usability:
- Improvements to handling of uploaded GIF images
- Support resizing animated GIFs while preserving animation
- Fix a bug that caused some GIF images to be uploaded as empty files
- Fix a bug where GIF images uploaded to Tumblr blogs were converted to PNG format

Interface improvements:
- Refine Dark Mode support in the Media Manager
- Fix a bug that prevented a visual divider line from appearing in Media Manager
- Change the "New Category" placeholder text to a subtler style
- Improve status messages when refreshing blog
- Revised Preferences layout to unify General and Editing into single "General" tab

Other improvements:
- Fix a crash that could occur when undoing after "Restore Default" in the Quick Posts template editor
- Fix the size of preview window content to match what is seen in web browsers
- Fix a missing image MarsEdit Help in Text Filters documentation
- Support new distinction between created and modified dates on posts
- Fix a bug that could cause additional image markup to be entered when adding a photo to a Tumblr post

MarsEdit 4.2.6
- Restore ability to upload images to Google's Blogger/Blogspot blogs

MarsEdit 4.2.5
- Restore functionality of tab and shift-tab for changing the indentation level in lists
- Improve authentication reliabiity for WordPress servers that return invalid authentication challenges
- Fix authentication prompt for Livedoor and other AtomPub based APIs
- Fix a crash that occured while reorganizing the Format menu contents
- Fix a crash when a server returns unexpected data in response to a new post request

MarsEdit 4.2.4
- Fix a crashing bug when launching MarsEdit 4.2.3 on macOS 10.12
- Fix a bug that made the app unresponsive when dragging text from one position to another in Plain Text mode

MarsEdit 4.2.2
- Add a Photos Library usage explanation to make accessing Photos on macOS Mojave 10.14 more reliable
- Fix a bug where the Preview Window sometimes didn't update to reflect changed CSS rules in a template

MarsEdit 4.2.1
- Support Mojave's new Continuity Camera feature for taking pictures from an iPhone's camera
- Dark Mode: fix text color in Crash Reporter console log display
- Support "Extended Entry" content in preview template downloader
- Restore support for dragging URLs from Safari into MarsEdit's editor

MarsEdit 4.2
- Support for macOS Mojave 10.14 Dark Mode
- Avoids aggressively reloading the preview window after inserting an image into a post
- Restores ability for MarsEdit to launched as a login item but "hidden" in background
- Fix a bug that could cause post content to be lost during conversion from Rich Text when a more tag is present

MarsEdit 4.1.6
- Fix small but annoying issues affecting the resizing of document windows, and uploading Featured Images

MarsEdit 4.1.5
- This update fixes a small but annoying bug from 4.1.4 that prevented MarsEdit's editor windows from being resized smaller than their initial size

MarsEdit 4.1.4
- Fix a bug that prevented some preference changes from "sticking"
- Restore support for dragging images from Preview's thumbnail list to the app
- Preserve elements when editing HTML content that contains them
- Restore scripting support for custom field values on posts
- Fix an issue converting Emoji characters from entities and back
- Fix a crash when using VoiceOver to select Featured Image
- Update default "Quick Posts" markup to use a more correct HTML structure
- Fix preview of Quick Posts template which was not displaying correctly

More preliminary support for Dark Mode:
- Use different syntax highlighting colors in Dark Mode
- Fix text color for the Network Log's content
- Adapt about box and acknowledgements windows
- Adapt main window preview area

MarsEdit 4.1.3
- More improvements to the reliability of the Safari extension
- When a dragged image contains both higher resolution and lower resolution versions, MarsEdit now prefers higher resolution
- Improvements to the List formatting macros to make them transform several selected lines into a single list
- Fixed a bug to avoid recompressing images when no changes are made to them
- Restore the ability to upload SVG files to blogs that support them
- Fixed a bug that caused selected custom colors to be unset when clicking out of the color panel
- Fixed a hang that could occur if authentication fails while trying to upload an image to a blog
- Fixed a bug that caused blogs to re-expand their Posts/Pages subsections even if user had collapsed them
- Fixed a bug that caused some standard formatting macros to lose their functionality when a custom keyboard shortcut was set
- Setting the Featured Image is now supported via VoiceOver

MarsEdit 4.1.2
- Improve reliability of the Safari App Extension which could become disabled on complex web sites
- Fix a bug that caused non-image files such as PDF documents to be converted to single-pixel images
- Fix a bug that prevented dragging images from the "Uploaded" tab of the Media Manager
- Fix a problem where "Preserve All Metadata" didn't work when attaching an image for later upload
- Revert to pre-4.1 behavior of postponing initializing Media Manager until window is opened
- Tag completion now prioritizes exact diacritical matches ahead of fuzzy matches
- Restore the "Don't show again" checkbox on the Rich/Plain text mode switch alert

MarsEdit 4.1.1
- Fix a crash when dragging images from before MarsEdit's Upload Utility window has been opened
- Fix a crash that could occur when "Preserve All" was selected for image metadata
- Fix a bug that prevented "Preserve All" metadata option from staying selected on a blog

