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Download iTerm2 3.4.4

  -  22 MB  -  Open Source

What's new in this version:

Annoying things I'm sorry about:
- You'll be asked to re-install the Python runtime. This fixes a problem where pip3 would sometimes fail. Instead of creating a symlink of ~/Library/ApplicationSupport we will now use ~/.config/iterm2/AppSupport.

New Features:
- Tab titles now parse very basic HTML tags for bold, italic, and underline. Less-than and ampersand entites are also recognized
- Margins are now adjustable in Prefs > Appearance > Panes
- Add an option to save prefs to a custom folder automatically
- The composer now integrates with command history and makes completion suggestions
- When you right click on text with a hyperlink, "Copy Link Address" is now available in the
context menu

- The changelog now has a PGP signature
- Improve performance of opening lots of tabs at once
- Improve performance when changing prefs that affect many tabs
- Tabs are now selected on mouse down rather than on mouse up
- Hide tab close button on small tabs to prevent accidental closure
- Confirm deleting entries in the password manager
- Tab icons are now always left aligned and get
replaced with the close button on hover
- Plain-text logs now include timestamps
- Recognize U+251C and U+2524 as column dividers for selection's soft boundaries
- Reduce minimum dimming amount allowed in Prefs > Appearance > Dimming
- Use terminal background color to determine appearance of composer
- You can now use Cmd-W to dismiss the composer
- Don't show an alert if the initial tmux integration command fails
- When you split a pane in tmux integration and focus follows mouse is on, don't make the pane under the mouse active. Make the new pane active
- New tmux windows created outside iTerm2 (e.g., by running `tmux new-window`) will become tabs in the current window
- Give backpressure to commands run in the background (e.g., from triggers) to keep them
from hogging CPU
- Improve performance of creating a new session in a custom directory
- Improve performance when there are big background images
- The composer now clears the existing command by sending C-U C-K
- Handle "Default_Ignorable" unicode characters correctly
- Use the background color of inactive sessions to determine the split pane divider color
- Improve performance of decoding inline images
- Allow emoji picker to be added to the touch bar
- Add "Send Snippet" as a key binding action
- Remove the popover composer UI; use the large composer UI regardless of whether there is a
status bar
- Add a button in the composer UI to open
- When you hold down cmd while dragging in a file from Finder, insert a command to cd to its
containing folder
- The GPU renderer now draws a frame at least every half second to prevent a brief hang after inactivity

- Fix various crashes
- Fix a bug where tab labels would be white in light mode when there was a colored tab.
- Fix alignment of underlines in GPU renderer
- Fix various drawing bugs in legacy renderer
- Fix a bug where on Big Sur transparency doesn't work with background images
- Fix $$$$ in profile commands, which should be replaced with $$
- Fix a bug in key reporting for arrow keys when application cursor mode is on. This caused
problems in vim
- Improve how background colors are blended with background images in GPU renderer to be
consistent with legacy renderer
- Fix a bug where Window > Move to (display) was disabled
- Fix a bug where tmux panes would get killed when switching sessions
- Don't show the "short-lived session" warning in tmux integration when creating a new tmux
- Fix a problem where BBEdit couldn't find the parent iTerm2 app
- Tolerate missing profiles when restoring a window arrangement
- Don't show swipe-between-tabs animation when there is only one tab
- Give minimal windows an invisible proxy icon so that accessibility can tell what the current directory is
- Tmux integration windows enter full screen when the profile specifies it
- Fix a bug where windows were not movable after exiting full screen
- Fix various bugs in the "Add Trigger" menu item
- Fix bugs where switching tabs makes a cleared search field regain its previous value
- Fix a bug where async_get_full_profile in Python API would throw for some profiles
- Reduce size of saved state database
- Fix a bug where tmux integration didn't work on OpenBSD
- Fix a bug where clicking in the search field didn't work
- Fix a bug where non-default background colors had the wrong opacity in the GPU renderer
- Fix tiled images, which did not tile properly
- Fix a bug where newly added snippets cannot be selected in the menu
- Fix a bug where the login shell could be launched as x86 only
- Fix layout bugs when resizing shortcuts prefs windows
- Reduce CPU utilization when GPU resources are scarce
- Fix a bug where minimum contrast didn't work correctly in GPU renderer sometimes
- Make the tab color selection menu item look right in dark mode
- When you drag a tab out of a window, show the previously selected tab. That makes it possible to drag another tab into a pane in the current tab
- Fix a bug where the tmux initial window mode was not respected
- Fix a bug where miniaturized windows were restored non-miniaturized
- Fix a bug where the "do not remap" action didn't work when secure keyboard input was turned on
- Fix a file descriptor leak in the main app and also the server
- Fix crash when opening session title bar menu
- Fix a bug where advanced working directory settings were not editable
- Fix a bug where sessions could have a line of the wrong color near the top when empty
- Fix color of tab bar text on Big Sur
- Fix a bug where double-clicking on a session's title bar didn't maximize tmux panes correctly
- Fix truncated button in status bar search field
- Update window blur when changing window styles
- Turn off paste bracketing and other undesirable terminal state when relaunching a session

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