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Download iTerm2 3.1.0

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What's new in this version:


Marquee Features:

Add touch bar support:
- Use the touch bar to select tabs in full screen
- Assign labels to function keys with a shell script
- Shell integration utilities have a lot of new programs. Reinstall shell integration to get the run-down.
- Add the ability to "bury" sessions. They get hidden in Session > Buried Sessions. Changes Prefs > General > Automatically hide the tmux client session to automatically bury instead.
- Add support for OSC 8 to do hypertext links. The syntax is: OSC 8 ; params ; url ST params is zero or more colon-delimited key=value strings. The only defined key is "id". Two adjacent hyperlinks with the same URL but different "id"s will not highlight together on hover. id is optional. As usual, OSC is 'esc ]' and st is 'esc '.

Create custom touch bar items in Prefs > Keys:
- Add support for ligature fonts.

Rework how hotkey windows work:

You can have multiple hotkey windows. Each profile may have a hotkey window associated with it:
- Multiple hotkeys can be bound to a single profile.
- Double-tap of a modifier key can open a hotkey window.
- Hotkey windows can be made to float over other apps' fullscreen windows.

- Adds new applescript support for hotkey windows.

- Add the ability to save a single tab as an arrangement.
- Add the ability to restore an arrangement as one or more tabs.
- Hotkey windows are now saved in saved arrangements.

Find on Page:
- Add smart case sensitivity to find on page as the default option.

- Allow windows to snap to the full size of the display.
- Add a menu item to the Toolbelt menu to save the current toolbelt's width as the default.
- Extend tip of the day to allow selection between daily or weekly tips.
- Make the "screen with cursor" window setting update the window's screen each time a hotkey window is opened.
- Non-edge-spanning X-of-screen windows are now centered.
- Add setting to disable mouse wheel in mouse reporting mode.
- Add keybindings for swap pane with left/right/above/below.
- Add keybindings for find next/previous.
- Improve performance of deleting profiles when you have lots of them.
- Add support for finder services. You can right click in Finder to launch iTerm2 in that location.
- Offer to abort a download when you press ^C while it's downloading.
- Flash the tab bar on entering fullscreen.
- Show an announcement when a session restored from an arrangement can't find the profile associated with it.
- Improve performance of creating a tab if you've increased the maximum number of file descriptors.
- Redraw windows during resize.
- Add an optional "proxy" icon to the titlebar. Configurable in Prefs > Appearance.
- Merge captured output when successive captures are closely related.
- Add an advanced setting to disable send text at start when launching iTerm2 with a script
- Add an off-by-default websocket server that enables advanced scripting features.
- Change "Open in current space" for hotkey windows to move the hotkey window to the current space if it's already open on another space when the hotkey is pressed.
- Add an advanced preference to make auto logs filenames' formattable.

Shell Integration:
- Offer to turn off focus reporting when host changes.
- Offer to turn off paste bracketing on host change.
- Keep track of how many lines are in the prompt so the whole thing can be preserved when you clear the buffer.

Terminal Emulation:
- Add support for Unicode 9 (off by default)
- Set COLORTERM=truecolor to advertise 24-bit capability.
- Make the unicode normalization form configurable to None, NFC, NFD, or HFS+. Change the defualt to None.

tmux Integration:
- Tmux integration now supports the "initial directory" setting of the tmux profile.
- Clear tmux history when you do Clear Buffer or Clear Scrollback Buffer.
- Add an advanced preference to allow different tmux sessions to have different profiles and to base the profile of the tmux sessions on the session that attached to tmux.

Semantic History:
- Allow hyphens in schemes when looking for clickable URLs so semantic history will accept chrome-devtools: schemes.
- Semantic history can now open file:line:column in VSCode.
- Use secure copy to download files selected with cmd-click on a filename on a remote host and OSC 8 URLs with a file: scheme and a host part.

Tab Bar:
- Improve accessibility of the tab bar--tabs are now selectable with accessibility.
- Make the tab bar's minimum drag distance configurable.

Terminal emulation changes:
- Add a new proprietary escape sequence to copy embedded base64 data to pasteboard.
- Add a new proprietary escape sequence to report the value of systemand user-defined variables (as used in badges).
- Add a new proprietary escape sequence to show fireworks at the cursor.
- Add a new proprietary escape sequence to prompt the user to select one or more files and then upload them as a base64-encoded tar.gz file.
- Add a new proprietary escape sequence to customize touch bar function key labels.
- Add a new proprietary escape sequence to set individual colors or load a preset.
- Add a new proprietary escape sequence to set unicode version.
- Accept OSC 7 as a synonym for 1337;RemoteHost and 1337;CurrentDir.
- Add support for CSI 12 h and CSI 12 l to set local echo on or off.
- Move cursor to the origin on DECSET 1049.

- Add a trigger to set the session title.
- Add a Prompt Detected trigger action to improve shell integration emulation with triggers.
- Trigger highlighting colors in a dynamic profile may use #rrggbb notation.

- Underlines can now have a custom color.
- Add advanced prefs to change the margins.
- Descenders interrupt underlines.
- Improve the appearance of dimmed sessions
- Improve tab bar colors to look more native.
- Add a preference to disable the line between the title bar and the tab bar.
- Respect the current keyboard layout when showing a shortcut (e.g., the keypress for a hotkey window).
- Windows with light backgrounds now get dark borders, if window borders are enabled.
- Add an advanced pref to tweak the height of the underline cursor.
- Add an experimental feature to draw an outline around underline and vertical bar cursors to improve distinction from text.

- Fix a bug where surrogate pairs would get corrupted when pasting.
- Use SRGB colors internally. Fixes a bug where hex values in the color picker weren't stable.
- Rate limit window size change notifications.
- Improve performance when there is a network mount.
- Disconnect dead ssh sessions during tmux integration.
- Improve how focus follows mouse behaves when you split a pane.
- Improve how network automounts are detected. This helps us avoid stat()ing files on the network, which can cause hangs when semantic history tries to discover if a file exsts.
- Keep process monitoring from eating too much CPU.
- Validate secure copy hostname and user name to ensure legal characters only are present.
- Fix a crash when the font is broken and reports a 0 size.
- Allow the password manager to open even if another sheet is already open.
- Draw the default background color behind inline images.
- Fix a bug where the "Edit password" button in the password manager would change your password into dots.
- Fix a bug where the wrong job name would be shown in the titlebar when there were two jobs that considered themselves foreground jobs.
- Fix a bug where the order of windows in applescript was random, not back to front.

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