MarsEdit 4.1
Media improvements:
- New options for image metadata to preserve, remove, or remove only location-specific GPS data
- Now supports direct dragging of images from
- Color profile can now be either preserved or converted to sRGB automatically
- Performance improvements for users with large numbers of previously uploaded images
- Preload media manager contents at launch time to avoid performance hit when opening it up

Bug fixes:
- Fix a bug that caused some CMYK profile images to not be rotated as expected
- Fix a bug that caused featured image to be removed from posts when preview filter was applied
- Fix a bug that prevented the "New Post" item from being enabled in the main window contextual menu
- Fix "Copy Published Link" from the main window when a post is selected but post list not focused
- Fix Preview Template auto-downloading for and other MetaWeblog API blogs
- Fix a crash that could occur when interacting with the Formatting Macro editor window after closing a post editor
- Fix a bug that could prevent Google OAuth tokens from being redacted in the Network Log
- Fix a bug that caused "more" tags and other comments to be stripped from posts in some cases
- Fix a bug where the full temporary path of an image was shown in the user notification

Little things:
- Add a "Remove Link" item to the Rich Text contextual menu
- Don't warn about editing mode switches if the editor is empty
- Handle clicks on "mailto" links in the Preview Window for posts that happen to have them

MarsEdit 4.0.9
This update brings two fixes specifically for Blogger/Blogspot users:
- Fix a bug that caused Google hosted image uploads to show up as missing images in some blog posts
- Change handling of "more" tags for Blogger to avoid wrapping with line break tags

MarsEdit 4.0.8
- Fix a bug where images from Media Manager were not always permitted to be inserted into posts
- Fix a bug that could cause slow text layout in the plain text editor
- Disable Tags field when editing WordPress Page entries, where they're not allowed
- Ensure escape and cmd-. keyboard shortcuts work as expected for cancel button in panels
- Enable the 'Copy Published Link' and 'Send to Blog' menu items when the preview window is active

MarsEdit 4.0.7
- Fix a crash that could occur in the plain text syntax highlighting functionality
- Fix a hang in the plain text editor that could affect large posts
- Fix Google and Tumblr blogs to heed the "number of posts per request" download setting
- Fix a bug introduced in 4.0.6 that caused doubling of file extensions on image uploads
- Fix behavior of "Do Again" format menu item for custom macros applies in Rich Text mode
- Fix a bug that prevented Featured Image from being deleted from an already-published post
- Fix handling of combining characters such as the "Male Singer" (Ziggy Stardust) in plain text editor
- Change character count behavior to consider spaces in total character count

MarsEdit 4.0.6
- Fix names of HEIF based photos in the Media Manager
- Fix a bug that prevented some Lightroom libraries from appearing in Media Manager
- Fix a bug that prevented some dragged images from being accepted in the Rich Text editor

MarsEdit 4.0.5
- Fix a bug that prevented automatic preview template download from some Blogger blogs
- Add accessibility description to the buttons for adding and removing Custom Fields
- Detect and convey more useful error message for "Obfuscated ID" Blogger image upload failures
- Protect against a possible crash when handling Tumblr API errors
- Incorporate support for Lightroom 7 into the Media Manager
- Rich Editor fixes:
- Restore Cmd-Shift-C keyboard shortcut to open Color Panel
- Fix a bug where the "More" tag in a post with Unicode characters could get stripped out
- Improvements to cursor navigation of images and text with links

MarsEdit 4.0.4
- Fix a failure to auto-configure some Tumblr-based blogs
- Fix a problem that prevented bolds, italics, etc. from being set as default preview fonts
- Fix a problem where Typewriter Mode in Rich Text mode could scroll awkwardly while typing
- Restore support for selecting "main category" on Movable Type blogs
- Improve indexing and searchability of built-in Help

MarsEdit 4.0.3
- This update fixes a bug introduced in 4.0.2 that could prevent purchased licenses from being validated in the app

MarsEdit 4.0.2
- Revise toolbar popup menus to use the same rounded button style as other buttons
- Fix a bug that caused some error sheets in the main window to be presented in wrong location
- Fix a crash that could occur if preferences are not writable for some reason
- Fix a bug in which validating an app for discount upgrade could spin forever

MarsEdit 4.0.1
- Fix an issue in 4.0 that could cause trial in-app purchases to be disregarded if the user had run an earlier version of MarsEdit
- Fix a problem with configuring a site that requires HTTPS with a HTTP-based URL
- Fix a cosmetic glitch that caused two of the toolbar icons to be blurry

MarsEdit 4.0
- Change log not available for this version

MarsEdit 3.7.11
- Fix for Blogger blogs so that uploaded images will upload to the Google Photo album associated with the blog
- Fix a bug that prevented category names from loading on some AtomPub-based systems such as

MarsEdit 3.7.10
- Fix a bug introduced in the previous update that causes the app to crash after printing, or after editing certain types of Tumblr posts

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