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Mailbutler for Mac is your personal assistant for efficient and productive work with Apple Mail. With its various functions, it simplifies, optimizes, and streamlines working with emails in your daily life. Use it for business or private purposes -- the app will become an indispensable, reliable servant once you start using it. Connect Mailbutler with all your favorite productivity apps!

Message Templates
Write your emails faster and easier. Turn often-sent messages into easy-to-use templates, so you can spend less time composing, more time on meaningful conversations.

Follow-up Reminders
Never miss opportunities because of forgotten emails again. Mailbutler for macOS keeps you in the loop so you can always stay on track. Get notified when it's time to follow up on an important email.

Notes & Tasks
Organized ideas = Organized mind. Add reminders and notes to your emails, share with your team and sync them with your favorite productivity app - all without leaving your inbox.

Know exactly if and when your emails and links are being opened and clicked - take action at the right time, to the right person.

Send Later
Schedule your emails for any desired time and optimize touch points based on you and your contacts' availability.

Leave a lasting impression, drive conversions and promote your brand easily with Mail butler's professional signature templates.

One way ticket to Inbox Zero. Snooze your messages for later, stay focused and manage emails the way that fits your workflow.

Discover even more priceless features
  • Undo Send Recall your outgoing message before it's delivered and undo mistakes.
  • Attachment reminder Get reminded when you forget to include a file in your email.
  • BCC to CRM Automatically send a copy of all your outgoing messages to your favorite CRM.
  • Unsubscribe Opt out of unwanted newsletters and easily clean up your inbox in one click. Analytics Gain insight to your usage, saved time and email performance all in once glance.
Note: Limited functionality in demo version.

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What's new in this version:

MailButler 6416
- bug fixes

MailButler 6213
- minor bug fixed

MailButler 6121
- description updated
- bug fixes

MailButler 5405
- description and screenshots updated

MailButler 5224
- app description updated

MailButler 5014
This is Mailbutler, the email plugin which gives you a multitude of useful, productivity-boosting features which you can access right in your inbox. They include:
- Send Later: Schedule emails to be sent at a preferred date and time
- Recipient Optimized Scheduling: Suggests the best time for you to send an email to maximize your chances of it being opened
- Email Tracking: Find out when, where, and how often your email or link was opened
- Snooze: Snooze less important emails temporarily and they’ll reappear at a time of your choosing
- Undo Send: Recall outgoing messages after they’ve been sent
- Contacts: Get essential insights into your contacts to maintain peak customer communication
- Signatures: Beautiful and professional email signatures with extensive creative control
- Templates: Craft message templates to increase productivity and efficiency
- Attachment Reminder: Mailbutler reminds you to attach your file before your message is sent
- Tasks & Notes: Attach to-do items and notes to your contacts and emails so you never forget any important information
- Follow-up Reminder: Set a follow-up reminder on contacts or emails and never forget to follow up
- Teams: Be consistent. Share contacts, notes, tasks, signatures, templates and more across your whole team
- BBC to CRM: Send an automatic blind carbon copy to your Customer Relationship Management tool and stay organised and informed

MailButler 4819
- bug fixes

MailButler 4709
- login improvements
- bug fixes

MailButler 4609
- login improvements
- bug fixes

MailButler 4428
- bug fixes

MailButler 4317
- minor bug fixes

MailButler 3913
- minor bug fixes

MailButler 3809
- bug fixes

MailButler 3802
- simplified app to act as a companion to Mailbutler's services

MailButler 3551
- Updated app icon
- Improved Follow-up Reminder feature

MailButler 3306
- discontinuation of monthly action budget
- bug fixes

MailButler 3120
- Removal of social logins

MailButler 3020
- Bug fixes

MailButler 3007
- Revamped Undo Send interface
- Improved Message Template functionality

MailButler 2916
- Recipient-optimized scheduling

MailButler 2819
- updated look and feel of notes and task

MailButler 2721
- Bug fixes

MailButler 2718
- Bug fixes

MailButler 2525
- Contacts: Our brand new contact management tool

MailButler 2414
- Performance improvements
- Better support for classic layout (10.14 and earlier) and column layout (10.15)
- Rearranged the Mailbutler status icons in message list for better readability
- Localization issues
- An issue were "Continue with Apple" wasn't working correctly. The login worked, but Mailbutler would just keep repeatedly asking for the password anyway. We fixed that.
- Snooze and schedule times were missing in message headers in Catalina, they're back
- Mailbutler status indicator icons were missing in headers, now they're back
- Fixed an issue that could cause the subject on follow-ups to be missing.
- Teams weren't properly sorted into organizations, now they are (again)
- Fixed an issue that could cause the UI get out of sync when scheduling/unscheduling messages
- Squashed a bug that could cause Mailbutler status icons to be missing on newly arrived messages
- Fixed a crash that could happen when Daylite Mail Assistant was installed alongside Mailbutler and a message was opened in a separate window

MailButler 2303
- Bug fixes

MailButler 2219
- We've made sure that your Companion App is now up to date with all your activity, as shows on your dashboard
- Apologies if you experienced an empty Sidebar - that's been fixed
- Companion App has now been fixed to only close when you say so. And not a second sooner.
- For those that experienced crashes, we've solved that error
- Stuck in translation? We corrected our translations so they don't cause the Sidebar to get stuck taking up too much real estate
- We fixed the failing Tracking when sending plain text emails by switching to rich text before sending
- We fixed a rare bug that could accidentally cause messages to be marked as read
- Now we show beta track option also on production version, so that it's easier to go back to the release track

MailButler 2205
- We think some Halloween spook got into our dark mode, so we fixed the wrong appearance when disabling Apple Mail's "Use dark backgrounds for messages" preference
- Were you missing email subjects in your notifications? We've put it back on the dashboard and notifications for Catalina users.
- We've got Send and Send Later back up and running so it no longer crashes your computer and interrupts your workflow
- Mailbutler Sidebar for Apple Mail has everything you need is now conveniently all in one place, including notes, tasks and follow-ups. Follow-ups can now be added to any message - please note they no longer have a title.
- Indicators are now also in the message header, next to Date Received. Now you can see at a glance if notes, tasks, or follow-ups were added to the message. It's still shown even when the Context Sidebar is collapsed.

MailButler 2024
- We made space in the Send Later notification banner so none of your action buttons are hidden

MailButler 2010
- We've been tinkering away at improving Send Later in Compatibility Mode
- A recent fix helps Mailbutler and CargoLifter to play nice when displaying the attachment count and deciding if an Attachment Reminder should be shown

MailButler 2003
- For those that experienced the rare crash when composing a new message, that's been handled

MailButler 1816
- A few things got shuffled around when cleaning up how we install the plugin in your device, but now everything's back where it should be. Failures relating to the cleaning plugin should no longer appear.

MailButler 1809
- Sorry about the bug that was triggering the opening of a tracked message when viewing your own sent messages. That's been fixed.

MailButler 1802
- We realize that keychain errors can be confusing sometimes, so we implemented better ways to handle these issues
- In the off chance that a message delivery fails, we will no longer bug you with a banner notification. You will still receive an email from Mailbutler informing you of the failed scheduled delivery.
- In case you were one of the few who experienced a rare issue with installation, that's been fixed
- You can now filter tracking hits by open (not only by link)

MailButler 1704
- First impressions are incredibly important, so we've made our communication even more clear should you ever come across a login or registration error
- Sometimes a message template wouldn't work properly when composing a message - an extra bracket here, or a missing period there. So we've provided more helpful messages so you can quickly locate and fix the error, and get on your way to sending your message.
- When selecting from the message template dropdown, subject lines are now visible. It detects whether you've already set a message subject, or if left empty, will insert the template's default subject.
- The summer sun helped us defrost a frozen compose window when sending a message untracked
- We now support spaces in macOS short usernames. Use them wisely.

MailButler 1628
- Activity tooltips have decided to behave properly again, and are back to displaying its full content as intended
- No, your eyes weren't twitching. We mixed a minor display glitch in the Companion App
- For those that experienced issues logging in, we've repaved it back to a smooth experience
- In case you were one of the few who experienced an installation crash, we apologize for the unintentional teasers. Please download Mailbutler again and explore all our time-saving features.
- We fixed a possible issue with tracking when rescheduling a message, so now you can go back to rescheduling confidently and capriciously as ever before
- Tracked links are back on track - there was a potential break in tracking links when unscheduling a message

MailButler 1607
- We polished some rough edges and delivered general enhancements here and there. Mailbutler is now better than it was. Mail was discarding empty email drafts that already had Notes and/or Tasks attached to them, without asking. This sadly meant orphaned Note and Task items in your Dashboard. We stepped in, now Mail will ask before closing.
- Undo Send will now politely returns the focus to whatever app held it last when dismissed
- We optimized how Mailbutler accesses macOS keychain
- Some of the default keyboard shortcuts weren't properly loaded on launch. They're back now.
- We made a few improvements to optimize how a user can install, uninstall and update Mailbutler
- Fixed an issue that could result in 'fullName' not being rendered as expected when using Liquid templates

MailButler 1415
- fix incompatibility

MailButler 1412
- Whenever you change your account password, you'll now be prompted to relogin on all devices with Mailbutler installed
- New users will now automatically activate a free 14-day trial to Mailbutler. Basically, there's no better time to invite your colleagues and friends
- Small functionality improvements and minor fixes. So small that sometimes they get unnoticed. If you spot something that works even better than before, you should tweet us and let us know.
- Tracking Details now looks sleek in Mail's Dark Mode

MailButler 1409
- fix incompatibility with Daylite Mail Assistant

MailButler 1405
- Mailbutler is adding another security mechanism (provided by Apple) to make it even more robust and secure
- Fixes an issue with Auto-Bcc not working correctly for users with only one email account
- Fixes an issue where under certain conditions the popover would appear detached in the lower left screen corner
- Fixes a rare installation problem that could prevent the plugin from being loaded
- Fixes an issue where Mailbutler and other plugins modifying Mail's Dock icon would clash
- Our "What's new" notification will only appear once per version from now on